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This is a publicity podcast for brand leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs who want more visibility. Powered by TELL PUBLIC RELATIONS, this show gives you fast, actionable PR tips and industry secrets so that you can start getting more of the shine that you deserve with media coverage, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and more. But as always, private members get full access to the vault with exclusive trainings, bonus episodes, and REAL LIVE MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES. More at TELLPUBLICRELATIONS.COM.


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This is a publicity podcast for brand leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs who want more visibility. Powered by TELL PUBLIC RELATIONS, this show gives you fast, actionable PR tips and industry secrets so that you can start getting more of the shine that you deserve with media coverage, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and more. But as always, private members get full access to the vault with exclusive trainings, bonus episodes, and REAL LIVE MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES. More at TELLPUBLICRELATIONS.COM.




The magic (and myths) of word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing works best when you pair it with THIS. In today's episode (an audio from our most recent YouTube video!), we talk about the magic and the myths of word of mouth, using lessons from Jonah Berger's popular book "Contagious". Our weekly episodes are only a TASTE of what we offer private members of our program "Kiss and Tell", where we share: BTS conversations we're having with the media in real time, pitching calendars and templates, personal pitch reviews, exclusive trainings and best of all REAL. LIVE. MEDIA. OPPORTUNITIES. Join now for $25/week to have a "publicist in your pocket". TELL PUBLIC RELATIONS Founder: Danni Jackson Services: media pitching, PR consultations, media research, workshops


3 ways to be “discoverable” on TikTok

New reports reveal that Gen Z and Millennials are turning to TikTok and Instagram before they search in Google. Here’s what that means for you.***** Become a VIP member and get notified when there are real media opportunities!


How to get reporters to feature you (again and again)

Media relations is about more than getting a bunch of one-off placements. It’s about creating RELATIONSHIPS with the people who are able to connect you to those opportunities. **** Get one-on-one calls w a publicist and real live media opportunities by becoming a member today. TELLPUBLICRELATIONS.COM/ MEMBERSONLY


Lessons from Uber: When private messages become a PR crisis

You may think that PR is just about the performance you display to the public-- but it's also about what you're saying in private. In this episode, TELL Public Relations outlines 3 examples of companies who weren't careful behind-the-scenes -- and blemished their brands because of it. Private members get alerts for media opportunities AND monthly calls with one of our in-house publicists. Join today at


Channel your inner “flirt” to promote your service

There’s one GLARING mistake that new entrepreneurs make when promoting their services. One little mindset change can improve it. *** Want to know about real live media opportunities? Become a TELL VIP member at


How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your "Pitching" ft. Berrion Berry and TELL Public Relations

You should be pitching brands and media outlets at THIS time of the month for maximum creativity. Berrion L. Berry, period expert who's been featured in several media outlets for her knowledge about menstrual cycles, breaks it all down for you. *** Get unreleased episodes and media opportunities as a member by joining our private vault at


TikTok’s new book club and insights on building a (real) community

TikTok just announced that it’s forming a book club and that is a strategy female entrepreneurs can use to expand their OWN brand reputation. We’ll show you how. ****** Want to be notified of real media opportunities AND have monthly calls with a publicist? Become a member at*****


Sesame Street, Tristan Thompson, and weak apologies

There is a point in EVERY entrepreneur’s journey where you’ll have to apologize — to your customers, your online audience, or stakeholders. But to get it right (and avoid the risk of a blemished reputation), you’ll have to include THIS in your apology. ***** BOOKD DANIELLE TO SPEAK AT YOUR CONFERENCE****** Get notified of media opportunities at


Jennifer Lopez, co-tweets and assessing your associations

What do Jennifer Lopez‘s marriage and the new “co-tweet” feature have in common? They’re both great examples of how associations can either be helpful or hurtful to your brand. And this episode will outline three things to consider when forming a partnership with another brand. ***** Want to learn how to elevate your own reputation through media appearances and speaking engagements? Book a private session with us or become a monthly member at


S3E5-- 3 Secrets for Getting Press with H.A.R.O

By now, you've likely heard of H.A.R.O (Help a Reporter Out), as it's a popular resource for beginners who are looking to get press opportunities. But you may not be getting any "bites" because you're using it wrong. In today's episode, we provide three tips to help you increase your chances of hearing "Yes" from journalists, and getting one step closer to the media coverage you deserve. ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning November 1, TELL is pivoting to a course-only agency. Because we believe in teaching female entrepreneurs how to get publicity for themselves, we will no longer offer personalized services outside of of our "Vision Sessions" (90-minute PR deep dive strategy sessions). To learn more, visit


