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All things business, by business owners for business owners






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EP #234 Nicole Schmitz - Empowered Communication

Nicole is a certified leadership coach, and soft skills and communication expert, with a double Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law. Nicole's journey towards confident communication began early in life, where she went from being as quiet as a mouse to speaking on a global stage of 100k + people. She then took this experience to the boardroom to influence top CEO's in Australia and the world. Following the success that came from overcoming her own fears, Nicole made it her life's mission...


EP #233 Peter Christian - How you can make your business more successful

All businesses need to progress to stay or become successful. After having worked with 300+ companies I have insights that will help companies to do just that. Peter H. Christian was a founding partner and president of espi, a business consulting firm in Northeastern PA. Previously he was an Executive at Crayola Corporation. He has worked with 300+ clients in business development, profit improvement, operations, IS selection and implementation, and Project Management. He has 40+ years of...


EP #232 Alan Lazaros - Improve your podcast

As a business coach/consultant I have helped my clients improve their revenue through systems I have designed. I have also helped clients understand the components of investing and why it's so important. I'm eager and excited to share my knowledge with you and your audience. Alan is the Founder & Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement podcast with more than 750 episodes reaching over half a million people in more than 100 countries. With the powerful combination of...


EP #230 Trish Bishop - Top 10 Rock Star Skills

Over the last 20 years, I've had the opportunity to share these skills in workshops, in high schools, with entrepreneurs and with my own teams. You know those people who are totally awesome at what they do? The ones who are not only awesome, but other people want to be part of whatever they're doing as well? It may be an entrepreneur, or someone in your personal life or community or someone you work with. These people are Rock Stars, and they're the ones who really stand out and shine in any...


EP #231 Donna Ferguson - Breaking the cycle: How your self-belief affects you

Coaching's my passion. I know many of my clients had been looking for a great coach before they found me and my coaching system. To be honest, until I found my coaches it was exactly the same for me too! Unique Vibrations emerged by a vision to create a vision into reality. Believe and know that something will change. That change is to create your biggest vision yet. Take that step make the decision. As a coach who changes lives daily, Donna followed her spiritual guidance and holistic...


EP #229 Anne Lyons - One thought at a time

A lot of people in business get down on themselves because of mistakes they or their staff make. They see them as failures and sometimes costly ones. There is a saying that failing is just another stepping stone to greatness (Oprah Winfrey) or something to celebrate as it gets you a step closer to success. What's common to all of these quotes is how you view that mistake or failure - the old glass empty/glass full scenario. But it is way more than that. Mistakes and failures are gifts. You...


EP #227 Christine Stow - Finding that sweet spot in your business

From Grant writing - I found what many people need before they apply for a grant is a business plan and a marketing plan. The first steps are to identify who you serve & the problem you solve. Working in Corporate was the pinnacle of my life- everything Christine wanted it to be... travelling the world, advising Doctors & Anaesthetists on the best Medical products. She had an inner-city home, a white picket fence, 2 children & a husband she loved. Then finding something wrong with her second...


EP #228 Dianne Caldwell - How to understand your strengths to find your 'FLOW'

The 'Profile Test & Debrief' assists people in business by being able to pinpoint their strengths through the psychometric test & report that enables them to understand where they should be using their time & energy best :) It relates to an individuals results as a business owner or as an entrepreneur to also understand how to best choose the right team to create the 'FLOW' that enhances both productivity & profitability in their business by allowing everyone to be in their own 'FLOW' doing...


EP #226 Guy Rozman - Pay Per Click Ads

PPC ads are a fast, measurable, and scalable way to drive business growth, but it is also very easy to spend money without getting any results. I'm an online advertising professional and for over 10 years, I have been working with tech companies like Fiverr, Yotpo, and Outbrain on growing their revenues with high-impact digital advertising campaigns. I've recently founded Mediaflowzz, which is a boutique online advertising agency that lives and breathes performance marketing. We get excited...


EP #224 Meera Kothand - 3 Emails You Need to Simply and Successfully Launch a Digital Product

As an entrepreneur, especially one creating digital products, a launch can be stressful and confusing. Beyond the product design and sales strategy, email marketing is a critical part of that launch. Today’s digital space wants to make you think it’s complicated. Meera is here to discuss ways to simplify your email marketing campaign, beginning with your launch email sequence. She would love to discuss what 3 emails you need to attract customer curiosity and bridge the market gap. Meera is...


