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Talking Tokens | 003 Digital Currency Wallets June 27, 2017

In the first episode we talked about how to buy digital money In the second episode we talked about how to exchange one digital currency for another In this episode we will focus on storing your money safely This week it was reported that an estimate $400,000 worth of currency was stolen from a popular digital currency wallet. com reported that a ‘vulnerability’ in Jaxx wallet lead to at least $400,000 customer funds being stolen. No one wants to lose their money or have it stolen....


Talking Tokens | 002 Digital Currency Exchanges, Portfolio Trackers June 16, 2017

Welcome to our second episode of the Talking Tokens podcast, this is Kirk Tramble. 1841% that is the appreciation you would have recognized if you held the top 30 cryptocurrencies on May 7 until today. If on May 7 2017 someone purchased the equivalent of $5 worth of the then top 30 currencies by market cap the current value of those holdings would be $2900 over 1800% appreciation. Lets say that you wanted to hold $5 worth of the top 30 currencies today. How would you do it? Well on...


Talking Tokens | 001 How to Buy Bitcoin Podcast June 6, 2017

The Talking Tokens podcast for June 7, 2017. I'm your host Kirk Tramble. Welcome to our first episode of the Talking Tokens podcast, this is Kirk Tramble. Today I will share with you how to buy bitcoin, explain how cryptocurrency is money and what makes bitcoin special. This is not an endorsement to buy bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are a new form of value that can be exchanged over the Internet. Cryptocurrencies are like digital fruit. There are lots of different types of fruit: apples,...


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