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How To Create High Returning B2B Campaigns

Generating £7.4M of quoted sales from a £50,000 total spend… How To Create High Returning B2B Campaigns - The 414 LIVE. Joining me today is Alex Swann, who, with the help of his team generated an incredible return on a comparatively low spend for a niche manufacturing client. On the show today we’ll be covering: 👉🏼 The biggest challenges B2B marketers have to deal with which B2C don't 👉🏼 His campaign creation process 👉🏼 Core elements of success in campaign creation 👉🏼 Mistakes...


The Evolution of Comms - Disruptors Vs The Disrupted

How the pervasiveness of technology is forcing non tech businesses to communicate in a different way to their stakeholders. Right now BIG businesses are facing a huge challenge to stay relevant. Whilst for start ups and scale ups, establishing credibility is an equally big problem. Each has their own strengths to leverage, but there’s somewhat of a race to make sure that one is not outfoxed by the other. You could describe it as a battle of sort, or, if you want to really dial it up a...


Why You Need To Re-Think Using Stock Images

Why You Need To Re-Think Using Stock Images 📸 Joining me LIVE from Denmark, Neuromarketer, Jonathan Low. As humans we’re instinctively designed to continually adapt and evolve. And the problem, comes from that our brains have now learned, and now know within a fraction of a second if a picture is real one or a stock image. Traditional stock images are killing conversion results, and there’s a lot more at play which you need to know about if you’re interested in increasing engagement and...


How To Develop A Strategy For Voice Search & Technology

If it hasn’t happened already, very soon you’ll be asked the question, what’s your strategy for VOICE? Joining me on The 414 this week is Kane Simms, one of the UK’s leading authorities in voice technology and host of the VUX World podcast, consultancy and design studio. Kane will bring you fully up to speed on what voice technology is, deep dive into what it can do and what you can do with it. The ultimate goal will be to give you everything you need so that you can investigate and...


Winning With Emotion: How To Become Your Customers’ First-Choice

This week on THE 414 LIVE we’ll be looking into how emotions play a major part in the process which B2B decision makers go through in making a purchase decision. I’ll be speaking with Nick Hague who has surveyed 2,000 business decision makers to understand in detail how these people make buying decisions for their organisation. Nick will be sharing his findings which reveal the factors that help or hurt a prospective supplier’s chances of winning business. Ultimately, his research will be...


Using Data Ethically & Legally To Gain Competitive Advantage

This week on THE 414, it’s about the importance of trust and building trust when it comes to using customer data. Better yet, we’ll be sharing how you can ethically gain significant business advantage over your competitors, all completely within the law. Join me as I speak with Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA who will give us the best possible insights and the latest approaches for how to use data properly as a professional B2B marketer. Rachel will also be discussing in detail about data...


The State of B2B Lead Generation

This week on THE 414 LIVE we’ll be discussing B2B lead generation and conversion, what B2B marketers are currently doing, the challenges they’re facing as well as what’s working the best. Linus Gregoriadis from London Research is the author of The State of B2B Lead Generation report. It’s a fantastic piece of research that will be of great interest to B2B marketers and sales teams. Linus will talk us through his research and give detail on all of the major findings including how B2B lead...


Humanising B2B Marketing

This week on THE 414, we talk about embarking on a new approach for selling B2B. It involves stepping away from focusing purely on features and benefits, and instead, standing up and standing out for something through story telling. Paul Cash, MD of Rooster Punk, shares everything on why this approach stands to work so well, what companies stand to gain, plus how to implement it. Paul is an expert at crafting stories around a company or brand to get the attention of target customers,...


The Essential Guide To Voice Overs

This week on The 414 LIVE we look into one of the most widely used, but often under appreciated tools at our disposal, and that is, voice overs. Darren Altman is one of the country’s leading voice over artists, who will explain what you need to know in choosing the right voice over artist for your project or company, the difference it can make as well as what can go wrong. Darren will also be able to give detailed insights for current voice over trends, how to critique potential artists...


