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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.

TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.
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TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.




Trucker TalkS About His Rollover

TalKCDL is the Number One Trucking Podcast on planet Earth. This isn't just our claim but yours also.Trucker Talks About His Rollover. We recently spoke with a truck driver that was involved in a rollover. The year was 1991 and Scott Thornbury would be in a life changing accident. Scott would be involved in what truckers call a 'rollover". A rollover is when a semi truck is turned on its side or up side down. it is a violent accident and it is considered one of the worse accident a semi...


Truckers be on guard plus THC

Trucking NewsTruckers Be On Guard. Your life on the road is worth protection. When traveling on Americas highways, truck drivers become vulnerable. even the biggest and toughest truckers can become a victim on the road. Many drivers have been mugged and even killed while walking in an unlit parking lot, in an area they were not familiar with. Truckers Protect yourselves Protecting yourselves while on the road is something you should have planned before you started this career. Many states...


Negligence & Trucking Insurance

TalKCDL is the Number One Trucking Podcast on planet Earth. This isn't just our claim but yours also. NEGLIGENCE & TRUCKING INSURANCE. Recently we spoke with Corey from Utah, a trucking insurance expert. Corey explained to TalkCDL why trucking companies cost themselves unnecessary large amounts of money. Trucking companies fail to put in place policies that will catch those unwanted unexpected mishaps that should have been caught with a simple inspection. Inspections by drivers NEGLIGENCE &...


Trucking Company Buys Trucking Company

Trucking Company Buys Trucking CompanyTrucking Company Buys Trucking Company. Heartland Express has bought Millis Transfer. Heartland having about 2600 trucks has now acquired an additional 800 trucks putting them over the 3000 mark. Over the years we have seen carriers purchasing other carriers only to absorb them into the fold. I am guessing that when the Millis drivers received the news, their countenance changed dramatically. When you are part of a smaller carrier that is being acquired,...


Diesel – Rollaway Semi Trucks

Diesel - Rollaway Semi Trucks. Diesel is back and he wants to talk about setting your parking brakes. One of the most regretful things is to watch your truck roll away. This year many truck drivers will forget to set their brakes because they are in a hurry. They will pull ups to a rest area or a truck stop and jump out without pulling out those brakes. Most of the time a driver is preocupied with other things that their safety is not considered. many drivers will lose their job because of...


Trucking & the bloodsucking lawyers

Trucking & The Bloodsucking LawyersTrucking & The Bloodsucking lawyers. An everyday trucker is not thinking of the lawyers that are just waiting for the next big lawsuit in trucking. Everyday day someone walks into the office of a good attorney inquiring about how much money they can get from an accident. Many of these accidents are not even the truckers fault but that does not matter when it comes to the big bad trucking companies. When an accident goes to trial it is very easy to see why...


Truckers 3rd Land Violations

Truckers 3rd Land ViolationsTruck drivers that run in the 3rd lane are at rick of getting a ticket and a fine. In many states a semi truck is restricted to using the right two lanes only. But there area also many instances where a trucker may use the 3rd lane with out braking the law. Knowing when you can use the 3rd lane by educating yourself will save you money and time. For example most steep mountain climbs will almost all be restricted. The reason behind this of course is due to the...


Diesel – Your Trailer is coming around Trucker

Diesel Your Trailer is Coming AroundDiesel is back and he has another story of being on the road. Listen in as the new star of TalkCDL tells a tale of a crazy day on black ice out side of Chicago. Listen in and hear how Diesel himself tells a story like no other can. Running in black ice is one of the most dangerous forms of weather one can operate in. When driving on ice you have absolutely zero traction and are better off not being on the road. According to Safe Winter Roads, over 1,300...


When a Trucker Kills

A Mother and her 2 daughter lost their lives much too early at the hands of a dangerous trucker.When A Trucker Kills. When semi trucks hit a stopped car the damage level is normally higher than a mother passenger vehicle. Recently a mother and her two daughters, very young daughter were the victims of a bad truck driver. Bruce Pollard rear ended this precious young mother and ruined her family forever. Killed and leaving a family devastated with many questions and allot of healing ahead of...


Diesel A Truckers Story of a HitchHiker

Diesel tells a Story of a HitchhikerDiesel a Truckers Story of a Hitchhiker. Do you all remember Diesel from TalkCDL? Well Diesel wanted to share a few stories with you so we thought why not. Diesel sat down in the studio and told TalkCDL how he had picked up a hitchhiker, against company policy. Running out of Dallas one night he would stop to help a hitchhiker out....


