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84: Inside The Life Of An Entrepreneur's Kid - Interviewing My Son Tim Beach

It's the unknowns of being an entrepreneur that can often-times be the most intimidating part. For parents considering starting their own business, it's even more intimidating because you have to think about how being an entrepreneur will impact your kids as well. If you've ever worried about this, make sure you take a listen to this special episode with a very special guest who should be able to ease your mind. My oldest son, Timothy Beach, is on the show to give us his take on what it's...


83: How to Clear Mental Space with a Creative Entrepreneur Cleanse - with Cindy Van Arman

We're approaching one of my favorite times of the year. The kids are heading back to school, or three different schools in my case, and we can start shifting our focus back to our businesses. However, sometimes coming back to a business after a hiatus can be chaotic or overwhelming. As this week's guest says, "Chaos is nothing but fear. That's what overwhelm is." Cindy Van Arman is a highly sought-after accountability and kick-you-in-the-butt speaker who is super passionate about...


82: Make Money This Fall By Doing These 4 Things

If you're like me, you've created your own business so you can spend quality time with your family and summer is the perfect season for doing just that. However, as summer starts to wind down and the kiddos head back to school, it can sometimes be a little challenging to regroup and get back into the daily swing of things with your business. That's why this is the perfect time of year to do a little of bit thinking about the next few months and how you would like to be making money this...


81: Grow Your Business through the Niche Tribe Model with Stephen Warley

If the answer is yes, you might not have niched down enough in your business. When you try to be everything to everyone, you end up helping no one. Even though it might be scary, niching down when it comes to your target client or the products and services you offer, can sometimes be the best thing you can do for your business. Stephen Warley found himself a reluctant entrepreneur after being laid off in 2000. Now, with over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience, Stephen can't imagine...


80: How to Choose the Best Business Model for Lifestyle Entrepreneur Family

My husband and I run four businesses, raise three boys, and still manage to take two months off every summer to devote to spending quality time with our family. I often get asked how we're able to do that and the answer is very simple: We've chosen business models that allow us to take that time off. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about building a business that allows you to live. What's the point of working so incredibly hard to build a successful business, if you can't enjoy the...


79 How to Build an Online Business Without Fancy Funnels - with Marc Mawhinney

Confession #1: I actually really like fancy funnels. I think funnels are a very effective method of landing new clients. However, I know not everyone feels the same way or has the money to put into Facebook ads that lead your potential clients to your funnels. Confession #2: Unfortunately, I'm not the best at doing things the simple way; which is part of why I like funnels. Fortunately, I know just the man to help explain a simple way you can grow your business without the need for...


78 Navigating the Complex Life of Entrepreneurship with Kids - with Sarah Boyd

I've mentioned multiple times on the show how we actively involve our kids in our businesses. We do this to not only to help makes things easier now, but to help set them up for their future. We want our kids to be prepared for entrepreneurship and we're doing everything we can to help facilitate that. Luckily, my guest this week feels exactly the same way! Sarah Boyd is a writer, speaker, and the Founder of Resilient Little Hearts; a children's publishing house. As a mother of two,...


77 Reliving How to Grow Your Business & Renew Yourself While on Vacation

In last week's episode, I talked about how to prepare your business for when you go on vacation. This week, I'm diving into how you can grow both yourself and your business while you're on vacation. Yes! You can actually grow your business while you're on the beach. It's absolutely critical for entrepreneurs, especially coaches and consultants, to take a break from their business at healthy intervals. You give so much of your mental, physical, and spiritual energy to your clients; you...


76 Reliving 5 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Vacation

This can feel scary when you have a new business. Luckily, your SweetLife Podcast is here today tips on how to prepare your business for vacation. Small business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs all work very hard for clients. YOU work very hard for your clients. You give and give - and often don't stop giving until you wear ourself out. Taking a vacation from your business is oftentimes the best thing you can do for your clients. Sound counterproductive? Not...


75 How to Prep Your Family for Business Launch - April Beach

Launching and developing a business without kids is totally different from launching and developing a business with kids. That’s not to say one is easier than the other, because that’s simply not the case. They just require you to go about things a little differently. When it comes to launching a business while raising children, you can't just wing it. You, and your family, need to be properly trained. If you're thinking about launching your business, or you've already taken the first...


