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Techcess is not just a technology podcast. It's a podcast all about achieving success in business, and the part that your technology (IT) has to play in that.

Techcess is not just a technology podcast. It's a podcast all about achieving success in business, and the part that your technology (IT) has to play in that.


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Techcess is not just a technology podcast. It's a podcast all about achieving success in business, and the part that your technology (IT) has to play in that.






Android 13 is safer for your business

how android 13 will help your business This bonus episode brings great news for your business when it comes to mobiles We all use our phones for a lot more than sending messages and making the occasional call. And that means most of your staff are probably using their personal mobile for work now and then. Everyone does it. The downside of this is it puts your business data at risk. If it can be accessed on a personal mobile and that device gets breached, that’s a risk. Full episodes of...


Five essential IT systems that every business must get right!

We're going to tell you the 5 essential iT systems for your business mark from m3 Networks explains the absolute basics Ever wondered what kind of questions a competent and knowledgeable IT support company will ask? Last week we talked you through the question you need to ask to test the level of competency your chosen IT support provider has. Here's a link to listen if you haven't...


Make sure your cloud server is protected from this

Cloud server dangers This bonus episode brings a stark warning for anyone running a business using a cloud server If your business uses a cloud server, you absolutely need to listen to this episode! If you want to check out our full episodes, covering everything from how to protect your business from a phishing attack, through to how you can effectively manage your patching systems, check them out here - Want to get more 'Techcess' in your...


Ask Your IT Company This Question To Find Out Whether They Have Your Cyber Security Covered

Want to know a quick and easy way of figuring out your IT provider's competence? mark from m3 Networks explains a simple question you can ask them This one question alone can help you understand whether you're wasting IT budget. There are so many IT service providers out there. But not all of them are the same. At m3 we obviously pride ourselves as being among the best and most professional out there, but on the other end of the scale you might be putting your business at risk if yours...


USB is getting a speed update. How to take advantage with existing stuff

USB upgrade coming This bonus episode brings good news if you've got lots of newish USB cables lying around! You're about to get much faster USB speeds using your existing stuff. USB 4 v2.0 is coming. Listen to this tech update to hear what that means for you and your work flow. If you want to check out our full episodes, covering everything from how to protect your business from a phishing attack, through to how you can effectively manage your patching systems, check them out here -...


How To Ensure Working From Home Is As Productive As The Office

Need to get your staff set up to work from home efficiently? mark from m3 Networks talks us through some of the best ways to ensure smooth WFH running Changing your business operations to working from home carries some risks It might seem like a great idea at the time, but transferring your business operations to fully working from home carries risks. Even working part time remotely can uncover some logistical issues you might not have immediately thought of. In this episode of...


None of your team would fall for this would they? Techcess Technology Podcast Tech Update

It's the oldest trick in the book - would your team fall for it? If you're in an office that accepts incoming mail, you need to listen to this bonus episode Cyber criminals have a reputation for constantly coming up with new ways to scam us into handing over login details or sensitive data. And while you might think your team would spot an attempted attack, you could be surprised. We’ve seen a lot of intelligent people – including many business leaders – caught out over the years. One of...


Reduce your cyber insurance costs with these three things

Want to reduce your cyber insurance premiums? mark from m3 Networks talks us through how to keep the insurers happy and paying out! Did you know, your business is at risk of you losing everything and your insurer not paying out? Your data may seem totally secure right now. After all, you're signed up to Cyber Essentials. I mean, that's what you're paying for, right? Oh dear. We might have some alarming news for you. Your Cyber Essentials agreement may well not be enough to cover you...


Are you using a malicious browser extension without realising?

Malicious browser extensions This bonus episode will hopefully nudge you to check your browser extensions! There are hundreds of thousands of browser extensions designed to help us to save time, be more productive, and personalise our online experience. And while the majority of them do what they’re supposed to, some are not designed to help you at all! As the business owner, you might also look into controlling which extensions can be installed by your team. We can help with this, as...


Do you know your phishing from your vishing or smishing?

What are the different types of hacking your business can be at risk from? mark from m3 Networks explains the 6 different phishing styles to be aware of in your business Do you know all about phishing vishing and smishing? Phishing, vishing, smishing - all types of cyberattacks that you need to be aware of. You probably already know all about phishing, and if you don't you can check out our other episodes of Techcess in which we ran you through what those are how they work. Here you...