S3E4– Use the 3 P’s to claim REAL thought leadership

Everyone wants to be a thought leader but what does it take to claim the label? There are 12 ultimate forms of social proof but today we are sharing three using the “Three P’s” that we developed here at the agency. For more information or to book your Vision Session, visit


S3E3 -- The Right (and Wrong) Way to Invite a Speaker to Your PR event

Whether you're hosting a virtual summit or an in-person event, you'll likely begin searching your network for dynamic speakers that will "wow" your audience. But are you considering the right factors when determining who to invite (and what to pay them)? In this episode, we're walking you through the 5 things to consider when you reach out to a potential speaker so you don't get it wrong. And if YOU are looking to find ways to get paid as a speaker, you have a few weeks left to register for our "Back to School" week where we're providing you with pitch scripts, templates, and speaking content so you can get booked (and paid!) like, right now. Visit us at


S3E2-- 5 August holidays to leverage for publicity

The key to getting publicity is not only to have a good angle, but to be EARLY in your pitching. In this week's episode, we're highlighting 5 major dates in August to incorporate into your upcoming campaign that may turn journalists' heads if done correctly. For the full list of August dates you should know, download your FREE August publicity calendar at If you don't know how to pitch yourself to the media, then we hope you join us for TELL's 2nd annual Back To School Week, August 30-September 2. Registration open NOW!


S3E1-- Should you spend your budget on advertising or PR?

You hear people talking about their ad budget, but you're not sure if that's where you should be investing your dollars. In this episode, we explain the key differences between advertising and PR which will impact your wallet, your longevity, and your credibility. Buckle up because, as usual, we're packing a lot into only ten minutes. After listening, book your "Vision Session" at



We're excited to announce that season three of TELL Me in Ten launches on Tuesday, July 20 at 8am. If you're looking for tips on how to increase your visibility and enhance your reputation (all in ten minutes or less), we got you. In the meantime, sign-up for our upcoming masterclass designed to teach you how to book podcast interviews this Fall. Visit today (SEATS LIMITED).


S2E10-- 10 Reasons Your Podcast Pitch was Denied

This week we're outlining ten reasons your email to a podcast host was rejected. Some of these factors are within your control, while others are out of your hands. either way, it helps to understand what producers and show hosts are looking for to increase your chances of hearing "Yes!". If you're ready to learn how to book podcast guest appearances, visit and sign-up for our course today. You'll learn everything from how to find good shows, the 4 "pitch parts" that should be in every email, and how to craft content shows love.


S2E9-- Signs You Should say "NO" to a Press Opportunity

While you certainly want to get more attention for your business, you don't want to participate in press features that might do more harm than good. In this week's episode, we talk about 4 times when you should decline an invitation for a press feature or visibility. We know it might be hard, but trust us-- you'll thank us later. If you want to have your very on on-call publicist, visit us today at


[SPECIAL EPISODE] 5 Signs You Might be Ready for a Publicist w/ Marilyn Shaw [IG Live Recording]

This week's episode is a recording from a recent IG Live with Marilyn Shaw where we have a conversation about signs you might be ready for a publicist. Be sure to listen to the end of the episode where we make a *special announcement.* We've just launched "CALL YOUR PUBLICISTS", an affordable on-call PR service that gives you access to a publicist at the drop of a hat. No need for long-term contracts, vague language of terms, or high investments. If you've always wanted to have a publicist on call, you might be a good candidate. Visit to learn more!


S2E7-- The 5 Critical Parts of a Public Apology

It's not a matter of "if", but "when". At some point during your time as a business owner, you may have to apologize. But if you don't do it correctly, it might be impossible to recover. This week we're sharing the 5 important parts of any public apology, because-- if done correctly-- you can emerge from the incident even better than before. Watch the video on our IGTV channel on Instagram at Book Danielle to speak at your next conference or summit by visiting


S2E6 How to Increase your Visibility through Strategic Partnerships (with Annette Malkin)

"Collaboration over competition" is a popular new phrase among female entrepreneurs, but what does it really mean? How do you collaborate in a way that's a win-win for everyone? This week, Annette Malkin-- founder of Culturewise Collective-- joins us to talk about how to increase your visibility with strategic partnerships. Warning: Annette drops gems very quickly, so you might need to grab a pen and paper to take notes as you listen! To learn more about Annette and Culturewise Collective, visit And to begin building a plan to form your own strategic partnerships, visit us at TELLPUBLICRELATIONS.COM. [New: "How to Pitch to Podcasts" Course is now LIVE! Visit for more details.]