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How To Obtain More Business Owner Free By Clarifying Your 5 P’s – in Just 7 Minutes with Pete Mohr

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:What real freedoms are, the freedom of health, the freedom of wealth, the freedom of relationships.Why every decision within your business should be made at the lowest possible level.What the 5 P's are and how to clarify them for yourself.Related Links and Resources:Pete's Gift to you:Pete has set up a free assessment that identifies and scores a whole of your business attributes and then produces a full written report for you.Get yours up...


Why We At The Very Best Time In History For Organic Content Marketing – in Just 7 Minutes with Omar Mo

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why whether you're starting a podcast or a YouTube channel, you're generally trying to just put content out there to see what sticks - a "hoping strategy" at best.Social media is just another form of marketing that might work for you, and it'll work better for some offers and it'll work horrible for other offers.You need to look at these big four platforms, Facebook reels, Instagram reels, TikTok, and YouTube shorts.Related Links and Resources:Omar's Gift...


3 simple tips to seriously improve your LinkedIn game – in Just 7 Minutes with Candyce Edelen

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Stop using techniques that are just not creating that predictable and reliable flow of new leads.The most important real estate on your LinkedIn profile is your headline—turn that into your elevator pitch.If you're posting content and reaching out the response rate that you can get on LinkedIn is so much better than cold calling or cold emailing.Related Links and Resources:Candyce's Gift to you:A framework for using LinkedIn for lead generation and a...


SEE it. BE it. DO it. (How Visualization Really Works)! – in Just 7 Minutes with Steve Gamlin

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Figuring out what you really want in life and who you wish to be.Start to listen to your own voice and then start to draw and assemble the picture, the vision of what that would look like, feel like, sound like, smell like.A Vision Board is not just a set it and forget it thing.Related Links and Resources:Steve's Gift to you:A Video and Action Sheet explaining the most basic steps of Visualization, for personal and professional growth.Get yours...


How to Hire Better People Faster and Build your Team with A Players – in Just 7 Minutes with Patty DeDominic

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:The key factor for blocking growth or bottleneck of growth is not having one or two key players.You must be open to more diverse input.Why you need an organizational chart for today and for the future.Related Links and Resources:Patty's Gift to you:A free collection of hiring checklists and tools.Get yours here: DeDominic was an award-winning entrepreneur who grew her start-up to over 600 employees and sold it....

Secrets to Excelling in your Business Career– in Just 7 Minutes with Omobola Stephen

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:We all need one or two people to help us in achieving our goals.You must be ready to welcome change in your life and that's very important.How to overcome faulty mindset, belief systems and programming.Related Links and Resources:Ombola's Gift to you:A free 30 minutes of business advisory consultation for any business owner or entrepreneur.Sign up here: Stephen is a podcast host, business mentor, and...


How to Become a Top 1% Communicator In Your Industry – in Just 7 Minutes with Brenden Kumarasamy

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:You're not holding yourself accountable to communication mastery at the highest level.Why you need to devote 5 minutes a day for answering a single question about your expertise. In a year, you will have 365 great answers and be bulletproof.Pick three people you admire in your own industry. Make it industry specific, and just watch them keynote and just ask yourself what is one thing that that speaker has that I don't in my game?.Related Links and...


How Entrepreneurs Can Create a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle in 90 Days – in Just 7 Minutes with Wade Galt

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:When we work all the time, we miss out on other things that could be going on in life like friendships, relationships, travel experiences, maybe even a second business.Why the lack of creativity and belief can mean time off is not spent doing something extraordinary.Entrepreneurs have a hard time letting go of lost opportunities and that prevents us from focusing on what we need to be doing.Related Links and Resources:Wade's Gift to you:Free membership in...


The 10 Elements Investors Look for in a Capital Raise Deck Presentation – in Just 7 Minutes with Michael Doyle

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How define what we call their brand story and their financial story and put it together in a nice, clear and concise fashion.In order to have a really nice good pitch deck, whether to raise capital or sell your company, you've gotta be able to tell a really good story in 5, maybe 10 minutes.Why you don't want to use spreadsheets and detailed financial forecasts.Related Links and Resources:Michael's Gift to you:How to build your very own capital raise slide...


How to Leverage Video on LinkedIn for B2B Marketing – in Just 7 Minutes with Chris Weiher

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How a lot of people can overcomplicate their marketing and sales processThe importance of networking at scale because instead of talking to a few people, you're talking to a few hundred.Why you should write down your 10 frequently asked questions and create a quick video answering them.Related Links and Resources:Chris's Gift to you:Ten video examples to swipe:Get yours here: started his career...


