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098 - Websites , Business and Scruffy Monkey

I had the great pleasure of meeting my guest at a networking event in Bolton in the UK, I loved his energy and genuine interest in other people. Chris is the Director of Scruffymonkey Digital Media. An award-winning Web Design and Development company based in Bolton. Scruffymonkey prides itself on a no ‘monkey business’ approach to its services and has gained a large portfolio of clients both nationally and internationally I also must add that he is the Star Wars Geek of all...


097 - Implementing Habits & Routines

In this episode, we explore the benefits and strategies of implementing new habits and rituals to build our performance and mindset. Geoff answers questions that listeners have sent to find out more visit More ways to get involved If you have found anything useful on this episode, then please leave a comment and rate the show. If you would like to ask Geoff a question or suggest a topic to cover on the show, please email him at...


096 - Journaling Your Way to Success

In this episode, the host Geoff Nicholson shares his strategies and best practices in Journaling. We explore Bullet Journaling, Free Writing Journaling and more structured journaling practices. Geoff answers a set of questions that listeners have sent in to assist them in getting clarity on adopting this great success strategy. Find out more visit More ways to get involved If you have found anything useful on this episode, then please leave a comment and rate...


095 - John Murphy: Key characteristics of a successful leader

He’s a podcast host, an international executive leadership coach and a bestselling author. John Murphy brings a vast array of experiences and knowledge to the show today. John began his working life as a door-to-door life assurance salesman and rose the rank of CEO of a Pan European Life Assurance Company in Ireland. Then in 2004 John started his own business, John Murphy International, and has worked worldwide across a broad range of industries. His clients include Pfizer, Airbus, State...


094 - Biagio Sciacca - Persistent Goal Setting

Biagio Sciacca (bee-ajh shock-ah), or Bill as his friends call him, is one of the most dynamic speakers on the planet. He has a way of melding social sciences, humanities and plain old common sense into a unique, action-packed message that resounds with self-motivation and enthusiasm. Over the years, Bill has owned an award-winning consulting and training organization, a chain of donut and ice cream franchises, and several businesses in the automotive/car care industry. Bill’s consulting...


093 - Tiana Wilson-Buys: Processes, Habits and Productivity Strategies

Tiana Wilson-Buys Business Coach Tiana Wilson-Buys works with micro and small businesses, both start-ups and established businesses. Essentially, you can think of her as an expert in the creation and implementation of systematic and strategic, goal-driven development plans. Tiana is ideally placed to assist and advise business owners and managers in achieving their goal Guest Recommendations: Connect and Find out more about If you would like to find out more about Tiana Wilson-Buys then...


092 - Simon Raybould: The AIR Productivity Model

The AIR Productivity model is from the research of Simon Raybould, who set himself on a mission to find out how to help his presentation training clients (Episode #5) to find more time to learn his strategies. This elegant model is simple and powerful and it was brilliant to invite him back on the show to share how you can implement these strategies.


091 - Barbara Turley: Eradicating Small Business Overwhelm

Barbara Turley is an investor, entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub — a business she started by accident that exploded in the space of 12 months to become one of the leading companies that recruits, trains and manages virtual assistants in the digital marketing and social media space for businesses who need to free up time and energy so they can go to the next level. Barbara is also a mom (to her gorgeous daughter Ruby), wife to her best friend Eti and an adventure lover with...


090 - Todd Palmer: Building a World Class Company

Todd Palmer is a renowned thought leader/CEO, executive coach and author who is committed to Improving Lives. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, he works with both individuals and companies to support corporate growth, foster business start-ups and guide leaders in the areas of talent management, workforce planning and organizational development. As the CEO of a 6-time INC 5000 company, Todd knows the struggles that businesses face around the areas of people, cash, strategy...


089 - Kavit Haria: Don't Sleep on It

Kavit Haria started his first online business in 2005 selling music career education to musicians. Mistakes and failures taught him how to build a thriving online business using intricate and automated sales and marketing funnels, generating over a million dollars in sales per year. Since 2013, Kavit has offered a service called Automated Business System, helping people with passion and expertise take what they know from idea to launch. His team builds your entire business for you and...


