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#008: Talking to Chatbots: The Future of Marketing Technology with Justin JW Lee

Justin JW Lee, head of Growth Chatbots & Messaging at HubSpot, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss his career path from the Republic of Singapore Air Force to startups and, ultimately, to Hubspot, his love of data science, and why nerds are taking over the world. You'll learn whether or not chatbots are the future of marketing and sales, what's driving the current chatbot craze, and why chatbots are an integral tool in your marketing stack.


#007: The Philosophy Behind Popsockets with David Barnett

David Barnett, the CEO & Founder of the wildly popular consumer product, PopSockets, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss why he started PopSockets, how he made the jump from a full-time college philosophy professor to entrepreneur, and what it takes to create a successful consumer product. You’ll learn things like: how to grow as a CEO as your company grows, why it pays off to not pay attention to the industry, and what transfers from the field of philosophy over to his business...