Passkeys could improve the way you work, forever

Passkeys are on their way to your device soon This bonus episode explains how remembering passwords will hopefully become a thing of the past this year If you find yourself always defaulting to your pets names, you're in luck! Apple (and soon to be others) will save you from yourself! We're all guilty of struggling to come up with the 9,999th password we need for yet another online site or app. And that's why we not only resort to using poor choices for passwords, we then also use them...


Microsoft Office 365 Backup – Know Your Responsibilities! (See show notes for lower bandwidth version)

The facts about Microsoft office 365 backup mark from m3 Networks explains what you need to know about your responsibilities Do you know who is responsible for your Microsoft Office 365 backups? Office 365 is a great cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes. But when it comes to backup and disaster recovery, who is responsible? Is it Microsoft, or is it the customer? In this episode, we'll explore the shared responsibility model and discuss who is responsible for backing up...


Windows 10 is getting a very useful Windows 11 feature

Useful Windows 11 feature coming to windows 10! This bonus episode explains how your paranoia around leaving confidential print outs is a thing of the past! If you print a lot of stuff out, you're gonna love this! Show me anyone who hasn't at some point had a moment of panic when they realise they've left a confidential document in the printer! Job applications, emails you've printed that you shouldn't... everyone... ahem! 'knows someone' who's been guilty of that at some point! In...


Total Coverage Home Wi-Fi for Less Than £150

Excellent coverage across your home for less than £150? mark from m3 Networks explains how it can be done, and how he's done it What is this big wi-fi secret? Wi-Fi is a technology that allows devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to connect to the internet wirelessly. It creates a network in your home or office using an access point, which is usually a router. You can use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet anywhere in your home or office, as long as you're within range of the...


If you’re under pressure to take urgent action – stop and think!

Stop and think! This bonus episode explains what you need to do if you get a link from someone! Don't buckle under pressure! Take the time to think sensibly before you click that link! We've all had them. Those dodgy emails from what looks like our service provider but it's urging us to do something immediately to prevent something bad from happening. In this Techcess Tech Update bonus podcast episode, Techcess Annie will explain more about what we mean when it comes to these new...


SOGEA. So what? Telecoms Changes You Need To Know

SoGEA. So what? mark from m3 Networks talks you through the telecoms changes you need to know What is SoGEA? Well, that is just one of the many questions Mark from m3 Networks answers in this episode of the Techcess technology podcast. Here's a quick spoiler - it stands for "Single Order Generic Ethernet Access" If you enjoyed our previous telephony themed episode all about VoIP - (this one:...


Is working from home really good for your business?

Is working from home really good for business? This bonus episode explores the negative aspects of your team working remotely! We explain why you might want to rethink your plans to move to working from home operations on a permanent basis! We've probably all experienced working from home in some way over the past couple of years. For some businesses it's now become the new normal. But is it all it's cracked up to be for the wider operations of a business? In this Techcess Tech Update...


Business Beats Cancer: Dundee man continues his late wife's campaign

We're helping our friend and his business beat cancer mark from m3 Networks and Les Johnson chat about continuing the fight started by his late wife Who's Les Johnson and why is he featuring on this episode of the "Techcess" technology podcast? Les Johnson is a remarkable human being. And we're not just saying that because he's done some magnificent design work for us here at m3 Networks. Les has a heart-breaking story. And it's what brought him into joining in with the campaign...


What does the global chip crisis mean for your business?

How will this global chip crisis impact on your business? This bonus episode explains how the global chip crisis could impact on your business! We aim to bring you up to speed on what's causing the global chip crisis and what it could mean for you and your business! For the past couple of years, the tech world has been struggling with a huge shortage of chips. But it’s not just tech businesses that are feeling the impact. So many of the things we use every day contain a chip. Laptops...


Start planning to replace your Windows Server 2012 now!

Is it time you thought about replacing your windows server 2012? mark from m3 Networks talks us through why we might need to give our trusty old reliable operating system some consideration! If you're still using Windows Server 2012 (a lot of people are!) then you need to listen to this episode... Windows Server 2012 has been around for a while (not quite ten years) and it's now becoming officially obsolete. What's the difference between mainstream support and extended support from...