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131: Instagram Marketing: Creating The Right Content To Grow Your Followers and Build Your Business - with Jenn Herman

This week we're continuing our conversation all about Instagram with Jenn Herman. If you have listened to the first part of our conversation, I definitely encourage you to do that and you can do so here. Jenn is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. She’s the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing and her blog, Jenn’s Trends, has won the title of a top ten social media blog for multiple years. Through her blog, consulting, and speaking, Jenn...


130: Instagram Marketing: How To Set Up Your Profile and Use Hashtags - with Jenn Herman

To be brutally honest with you, my Instagram following is kind of terrible. We’ve been trying to grow it for a while now and our efforts are just not paying off. I personally love Instagram and love being super active on the app, but it’s very clear to me that I’m not the best person to give advice about this platform. That’s why I’ve brought you our special guest this week. Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. She’s the forefront...


129: Burn The Picket Fence™ - Vlog: Behind The Scenes Of Our Lifestyle Entrepreneur Family

This episode is unlike any of the episodes I've ever put out and it has been feeling completely uncomfortable. If you've been listening to the podcast for a while, you've heard mention my behind-the-scenes family vlog, Burn The Picket Fence™, several times. Historically, I'm not someone who cares what other people think about me, but this project has me feeling incredibly vulnerable. In fact, even recording this episode had my heart racing. Take to the listen to the episode to find out...


128: How To Get Started With LinkedIn Ads - with AJ Wilcox

A lot of people still see LinkedIn as an outdated platform for online resumes, but it really is the place to build genuine business relationships. AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn ads pro who founded b2linked.com; a LinkedIn ad-specific ad agency. As the official partners of LinkedIn, they manage some of the most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide. With most of its users logging in only once or twice a month, LinkedIn is a platform that can provide big rewards for minimal effort. To...


127: 4 Step Process for Messenger Marketing - with Chrys Tan

This week we're continuing our Facebook ad strategy training by diving into Facebook Messenger bots. Facebook Messenger bots are perfect if you're intentionally trying to grow your list with authentic relationships. Chrys Tan is the host of the Hack Your Online Business podcast and the founder of Chrys Media; a messenger marketing agency for online businesses. Chrys has been featured in places like Buffer and Our Social Times and has spoken at events and conferences around the world. If...


126: What You Absolutely Must Know About Facebook And Instagram Marketing Right Now - Part 2 - Sarah Tomes

Is the automated funnel dead?! Facebook and Instagram marketing expert, Sarah Tomes, is back on the show for the second half of a two-part series and she’s going to answer this question for us. This is an episode you don’t want to miss if you want to know what you can do to continue to grow your list with ideal people for your business; even if you don’t have an established business or audience yet. To learn more, visit the show notes Get Connected! SweetLife Company: Business...


125: What You Absolutely Must Know About Facebook And Instagram Marketing Right Now - Part 1 - Sarah Tomes

Online marking is ever-changing and we need to regularly update our strategies accordingly. That’s exactly why our in-house Facebook and Instagram marketing expert, Sarah Tomes, is back on the show for the first episode in a two-part series. In this episode, Sarah explains exactly what you can do right now to make sure your Facebook and Instagram funnels are growing your list with the right people. To learn more, visit the show notes Get Connected! SweetLife Company: Business...


124: How to Grow Your Business with An Online Membership Site

Membership sites are quickly gaining in popularity. If you're an established entrepreneur who's great at what you do, has a loyal following, and wants to grow your business online, then you might want to consider starting a membership site. But, before you do that ... be sure to listen to this week's training and take advantage of the complimentary triage call I'm offering to anyone who schedules their call the week this episode goes live. To learn more, visit the show notes Get...


123: What Type Of Online Course Should You Launch? The Ins and Outs of Evergreen vs. Live

Despite the common misconception, launching an online course doesn’t mean you get to work less. It just means you get to work differently. If you're looking to scale up your business while scaling back your time, you might be considering creating your first online course. If that's the case, you cannot afford to miss this episode! To learn more, visit the show notes Get Connected! SweetLife Company: Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs SweetLifePodcast on Instagram SweetLife...


122: How To Choose An Online Business Model That's Right For You

This week I'm bringing you the second part of my 4-part business training series this month. In episode 121, I explained what a lifestyle entrepreneur is and provided five steps for how to become one. This week, we're going to dive into some of the more popular business models you can use in your lifestyle entrepreneur business. Choosing the right business model is incredibly important if you want a business that allows you to live your dream lifestyle. To learn more, visit the show...


