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Broadcasting Happiness To Others with Michelle Gielan and The Practice Of Consistency with Chris Majer

These days, when we open the news, all we see are the negative things happening around. We are exposed to these things every single minute that it becomes harder to find happiness. Will there be a way to look at these challenges in our lives that leaves us feeling empowered, ready to take action, and […]


Mentoring Communities with Dondi Scumaci and Dealing With Organizational Inertia with Dr. Sam Bacharach

If you can wrap community around any development, it's going to go bigger and have an amplification effect to it. Dondi Scumaci’s work is around mentoring communities and creating partnerships that are digging in and doing the deep work. Dondi is an international speaker, author, and expert in professional and personal development. She designs robust […]


Human Resource Management with Olin Oedekoven and Problems Prioritization with Harry Max

The most important thing that people can do within their human resource management is to pause their hiring process and to critically think about exactly what they’re doing. Oftentimes, we get so much in a hurry to sell three customer service reps that the first three people who walk in the door with a moderate […]


Teaming Versus Teams with Amy Edmondson and Body Language Secrets Revealed with Greg Williams

Unexpected things come about from unusual situations where people encounter thing they haven’t done before. Consequently, they don’t know how to go about things. In the business world, this can be a huge problem. In such situations, how do you get people to work together towards a solution? Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and […]


The Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile In The World with Candice Galek and Cultural Diversity Training with Dr. H. Sam Coy and Dr. Chris Lassiter

Candice Galek is a self-taught young female entrepreneur. After going viral as having the most viewed LinkedIn profile in the world, she began interviewing influential business leaders in sharing her experiences via her Inc. column, Quest for Knowledge. Some of her guests include Seth Godin, Gary V, Simon Sinek, Tim Ferriss. Candice shares how she […]


Engage And Grow with Rich Maloney and Cold Emailing with Ryan Peck

Engagement comes down to how good your leadership is. Employee engagement is a reflection of the leadership in the organization. When your leaders are people-focused and people first, profit second, you've got a high level of buying. Rich Maloney, author of the video book, Engage & Grow, shares how improving engagement can get people to […]


Breakthrough Sessions In Circles with Dan Hoffman and Engaging In Tough Conversation with Jessica Pettitt

Fostering deeper learning with deeper connections in learning environments and meeting spaces is Founder of Circl.es, Dan Hoffman. Circl.es is a video platform to make it easy for small groups to help each other work and grow. Dan shares what it is all about and how it can effectively create enduring connections. Used by schools […]


How A Mental Health App Can Make The Difference with Bea Arthur and Making A Brand Become Iconic with Calvin Stovall

For Bea Arthur, psychology and technology make the difference, literally. As Columbia University-trained psychotherapist and entrepreneur who is leading the modern mental health movement, she managed to marry her field with her love for technology and created the first mental health app called The Difference. She talks about her personal journey towards creating the application […]


The Culture Of Creativity with Kevin Freiberg and Sales, Messaging, And Pageantry with Wendi Russo

Kevin Freiberg, worldwide bestselling author and keynote speaker, talks about leadership and the difference it makes to businesses and brands. Taking us to his book, CAUSE!, he aligns the importance of leaders to create brands into noble and worthy causes. He shares the backstory that inspired him as he talks about the need for a culture […]


The Difference Between Leadership And Management with Dr. John P. Kotter

We all know that businesses, in order to thrive, need good leaders. However, these days, we mostly find leadership and management synonymous with each other that we end up changing one rather than the other. This could lead to some different outcomes that may not be what you would want for your business. Taking in […]


Leading From Within: Self-Leadership with Andrew Bryant and How To Shift Your Businesses Ahead with Allen Adamson

Believing that to be an effective leader has to begin by leading oneself is global expert of self-leadership and leading cultures, Andrew Bryant. He teaches us the practice called self-influence of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and actions toward your objectives. Showing the importance of having self-control as a leader, he talks about how our […]


Differentiate, Be Unique, And Publicize with Mark Levy and Soft Skills, Storytelling, And Language with Jorge Meléndez

In this world, you need to be different to stand out. An expert of that is Mark Levy, founder of Levy Innovation LLC, a positioning and branding firm that works to differentiate companies and their personal brands. At the heart of it is the importance of content, making it stand out against the rest—whether it’s […]


The Politics Of Servant Leadership with James Strock and The Gaps In AI-Related Industries with Dr. Cindy Gordon

Stretching servant leadership far back into the historical roots, founder and CEO of Serve to Lead Group, James Strock, speaks about some presidential leaders who have shown how they mastered technologies of their time in order to become effective. James takes us into the updated version of his book, Serve to Lead: 21st Century Leaders […]


The Power Of Coaching with Patryk and Kasia Wezowski and Creating A Membership Program with Robert Skrob

Coaches have the power to push us to the kind of change we most want to happen in our lives. Bringing the entire action and transformation into the big screen are Patryk and Kasia Wezowski. They are the producers of LEAP, the first documentary about the coaching profession, and the founders of the Center for […]


Combating Poverty Through Blockchain Technology with Arnold Strong and Enjoying The Digital Lifestyle Through Technology Security with Larry Castro

Moving into blockchain from being a communications strategist, management consultant, operator, and former colonel, Arnold Strong shares how he is spreading his mission of combating world poverty with technology. He talks about what the industry is missing and fills that gap by putting values into the world of internet economy. With so much resources we […]


The Drama Of Life: Lessons From Soap Operas with Kate Adams

Life is drama. That is what Kate Adams greatly believes, and she proves that by sharing some great insights about how soap operas parallel real life. Former assistant casting director at the Emmy-winning “As The World Turns” and popular for her TED Talk called “4 Larger Than Life Lessons From Soap Operas,” Kate shows us […]


Developing Employee Culture with Dr. Terence Jackson and The Selling Formula with Brian Robinson

All organizations have a culture, whether it's the culture they want or a culture that was created through application. Executive performance advisor and thought leader Dr. Terence Jackson says leadership and employee culture dictate how innovative or disruptive an organization is. When leadership allows and enables their employees to look at innovation from an unlimited […]


The Importance of Leverage with Randy Gage and Bottleneck Breakthrough with Josh Long

If you look at the greatest wealth of our generation, what is one commonality of all these wealthy people who actually created wealth? Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook allows him to reach 3 billion people. J.K. Rowling writes a book once but five million people buy and read that. A single song by Lady Gaga gets downloaded […]


Fighting Your Biggest Fear with Adam Smith and Living Your Life In The Front Row with Marilyn Sherman

Fear is the number one block to success- the fear of inadequacy, uncertainty, failure, rejection, missing out, change, losing control, being judged, and others. Author and blogger Adam Kirk Smith wrote his first book, The Bravest You, about it, feeling that it needed to be first because so many people deal with it. Become your […]


Driving Change with Mark C. Thompson and Humble Leadership with Edgar and Peter Schein

Change is all around us. Bestselling author Mark C. Thompson says the only way we grow is when we start to be willing to embrace those changes, and that usually creates a little bit of struggle. When we think about change, we have the resources and we have the means to change within our hearts […]