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Episode 13: Compromise or Equalize in Defining Business Strategy

Jack Hyman (CEO of HyerTek Inc) details how during his 20+ year career in IT and business strategy has gone about helping global organizations answer the question - how can we achieve the happy medium. Most organizations don't want to compromise and not get what they want but they also recognize there is a cost for everything. Understanding how to put a price on the must have, needs, and wants in that order is critical. Using an agile approach to business discovery and requirements...


Episode 12: Is Your Corporate Online Training Effective?

Investing in online training can be costly and the process to create courseware can be very timely. Organizations cannot assume though that once the training is developed, they can and should walk away. Just the opposite. The analytics and student performance dictates the effectiveness. Through personal experiences and a real life use case, CEO of HyerTek Inc ( and Expert Technology Educator, Jack Hyman, explains what to do when learning outcomes do not yield the intended...


Episode 11: How Do You Know Training Needs Are Being Met In Your Organization?

Jack Hyman, CEO of HyerTek ( and Expert in Technology/Education provides an in depth discussion on the value of online learning programs and the value such solutions actually offer organizations. Many organizations continue to make investments in online learning; yet, cultural norms, technical limitations, and educational ideology clash. The value of such investments may not be as great as training organizations believe. Hyman discusses methods to engage learners to ensure...


Episode 10: What Social Platform Should I Use To Promote My Brand?

Trying to expand your footprint online but not sure which platform will generate traffic? The decision to go online isn't as easy as it appears, especially with so many social media platforms via for attention. Are you selling a product? Building a brand presence? Trying to convey news? Generate revenue? All the above? Jack Hyman, CEO of HyerTek (, an expert technology and strategy consultant, explains in depth the purpose and reasons why users should only focus on four...


Episode 09: Does my organization really need to have a social presence?

Jack Hyman, CEO of HyerTek @ and Technology & Strategy Expert, discusses how he approaches the question "Should my organization have a social presence?" Applying two perspectives, the business and consumer-side logic, Jack addresses how businesses need to decide what is important for their brand and how to design campaigns for the consumers of their products. This is a follow-up to the data privacy conversation in Episode 08 and how privacy and targeting consumers should be...


Episode 08: Should We Be Surprised By The Social Media Fall Out Over Privacy?

Since mid-March 2018, there has been much ado about the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook connection to the election. People are clamoring over the loss to privacy and data use rights? But should people actually be raising the red flag given the lack of appreciation for the lengthy privacy and data usage statements posted on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. This episode discusses why businesses and consumers alike need to re-evaluate the privacy debate...


Episode 07: What to Consider First When Starting A Transformation Project?

No one ever likes to deal with change. The trifecta of change is at the intersection of process technology and people. Technology is often the vehicle of change. The process is what needs to change. People are needed to make the change. If you don't have the buy-in, project success is challenged substantially. What then do the project leaders need to do in order to win the hearts and minds over of the people who stand in the way of project success and failure? You will find out in Episode...


Episode 06: Should We All Be Worried About Autonomous Technology?

Every time you turn on the news or read a magazine, there is a story with doom and gloom regarding the end of employment because of autonomous technology / AI / machine learning taking over the labor markets. While there is no doubt that the threat may seem real in some industries, the dynamics of the labor market are shifting in unusual ways. Every few decades this happens and we always seem to come out alright. But will we this time? Expert business strategist and technologist Jack Hyman...


Episode 05: Should I Consider The Customer During an Internal Transformation?

Without customers, a business will cease to exist. Should they not be an integral part of the transformation process. Some organizations argue that customers are a disruptive force to change while others thrive on feedback and involvement. Customer involvement can be a make it or break it to the success of many transformation projects. In Episode #5, you will learn why expert business and technology strategist Jack Hyman urges his clients to engage the customer in some manner.


Episode 04: How to Measure Satisfaction & Success To Succeed In A Transformation

You need to know what challenges and successes your organizations are being measured against to succeed in completing your next big transformation project, right? Most organizations do not have a baseline of what works and what needs fixing. They do not know how to conduct an audit internally as well as methods to preserve the customer voice. This podcast will provide you the insight gained from your host, Jack Hyman, working on 250+ engagements with Fortune 500 companies to laser focus on...


Episode 03: What Qualifies Someone To Lead A Transformation Engagement?

You've decided that you need to hire outside help to take your organization to the next level. Transformational projects require the right mix of skill and cultural fit, but is that enough? There are many factors to consider beyond price and required skills. Learn from expert business and technology strategist Jack Hyman what some of the largest companies around the world typically look for when hiring outside consultants. You might be surprised to learn what you hear and how to find the...


Episode 02: Why Is An Objective Opinion Important During A Transformation?

When an organization decides to embark upon a transformation project of any sorts, it is often difficult to get the insiders to cooperate. Everyone always has an opinion of what works, what needs fixing, and what can be modified with time. Even the most seasoned professional has a slanted point of view because they have some level of investment or insight into the organizational culture. While it may cost more, the outside being the disruptive force, may just be what is necessary to go to...


Episode 01: Digging Into Business Technology Transformation

Is your organization embarking on a business or digital transformation? About to or considering the possibility? If the answer is YES to any of the above, you need to listen to this podcast. In Episode 1 of Straight Talk on Business Technology, Jack Hyman, CEO of HyerTek Inc. ( , discusses his first-hand experiences about how businesses completely ignore the obvious problems. That is the last place you want to start. He presents the transformation functions from the...