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A Podcast from Nussbaum Transportation


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A Podcast from Nussbaum Transportation




Ep. 61 // The Best Place to Go: Jerry Risley

Jerry started his driving career with Prairie Farms and left Nussbaum and the road behind after 34 years. Listen in on the conversation as Jerry talks through the highlights of his career as a driver. From the hours of alone time over the road to the joy of arriving home to his family each week, Jerry reminisces over the years. Nussbaum is losing an excellent driver to retirement, but Jerry is most deserving of this time to enjoy, rest, and love his family. Enjoy this brand new video...


Ep. 60 // In It for the Long Haul: Dennis Carson

Not one for bouncing around, Dennis has only worked for two trucking companies in his life – and we’re pretty sure he only left the first one because it closed. In a time where working short job stints is regular, it’s refreshing to hear of Dennis’s commitment to long-term employment and the relationships built from longevity.


Ep. 58 // How to Survive a Pandemic

What do we do in this time of uncertainty? Are you panicking and shouldering worry about the future? Are you consuming every piece of information on COVID-19 you can find? If the past week or two has left you worn down, helpless, and feeling like a sheep without a shepherd, stop. Listen to this message from Nussbaum Chaplain Jim Revelle. Jim gives you six truths to focus on in a time when our attention is being pulled in every direction. Take a breath, press play, and let’s focus on what...


Ep. 57 // Girl on a Rock: Kirsten Gee

The life-saving voice you hear overnight made a day-time trip into Nussbaum. From juggling countless hats in a 12-hour shift in overnight operations to packing a 30-pound canoe around for fun on vacation, Kirsten Gee is a multi-talented gem at Nussbaum who never fails to surprise. She’s a witness to the terrors of the night, but she’s also the spot of light in the darkness that helps you get through. This long-haired Barbie Doll blondie is one of the most adventuresome outdoorsmen you’ll...


Ep. 56 // Fire in the Commode: Colonel Jay Clason

He’s back with even more eyebrow-raising hilarity and deep-rooted conviction. Colonel Jay Clason willingly jumped back in the hot seat at Terminal Exchange to finish the tale from his last episode’s cliffhanger. Plus, he’s got more war stories and advice to share. In the slush of winter, Jay questions why you learn to put chains on in a warm, dry environment? And he’s got a more realistic way to train. And with so many stories to tell, we jump from tire chains to an encounter with a North...


Ep. 55 // From Over-the-Road to Over-the-Phone

Are you settling into an office chair today? Or are you manning the driver’s seat? Our guests are right at home in both places. We welcome Maya Hernandez, Brian Johnson, and Chris Chaney to sit down with us in this episode of Terminal Exchange. These three drivers turned driver managers are the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for at Terminal Exchange. They share a full-circle perspective of Nussbaum from the heart of a driver and the thoughts of a driver manager. But what brought...


Ep. 54 // The Full 5 Seconds: Jeff Jackson

We’re back this week with an even-keel trainer and Road Captain that also can’t be trusted with a taser. Jeff Jackson inspires with a pep talk on Nussbaum as a company and how proud he is to be a part of it but also spices up the conversation with stories from four years in the Marine Corps and 15 years as a Firearms Instructor for the nearby Pekin Police Department. We’ll talk trucking (of course), but we’ll also sit entranced as Jeff relives the scary moments of law enforcement alongside...


Ep. 53 // Mike Stumreiter's Class Bee License

Jump back in with Mike Stumreiter this week as we buzz through a conversation on he and his wife’s new hobby and small business – beekeeping. It will not bee boring, and the bee puns are actually surprisingly minimal. What started as a battle royalé with wildflowers turned into a welcoming of 20,000 bees into his eternally flowering backyard. Enjoy this buzzworthy episode, from the “ah-ha!” moments to the connection Mike makes between beekeeping and trucking. You’ll learn and laugh...


Ep. 52 // Breaking the Law With Mike Stumreiter

Happy New Year! Kick off the new decade with a two-part series from Nussbaum driver Mike Stumreiter. In part one, Mike laughs through his “young and dumb” days of flying by the seat of his pants across the country, foregoing logbooks, and running heavy – really heavy. But before long, the tone changes, the banter slows, and a haunting story emerges. Ignite your humanity as Mike relives the reckless days of his youth up to the gut-wrenching climax that is sure to make you catch your...


