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A Bend, Oregon show combining business leaders, professional athletes, politicians, and more. Each guest giving you their life hacks on how they got where they are today..

A Bend, Oregon show combining business leaders, professional athletes, politicians, and more. Each guest giving you their life hacks on how they got where they are today..
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A Bend, Oregon show combining business leaders, professional athletes, politicians, and more. Each guest giving you their life hacks on how they got where they are today..




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Feat. Jon Bullock Executive Director of RPA | Torcom Talk #11 (Business Podcast) (Teacher Podcast)

Today we have the man that is bringing the younger generations education to new feats, Jon Bullock. He is the executive Director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy. Taking this school from 30 students to 900 and continuing to grow till this day. Expanding the infrastructure, and children's minds. His philosophies on how teaching should be done are fascinating. I hope it will inspire you to care more for education and the future of this world. There are many takeaways that business owners...


Feat Preston Callicott | Torcom Talk #10 (Business Podcast)

Today we have the main man Preston Callicott. Owner and CEO of Five Talent. This man has been a mentor and truly helped me get my business to wear it is today. I can't thank him enough. Today we dive into all sorts of topics ranging from AI and the future of tech and what that means for factory workers, data collectors and the future of the human job market as a whole. Super fascinating insights. This is one not to miss. Enjoy it guys! Please help us out by hitting that subscribe button...


Feat. Jamie Danek CO-Founder / CEO of Humm Kombucha | Torcom Talk #9 (Business Podcast)

Today we bring you the highly anticipated podcast with Jamie Danek the Co-founder and CEO of Humm Kombucha. We dive into a lot of personal culture beliefs and basically laid the cards on the table on how she created the company from running it out of her kitchen to now partnering with the NFL. A lot of owners are afraid to share their stories of the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into creating the brands that you know and love today. Me and Jamie hold nothing back and share some very...


Feat. Jason Thomas Founder of Pili Hunters | Torcom Talk #8 (Business Podcast)

This is an awesome podcast for those that are looking how to start a business and not quite sure where to start. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You don't need a 30-page business plan to start a business. You don't need a food license and all these business licenses to start your business. You just need the drive and the hustle to push through these made up barriers society and the human mind has constructed for us. You'll find out. This guy has an amazing story and it was a...


Feat. Ken Streater | Torcom Talk #7 (Author Podcast) (Business Podcast)

Welcome to episode 7 of Torcom Talk! Today we have Ken Streater and man do we have some stories to share with you. Ken is an author of the books Be the Good, and The Gift of Courage and man some stories this guy had to share today almost brought us both to tears. There is some powerful stuff in this podcast that I think any human can benefit from. Whether that's dealing with family, friends, or just simply showing more respect to people around the globe. This is one not to miss and I am very...


Feat. Jesse Thomas CEO / CO-Founder of Picky Bars | Torcom Talk #6 (Business Podcast)

Today we have the owner of Picky Bars Jesse Thomas. Just learning how this guy balances work, life, and family is something to take note of. When it comes to life it's a little more then most of us. He's not only an IRONMAN participant. He's a two time champion. So we have a pro-athlete walking us through he has accomplished these unbelievable goals and built a company into what it is today. Enjoy our conversation!


Feat. Clarke Griffin Attorneys | Torcom Talk #5 (Lawyer Podcast) (Business Podcast)

Today we have Mike Clarke and Phillip Griffin. usually attorneys content consists of "call us if you get hurt". We decided to take a different approach. How do you make sure you don't get sued? What can you do so you DON'T have to use an attorney. Very interesting and full of value anyone can use in there day to day life as well as falling into an unfortunate incident.


Feat. Mark Henderson and Adam McAboy The Athletes Village | Torcom Talk #4 (Business Podcast)

Were super excited to have Adam McAboy and Mark Henderson. Adam ran track for UC Berkeley and Mark swam for UC Berkeley. Mark even went on to win gold for the Atlantic Olympic games in 1996. The two of them went on to form the Athletes Village which is a new company that is a quora for athletes of all ages. It's an amazing resource for athlete of any age or any competitive level. It dives into what people should be eating, what should i be training with, how do I deal with game day stress?...


Feat. Matthias Giraud AKA Super Frenchie | Torcom Talk #3 (Business Podcast)

Today we have Matthias Giraud in the building. AKA Super Frenchie. This guy is insane. Conquering many "world's first" ski-base jumps all around the world. We dive into how he over comes his fear, what are some of his rituals that he does before these huge cliff jump and many more relations from base jumping to the business world. Very interesting. Enjoy!


Feat. Drew Bledsoe | Torcom Talk #2 (Business Podcast)

Today we are super excited to bring on four time pro-bowler, super bowl winning champion , Drew Bledsoe! We go into planning for the worst, mentoring, and key life / business decisions that we have learned throughout our career. This is one to not miss. Links below to all other platforms! Instagram facebook youtube LinkedIn


Feat. Matt Thomas | Torcom Talk #1 (Business Podcast)

Welcome to the first episode of Torcom Talk! Today we have Matt Thomas from Subaru of Bend talking about a wide variety of topics. Ranging from Matt succeeding the business from his father about 25 years ago and behind the scenes during that. Getting punched in the mouth economically and how he overcame that within his business. Even got into the Spotted owl and that environmental movement in the 70's. Enjoy!