Ep #225 Odile Faludi - Cold Calling

The fastest way to get a business going is by simply picking up the phone. First, you leverage on your warm market. Your Power Base, the people that know you. After you have exhausted that then you need to throw the net much wider. Then you need to talk to other business owners that you may not know. How is the best way to approach this? Is there a process? Should this be a daily, weekly, or monthly activity? Does this come under effective business development? It is a big topic so I think...


EP #223 Tameeka Leon - The importance of mindfulness and self-care in chasing your goals

Business owners, especially solo business owners working from home, tend to spend so much of their time working in their businesses that they don't stop to take care of their needs until it's too late. By being more intentional with how they spend their time to achieve their goals, and incorporating time specifically for self-care into their routine, they can lessen the chances of overwhelm and burnout. My method of planning focuses on ensuring clients are meeting their own needs by making...


EP #221 Morgana Rae - How To Slay Your Money Monster

You can do everything right in the world and throw thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars at coaches and courses and STILL not see the income and profits you desire and deserve. Especially if you're an idealist, an artist, a do-gooder, motivated by sharing your gift. Money becomes the obstacle to what you want to have, do, and be. That's where I come in. I've coached thousands of clients to rapidly, radically, and permanently change their relationship with money so that making it...


EP #222 Anwar Jumabhoy - Learn how to adopt the 9 Entrepreneurisms

YOU CAN GET REAL RESULTS FROM THE PEOPLE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION! Does your company have a leadership team that is hesitant to act, afraid of the consequences of making decisions, waiting to make the right decision? Perhaps the stress of dealing with Covid-19 has drained them of energy? Large organizations have many “Custodians of Procedure” - the guys who tell you what you cannot do…but cannot help you to do what is required. They often hold positions in finance, legal or human resources. Or...


EP #220 Aldwyn Altuney - How to Gain Positive Free Publicity

At AA Xpose Media, we know you want to be seen, heard, known & make a bigger difference in the world. As a business owner, speaker or author, you want more leads, sales & the freedom to do what you want when you want. You may have invested a lot of money in courses that don't work or are busy spinning your wheels and not getting traction with your marketing efforts. To do this, you need to overcome your fears and be ready to do what it takes to step up and share your products, service or...


EP #218 Dennis Consorte - Build rapport with online customers

Many digital marketing experts think about converting traffic to sales in terms of a marketing funnel. You fill the top of the funnel with potential customers, then nurture those leads to the point of conversion, at the bottom of the funnel. Another way to think about the conversion process is in terms of building rapport. In person, many people try to build rapport by finding common interests through conversation, so that the sales prospect feels like you understand them. The question is,...


EP #219 Nicole Davidson - Key negotiation tips for businesses

Negotiation is at the heart of any business. Whether it is getting supplies, managing staff or selling to customers, your ability to negotiate is directly relevant to your success. Despite the importance of negotiation, few people are ever taught how to do it. And this leads to common errors being made. Nicole will uncover some of these common errors and give you some practical, easy to implement tips to get better results from every negotiation. Nicole Davidson is a conflict resolution and...


EP #216 Tania Davies - The art of slowing down to achieve more

Tania Davies is the Success SLOW Coach™. She is passionate about helping busy professionals just like you to slow down, stress less and achieve more without the busy! Tania takes clients on a journey within themselves to discover how to: S - stop and be comfortable in their own stillness, without distractions L - Listen to their intuition for better decision making O - Observe the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that hold them back W - Wonder about the new opportunities that exist beyond...


EP #217 Dr Raman K Attri - How Managers and Leaders Can Speed Up Employee Development

Employees, teams, managers, and leaders need to master new skills, new technologies, and new situations to produce solutions for customers and to keep the business competitive. In this topic, we can talk about why most businesses do not get it right and what the promising organizations are doing right. While my research found several strategies to build speed-savvy culture, I would like to keep discussions about managers' behaviours and approaches. There are several mistakes they make which...


EP #215 Michelle Clarke - Money and success mindset

There is a lot to say :). I am madly passionate about empowering soul led entrepreneurs to get really brave and get their purpose work out into the world. Here is a link to talk topics and other info that you may find useful. Michelle’s energy is infectious and her words inspiring and empowering. She’s obsessed with helping soul-led entrepreneurs to achieve transformational success by up-levelling their...