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All things business, by business owners for business owners






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EP #247 Kristy-Ann Waugh - Transformational Coaching

Kristy-Ann Waugh is passionate about growth and development and has been coined an “Education Junkie” and alumni of the “University of Life” (UOL)! She has a multidisciplinary business background spanning over twenty years in both public and private enterprises. Kristy-Ann has worked across several industries – including Government, Defence, Finance, Recruitment, Consulting, Training, Education and Utilities – domestically and internationally. Kristy-Ann holds a Diploma of Business, is a...


EP #245 Alper Cakir - Building a brand, building a sustainable business

I have started a UX design studio which turned into a startup consultancy. From within the agency, we started building a tool called Xtensio, which became a full-blown platform for creating, managing, and sharing business content. Through all this journey we focused on building brands and helping others build sustainable brands. I'd like to share my learnings with others. I am a musician turned designer turned entrepreneur. Born and raised in Turkey and moved to the US about 20 years ago. I...


EP #246 Paul Ruppert - Going global from the start

Paul Ruppert has an understanding of the wide chasm between spheres of influence in our society with experience spanning government policy and politics, combined with global success in the private sector straddling startups to large enterprises. His experience scaling up companies from scratch to $B valuations in the mobile telecommunications and technology segments are applicable to CEOs and leaders of technology, media and telecoms focused businesses. His multi-functional experience spans...


EP #244 Mark Herschberg - The Career Toolkit

Career Skills Leadership, networking, negotiations, communication, professional development, etc. Mark Herschberg is the author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems, Mark has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at startups and Fortune 500s and in academia. He helped to start the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program,...


EP #242 Rahul Bansode - The Importance of Digital Transformation in Business

Any organization that is thinking of adopting Digital Transformation means their business model is already disrupted. Digital Transformation is the process of shifting the organization from a legacy approach to a new way of doing business. To be competitive and be relevant in the digital age the incumbents need to continuously adapt to the changed business model and customer expectations. Being a digital organization is no more optional but an obligation to remain relevant in the business...


EP #243 Toms Blodnieks - How business owners can overcome time-poverty

Entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, always lack time – there are never enough hours in a day. This feeling can be a huge stressor that can lead to burnout and other mental health issues, which is a hot topic right now. Time poverty, in its essence, is just poor time management. Business owners who learn to master time management get more things done, experience faster business growth, while still maintaining a balance between work and life. Toms Blodnieks is a time management...


EP #241 Krishla McNabb - Inviting More Fun and Life Back Into the Reality and Businesses of Mothers

When We are Loving Our Life... Everything We Are In - Including Our Businesses Becomes Attractive, Fun and Full Of Energy People want To Be A Part Of. I Share The Power of Knowing Everything Touches Everything... When we change one thing Authentically, It Changes in another aspect of our Life also. Krishla McNabb Is The New Motherhood Identity Coach On The Block. The Host And Creator Of Motherhood TV Aus Starting Dec 2021 Krishla Invites Mother's To Identify Who They Are Inside and Outside...


EP #240 Stephanie Obi - Launching a Six Figure Online Course

Stephanie Obi is an award-winning business coach who has inspired thousands of African women to turn their expertise into wealth. She pioneered the online course movement in West Africa and has spent the last six years equipping women to tap into the $370 Billion eLearning markets. She has helped some of Forbes Africa's most powerful women to launch their courses and is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Knowledge Is The New Gold. Stephanie is also the founder of TrainQuarters, the...


EP #238 Liz Wolfe - The Three Keys to an Abundant Business

The "Three Keys" talk debunks the myth that to be successful in business you have to work really hard and be disciplined, know the right people, or have years of experience and credentials. Instead, you can learn to Ask Powerfully, Give Heartedly, and Receive Graciously to create an abundant business. Liz Wolfe is a business coach, author, and speaker who coaches entrepreneurs to get unstuck so that they can launch and grow an abundant business. She got her entrepreneurial start growing up...


EP #239 Ross Davies - Conversion led design

Ross Davies is the owner of Strafe Creative, a digital design agency focused on conversion led design. Growing up alongside the web led Ross to be fascinated by technology and design yet he started his career as an ergonomics engineer in the automotive industry. The culmination of both Ross’ experience and passions led to his realisation that his skills were transferable, and thus Strafe Creative was born. Strafe Creative’s clients include Experian, NHS and London Tobacco Dock Event Centre....


