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052: 3 Books to Boost Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

When I first started my business, these 3 books were pivotal in shaping my mindset as an entrepreneur. Links and resources at https://annvertel.com/052


051: 3 Ways to Reframe Something Bad

We don't just have to survive, endure, muscle through, or cope with bad circumstances. These 3 techniques will help you thrive and turn tough circumstances into past events more quickly.


050: How to Eliminate Distractions

If you've found yourself deep down the rabbit hole of social media, or experiencing FOMO (the "Fear of Missing Out") or constantly checking your email inbox one-more-time...this episode is for you. You'll learn the reason why we tend to submerge ourselves in tasks that take up the whole day but just aren't productive. I'll also share 6 strategies for pushing past the distractions that seem to take up so much of your day so you can focus on getting the important things done. All episodes...


049: How to Focus

If you've ever had one of those days where you just can't seem to concentrate and everything seems like a distraction, this episode on how to focus is for you. You'll learn how a weightlifting concept called "time under tension" can be applied to the practice of concentrated focus, giving a better ability to hit that sweet spot of productivity. All episodes can be found at http://annvertel.com/podcastpage


048-How Authenticity Makes You More Successful

This episode explains the true nature of authenticity and helps you be more authentic in different situations. You'll also discover how your success is related to vulnerability and why learning to connect will make you a better leader. Episode info at http://AnnVertel.com/048


047: Help Your Boss Make Better Business Decisions Faster

Have you ever worked for a boss who couldn't make a decision? This episode will explain how to successfully brief or pitch your boss, a committee, a professor and anyone in authority in a way that helps your boss make better business decisions faster. (instead of a request for more information). Stop having the can kicked down the road - help your boss make quick decisions by "staffing your work." Episode info at http://annvertel.com/047


046: Imposter Syndrome

The imposter syndrome kicks in every time we try to disrupt the status quo. It matters, because each time we give in to the lies, we lose our ability to be a leader. Episode info at http://AnnVertel.com/046.


045: Three Steps to Finding Your Passion

If you feel a bit stuck and are ready to find your passion so you can live a bigger story and love your life again, this is the episode for you. I’ll challenge you, encourage you, and help you dig deep into patterns and behaviors that will help you open up to what you have been designed to do! You have a distinct set of gifts, talents, skills, experiences, training, expertise, and interests. It’s a unique combination that is unstoppable in helping you achieve your greatest success if...


044: Networking for Introverts

It’s natural, as human beings, to want to belong. It’s deep in our DNA to want to be accepted by the pack because that literally means survival. So when walking into a group of strangers, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own fears, anxiety, thoughts, and imagination. Which is exactly the wrong way to network. This episode will show you the easy way to work a room and make networking for introverts as easy as pie. Episode info at http://annvertel.com/044-networking-for-introverts


043: How to Be More Resilient

Resilience isn't just our capacity to stand there and take the slings and arrows of life, it's the power and agility in which we respond to those slings and arrows. We don't have a limited amount of resilience and that's good news. Because when bad things happen, over and over, layered on top of each other, and they just keep coming, our reslience doesn’t have to tap out. We can build unlimited strength and speed in our response by learning to effectively “bounce,” and we can do that...


042: How to Open with Empathy

Counselors use a powerful skill in getting their clients to talk about issues that are painful, scary, or deeply personal. It is called a "reflection of feeling." When you reflect back to someone what they are feeling, you meet them right where they are emotionally. You've connected with them, they don't feel quite so alone with this feeling, and they know you have an understanding of what is going on with them. Using this technique with success is what this episode is all about! Episode...


041: How to Ask a Good Non-Question

If you’ve ever tried to have a conversation with a teenager, you’ve experienced maximum frustration. Not being prone to volunteer information, they usually wait for adults to initiate discussions. Unfortunately, most adults just keep asking a series of questions. The more cryptic the answers, the more questions get asked. Frustrated, the adult begins to “quiz” the teenager using closed-ended questions (those that can be answered with “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know.”) This often ends by...


040: Why Your Leadership Development Programs Are Not Working

Most leadership development programs miss the most crucial step. Without this foundational piece, leaders can find themselves mired in drama, chaos, indecision, poor communication, and micro-managing. This episode discusses the concept of “ship, shipmate, self” and how to fix or develop a transformational leadership training program that supports those priorities and builds influential and authentic leadership skills. Episode info at http://AnnVertel.com/040


039: Not the Journey OR the Destination

What if I told you that true fulfillment isn't about the journey OR the destination? How often have you been told to "enjoy the journey?" That happiness and fulfillment are not about the destination? This episode opens a third possibility, one that will change the way you see all your goals, processes, accomplishments, and achievements. This episode is especially for "serial achievers" - those who accomplish a lot, enjoy the journey, but still feel that nagging, "something is missing,"...


038: Leadership Training for Women - 3 Key Skills

This one is for women in leadership (and men who work with women leaders!) No one really taught us how to lead like a woman, right? We learned lots of general skills about team building and managing change. But the skills necessary to walk that fine line between acting like a man or playing girlish games? Not so much. Sometimes we learn the greatest leadership lessons from people who aren’t very good leaders at all. I learned three important distinctions about how to lead like a woman...


037: How to Be Happy w/ Jennifer Dunham

What is happiness? Is there really a secret for how to be happy? A key that can help us reduce the overwhelm and focus on what matters? Jennifer Dunham thinks so. In fact, she believes we can actually structure happiness, using it as a tool to create more freedom. All episodes can be found at http://AnnVertel.com/podcastpage/


036: Two Keys for a Quantum Leap

High achievers don't really make quantum leaps, they just appear to do so. And they do it using the 2 key behaviors I outline in this episode. Show info at http://AnnVertel.com/podcastpage/



When we are working to master a craft, most of us eventually get stuck or hit a plateau. But not all of us. Those people we'd consider experts or masters at something work on their craft a different way. Whether you're working on a business skill or a personal hobby, you'll want to understand this difference if you want to get better. Learn how experts practice differently so you too can achieve mastery.


034: The Fountain of Youth

It took me five and a half decades but I finally discovered the fountain of youth. I’ve known about it all along, but now I can see it! In this episode, I share my personal struggle with energy, aging, and feeling downright awful as well as the journey I’ve taken to find the answer to feeling better. It’s a more personal episode than most but an important one – maybe even the most important one for you, your health, your energy level, and your future.


033: How to Handle Rejection

Fearing rejection doesn’t prevent it. Fearing rejection prevents YOU from getting what you want. Discover 3 strategies for learning how to not only handle or manage rejection but for how to embrace it and make it work for you. Episode information at http://AnnVertel.com/033 All episodes can be found at http://AnnVertel.com/podcastpage/