Strength Test for Truckers Law Suit

Strength test for truckers Law SuitStrength Test for Truckers Law Suit. Is the strength test in trucking fair? Should a different test be given to women vs men? Recently a trucking company has has a law suit brought against them claiming the test decimates against women. Truck drivers at many carrier around the nation are given a test to see what kind of shape they are in. The test consists of lifting ex-amount of weights above their head repeatedly. It also calls for a driver to "duck walk"...


Trucking Company Sues Trucking Company

Trucking Company Sues Trucking CompanyTrucking Company Sues Trucking Company. CRST recently sued Swift Transportation and won. A court agree with CRST the Iowa based trucking company that Swift Transportation was poaching drivers. CRST like other big carriers will sign a contact with a potential truck driver agreeing to train them in exchange for the training for a Class A Commercial Drivers License. This agreement is normally minded by a 10 month agreement. Once the driver completes the...


How Cell Phone Tickets Effect Truckers

Cell Phone Tickets in TruckingHow Cell Phone Tickets Effect Truckers. Truck drivers have a new disease that has sprung up in the last ten years. Its called a "Cell Phone Ticket". This is a very damaging disease, unfortunately this disease is not passed on by others. Instead just like other diseases that come from bad living and habits such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases that can be caused by lifestyle so can a cell phone ticket disease. If we choose to pick up a hand...


Trucker Sleeper Birth Pay

Trucker Sleeper PayTrucker Sleeper Birth Pay is a big issue in trucking. Should a trucker be paid while he is in the sleeper and away from home? We sat down and talked about this subject in the studio. If a truck driver is away from his family, does he have the right to be paid for every hour is is gone? Recently a federal judge in Arkansas declared that truckers should be paid but the department of labor had a different opinion. When you really think about this subject you have to ask...


A Few Trucking Companies To Avoid

A Few Trucking Companies to Avoid A Few Trucking Companies To Avoid. If you are in the market for a trucking job you might consider a few things. What kind of a carrier are you looking for. Many drivers think that the small carriers are the best because you are not a number but what are the negatives to working for the smaller outfits? Not all big carriers are bad just like not all small carriers are bad. We sat down and talked about what kind of small carriers you should avoid. Carriers for...


Sleep Apnea Does It Even Matter

Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea does it even matter? We have heard so much about sleep apnea over the years but does it really even matter? For many year trucking companies have been telling truckers, of course through their doctors they have sleep apnea. They are also told that they are at a higher risk to be involved in a traffic accident. But where is the proof? All these years of hearing about it but where are the numbers? Where are the statistics showing that all the sleep apnea people are...


Big Carrier Stats, Including Fatalities

Big Carrier Stats Including FatalitiesBig Carrier Stats Including Fatalities. This week we reviewed many of the big boys in trucking. We sat down and talked about, how many trucks some of the biggest trucking companies in america, have. We also talked about the amount of drivers, these mega carriers employ. Imagine employing 3,000, 5,000 and even up to 20,000 plus drivers. Imagine what that is like. Keeping that many truckers moving every day. It must be a dispatch nightmare just making sure...


Prime inc. Suing Amazon Prime

Prime inc. Suing Amazon Prime for name use. Prime inc. claims it has the rights to the word "Prime" in trucking. Stating Amazon has made irreparable damage they are now going to court. When 2 wealthy companies get together over money it gets real interesting and makes a great podcast. So we thank these two mega companies for the great upcoming bout. Haha, and now in this corner weighing in at 500 Gabillion dollars its Amazon the "Store killer" Prime haha. And in this corner weighing in at...


Truckers stop killing your grandmother

Truckers Dead GrandmotherTruckers stop killing your Grandmother. Every week trucking companies have a small percent of truckers not show up for orientation. The one thing they all have in common? Dead grandmothers! Each week when a truck driver decides he does not want to show up at the job he committed to he looks for an excuse the company will be sure to understand by. "I know I'll tell them I have a family emergency". Most trucking companies are used to the fact that drivers will say...


Trucker Crash Stats & HOS

Trucker Crash Stats & HOSTrucker Crash Stats & HOS. Join us as we discuss Crash Stats in the trucking industry and Hours of service rules. The dead line is coming up and truckers will have their chance to weigh in on the new proposed hours of service. You will be able to go to and give your opinion after July 31st roles around. Also semi trailer theft is increasing, not only in the United States but globally It is becoming a big problem. What you can do to not become a victim...