Ep. 51 // Talking With Santa Claus

Santa doesn’t work in the toy shop – he works in the Nussbaum shop. But, only in the off-season. Like little kids on Christmas morning, we couldn’t wait to sit down and have a jolly conversation with Nussbaum Santa Claus, Gene Reiland, who moonlights as a technician in the shop. Share a laugh with us as Santa relives his most outlandish and memorable moments throughout the years. And, share heartfelt moments of children’s innocence and sincerity that will warm you this Christmas...


Bonus // The Christmas Story

Are you ready for Christmas? Listen to this dramatic re-telling of the Christmas Story to set the stage, prepare your heart, and feed your anticipation to celebrate Christmas Day. Nussbaum Chaplain Jim Revelle wraps up the story with a message that will bring this 2,000-year-old narrative into the present as he investigates the character of Joseph. Have you had something happen that has seemingly derailed your future? What happens when life unfolds in an unexpected way? How can you deal...


Ep. 50 // ATA President, Chris Spear

Your questions answered. To celebrate the 50 episode of Terminal Exchange, we spoke with American Trucking Associations (ATA) President, Chris Spear. After acclimating to Nussbaum’s headquarters, Mr. Spear sat down with a Phillip full of questions – your questions – to answer. We dove right into the nitty-gritty following a brief overview of the ATA. From how he cuts through the politics on Capitol Hill to what it looks like to make the American Truck Driver’s story known. We broach HOS...


Ep. 49 // Hunting And Farming With Chris Aranda

What does it take to entice new customers, deepen current relationships, and keep loads coming for Nussbaum? Step into the office and get a first-hand look into the Nussbaum Sales Department in this episode with Chris Aranda. Chris joined Nussbaum as a driver manager with zero experience in the trucking industry. But it’s thanks to his first 30 drivers – you know who you are – that took his “green” self, showed him the ropes, and acquainted him with the industry. Now at his...


Ep. 48 // The Wake-Up Call That Saved His Life: Richard Jones

Whether you want it or not, Richard Jones is going to give you a wake-up call because a wake-up call is what saved his life. Richard recounts a tale that is full of anything but fables. It’s his real tussle with sleep apnea that could have cost him his life. With goose-bump raising clarity, Richard gives you reason to pause before laughing at your loud-snoring family member and realize there may be a bigger underlying problem: sleep apnea. Know the signs of sleep apnea. Know it’s a real...


Bonus // Jim Revelle’s Thanksgiving Message – Part 2

Wrapping up his two-part Thanksgiving series, Nussbaum Chaplain Jim Revelle gives a list of five benefits of giving thanks. Prepare your heart to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, in the good, the bad, and the terrible. Jim gives inspiration and powerful ways to realign your thoughts and heart to celebrate the holidays through thanksgiving. Pour out gratitude, and give thanks. Links Thanksgiving Message Part 11 Thessalonians 5:18Psalm 100


Bonus // Jim Revelle’s Thanksgiving Message – Part 1

Hold onto your hat, because we’re moving back in time to visit Thanksgiving Day milestones: the first Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving in the Revolutionary War, and Thanksgiving in the Civil War. They’re all iconic moments but not quite the picturesque scenes you’d find in a Hallmark movie. Amid death, uncertainty, and difficulty, the people of America celebrated Thanksgiving. Even though giving thanks may not have been at the top of their to-do list. Just like these early Americans, in...


Ep. 47 // Did He Really Just Say That?: Kent Pitchford

Hop to it and don’t dilly-dally on pushing play this week. We’re keeping it real – and keeping everyone in line – with Country Boy Kent Pitchford. With understated humor that will have you in tears, Kent shares his take on Nussbaum’s office staff, rolling with change, and training new drivers. Get a behind the scenes, unfiltered diagnosis of sales, accounting, and operations at Nussbaum because Kent’s going to tell you how it is. Don’t miss the genuine heart behind the loving teasing – in...


Ep. 46 // Into the West: Bill Petersen

He’s been trucking. Forever. And he’s dabbled in it all: reefer, doubles, flatbed, owner-operator, you name it, and Bill knows something about it. Pull up a chair with the always-smiling, always-traveling, never-short-on-a-story Bill Petersen in this episode of Terminal Exchange. Besides five years in the U.S. Army, Bill has been driving since he was 16 years old. This California to Canada transplant will make you laugh and fuel your desire for travel as he shares true big fish stories,...