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Petri follows his curiosity and shares his talks with people building the future. The show explores personal discoveries and experiences with lessons learned. The real-talk conversations go deep where the purpose is always to learn more and share the know-how with others. Visit for episode notes.


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Petri follows his curiosity and shares his talks with people building the future. The show explores personal discoveries and experiences with lessons learned. The real-talk conversations go deep where the purpose is always to learn more and share the know-how with others. Visit for episode notes.




The impossible equation

Ahti Heinla talks about building companies that impact a massive amount of people, how even successful founders struggle and fail at times but also what’s the right approach to build a business case. He also reveals how his company managed to pull off something that a tier-one VC told to be impossible. See the episode notes: Guest bio Ahti Heinla is the co-founder and CTO of Starship Technologies which is the world’s leading company creating local...


IKEA—Ingvar Kamprad’s startup from 1943

Hannu Ryopponen talks about working with Ingvar Kamprad, how he was as an entrepreneur and what made IKEA successful. He also reveals what happened when he travelled with Kamprad and met dignitaries. See the episode notes: Guest bio Hannu Ryöppönen is a private investor and board professional who, since the 1970s, has served as CFO of many international companies in London, New York, Copenhagen, Luxembourg and Stockholm. He worked for over 10 years...


You can fight gravity but cannot beat it

Micke Paqvalén talks about building award winning companies, rough times, and almost dying while working too hard. He also reveals his first startup at early age, and founding of a flying boat company. See the episode notes: Guest bio Lars-Michaël (Micke) Paqvalén, M.Sc. (Econ.), is a company builder who has lived and worked internationally for over 25 years and exited four major software companies. He is the founder & chairman of TRÄ Group and...


Ukrainian startup ecosystem

Ukrainian investor and entrepreneur Andrew Zinchuk talks about what’s happening in the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, how things have evolved over the years and what’s expected to happen next. He also shares his insights into living and working in Ukraine during the war and where to find the best cocktails in town. See the episode notes: Guest bio Andrew Zinchuk is a VC & an entrepreneur with extensive experience in all stages of a startup...


Founder burnout

Mikko Revonniemi talks about the founding and the early years of Four Sigmatic, his burnout and the measures it took to overcome it. He also shares his insights from e-commerce marketing and how to get leads to your DTC startup. See the episode notes: Guest bio Mikko Revonniemi is a purpose-driven entrepreneur passionate about creating solutions for people to optimize their health and well-being on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. He is a...


Entrepreneurs and inflation

Per Bylund talks about the root cause of inflation, how to deal with it and why founders have some inherent advantages. He also explains the fiat currency scam and explores the wonders of MMT. See the episode notes: and the previous episode: Guest bio Per Bylund is a Swede in Oklahoma, USA, where he works as associate professor of entrepreneurship and Johnny D. Pope Chair in the Spears School of...


Speed and resilience in market downturns

Henry Nilert talks about building startups during market crises and how you survive the volatile times. He also shares his founder stories of building and exiting to large corporates as well as his take on the venture studio business model. See the episode notes: Guest bio Henry Nilert is a Swedish entrepreneur with a background living and working in France, the US, the United Kingdom and Finland. He has extensive experience building successful...


Wartime CEO

Ukrainian startup founder Alyona Mysko talks about how to prepare and manage during the crisis, the role of individuals in society, and the reality of solopreneurship. She also reveals recruitment tips, and what to do in Moscow. See the episode notes: Guest bio Alyona Mysko is the founder and CEO of Fuelfinance. She has worked in finance for more than 10 years, being an expert in financial planning and risk management. During this period, she was a...


Growth hacking with gamification

Niels Bosma talks about doing marketing with a technical background, automating your workflows and what happens when friends become co-founders in the same company. See the episode notes: Guest bio Niels Bosma is a passionate growth hacker, product developer and angel investor. He builds growth engines. His latest venture is Filestar that is revolutionising how people work with their files. He is also a co-founder of Offerta and Tessin, which is...


Improvise with a total bravery

Multitalented artist Younee talks about her journey of self-discovery and rebellion in building a successful international career with many levels of accomplishments and renewal after prodigious domestic stardom in Korea. She also reveals how to push your limits and be vulnerable in front of a live audience. See the episode notes: Guest bio YOUNEE from South Korea is a virtuoso, prize-winning pianist and an impressively talented and awarded...


