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Growth Mode – in Just 7 Minutes with Donnie Boivin

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Oh crap, I really gotta become a business owner.Most new entrepreneurs don't know how to totally shift from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset. It's a massive leap.Personal branding are the stories that people tell about you when you're not in the room. So you need to be putting out social content, pick one platform and go all in on the freaking platform.Related Links and Resources:Donnie's Gift to you:Champions 90 Challenge:Building a...


Why The Triple “U” Syndrome is crippling you! – in Just 7 Minutes with Ken Attard

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Entrepreneurs, for the most part are, are struggling, suffering, making sacrifices, and typically are stressed out, burnt out, and essentially have no time for anything.Entrepreneurs are going so fast that they're actually missing out on the joy of actually having their business—their original objective.The solution is to schedule quiet time, at least 15 minutes each day, and make a commitment to actually do it.Related Links and Resources:Ken's Gift to...


Scaling to Success, the Journey to Eight Figures – in Just 7 Minutes with Kyle Livingston

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Growing businesses are typically duct taped and bubble gummed and rubber banded together with a bunch of different softwares.Most common is the business is successful from a revenue perspective, but from a profit perspective, it's not.If you can track just, just high level metrics across these five areas, you're gonna be leaps and bounds above most of your competition.Related Links and Resources:Jerry's Gift to you:CEO...


Mission To Positively Impact 5 Million People In The Next 5 Years – in Just 7 Minutes with Jerry Macnamara

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:One of the ways in which that you can level up your skills is to borrow those experiences from people who have been there and done thatIt all has to get done, but you don't have to do all the doing. Your job is to resource the doing.Stay curious!Related Links and Resources:Jerry's Gift to you:2023 Strategic Planning - Seed Questions twenty-five years, Jerry's fearlessly positive approach to business led...


Mindful Leadership- Leading from the Inside Out – in Just 7 Minutes with Nancy Boudrie

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:If we could actually learn how to manage our stress levels, And actually harness the power that stress is not necessarily a bad thing.Notice how your body speaks to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. All three components are speaking. Are you listening?Anytime you feel mentally, emotionally, or physically a sense of overwhelm use Nancy's STOP tool.Related Links and Resources:Nancy's Gift to you:Her famous Mindful Pause Meditation MP3.Get your very...


How Knowing What You Believe In Makes a Difference in Your Marketing – in Just 7 Minutes with Patricia Altvater

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:What, what am I gonna do about the people that are relying on me to help them make their own livelihood?You have to be really clear about your ideal client.You have to know what you believe in, so then you can design and execute your plan.Related Links and Resources:Pat's Gift to you:Free Planning Guide: Take Less Than 30 Minutes to Plan Your Company’s MarketingFor 90 Days or More.Get your very own copy...


Strategies that Build and Scale Impact – in Just 7 Minutes with Beate Chelette

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:In order to scale impact, in order to grow authority, you have to start to make yourself more and more obsoleteThere is a relationship that she calls the "slave relationship" to your business where you are the slave.Without the appropriate mindset to make sure that you actually know that you are about to do something that changes the way you do things, nothing can happen.Related Links and Resources:Beatte's Gift to you:Her proprietary "Growth Blocker Quiz"...


How to prevent no-shows on sales calls – in Just 7 Minutes with Jonathan Zacks

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:They either realize that no-show is costing them a lot of time and money, or it's just annoying.You must figure out at what point is closest to your appointment time that will give you enough time to fill an opening.Everyone has a limited amount of time, meaning a no-show costs you twice—no revenue AND no time to replace it.Related Links and Resources:Jonathan's Gift to you:Our free guide will teach you the 5 critical strategies to make no-shows a thing of...


Becoming a Well-Paid Expert – in Just 7 Minutes with Kathleen Celmins

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:The problem becomes you end up being time capped and income capped.If you're anything like the people that I work with, you don't test your idea before you finish it.Look at your existing systems and see where they could, where you could teach somebody else—convert that to a product.Related Links and Resources:Kathleens's Gift to you:A special collection of $100,000 Case StudiesGet yours here: is a...


How to Connect with Success – in Just 7 Minutes with Laura Templeton

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:The surface level problem is being able to communicate effectively who they are and who they serve.Number one, understand who your I ideal client is. Number two, how do you serve them?You need to develop a clear and concise 30 second message that diferentiates you from everyone else.Related Links and Resources:Laura's Gift to you:A special report on "Brand Messages That Convert"Get yours here: Speaker,...


