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Agriculture – How IoT is powering Australia’s agricultural future

Through the power of IoT, Australian farmers can monitor and manage every tiny detail — from the moisture, nutrient and acidity contents of soil and individual plants to the presence of pests and local weather patterns to the health and wellbeing and minute-to-minute movements of cattle. We speak with Grant Statton from FKG Group and Darren Wolchyn from Smart Paddock about how the agriculture industry is embracing IoT to ensure the health of our precious Australian produce.


Utilities – harnessing IoT to better manage and monitor our resources

Every day, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping Australians to better conserve, monitor, and intelligently manage the utilities that we all depend on: electricity, gas, and water. Host Adam Spencer sits down with energy provider, Origin and energy efficiency start-up WattBlock to understand how Australian companies are harnessing the potential of IoT to help consumers save energy and reduce utility costs.


Supply Chain Management – how IoT is helping Australian businesses access and expand into global markets

Almost 80 percent of Chinese consumers expect their spending will increase dramatically on health and wellness and organic foods. So, how can IoT help ensure that international consumers have confidence of where their fresh Australian produce is coming from? Host Adam Spencer speaks to AOWAY, who links fresh Australian foods with Chinese consumers. AOWAY uses IoT technology to track and monitor Australian produce through the supply chain, and provide near real time insights to...


Smart Cities – how IoT will serve the cities of the future

With Australia's population projected to double by 2075 and the average home predicted to climb from 13.7 to 30.7 connected devices by 2021, it's critical that we build the infrastructure necessary to allow communities to connect to what they want and need, as and when they want it. Host Adam Spencer talks to City of Sunshine Coast and City of Launceston about how they are building the smart cities of the future.


Connected Transport - How IoT is helping to improve road safety

Host Adam Spencer sits down with Conrad Harvey, CIO of Linfox, Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company to understand how the company is fitting IoT technology in its trucks to improve driver and community safety. He also sits down with Rita Excell from Australian Driverless Vehicle Institute (ADVI) to explore the socio and economic benefits of self-driving cars, made possible through IoT.


IoT in focus : Telstra Enterprise - Behind the Mic with Adam Spencer

Join us as we explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) is solving some of the biggest issues in Australia. We take a look at IoT innovations in Transport, Smart Cities, Supply Chain, Utilities and Agriculture. Listen and subscribe to Telstra Enterprise - Behind the Mic.