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115 - Daphne Scott: Managing Feelings of Overwhelm

Dr. Daphne Scott, the founder of DS Leadership Life, specializes in creating mindful leaders and mindful organization through leadership coaching programs that focus on mindfulness, positivity, creativity, and fun. Daphne has developed her coaching programs throughout two decades of real-world coaching and corporate development experience. She draws on her unique background in improv theatre and physical therapy to bring engaging embodiment and team-building elements to her coaching,...


114 Q&A Session

In this Q&A Session, I discuss strategies on how to find time to work on your self-development as well as strategies to deal with challenges in your life and business


113: John Hartzman - Automate Your Marketing

A serial entrepreneur, Justin Hartzman, understands what it takes to guide a start-up from concept to funding to a multi-million dollar exit. As a motivated, hard-working, and ambitious high-level thinker, Justin and his passion for business inspire other start-up teams to let no obstacle stand in their way to success. As co-founder and CEO of the first ever RoboAgency, Needls, Justin has identified and filled a desperate need to the underserved SMB, lending to the entrepreneurial...


112 - Brian Greenberg - Generating Sales via Reviews

On the show this episode I am joined by Brian J. Greenberg who has founded businesses in e-commerce, marketing, and financial services. He has generated over $50 million in revenue from his businesses, collected over 10,000 reviews and testimonials from customers, been named one of the most creative people in financial services, and has been called The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell. With so much success, Brian decided to teach others, writing The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell. A Marketing Guide...


111 - Q&A Session - Life Lesson, Masterminding & Meditation

In this Q&A Episode, I share the most important life lesson, why I am such a big fan of masterminding and how to get started as well as why I recommend mediation.


110 - Sean Casto: App Growth Expert

Today’s guest is Sean Casto (SHAWN CASS-tow). As the founder of premier app marketing agency PreApps, Sean has helped thousands of apps reach millions of downloads. Sean is also the creator of the App Marketing Academy, the world’s best online mobile app marketing program. Today, Sean is one of the most in-demand experts on mobile app marketing and growth. His reach has expanded to 80 countries across 24 different app categories, where his clients create, launch, and market their apps,...


109 - Q&A Session

In this Q&A Friday Session, I answer three questions from some of the listeners. How to create and enjoy some self-time without the feeling of guilt that can often accompany it. How to manage the overwhelm of an entrepreneurs todo list and strategies to promote restful and re-energising sleep. If you would like me to answer your questions then please email me, you can also join me on the FB live show. Don't forget to join my Facebook group and join in the conversation.


108 - Anton Kraly: Drop Ship Guru

Anton Kraly is the founder and CEO of DropShip Lifestyle & eCommerce Lifestyle. He focuses on empowering people through eCommerce and better marketing. He and his team are constantly researching and testing to discover what works best in digital marketing and eCommerce Join the conversation and get additional content


107 - Q&A Session

Welcome to the first Q&A episode which is a recording of the Facebook Live Sessions I am now doing every Friday at 10am GMT In this episode, I answer questions about getting motivated and staying focused on your goals, how to start journaling and what is the best task management software. You can join in the conversation either on the website or via my facebook group the Success IQ Alliance.


106 - Lessons from Last Year

In this epsiode, I talk about the lessons I have learnt in 2018 and my process to highlight and set strategies to make my 2019 better. I share with you some of the mistakes I have had, how I am dealing with some ongoing health conditions which are the aftermath of my illness and some changes I am bringing to the show to make it create more impact for you.


105 - Matt Brauning: The 7 Drives that Fuel Every Entrepreneur

Matt Brauning (BRAWN-ing) is a podcast host, a master trainer of NLP, and the best-selling author of a new book The Firebox Principle – The 7 Drives That Fuel Every Entrepreneur. He speaks all over the world From the US to Australia, filmed a movie with Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor, and consults with fortune 100 companies such as U.S. Bank, John McAfee (Founder of McAfee Antivirus), New York Life, The YMCA and others. More ways to get involved If you have found anything useful on this...


104 - John Hinkle: Creating a SHIFT

It’s 100% certain that everyone listening to this podcast is experiencing some kind of change or transition in their life or business. How you navigate these transitions determines your ultimate success. Today’s guest is John Hinkle, an author, speaker, and personal growth coach who’s empowering men and women to navigate those changes and find their “second-half purpose.” John’s experience working with Fortune 500 companies has equipped him with unique tools to help others reach their own...


103 - John Fairclough: Putting People First

John Fairclough founded The Resicom Group to help retailers optimize the way they improve and maintain their store environment. Under his leadership, the company has evolved from a local construction company into an international provider of facility maintenance and construction services. Now John enjoys sharing his story to inspire others. John leans on his faith to help him persevere through the difficulties of overcoming the status quo. He values people and understands the balance...


102 - Tevis Trower: Challenging Imposter Syndrome

Tevis Trower, founder & CEO of Balance Integration, knows that working well and living well are symbiotic. Tevis is a pioneer in optimizing corporate cultures, and has been heralded as “corporate mindfulness guru for the new millennium.” Tevis has coached powerful organizations ranging from Disney to Morgan Stanley in optimizing their most precious assets: human beings. Tevis has headlined executive events with Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg LP, and Google, and has been featured in...


101 - David Quick : A Recovering Bull in the China Shop

David Quick is the go-to speaker, executive coach, and Vistage Chair expert helping business owners and CEOs learn how to work fewer hours, be significantly more successful, and build stronger professional relationships. David is a true “recovering Bull,” having worked over 20 years with companies like Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche Diagnostics. As the owner of Helping Bulls Thrive in China Shops, David has impacted over 300 CEOs nationwide, been featured on TEDx, and is a regular...


#100 - The Tables Turned

Wow I can't believe it the show is 100, this is a huge milestone for me and I want to thank you all for sticking with me. I also want to thank all the guests who have been on the show for being absolutely fantastic. This episode the tables are turned my good friend and former guest David Algeo hosts the show and buts me on the hot seat. To find out more as well as all the additional content please visit More ways to get involved If you have found anything...


099 - Michael Koral - Taking the Complexity out of Ad Marketing

Michael Koral, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Digital Advertising RoboAgency and platform, Needls, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Michael started his first business while still in university at the age of 18. Now in his 30s, with many years of experience and several successful startups and exits, Michael helps other businesses reach potential clients at just the right time. for more information please visit


098 - Websites , Business and Scruffy Monkey

I had the great pleasure of meeting my guest at a networking event in Bolton in the UK, I loved his energy and genuine interest in other people. Chris is the Director of Scruffymonkey Digital Media. An award-winning Web Design and Development company based in Bolton. Scruffymonkey prides itself on a no ‘monkey business’ approach to its services and has gained a large portfolio of clients both nationally and internationally I also must add that he is the Star Wars Geek of all...


097 - Implementing Habits & Routines

In this episode, we explore the benefits and strategies of implementing new habits and rituals to build our performance and mindset. Geoff answers questions that listeners have sent to find out more visit More ways to get involved If you have found anything useful on this episode, then please leave a comment and rate the show. If you would like to ask Geoff a question or suggest a topic to cover on the show, please email him at...


096 - Journaling Your Way to Success

In this episode, the host Geoff Nicholson shares his strategies and best practices in Journaling. We explore Bullet Journaling, Free Writing Journaling and more structured journaling practices. Geoff answers a set of questions that listeners have sent in to assist them in getting clarity on adopting this great success strategy. Find out more visit More ways to get involved If you have found anything useful on this episode, then please leave a comment and rate...