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Episode #26: How To Know When To Raise The Stop - Loss Vs Taking Profits

It is the question that haunts traders - do I take profits now, or let them ride by raising the stop-loss a little more. That will all depend on the type of market you are in and whether you are long or short. In my latest financial podcast on the stock market, I address the best approach to maximizing your profits on your swing-trades.


Episode #25: Frustrations With Low Volume, Sideways Price Action In The Stock Market

The stock market will have periods of low volume sideways trading. This tends to be a dangerous time for a lot of traders as it leads to over trading and complacency with one's trading trading strategy. In this episode, I go over the details of how to avoid such dangerous pitfalls.


Do Not Ever Trade A Stock Through Earnings...Ever!

It bothers me so much to see swing traders taking huge gambles on a company's earnings report, as if they can somehow game the system and come out consistently on the winning side. News flash - you can't. I am going to cover the fallacy of being able to trade stocks and hold them through earning sand why you should avoid the practice entirely.


The Fears That Hold You Back From Successful Trading

For so many people success in the stock market can seem like a frustrating pursuit. Often times our experiences from childhood can shape our views of success and failure and have a massive impact on how successful we are in the stock market. In my latest podcast, I discuss my own fears from childhood and how it, early on, hampered my growth as a successful trader. If you'd like to learn more about my trading in the stock market, be sure to visit: https://www.shareplanner.com/splashzone


Follow The Stock Market's Lead For Your Trading

To learn more about my Trading Course, the Winning Watch-List, go to: http://www.winningwatchlist.com Success in the stock market and with your swing-trading is more than just picking the right stocks, it is about mixing your ability to make high quality trades in conjunction with the direction of the stock market.


How to Trade a Stock Market Top

The stock market has been rallying for the past nine years, but for much of 2018, traders have the sense that a top may be developing. So the question becomes how do you trade a stock market top. I will go through my methods of shorting the market when it is trading lower and how I do it successfully while managing the risk too. The concepts that I go over, transcends time frames as well as the type of trading you are engaged in, whether it is the stock market, options, futures, forex or...


What Indicators Should You Use In Your Trading

What indicators do you use in your trading? Are they helping your or hurting your trading. Do they really complement your trading strategy - and finally, is there one indicator or set of indicators that represent the 'holy grail' of trading? In this podcast I talk about my approach as it pertains to using indicators to complement my trading and how they relate to price and volume as well as answer all the other questions above so that you have no doubt as to the role that indicators should...


Develop Patience With Your Swing-Trading In The Stock Market

Patience is a major trait one must has as it pertains to successful swing-trading in the stock market. If you don't have it, you won't succeed. That goes for not only swing-traders, but for day-traders, forex traders, cryptotraders, options traders and the like. Patience in the stock market means you have to be okay with being bored, and when the stock market gets boring and dull, you learn not to keep adding more positions, just because. Patience is key - without it - you have nothing.


How To Trade The 200-Day Moving Average

The stock market's most important moving average: The 200-Day Moving Average. It is the line between what is considered a bullish market or a bearish market. In this podcast, I talk in-depth about how I trade around the 200-day moving average and how I profit from it.


Trading Stocks With Your Emotions Under Control

This is by far one of the most difficult topics of trading stocks: Managing your emotions. I realize, as traders, we all have emotions that can affect are ability to trade, but it is how we deal with those emotions (i.e. Fear, Greed, Anxiety, Ego) that allows us to overcome them and become profitable traders.


Strategies For Becoming A Better Trader

A lot of traders ignore completely the price action of the broader market. This will never end well. If the market is heading south or in the midst of a strong sell-off, that is not the time to be adding new long positions. Simply because the stock managed to trigger an alert for you to do buy the stock, or because a stock pulled back to the price level you have long desired to trade it at does not always mean that you should. Price alerts do not mean you should pull the trigger...


Using Stop Losses To Make More Profits

How I use stop-losses to become a more profitable swing-trader. I go over exactly how the manner in which I manage my losing trades will directly result in how profitable I am overall. Using stop-losses and the way in which I use them is key and that is what I discuss in this podcast.


How to Develop a Powerful Watch-List

Keeping and managing a well-put together watch list is not all that hard and what I am going to do is outline four simple steps that you can take to creating and optimizing your list of stocks to watch so that it benefits you the most.


Patterns-to-Profits: A Free Training Course on Trading Stocks

I've just launched my FREE Training Course called, "Patterns to Profits", where I detail my favorite trading patterns as it pertains to day trading, swing trading and long term investing. I also go into great detail explaining how I manage the trades as it pertains to risk, where I stage my entries, and how I book those profits. Get my training course, Patterns to Profits, Free Today: https://shareplanner.teachable.com/p/patterns-to-profits/


How To Increase Your Stock Market Profits

Trying to find the right trading strategy that will help increase your profits is incredibly important. Maximizing your stock market profits is done by minimizing the risk whenever and wherever you can. These two elements of trading go hand-in-hand. Let's discuss this further in this week's podcast.


Should You Keep Buying The Dip

Buying the Dip is a popular concept in trading today. I'll be discussing in depth about what dip buying is, should you be buying the dip, and how you can safely do so, while also knowing when not to buy the dip.


Trading A Bubble Stock Market - How You Can Still Profit

If you are nervous about this stock market and where it is going, you have good reason. Undoubtedly, the stock market is in a new bubble largely created by the Fed and its actions over the last 8 years. But you can still profit, but in order to come out with the profits when everything crashes, you have to be willing to manage the risk along the way and that is what I talk about in this podcast episode.


Let the Profits Take Care of Themselves

The last of a 3 part series where I talk about the three steps of successful trading. 1. Trade what you see 2. Manage the risk 3. Let the profits take care of themselves These are 3 key steps to being a profitable and successful trader in today's stock market.


Trade What You See

The first podcast of a 3 part series. 1. Trade What You See 2. Manage the Risk 3. Let the Profits Take Care of Themselves


Learning to Become a Mentally Tough Trader

In this podcast I cover some easy-to-implement trading strategies that will instantly put you on the path to more profits. There are 5 tips in total and all of them can be implemented today.