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Join host Vania Beltran as we “spill the tea” on all things Nevada. Through hosting a series of conversations with leading professionals within Nevada’s community, Tea with Trosper informs and entertains listeners while also giving a new perspective into the realities that exist in the world of public relations. Catch new episodes every month at TeawithTrosper.com.


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Join host Vania Beltran as we “spill the tea” on all things Nevada. Through hosting a series of conversations with leading professionals within Nevada’s community, Tea with Trosper informs and entertains listeners while also giving a new perspective into the realities that exist in the world of public relations. Catch new episodes every month at TeawithTrosper.com.




Tea on Mother's Day

With Mother's Day on Sunday, we thought it would be fitting to bring back on the podcast the woman who started it all, CEO of Trosper PR and mom extraordinaire Elizabeth Trosper. Liz sat down with Trosper Account Executive Vania Beltran to discuss all things motherhood, including what it was like to balance being a mom and her career, and how that inspired her to create her own agency. Plus, she opens up about the advice she would give to working women who hope to one day become mothers, as well as those who already are.


Tea with a KNPR Senior Producer

On this brand new season of Tea with Trosper, join Trosper Account Executive Vania Beltran as she sits down with KNPR Senior Producer Kristen Kidman to chat about what it’s like to have a career in journalism, Nevada’s best hidden gem, and that time an orangutan fell in love with Kristen.


Tea with the Henderson Symphony Orchestra Conductor

Tune in as we sit down and chat with Alex Arrieche, the Henderson Symphony Orchestra conductor! On this episode of Tea with Trosper, we talk all about Alex's journey with classical music, her podcast "Beethoven was a Rockstar", the HSO's 2022-2023 season debut Bang! and so much more! You won't want to miss this interesting episode, listen above!


Tea with the Coral Academy of Science Cadence Campus Principal

The month of August means back to school for many kids and parents, but back to work for teachers and staff! On this month's episode of Tea with Trosper, we sit down with Emrullah Eraslan, the Principal at Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas' brand new Cadence campus. Emrullah, or Mr. E, give us an inside perspective on what it means to be an educator, how charters schools compare to public schools, why he loves what he does, how you can enroll your kids in the lottery system for next year and so much more! Listen now with the link below!


Tea with Henderson Mayor Elect Michelle Romero

On this episode we sit down with Henderson Mayor Elect, Michelle Romero, as she tells us all about her plans for the future of the city of Henderson and much more.


Tea with the Newest Member of Trosper

Recently featured in The Top 100 Magazine, Debbie McCarthy does it all. When she's not busy being a marketing pro, social media wiz, entrepreneur, and a Reno influencer (before influencers were even a thing), Debbie or "AboutTownDeb" is now handling any and all Trosper PR events up North! Listen as Debbie tells me about her background and all of the exciting things she's looking forward to as the newest member of team Trosper.


Tea with Miracle Flights

On this episode of Tea with Trosper we are joined by Robert Sanchez, the Vice President of Operations at Miracle Flights, a non-profit that provides free flights to those in need of life-changing medical care not found in their local communities. Listen in as we sit down and talk about the organizations latest milestone, their 150,000th Miracle flight flying in Watson Beas, a 3-year-old Las Vegas local born with clubfoot. With the big welcome home celebration just 5 short days away, spirits are high for everyone involved!


Tea with Women in Politics

On this episode of Tea with Trosper, we are joined by Henderson Mayor Debra March and Henderson City Councilwoman, Michelle Romero in honor of the end of women's history month. Listen in as we discuss being a woman in politics, balancing being a mom and grandma with a demanding career, and learn more about the positions they are both campaigning for.


Tea with a Daughter of Erin

On this episode of Tea with Trosper, we are joined by Kathy Rice, a long time Las Vegas local and the Vice President of the Southern Nevada Sons and Daughter of Erin. Listen as we dive deep into what the big Henderson St. Patricks day celebration this weekend is all about! Thinking about joining the Southern Nevada Sons and Daughters of Erin? Kathy touches on joining the organization, the history behind it and so much more.


Tea with a Marathon Runner

On this episode of Tea with Trosper, we sit down with marathon runner James Patricio as he tells us all about the life of a distance runner. Patricio dives into detail about the preparation required to run marathons as well as what inspired him to start running, his most challenging runs, The Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon, and so much more.


Tea with an Emmy Award Winner

On this episode of Tea with Trosper, we sit down with our very own Trosper Account Executive and Emmy Award winner Vania Beltran. We dive deep into Beltran's background in the news industry, why she made the transition to the PR world, the story behind how she won an Emmy , what the future of her career looks like and so much more.


Tea with JLo

On this week’s episode of Tea with Trosper, Jillian Lopez, a Las Vegas local, host of Channel 8’s Las Vegas Now and Co-Founder of The Social Sisters joined us to spill the tea! Jillian discusses her journey through the world of broadcast media, red carpet tips and tricks, meeting her idols, the newly launched Social Sisters and so much more. This upbeat and energetic episode dives deep into the early stages of Jillian's career as well as some of her favorite stories and moments of being a Las Vegas television personality. Don't forget to check out Jillian on instagram at @jillianlopez!