How to Bulletproof your Business Even During Tough Times – in Just 7 Minutes with Patty Dominguez

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:If you say to me, I'm a "health coach" or similar, you literally just commoditized what you do. All things considered people are going to make their decisions based on price.When you emulate what other people are doing, you're only ever gonna be the second best version of that person.You need to stand out. So, ask 20 to 30 people "when you hear my name, what do you think about?"Related Links and Resources:Patty's Gift to you:Discover your “Positioning to...


Learn how to nurture and grow your LinkedIn money tree – in Just 7 Minutes with Karen Yankovich

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:They know that they have a lot of expertise, years and years of expertise often, but they feel like they don't have the experience because maybe they're a new consultant or a new coach.Nobody really cares about you. They care what you can do for them.Look into your existing network. Reach out to five people this week. Just reconnect with five people that you maybe worked with in the past.Related Links and Resources:Karen's Gift to you:Free Masterclass:...


How to Evaluate Your Brand Design Ecosystem – in Just 7 Minutes with Philip VanDusen

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:With the right approach, small and medium sized businesses can make use of the same sort of intellectual rigor that makes big businesses super strong brands.Lots of companies don't really go about their branding in a very thoughtful wayYour brand needs to communicate the three R's, which is being recognized, being remembered, and being revered.Related Links and Resources:Phillip's Gift to you:9 Brand Design Elements You Absolutely Positively...


Maximum Engagement for Maximum Results with Your Webinars – in Just 7 Minutes with Johnny Beirne

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Over 60% of people don't stay to the end of a of a webinar.If you're sharing your slides the traditional way it typically means, Death by Powerpoint.If a picture is a thousand words, then a video must be worth tens of thousands. Use B-roll video clips in your next presentation.Related Links and Resources:Johnny's Gift to you:A guide called Presentation Transformation, and it'll walk you through the hardware, the software, the setup in about 10 to 12...


How to Achieve Constant Growth with Resilient Leadership and High-Performance Teams – in Just 7 Minutes with Sebastian Schieke

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:You have to transition from the expert to a manager, and then ultimately transition to an entrepreneurial business owner.Think about what can you do to eliminate yourself from this business.Most of the time we are the chokehold of the business because we can not let go.Related Links and Resources:Sabastian's Gift to you:Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Schieke is an...


How being purpose-driven expands your business opportunity – in Just 7 Minutes with Catherine McCourt

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:The problem is that individuals are doing things in their life, but they're not feeling fulfilled in a business aspect.How people stand in their own way and are not able to think outside the box.Ask yourself what is really driving you and if your prospects want that.Related Links and Resources:Catherine's Gifts to you:FREE guides: Personal Growth: Coaching & Consulting:...


How Host-Read Ads Can Elevate Your Brand – in Just 7 Minutes with Lisa Laporte

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:It's really about focusing on the client and going through their process to find what they're really looking for and how they really wanna grow.You need to do is understand who you wanna reach, what industries you wanna reach, the size of the industry you wanna reach.The podcasting world's kind of still the Wild West, so I always recommend people should do a little homework first.Related Links and Resources:Lisa's Gift to you:A collection of podcast ad...


The Spirit Of The Puppy – in Just 7 Minutes with Jason Skeesick

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:You started this company to make an impact, but you're starting to feel a little bit like your passion is turned into a prison.Take a two hour walk and just think about your business strategy.Your passion made you start your business, but it will not be the tool to scale it to size.Related Links and Resources:Jaxon's Gift to you:A membership in his upcoming "The Goal Setting Process Of Dynasties".https://www.spearandclover.comSummary:Jason Skeesick is a US...


How to Scale & Automate Stronger Relationships with Your Clients – in Just 7 Minutes with Rick Elmore

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:The average person re receives over 4,000 notifications on their phone every single month, over 134 emails a day.So when somebody receives a handwritten note, it's like a surprise, it's a delight.A simple 5% improvement on your retention rate can increase your year over year revenue by 25 to 95%.Related Links and Resources:Rick's Gift to you:Actually, he is giving two of them.First, you get to send out your first handwritten note to anyone for free.Second,...


Secrets to organic video – in Just 7 Minutes with Atiba de Souza

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why not having a content strategy is such a big mistake.Make it a practice to record a video answering a customer question every day. Soon you will have a great library of FAQs.You desperately to build the muscle of creating.Related Links and Resources:Antiba's Gift to you:"What I'm gonna give you there is my guide to creating your first five YouTube videos. And on top of it all, you also get my SOPs that my team uses to help our clients get started...