088 - Mike Compton & George Zwierko: Video Story Telling

Mike & George are co-founders Of Three Chairs Productions, the team hones in on the true essence of any idea by thinking beyond the final execution. It begins with open collaboration, with the client and the Three Chairs team, and recognition of everyone’s ability to contribute to each project. The Three Chairs team gets to know their client and all they need, then dives into the creative development, guided by the belief that great creativity should never be sacrificed regardless of scope....


087 - Jeremiah Smith: Using SEO Effectively to Reach your Audience

Jeremiah Smith is the Cofounder and CEO of SimpleTiger, a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for entrepreneurs. For 11 years, Jeremiah has helped companies like, Shopify, NBC, MTV, E*Trade, LG, and Sports Illustrated see significant gains in their search results, organic traffic, and revenue. During his time growing SimpleTiger, Jeremiah has seen first hand how clients have been unnecessarily burned by other agencies in the past or confused by misleading...


086 - Karen Brown: Eradicate Limiting Beliefs and Transform Your World

She’s competed in one of the toughest races in the world - and finished! Karen Brown has combined her experience as an IRONMAN World Championship competitor with scientifically proven coaching techniques, into a program to help leaders “unlimit their beliefs” and excel in ways they’ve only dreamed of. In fact, that’s the title of her book… Unlimiting Your Beliefs. Karen facilitates higher levels of success in others through keynote speeches, presentations and workshops for corporations,...


085 - Carol Nicholson: Creating Profitable Online Courses

Cindy Nicholson wants to help you take your online course to the next level. As a former high school teacher and corporate trainer Cindy has spent thousands of hours designing training material. Too often, entrepreneurs get stuck between the inspiring thought leader in their world and translating that vast expertise into a profitable online course. Reaching a broader audience and earning passive income eludes them. That’s become The Course Whisperer, Cindy Nicholson’s, calling. For more...


084 - Anthony Metivier: How to Improve your Memory and Focus

Dr. Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun. For bonus content and more information please visit


083 - Josh Elledge: How to Attract your Perfect Audience

Josh Elledge is a U.S. Navy veteran and launched UpMyIn to help turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities increasing their authority, influence, and revenue. He also started which has grossed more than $6 million in sales with less than $500 in advertising. Josh writes a syndicated newspaper column to 1.1 million readers and regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country. All told, Josh has appeared in the media more than 2000 times. For...


082 - Steve Shallenberger: Becoming Your Best

Steve Shallenberger is the Founder and Chairman of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, Steve’s goal is to help individuals and companies achieve their very best as they implement 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders, which are crucial to the success of any leader or person. Steve has provided consulting and training for hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of leaders throughout 25+ countries To find out more and get access to bonus content click here More ways to get...


081 - Vince Kramer: Master the Art o Success

An airline pilot and military veteran, Vince Kramer brings a unique experience to the world of self- improvement and purpose-driven growth. His past experience in a stereotypically “macho” field brings a more integrated perspective to the softer field of personal growth not often seen. As a speaker, trainer, best-selling author of “Mastering the Art of Success” with Jack Canfield, and coach, Vince’s distinct combination of experience, education and research helps him develop powerful talks,...


080 - Jay Gibb: CEO & Founder of CloudSponge

Jay Gibb, an ex-software developer, has successfully pivoted from the services industry to the B2B SaaS industry. By managing a completely remote engineering workforce for over 10 years through hundreds of software development projects, Jay has learned what to do and what not to do, building a successful company. As an entrepreneur with children at home, Jay had to navigate the waters of work/life balance and enjoys sharing his lessons with other business builders. To find out more


079 - Andrew & Pete: Create Insanely Shareable Content

Andrew and Pete are the fun content marketing duo who help businesses and brands create insanely shareable content, through their YouTube Channel, Podcast and membership community. More ways to get involved If you have found anything useful on this episode, then please leave a comment and rate the show. If you would like to ask Geoff a question or suggest a topic to cover on the show, please email him at Join my new and growing community on Facebook where I...