74 How to Use an Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Business - with Primoz Bozic

You've been working in your industry for a while now and you know your stuff. You've got the experience and the expertise, but you still don't have the recognition or the audience. This is a common issue for service-based entrepreneurs and, luckily, our guest this week has a solution for you. Primoz Bozic went from being a socially awkward programmer who made $7/hour to building a multiple 6-figure business online while traveling the world. He now helps service-based entrepreneurs...


73 LinkedIn Content Challenge - with Anna Sabino

Now that we're officially in June, it's time to break-out the bathing suits and the business plans! Summer is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, but it's also a great time to grow and scale your business. A fantastic, and underutilized, way to that is by taking full advantage of LinkedIn and this week's guest, Anna Sabino, explains how to do just that. Anna is the designer behind the jewelry brand, Lucid New York; which she started over ten years ago after leaving her...


72 3 Focused Stages to Launch Your Business Successfully - April Beach

You're ready to finally leave the corporate world behind and live the life of travel you've always dreamed of or spend more time with your children while they're still young enough to not be embarrassed to have you around. I totally get it! Here's the thing ... you have to actually launch your business in order for it to bring the money and time-freedom that will allow you to do those things. If you just had a mini-freak out when reading that last part, this episode is for you. If you...


71 Part 2: How to Find the Connection Between Your Personal Style & Brand - Intro with Clarissa Grace

In last week's episode with Clarissa Grace, you learned that I have some serious styling issues. Give me some board shorts, a tank top, and flip flops and I am one happy girl. Unfortunately, that doesn't exactly scream professional. Is it possible to find that balance between being comfortable with your personal style and showcasing the best of who you are in your personal brand? If I thought the first part of the interview was uncomfortable, I was in for a rude awakening in the second...


70 Part 1: How to Find the Connection Between Your Personal Style & Brand - Intro with Clarissa Grace

I'll be honest ... I'm more comfortable in flip flops and a bathing suit than I am in what most people would consider appropriate professional attire. I even had a PR person tell me they couldn't work with me because my personal style fits in more at the beach than in the board room. It's just who I am. But ... is that negatively impacting my businesses? I first met Clarissa Grace about a year ago and I'm thrilled for you to meet her as well. Clarissa has a passion for fashion and, at...


69 "Crushing It" by Gary Vaynerchuk: Book Review & Strategy Session for Active Parent Entrepreneurs

You've just read "Crush It" by Gary Vee... You're all fired up. It's time to lay it all on the line. It's time to be your brand and share your message. And then... Someone pukes on you. You have to break up a fight over legos. Or leave your whiteboard to take your kid to dance. Welcome to parent entrepreneurship! But guess what... Your reason can't be your excuse. Gary Vaynerchuk is an expert at entrepreneurship, so I jumped at the chance to check out his latest book, Crushing...


68 4 Systems Every Entrepreneur Family Needs

Being an entrepreneur and taking care of a family can leave you feeling like you're being torn in a thousand different directions. When you're with your family, you're worried about work and when you're working, you're constantly interrupted by your family. Here's the kicker, though ... It's not just your business. It's your entire family's business. In our family, there's not just one entrepreneur parent, there's actually two! Between multiple businesses and three kids, we'd never...


67 Your Personal Brand, The Compass For Your Future - with Andrea Wenburg

Entrepreneurs spend so much time thinking about their business' logo, colors, fonts, website design, social media, etc. but almost never think about their own personal brand. Your personal brand impacts your business' identity. My dear friend, Andrea Wenburg is back on the show to help us better understand why we need to focus on personal brand as much as our business brand. Andrea is the Host of the Voice of Influence podcast and the Founder of the Voice of Influence Academy; which...


66 How to Infuse Purpose Into Your Business

There's been a recent shift away from a complete separation of business and purpose. This shift is due to the fact that more and more consumers are choosing to give their money to brands and companies with missions or beliefs that align with their own. To consumers, why you do what you do is now more important than what you actually do. Earth Day is rapidly approaching and, as an environmental activist and non-profit founder, I felt it was important to help you understand how to make...


65 Doing Things That Don't Scale - with John Lee Dumas

There's a lot of focus right now on business growth, diversifying your revenue streams, developing multiple services, programs, and courses, but scaling before you're ready can lead to business failure or slower growth. I'm a firm believer in doing one thing so well that you become the go-to expert in your niche for it, and John Lee Dumas agrees. Today JLD, host of Entrepreneurs on Fire (EOFire) and I are taking about the importance of doing things that don't scale including: Take...