Tea on Veteran's Day

This Veteran's Day on Tea with Trosper we are commemorating the ones who've served with Byron Brooks, a U.S. Army combat veteran, mentor in the Veteran Treatment Court Program, and founder of the Nevada Veteran Alliance. Byron talks about the difficulties in transitioning out of service, how that inspired his new sense of duty to assist our veteran community, and explains ways we can honor our veterans not just today, but all year round. Want to show your thanks by supporting our veterans? Here are some local organizations that you can get involved with today: -Nevada Veteran's Association -Merging Vets and Players -Forgotten Not Gone


Tea on Nevada Day!

This year marks the 157th birthday of our very own state, Nevada! Celebrate Nevada Day with us on this special holiday episode of Tea with Trosper as we're joined by Mike Higdon, who was the City Life Reporter for the Reno Gazette Journal, is now the Marketing Manager for Downtown Reno Partnership, and is all around an aficionado for everything Nevada, as we delve into the history of our statehood and talk about why "Home means Nevada" to us.


Tea with an Influencer

This episode of Tea with Trosper is all about influencer marketing as we're joined by Char Modelle, the founder of The Boss Basics, a consulting agency where she assists businesses grow through social media managing, brand strategizing, and implementing influencers. Modelle answers why influencer marketing is so important for branding and sales, explains the best ways businesses can utilize influencers in their marketing strategies, and debunks the negative notions many have in partnering with influencers. The future of marketing is influencers and this is an episode you won't want to miss! Check out Char Modelle on her Instagram @charmodelle or her website at www.charmodelle.com.


Tea Before The Gala

On this episode of Tea with Trosper, we're joined by Patty Duffey from the Foundation Assisting Seniors (FAS). Since 2002, FAS has been providing care for the seniors and veterans in our community through wellness checks, supplying medical equipment, transportation services, and so much more -- all in hopes of improving seniors' quality of life during their golden years. After listening to this heartwarming episode, all you'll want to do is support FAS! To do so visit www.foundationassitingseniors.org to volunteer or donate. Or for a night of fun and giving, the Foundation Assisting Seniors is hosting their 2nd Annual Charity Gala on October 16th at the M Resort Spa Casino, where there will be loads of grand auction items, a performance by Mark OToole, and the NV Senior Citizen of 2020 Award will be announced. To purchase tickets visit FAS' website or call 725-244-4200, it'll be a night you cannot miss!


Tea with a Knight Commander

September 18th not only marks halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, but also marks when the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is hosting their annual head shaving event here in Las Vegas, Nevada! Trosper sat down with Knight Commander (the honor given to shavees who’ve participated 10+ years), Captain of the Bald by Design team, and foundation board member Phil Ralston to discuss St. Bladrick’s mission to fund childhood cancer research and the upcoming event. Due to the pandemic, funding for childhood cancer research is needed more than ever and Bald by Design, Nevada's top fundraising team, aims to reach a momentous goal this of passing over 1 million dollars raised throughout the last 12 years, only being $5,000 away. Help Phil Ralston and his team by donating at https://www.stbaldricks.org/teams/mypage/130569/2021 and catch the entire Bald by Design team shave Saturday, September 18th sat McMullan’s Irish Pub in Las Vegas! (streaming link to be added when it becomes available)


Tea with The Wolves of Water Street

Don’t let the amount of times we talk about donuts fool you on what this episode of Tea with Trosper is about! While not drinking tea, yet a vintage ’61 whiskey, we sat down with the self-proclaimed Wolves of Water Street, Emerald Island and Rainbow Club Casino owner, Tim Brooks, and CEO of TSK Architects, developer, and owner of Public Works Coffee Bar, Windom Kimsey to talk about the revitalization of Water Street in Downtown Henderson, Nevada. We delve into the reason why Windom was so inspired by the potential of Water Street that he decided to move there, have a mouthwatering conversation with Tim about the specialties at his new Triple B Burgers restaurant, and tease the upcoming developments coming to Water Street in the near future. Check out the happenings on Water Street at: https://waterstreetdistrict.com/


Tea with Our Publicists

Delve deeper into the life of working in public relations as we interview Trosper Team members Vice President, Shayna Moreno, and Account Executive, Dylan Kendrick. In Tea with Trosper's secondary introduction episode, we go into Shayna's extensive background in PR from working on Barbie's branding with Mattel to being Ronald McDonald's manager, discuss Dylan's history in broadcasting at FOX to making the transition to working remotely at Trosper PR all the way from Europe, and share the most rewarding aspect of being able to share client's stories. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review Tea with Trosper and we'll catch you next time to spill the tea on all things Nevada!


Tea with Our CEO

On the first episode of Tea with Trosper, sit down with host, Claire Kimsey, as she interviews Trosper PR's leading lady, Elizabeth Trosper, on her career in public relations and starting her own firm in Henderson, Nevada. While sharing stories about her early days in Los Angeles as an aspiring actress, even co-starring next to Kevin Costner, Liz recounts the hurdles she faced while working in the male dominated space during the 80s , what it means to her to be a strong business woman aspiring other young women, and the importance of staying true to oneself when working in a competitive field. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review Tea with Trosper and we'll catch you next time to spill the tea on all things Nevada!