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Social Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation




Episode 49 - What is a Successful Life? with Student Guests

On today's episode, we visit Professor Claudine Tomlinson-Burney's Radio and Podcasting Class at Valencia College to explore the question of a successful life. The student guests on today's show Felice Mathie, Tim Hetz, and Makenna Waller, are all students in the radio and podcasting class. Felice, Tim, and Makenna engage Jerrid in a conversation on what success looks like in their lives and share a bit about their current journeys.


Episode 48 - Peace, Passion, and Educator Burnout with Tina Medina of The VIBE Movement

On today's, episode we spend time with the Founder of The VIBE Movement Tina Median. Tina shares her journey from teaching in Korea to teaching middle in Los Angles and San Diego to founding the VIBE Movement to inspire educators to vibe at a higher level. She offers professional development programs for school staff and a Bold Educator Coaching Program aimed at teachers to re-engage in what their "why" is as a way to remain energized inside and outside of the classroom. Biography A...


Episode 47 - Center for Peace and Commerce's Work in the US Mexico Borderlands with Rachel Christensen

On today's episode, we connect with Rachel Christensen, Assistant Director of the Center for Peace and Commerce, at the University of San Diego. Rachel shares how much of her work and pedagogy stems from living in the borderland of the US and Mexico. She shares her journey into social innovation work and how she sees herself first and foremost as a bridge-builder bringing people together. Biography Rachel Christensen is the Assistant Director for the Center for Peace and Commerce. She...


Episode 46 - The Power of Social Intrapreneurship with Authors Narayan Sundararajan and Jacen Greene

On today's episode, we are joined by authors Narayan Sundararajan and Jacen Green to discuss their newly published book "The Rule of One: The Power of Intrapreneurship". We discuss the journey of Grameen-Intel Social Business a partnership between Grameen and Intel Corporation from the beginning to now 9-years later. We also discuss the desire of the authors to share the successes and failures of their social business to inspire other corporations and individuals to pursue untraditional...


Episode 45 - Finding Balance in a Hectic World

In today's episode, host Jerrid Kalakay takes us on a journey into the concept of balance and how it applies to his life. Is balance possible? We have all heard the phrase "work/life balance," and is it possible what other types of balance do we truly need for the long-term. Jerrid proposes thinking about balance as different seasons and what is necessary for our lives for each season. Transcript Jerrid Kalakay 0:09 Welcome to the Teaching Change podcast, where we explore issues...


Episode 44 - Growing an Economy And People Through The Global Links Program With Mary Conway Dato-on, Yasmin Mesbah, and Denise Delboni

On today's episode, we learn about an innovative partnership between the U.S. Department of State's Office of Global Women's Issues, Rollins College, and Tupperware Brands called The Global Links program. Recorded at the Ashoka U Exchange 2019 in San Diego, California. Our guests include Dr. Mary Conway Dato-on, Crummer Associate Professor of International Business and Social Entrepreneurship; Yasmin Mesbah, Program Coordinator; and Dr. Denise Delboni, Professor of Labor Law, Compliance, and...


Episode 43 – Ashoka U on Teaching Change Series with Rachel Maxwell

On today’s episode, we have our 7th and final episode in our special series Ashoka U on Teaching Change with our conversation with Rachel Maxwell, Head of Learning and Teaching Development at the University of Northampton. Rachel shares her work in developing changemaker learning outcomes to be adopted institution-wide, her own philosophy around change-making, and the impact the upcoming Ashoka U publication will have on the field of changemaker education. Biography Dr. Rachel Maxwell is...


Episode 42 – Ashoka U on Teaching Change with Jacen Greene

We continue our special series Ashoka U on Teaching Change with our interview of Jacen Greene, Director of Impact Entrepreneurs at Portland State University. Jacen shares his winding journey from the private sector to consulting to higher education and working with change-making education. He also shares how his private sector experience influences his work in education and how important learning outcomes are for a strong educational foundation. Listen to find out why Jacen believes that...


Episode 41 – Ashoka U on Teaching Change Series with Rebecca Riccio

Today’s episode brings us the 4th installment of our special series Ashoka U on Teaching Change with our conversation with Rebecca Riccio, Director of the Social Impact Lab at Northeastern University. Rebecca shares her philosophy of change-making education from the ways of thinking, ways of being, and ways of doing, to her disdain for placing too much emphasis on specific terms like “social entrepreneurship” or “social innovation” and lastly her chapter in the forthcoming Ashoka U...


Episode 40 – Ashoka U on Teaching Change Series with Molly Ware

Today we continue with our 3rd episode in our special series Ashoka U on Teaching Change by learning from Molly Ware, Professor of Education at Western Washington University. Molly shares her own journey to change-making through the classroom, her work as an educator of educators, and her chapter in the upcoming Ashoka U publication Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing World: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, and Changemaker Learning Outcomes. Biography How can we...