Social Customer Service, How to meet your customers where they are! – in Just 7 Minutes with Sherry Eichberger

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How small business owners try to do it all and they just can't.The importance of being proactive vs. reactive.Why you must determine who is your audience, who is the person that will buy your products, shop at your store, who needs your services, and then market directly to them.Related Links and Resources:Sherry's Gift to you:A JOLT session: a two hour intensive one one-on-one consulting session designed to move the needle in your business to the...


How to get booked and paid to speak, guaranteed! – in Just 7 Minutes with Grant Baldwin

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How do you actually find and book paid gigs, emphasis on the paid part?How to avoid one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of speakers make, especially early on, is going to go too broad and vague.Why you must treat speaking as a business.Related Links and Resources:Grant's Gift to you:A 7-step free guide to landing paid speaking engagements.Get yours here: Summary:As founder and CEO of The Speaker Lab, Grant Baldwin has...


How to Increase Sales With Data-Driven Creative Marketing – in Just 7 Minutes with Pamela Wilson

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How do we increase sales with data driven creative marketingThe biggest mistake is to throw a bunch of tactics around and hope that somehow they work without having a strategy to unify everything.Why you must work backwards and optimize the approaches that are actually working.Related Links and Resources:Pamela's Gift to you:The Digital Marketing Assessment.Get yours here: Wilson is a 30-year business...


How to find FLOW in your work using the Task Quotient – in Just 7 Minutes with Kevin Gazzara

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:The real problem that we're solving is we're stopping the high turnover and improving the low level of employee engagementWhy the tendency to just throw money at the workforce is usually a good short term fix but it really makes the problem worse in the long term.Why all tasks are not created equally and do not have the same bottom line value.Related Links and Resources:Kevin's Gift to you:The Task Quotient (TQ) AssessmentGet yours...


How to get more clients with less stress, and actually have fun doing it – in Just 7 Minutes with Reuben Swartz

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why it's easy for us to recall folks who genuinely helped us and were really effective salespeople.What we can do to make selling less like rejection and more like play in a game that you don't necessarily win a hundred percent of the time but you still enjoyed it even if you didn't win.What you do to be more intentional about creating more of those conversational opportunities.Related Links and Resources:Reubens's Gift to you:Here's a "Fill in the Blank"...


Why prospecting and selling always comes before anything – in Just 7 Minutes with Chris Williams

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why figuring out how to take that into a more scalable model that takes less time is the next code to crack in the expert model.Why you need to find and lean on someone you can trust.If you don't have a way to predictably generate on profile leads, you don't have a business.Related Links and Resources:Chris's Gift to you:A literal mountain of resources all designed to help you scale your business.Get yours right here:Just go to...


Unlocking Your Abundance – in Just 7 Minutes with Dan Foxx

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why you need to be open to discovering your blind spots and discovering how things might change in your live to create more successWhy 97% of the population is driven by their feelings rather than their commitments or their goals or their intent.Why you must honest with yourself. To be a scientist and ask, Why did I feel that? Where's that coming from? Why did I do that? Where was that coming from?Related Links and Resources:Dan's Gift to you:His TED Talk...


How to Grow Your Brand with Intention & Less Stress – in Just 7 Minutes with Chrissy Bernal

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why you might be lacking clarity in your messaging, clarity in your vision, and often clarity in your offer.Why you don't want to present yourself as the hero and forget to present what transformation the audience or your customer's going to have.Why you must ask and answer 3 key questions about your offer before you make one.Related Links and Resources:Chrissy's Gift to you:Get clarity by using her Clarity JournalGet yours right...


How to come up with an endless supply of highly engaging content ideas – in Just 7 Minutes with Andrew Ryder

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why you don't want to get caught up in the social media echo chamber.Why you don't want to swipe or emulate what the leaders in your industry are doing.Get old direct mail sales letters and to write them out by hand, copy them down onto a physical piece of paper, a yellow, legal pad and a pen and write them word for word.Related Links and Resources:Andrew's Gift to you:Learn my 4-step Framework for creating REAL contentHere are a few of the things you'll...

Why Your Follow Message Flop and Fail – in Just 7 Minutes with Liz Wendling

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why you do not want this self talk: I love what I do, but I hate to sell, because hate is a strong word.Why you must start changing the negative approach that you have to the only thing that drives business—selling.Why you need to stop sending signals that say you are bothering someone and using language that says, I don't mean to bother you.Related Links and Resources:Summary:Liz Wendling is a nationally recognized speaker, sales consultant, and author of...