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A new podcast from Delta-ee. We're a group of new energy experts, talking about the energy transition in Europe and how it will affect the customer.

A new podcast from Delta-ee. We're a group of new energy experts, talking about the energy transition in Europe and how it will affect the customer.
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A new podcast from Delta-ee. We're a group of new energy experts, talking about the energy transition in Europe and how it will affect the customer.




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Local energy systems: miniature utilities

As energy becomes more and more distributed, there is an array of local energy initiatives building across Europe. In this episode, we explore which form these are taking, and the different factors driving them.


How Brussels is pointing the direction for the European energy transition

What goes on in Brussels matters hugely for the transition to new energy in Europe. The Clean Energy Package sets out the frameworks and rules within which national legislation is set. Often the devil is in the detail of these frameworks and rules. In this episode, Delta-ee director and host Jon Slowe talks with Executive Director of smartEn Frauke Theis and Secretary General at the European Heating Industry Federica Sabbati, two people deeply involved in shaping what comes out of Brussels.


What does the future hold for distribution network companies?

In the ‘old energy’ world, distribution networks managed the downwards flow of electricity and gas from the transmission system to customers. As the transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’ energy gathers pace, the role of distribution networks is changing. In this episode, we are joined by Pallas Agterberg, Director at Alliander and Dave Openshaw, Director at Millhouse Power, to discuss how they are changing, and where they are headed.


Responding to disruption: how energy companies can avoid the fate of Kodak

In this episode we explore how energy sector incumbents are responding to the transition – and associated disruption – from ‘old’ to ‘new’ energy. Host and Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe is joined by consultant Eric Morel, who has been working with energy companies across Europe to help them manage how they are responding to the energy transition. Jon and Eric discuss and exchange views on the challenges energy companies face and the different ways they’re responding.


Energy Insights - A Utility Perspective

Usual host Jon Slowe is on holiday, so we are joined this week by Delta-EE's Head of Consulting, Charmaine Coutinho, and Digital Research expert, David Trevithick. They are speaking to Paul Mordant, CEO of Edelia and François Gonczi, Chief Digital Officer at EDF, about energy insights related to consumption.


In conversation with Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy

In this week's episode, Jon Slowe is joined by Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy, to discuss the energy market, disruption in energy and transport, and the ways in which the energy, heating and transport sectors are converging. There will be no podcast w/c 15th July as we're on holiday! Join us again later in the month for the end of series 2.


Transforming homes with super-insulation and high-efficiency heating

Host Jon Slowe is joined by Delta-EE heat expert Lindsay Sugden, Joris Jonker, Founder/CEO of The FCTR E and Kristofer Fichtner, Co-Founder of Ecoworks. This week they discuss transforming homes with super-insulation and high-efficiency heating.


Everybody needs a platform: a building block for new energy

Platforms are a hot topic across the European energy sector. In a highly distributed world, they can bring together thousands, even millions of assets, capturing value from data or running a virtual power plant. In this episode, we hear from two of Europe's leading residential energy platforms. Talking New Energy host and Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe speaks to Charmaine Coutinho, Head of Consulting at Delta-EE, Sandra Trittin, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development and Marketing at tiko,...


Selling heating systems online

Buying a new heating system has traditionally meant getting quotes from installers. Now, new entrants and incumbents alike are using web-based platforms to provide customers with a slicker way to buy a heating system. In this episode, we speak with Philip Pausder, CEO of Thermondo, who is pioneering this approach. Roxanne Pieterse, heat analyst at Delta-EE, also joins Jon Slowe, Delta-ee Director and Talking New Energy host.


Highlights from our New Energy Summit

In this episode we’re bringing you some highlights from the Delta-ee ‘New Energy Summit’ held in Amsterdam at the end of May. At the Summit we had 80 practitioners from the ‘new energy’ coalface – from across Europe, and from five other continents. Jon Slowe and Charmaine Coutinho from Delta-ee talk with three of the speakers from our Summit - Bastian Gerhard, MD of Oyster Lab by Alpiq; Vincent de Dobbeleer, founder and CEO of June Energy; and Vittorio Guarini, CEO and founder at Fazland....


Time-of-Use Optimisation - changing electricity tariffs

In most markets, residential customers are used to paying a fixed rate for electricity, regardless of when they use it. Now, this is changing. Simon Schmitz, Founder and CEO, aWATTar, and Charlotte Blou Sand, Founder and CEO, True Energy, join Jon Slowe to discuss Time-of-Use electricity tariffs.


How is the energy transition unfolding? Digitalisation, a shift in value, and the battle for the customer relationship

Join Jon Slowe as he speaks to fellow Delta-ee Director Andy Bradley and Head of Consulting at Delta-ee, Charmaine Coutinho, about the unfolding of the energy transition.


The Business of Being an Aggregator

In this podcast, we will be answering questions such as: what is it like being an aggregator? What have they learned over the last few years? What does the future hold? Jon Slowe speaks to some of Europe’s leading aggregation experts: Pieter-Jan Mermans, Global Director of Optimisation at Centrica Business Solutions and REstore; Alastair Martin, CSO at Flexitricity; Jan Angevoort, Chief Communications Officer at Next Kraftwerke; Philippa Hardy, Principal Analyst at Delta-ee.we


Smart Thermostats - What business models and opportunites are companies pursuing?

Jon Slowe speaks to Wicher de Groot from Quby, Christian Deilmann from Tado and Matti Kahola from Delta-ee about smart thermostats and the business modes and opportunities that companies are pursuing?


From running a utility to investing in emerging contenders: in conversation with Ian Marchant

Discussing the current issues affecting the future of new energy, host Jon Slowe speaks to Ian Marchant, former CEO of SSE.


Heat as a Service - selling comfort to the customer

Jon Slowe is joined by Michael Verger, National Technical Director at Engie Home Services, Matt Lipson, Business Lead - Consumer Insight at Energy Systems Catapult, and Charmaine Coutinho, Principal Analyst at Delta-ee. This week they're discussing Heat as a Service, providing heat as a service rather than a product and selling comfort to the customer.


Smart charging - revolutionising the electric vehicle sector in Europe

Jon Slowe speaks to Jordan Brompton of My Energi, Jorg van Heesbeen of Jedlix and Alexander Lewis-Jones of Delta-ee about smart charging. With electric vehicles set to revolutionise the transport sector in Europe, they discuss the challenges this brings to the electricity system and the charging technologies that help.


Auto-switching - the latest way for energy customers to save money

This week, Jon Slowe speaks to Geraldine McBride, CEO of MyWave and Nigel Evans, Co-Founder of Flipper about auto-switching, the latest way for energy customers to save money on their bill. Subscribe to the Talking New Energy podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud or Stitcher. You can also find our RSS feed on our website -