Keep provoking happy accidents

Pierre Stanislas talks about finding opportunities in unexpected places, how to become insurtech leader and make waves with side projects. He also shares insights into the future of Clubdeck and web3 audio platforms. See the episode notes: Guest bio Pierre Stanislas is the CEO & co-founder of Wilow, and a co-founder of Clubdeck. He has worked in finance for 15 years (London & Paris), advising institutional clients on their strategy. In parallel, and...


Efforts create the achievements

Amir Nashat talks about working with stellar people, how curiosity leads you to amazing results, and what is exciting in the biotech field. He also reveals how he met his childhood hero. See the episode notes: Guest bio Amir Nashat is a managing partner in Polaris’ Boston office. He joined Polaris in 2002 and focuses on investments in healthcare. Additionally, Amir has served as a director of Adnexus Therapeutics (Bristol Myers Squibb), Athenix...


Building leaders with passion and purpose

Hans-Peter “Hape” Siefen talks about building an international brand with a loyal customer base, the role of marketing and sales in organic growth and how Jim Collins has shaped their company. He also reveals some amazing moments with Jack Welch and Arnold Schwarzenegger. See the episode notes: Guest bio Hape is a sales boy who turned into an entrepreneur. He is a family guy who enjoys spending time in nature and on the lakes of Finland. Hape founded...


Learning together makes things easier

Sami Benchekroun talks about the three phases of startup growth from bootstrapping to scaling and raising over €20m in funding. We discuss the role of mentorship and finding the right type of investors but also some French puns are involved. See the episode notes: Guest bio Sami Benchekroun is the Co-Founder and CEO of Morressier, the virtual conference provider and platform for the scientific community. Sami has over ten years of experience in...


Rudeboy makes people feel the beat

Ville Virtanen talks about what happens when you are hit by Sandstorm and how to cope with expectations, success and stay relevant over time. This episode is totally out of control so just feel the vibe and tune in. See the episode notes: Guest bio Famed for the global platinum-selling smash ‘Sandstorm’, Darude is recognised as one of the most influential artists to emerge from the dance scene. With a DJ style that is a mixture of progressive and...


If it's smart it's vulnerable

Mikko Hypponen talks about how to protect your company against security threats, why ransomware is so common, the future of cyberwars and why you should trust the cloud. He also reveals how he crashed his customer's brand new car. See the episode notes and transcript: Guest bio Mikko Hypponen is a global security expert. He has worked at F-Secure since 1991. Mr. Hypponen has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired...


Founder non grata

Jaakko Villa talks about co-founding a successful growth company Idean and running it for many years but what happens when the co-founders part ways and his legacy is nowhere to be seen anymore. We also cover how to transform from direct sales to digital sales processes and what is an ethical design agency. See the episode notes and transcript: Guest bio Jaakko Villa is a Finnish customer experience serial entrepreneur. He is currently...


The golden right of first refusal

Erik Byrenius talks about scaling his startup and the intriguing turns with strategic investments that led to an optimal exit situation. He also shares his lessons from +50 angel investments and where to find the best ice-cream in Manhattan. See the episode notes and transcript: Guest bio Erik Byrenius is a Swedish foodtech entrepreneur who turned investor. He has spent the last few years giving back to the startup ecosystem by doing...


Bootstrapping your way to success

Heikki Väänänen, the co-founder of HappyOrNot, talks about his entrepreneurial journey from bootstrapping to raising over 40m EUR funding and scaling the company to +200 employees, and stepping down from the CEO role after 20 years. He also tells why it's a good idea to wear a company T-shirt. See the episode notes and transcript: Guest bio Heikki Väänänen, 40, has worked most of his life as an entrepreneur. The idea of...


Embrace negotiations with a creative mindset without compromises

Joshua Weiss talks about why you should not compromise or plan when negotiating, how to avoid common misconceptions, how to deal with bullies and power moves but also become a better negotiator and embrace the process. He also reveals why he did not become a lawyer. See the episode notes and transcript: Guest bio Dr. Joshua N. Weiss is the co-founder, with William Ury, of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University and a...