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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.

TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.
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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.




Ruthann – Interview with Women in Trucking

Ruthann - Interview with Women in TruckingRuthann - Interview with W"women in Trucking". Ruthann and Troy sat down with Women in Truckings Deb LeBree to talk about what is going on with the ladies organization. Deb opened up about where Women in Trucking is headed and the events they are attending. She also opened up about how she became a truck driver when no one thought she could do it. Boy were they wrong. Years late she and her husband are trucking across the country as owner operators...


Trucking NewS – Driving for the Cartel – Drivers Wanted

Trucking NewsTrucking News - Driving for the Cartel. Imagine if there was such a job description as a "Cartel Trucker". What would the qualifications be? Must have great will to not be a rat. Must be willing to do time if caught. If you snitch you will be killed. Must have mean MVR. Must be safe driver. Must be able to remain calm when crossing border. Truckers that actually run drugs are really taking chances beyond what the risk is. I couldn't even fathom hauling illegal drugs in my rig. I...


Dumb Trucker Scammed

Dumb Trucker Scammed. Truckers that are lonely should think twice before engaging with companions on the internet. This is the story of a trucker that fell for a common scam. There are many scammers that will send you an email claiming to either have money or are in need of someone to rescue them. Its always the same result "Send Money" and usually "lots of money". I myself have received emails like "Im a prince in Nigeria and am trying to get out of my country" "The problem is I must come...


Trucking News – 7 Killed 2 Semis Two 4 Wheelers

Trucking News Trucking News - 7 Killed Two 4 Wheelers. This week in the news a terrible accident outside of Gainesville Fl. Reactions on all the blogs have been divided. Some are saying the truck driver is at fault and I would caution those people that unless they are witness to the accident don't rush to judgement. There is a recreation of the accident on and it shows the rig making a hard left turn int o a car which then goes across the medium. Semi trucks don't just...


Newbies Trucking Can Be Great

Newbies Trucking Can Be GreatNewbies Trucking Can Be Great if you will give it a fare chance. When you are given the opportunity to obtain a free CDL along with a contract for a job, Honor it. Thats right, honor the ink you signed on the page. After all its your word you have given agreeing to work for a carrier in exchange for a Class A CDL. A Class A CDL is a about equal to a collage degree but only better. You see when you have your CDL you have chance to make in most cases more than the...


Trucking-News 15 States to Avoid – Trucker Citations

Trucking-News 15 States to AvoidTrucking-News 15 States to Avoid - We sat down and read off the top 15 states that rely on ticketing truckers. This is a big part of their revenue and you should know this before crossing their borders! Troy and Ruthann talked about how some states are just looking at truckers because they know trucking companies have deep pockets. Educate yourselves drivers and behave when crossing onto enemy territory. Trucking companies should also make drivers aware of...


Pre-Trip It or Be Screwed – Trucking

Pre-Trip It or Be Screwed Truck drivers every day are forced to look at the clock as they race time to make money. When starting your day with a limited set of hours to work it sometimes can be tempting to skip the "Pre-Trip inspection". This can result in a deadly decision as equipment can and does malfunction and break down. The reason for the pre-trip is to catch possibles dangers that can be lurking ahead. Truckers many times will avoid these short checks to just get down the road being...


Kyle Rich Interview – 19 Yr. Old Trucker!

TalkCDL sat down did the Kyle Rich Interview - 19 Yr. Old trucker! We talked about how the laws prevent a 19 year old from doing the same things a 21 year can do with their Class A CDL. A Truck driver under 21 is not allowed to cross a state line. These young drivers are what is considered intrastate only, meaning they have to drive with in the state they are domiciled in. So now here is what it comes down to. A trucker under the age of 21 is allowed to drive the same hours as an...


Trucking-News with Ruthann – Ice in the South

Trucking-New with Ruthann - Ice In The South Trucking-New With Ruthann Trucking-New With Ruthann - Truckers all 4 wheelers were made subject to a very bad slippery storm. Most parts of North Carolina had to deal with snow and ice covered roads. In the south the snow removal has been traditionally par at best. With snow and ice not being the normal issue, state and local authorities are normally lacking on resources to clear roads. When a storm hits the south (anything below Virginia haha) it...