Episode 39 – Ashoka U on Teaching Change Series with Hattie Duplechain

On today’s episode, we continue our special series Ashoka U on Teaching Change with Hattie Duplechain, Research and Evaluation Specialist at Ashoka U. Hattie shares her own journey into change-making through the K-12 system, her role, and the process she helped lead in writing the upcoming Ashoka U publication Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing World: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, and Changemaker Learning Outcomes. Biography Research and Evaluation Specialist,...


Episode 38 – Ashoka U on Teaching Change Series with Marina Kim

Today we kick off the special series Ashoka U on Teaching Change with an interview with Co-Founder and Executive Director of Ashoka U Marina Kim. Marina shares her passion for change-making, how she got involved in the field as an undergraduate and reflects on the last 10 years since she co-founded the organization. She also discusses her hopes for the field and the upcoming Ashoka U publication Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing World: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, and...


Episode 37 – Refashioning 50B Tons of Waste Into Runway Worthy Clothes with Melissa Feezor

On today’s episode, we learn about the 50 billion tons of waste the fashion industry generates per year goes into our landfills and how Melissa Feezor of Raw Materials by Melissa is determined to change that fact. Melissa Feezor shares her journey of operating a boutique one-off fashion business to struggling to pay her bills and take of her two children and back again. Melissa is creating cool stylish looks out of unlikely sources specifically “old man pants”. Biography Melissa Feezor...


Episode 36 – Transforming Business with Dani Chesson

On this episode, we speak with a Dani Chesson who is a Business Transformation Consultant with Chesson Consulting in New Zealand. Dani shares her journey from New York to New Zealand with a few stops in between and shares her excitement for helping businesses to not only becoming more profitable but also more rewarding. Dani’s work and passion are in building the capabilities needed for change! Biography Dani Chesson, Ph.D. With a unique blend of design, business, and organizations...


Episode 35 – Social Entrepreneurship as Scholarship and Practice with Sara Frost

On this episode with speak with a current doctoral student and aspiring social entrepreneur Sara Frost. Sara is finishing up her coursework for the Ph. D. in Leadership and Change, from Antioch University and will be embarking research on risk-taking in social enterprises. Sara shares her aspirations to begin her own “Art Bus” social enterprise that would travel around the United States bringing the Arts to school children. She also shares her own journey of discovering, studying, and...


Episode 34 – Building a High School for Change Making with Randy Bartlett

On this episode, we speak with Dr. Randy Bartlett on his project of creating a new progressive independent high school named City of Bridges in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Randy is the founder and will serve as Head of School when the school opens in the Fall of 2019. He has three core values at the forefront of the school’s development of real work project-based learning, peace and justice, and student agency. Randy shares why a new high school is needed in the Pittsburgh community and why...


Episode 33 – Mom Power with Eryn Vargo

On this episode, we talk with Eryn Vargo founder of Moms Give Back, Shop with a Purpose, and Baby OK on the power of moms in the world. As an amazing woman, mother of four children, wife, and social entrepreneur she is kicking butt in social impact with her three companies all working to improve the lives of others. Eryn lives by the Gandhi quote Be The Change You Wish To See In The World; and thus, asked herself “How can I be the change” – Eryn Vargo Biography of Eryn Vargo Wife, Social...


Episode 32 – Developing Young Leaders Through Scouting with Autumn Herod

On today’s episode, we speak with Scout Master Autumn Herod on the leadership development scouting provides to young boys and girls. Autumn has been a scoutmaster with the Girls Scouts of America and currently the Boy Scouts of America as she raises her two stepdaughters and son. Autumn is particularly excited about her upcoming female scout troop which will be aligned with a boy scout troop in February 2019. She sees a tremendous benefit of the Boy Scouts of America becoming even more...


Episode 31 – Social Entrepreneurship as a Pathway to Happiness with Mohit Mukherjee

In this episode, we explore social entrepreneurship and social impact work as a pathway to finding true happiness with Mohit Mukherjee Founding Director of the Center for Executive Education at the United Nations Mandated University of Peace in Costa Rica. Mohit shares how growing up in the streets of Paris and Calcutta left an indelible mark on his worldview and instilled a desire to create more social justice. His work up to this point in his life has taken on many different paths and...


Episode 30 – Finding Your Purpose with Student Guests

Purpose is a difficult concept to articulate for most people let alone follow towards a career or vocation. On this episode, Jerrid explores what it takes to pursue one’s purpose with student guests Ryan, John, and Ian. The Valencia College students, participated in the live radio podcast, while their classmates tuned in to the broadcast live from the classroom via Facebook Live. Students also enjoyed communicating during the program through Facebook’s chat feature, engaging in witty, fun...