121: What Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur? 5 Steps To Become One

Summer's fast approaching and that means it's time for adventure in the Beach household. If you're anything like me, the appeal of being an entrepreneur is being able to travel, have adventures, and spend time with your family. The only way you're going to have the freedom to live your ideal lifestyle is if you design your business in a way that supports that lifestyle. That's why I'm bringing you the first part in a four-part business training series during the entire month of Month. So,...


120: How To Have Critical Conversations with Clients - with Dr. Cortney Baker

It can be gutting to learn a client is unhappy with your work, but it’s unrealistic to think it will never happen. So, while this might be an unpleasant topic, it's one we have to talk about. Helping us tackle this topic is Dr. Cortney Baker. Cortney is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, research, author, Tedx speaker, and a nationally-recognized authority on women’s leadership. She has been featured by Fox News, Forbes, iHeartRadio, Huffington Post, and more. As a leadership...


119: 3 Unknown Relationships That Will Grow Your Business

Even though entrepreneurship can feel lonely at times, it's impossible to grow your business without relationships. That's why this entire month has been devoted to various types of relationships and today's episode is no different. Whether you're still in the planning phases of your business or you've been at it a while, there are three key relationships that are critical in today's world if you want to grow your business and I couldn't go through relationship month without breaking them...


118: Community Is The New Currency - with Jennifer Kroiss

Community truly is the new currency. However, most of us don’t have the time to sit around and start new relationships. So, we have to be very strategic with our time and how we build a bond with our clients. Jennifer Kroiss is a business strategist and networking enthusiast who says relationships have influenced every aspect of her 20-year career. She’s now become so great at connecting with others that she left her corporate job three years ago and has a successful business based...


117: Single Entrepreneurs Guide To Making More Money - with Andi Forness

Andi Forness is an online dating coach who’s been published in Mind Body Green, Greatest, Austin Woman Magazine, Thrive Global and has been quoted in Forbes, Bravo TV, Men’s Health, and more! Andi helps single, high-achieving, analytical women use online dating as a personal development program so they can finally find Mr. Right and feel fulfilled in all areas of their life. One of the ones Andi relates dating to entrepreneurship is by pointing out that online dating is just like online...


116: How Passion, Sex and Intimacy In Your Marriage, Can Lead To Business Success - with Cheryl Fraser, PhD

"Falling in love is easy. Staying in love takes mindfulness." - Dr. Cheryl Fraser Sharp, frank, and fearless, that’s Buddhist psychologist, sex therapist, author, and speaker Dr. Cheryl Fraser. Dr. Cheryl is a sought-after media psychologist and relationship expert who combines cutting edge love and sex therapy with mindfulness to help couples cut through resistance and ignite the connection and sizzle they think they’ve lost. Speaking from the wisdom of others and my own personal...


115: How To Maximize Press For Your Business: 4 Steps People Often Miss

I can confidently say my business wouldn't be where it is today without the press I received when I was first starting out. Whether you're just starting your business or you've been in business for a while already, press is incredibly valuable. In last week's episode, I had my friend Selena Soo on the show to discuss how to get press for your business and I wanted to continue that conversation this week by explaining just how to prep your business so that you can maximize all the press...


114: How To Get Press, Stand Out, And Become An Industry Influencer - with Selena Soo

In order to become the go-to expert or influencer in your space, you need publicity. That’s where Selena Soo comes in … Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. Selena has helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and INC. and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV. Selena’s signature approach comes down to building powerful and...


113: 4 Key Areas To Create Space In Your Life, So You Can Grow Your Business - with Corie Clark

If you want to start or grow a business, you need to make room in your life for entrepreneurship. That’s where this week’s guest comes in … Corie Clark is a business educator, creator of the Purposeful Planner, author of The Simplicity Project, and host of the Purpose with Corie Clark podcast. Corie loves not only helping others find their purpose but equipping them to live it out and turn it into a profitable business. Today, Corie and I will be discussing all about how you can create...


112: Creating a Brand That Lives And Leaves A Legacy - with Sashka Hanna-Rappl

One of the most important strategies in business development is doing a great job branding your company. And, since we’re spending this entire month talking all things business development, I couldn’t think of a better way to start off than by speaking with a branding expert like our guest this week. Sashka Hanna-Rappl is also a leadership coach, business strategist, entertainer, author, and speaker who helps visionaries go from unknown underdog to brand leader using creativity, humor,...