A Bad Situation With Cops – Pulled Over

A Bad Situation With Cops - Pulled Over Have you ever been in A Bad Situation With Cops - Pulled Over? Have you been pulled over and it all starts going wrong? People get pulled over everyday in this country and the "stop" goes fairly well and you are on you way. Sometimes our emotions and what we thought was right or wrong can dictate the way we interact with the police. Truckers get pulled over on the side of the road every day being we are on the road most of our life. There are times...


Trucking News with Ruthann – Dirty Brokers

Carl has been eliminated from Survivor and Troy asked if Carl had the first Rollover on the show?


Trucker Sentenced to Prison – Up a Creek

Trucker Sentenced to Prison - Up a Creek A Trucking Company owner is on his way to jail after a major accident. A carrier has lied about about a hazmat load which is the cause of a huge wreck that destroyed much. Crime does not pay when you get caught trying to scam everyone. Also the president of a major truck stop just went to prison for similar things. TalkCDL had a post that showed the president pleading to stay out of jail before christmas is over. Our audience of truckers were all in...


Before You Get Your CDL

Before Your Get your CDL Before You Get Your CDL please watch our podcast. Have you really thought about what happens after you get your Class A CDL? Have you really done your research on what the actual job initials? This career or lifestyle as we like to call it, has a job that goes with the fun! Spending time on the road is not exactly a vacation as some may have told you. Traveling is a big part of the job but there is allot of hard work that you will put in if you are going to be...


Trucking-News with Ruthann – Dumb Criminals

Trucking-News with Ruthann - Dumb Criminals Trucking-News with Ruthann - Dumb Criminals is exactly what it sounds like. Criminals these days are just not the brightest people in the world. A man that attacked Trucker Amos bragged about it the night he did it. Have you ever wondered why someone would commit a crime and then brag to people about what they did? I mean you might as well just step forward an confess if you are going to make people aware of your crimes. I guess this is why they...


Semi-Trucks – What the Public Don’t Know!

Semi-Trucks - What the Public Don't Know! Semi-Trucks - What the Public Don't Know! Haha there are many things that the general public does not know about semi-trucks. Things that we truckers never stop to give second thought to. Things like how much an average semi-truck weighs. To us its second nature but to the general public the weight of a tractor and trailer may just blow their minds. As truckers around semi trucks every day we are a walking dictionary when it comes to these beautiful...


Trucking-News with Ruthann

Trucking-News with Ruthann 11-11 Trucking-News with Ruthann this week is about Hair Follicle testing and much more. Did you know that trucking companies could be forced to do random and pre employment drug screens via "hair follicle"? Thats right, the law is changing and truck drivers that smoke weed even in legal states could be in jeopardy of failing a drug screen. Most testing today if done with a urine sample but is looking to change in the near future. Currently it is up for a signature...


Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves

Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves. Is trucking etiquette missing from trucking today? What are some pet peeves that drivers have? Recently I read a post on Facebook by a trucker that listed companies that made sense. Are you trucking on the highways today? Do you move over for broke down truckers? That is very much part of Trucking Etiquette! Courtesy towards other drivers on the road shows that you have learned how to be a professional driver. Knowing how to...


Brotherhood of Trucking!

Brotherhood of Trucking What is the Brotherhood of Trucking? Is there such a thing? Does the Brotherhood of Trucking really exist? Truck drivers can't agree on what truck is the best one to drive. So how will they agree on banding together for a greater cause than themselves. So how can we get truckers together on issues and as mentors for each other? These questions and more are answered in tonights podcast! I hear drivers all the time crying about the new truckers. They say this generation...


Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers

Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers Why is it that people keep persisting to keep truckers and their trucks his fro their eyes. Some people that have authority have taken it upon themselves to war against Semi Truck parking because they personally think its not appealing! The mayor and councilmen of Midland TX are putting heavy fines and rules on the working class Trucker. In this weeks episode of Trucking-News w/Ruthann Punishing Truckers, we hear yet another human being that does...


Mom & Pop Truck Stops The Best Ones!

Mom & Pop Truck Stops The Best Ones! Mom & Pop Truck Stops are what everyone looks for when out on the road. But are they easy to find? With all the big chain truck stops out there the little ones a far in between. Unlike your mega truck stops, the smaller ones normally offer a little more hospitality. In fact your Mom & Pop Truck Stops leave you with a great warm feeling of home away from home! Home cooked meals, friendlier service and a unique look is what we are offering here, down at the...