EP #237 Fiona Robertson - Connecting with yourself as Soul

Do you long to have your business flow and create financial freedom, for yourself & kids, for your lifestyle and future so that you never have to retire. And crucially, do you dream of creating a steady flow in your business to permanently reach the clients who need you and will benefit greatly from what you offer? I am not a business strategist or formula coach. I am a businesswoman, a healer & a creator who has overcome feeling a failure in business, and who now understands very well her...


EP #235 Simon Bedard - Buying, building, growing and selling a business

The ultimate freedom is to own a company that is valuable, scalable, and saleable. We are buying and selling businesses every day, so we know what drives company value. Most business owners start their company to achieve some type of freedom - whether it’s financial, time, or the freedom to set their own rules. But along the way, very few achieve this. I am passionate about turning this around by helping entrepreneurs build valuable businesses and exit on their own terms. Simon Bedard is the...


EP #236 Adam Stanecki - Living a Wholehearted Life

By going all-in - in life and business - we can experience the fullness of life and better contribute to the outcomes of others. In business, we can live our truth while better connecting with co-workers, and completing more fulfilling work. Adam Stanecki is a healer and men's coach with experience spanning many fields, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, fitness, hypnosis, NLP, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), martial arts and on and on. Adam helps people get unstuck so that...


EP #234 Nicole Schmitz - Empowered Communication

Nicole is a certified leadership coach, and soft skills and communication expert, with a double Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Law. Nicole's journey towards confident communication began early in life, where she went from being as quiet as a mouse to speaking on a global stage of 100k + people. She then took this experience to the boardroom to influence top CEO's in Australia and the world. Following the success that came from overcoming her own fears, Nicole made it her life's mission...


EP #233 Peter Christian - How you can make your business more successful

All businesses need to progress to stay or become successful. After having worked with 300+ companies I have insights that will help companies to do just that. Peter H. Christian was a founding partner and president of espi, a business consulting firm in Northeastern PA. Previously he was an Executive at Crayola Corporation. He has worked with 300+ clients in business development, profit improvement, operations, IS selection and implementation, and Project Management. He has 40+ years of...


EP #232 Alan Lazaros - Improve your podcast

As a business coach/consultant I have helped my clients improve their revenue through systems I have designed. I have also helped clients understand the components of investing and why it's so important. I'm eager and excited to share my knowledge with you and your audience. Alan is the Founder & Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement podcast with more than 750 episodes reaching over half a million people in more than 100 countries. With the powerful combination of...


EP #230 Trish Bishop - Top 10 Rock Star Skills

Over the last 20 years, I've had the opportunity to share these skills in workshops, in high schools, with entrepreneurs and with my own teams. You know those people who are totally awesome at what they do? The ones who are not only awesome, but other people want to be part of whatever they're doing as well? It may be an entrepreneur, or someone in your personal life or community or someone you work with. These people are Rock Stars, and they're the ones who really stand out and shine in any...


EP #231 Donna Ferguson - Breaking the cycle: How your self-belief affects you

Coaching's my passion. I know many of my clients had been looking for a great coach before they found me and my coaching system. To be honest, until I found my coaches it was exactly the same for me too! Unique Vibrations emerged by a vision to create a vision into reality. Believe and know that something will change. That change is to create your biggest vision yet. Take that step make the decision. As a coach who changes lives daily, Donna followed her spiritual guidance and holistic...


EP #229 Anne Lyons - One thought at a time

A lot of people in business get down on themselves because of mistakes they or their staff make. They see them as failures and sometimes costly ones. There is a saying that failing is just another stepping stone to greatness (Oprah Winfrey) or something to celebrate as it gets you a step closer to success. What's common to all of these quotes is how you view that mistake or failure - the old glass empty/glass full scenario. But it is way more than that. Mistakes and failures are gifts. You...


EP #227 Christine Stow - Finding that sweet spot in your business

From Grant writing - I found what many people need before they apply for a grant is a business plan and a marketing plan. The first steps are to identify who you serve & the problem you solve. Working in Corporate was the pinnacle of my life- everything Christine wanted it to be... travelling the world, advising Doctors & Anaesthetists on the best Medical products. She had an inner-city home, a white picket fence, 2 children & a husband she loved. Then finding something wrong with her second...