The Importance of 'Always On' Within ABM

This week on THE 414 LIVE we’ll be discussing what Always On marketing activity actually means, why you would want to do it, and what you stand to gain. I’ll be speaking with Yvonne Deegan who is an expert in conceptualising and implementing Always on Marketing as part of ABM strategy to connect with the full range of decision makers involved with a company’s purchasing decision. Yvonne will cover in detail how this kind of approach stands to give you a tremendous advantage over your...


High Efficiency & Performance B2B Marketing Teams

Gary Hurry, VP Marketing at Thomson Reuters, will be sharing his techniques and insights for leading teams who perform optimally, have a high level shared sense of purpose and mission, as well as enjoying what they do a lot more as a result. The 414 is produced exclusively for you as a B2B marketer for you to expand and enhance your professional knowledge each and every week by hearing insights and wisdom from some of the greatest and most interesting minds in B2B marketing. Presented by...


The Essential Guide To Voice Technology

Voice technology is going to take off by storm, but unlike previous technology changes - most people already own voice enabled devices, it’s they’re just not using them… yet. Maria Reyes recently quit her high profile agency corporate position to focus on being an advocate and educator on voice technology. And she gives a first class state of the union address on the topic, so that you can be fully up to speed, on what’s to come. As a marketer, it’s vitally important that you understand...


Cold Approach Direct Outreach

We discuss the partially controversial topic of Cold Approach Direct Outreach. But specifically, we’ll be looking into the positive sides to it and what it stands to offer if it’s done correctly. Larry Kotch who is an expert in automated outreach, bots, cold email to generate B2B leads, but interestingly… without annoying people. Larry’s entirely focused on doing things properly with cold approach direct outreach, which is also why he’s apparently cracked the code of doing this...


B2B Case Studies Re-Invented

Case studies in B2B are generally terribly underused, or their content is just so sterile that it has a negligible impact on target customers. Kevin Anderson has arguably perfected the art of turning regular case studies into customer success stories which connect with people at a deep and emotional level. Unless you’re super confident that your website and social media is packed with killer case studies already, you need to watch this week’s show, because it will be truly enlightening for...


The Secrets of B2B Sales & Marketing Chemistry

We discuss the divides, disconnects and the varying levels which sales and marketing teams simply don’t work together as they should. Gert Scholts is a B2B Sales coach who is an expert in getting sales and marketing teams to understand each other perfectly, and deliver record beating sales figures, as a result of a true company team effort. Even if you as a marketing team already work fairly well with sales, Gert will still have a series of revelations for where and how you’re currently...


A Journalist’s Guide To Effective Content Production

Random Acts of Content come about when there is no governance in place to help an organisation create content. Jack Dyson, who, as a former journalist and luxury magazine writer has a unique grasp on how to develop a perfectly congruent content strategy, as well as how to get much greater results from working smarter, not harder. Jack will also shares how and why approaching content creation through a journalistic angle will massively increase your content ROI. The 414 is produced...


B2B Marketing Category Design

Simply producing a product or service which is incrementally better all the time, is actually a race to the bottom. So enter, the practice of Category Design... Elliot Harrison will be explaining in detail why Category Design allows you to knock out your competition through avoiding one-on-one technical comparisons, because you are the king of your own unique category. Apple are masters of this approach, and Elliot will share everything for you to evaluate leveraging this incredibly...


The 414 LIVE – Launch Details

Would you like to come on the show as a guest? Please visit and visit the ‘Guest’ page. Each and every week we’ll be doing The 414 LIVE and speaking with some of the greatest and most interesting minds in B2B marketing.Support the show (


The Evolution of Content Marketing For B2B Marketers

James Rostance speaks with Catherine Maskell, at The Content Market Association (CMA), about the evolution of content marketing for B2B marketers. Support the show (


How To Leverage Consumer Psychology In A B2B Business

James Rostance speaks with Nick King at Autotrader about consumer psychology and how B2B marketers can level up their game and results by bringing this discipline into their strategy. Support the show (