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Presented by the The Business Journals of Texas and sponsored by Texas Mutual Insurance Company and Independent Financial, this series features in-depth conversations with Texas business leaders each week. We rotate through Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to deliver insight from across the state.


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Presented by the The Business Journals of Texas and sponsored by Texas Mutual Insurance Company and Independent Financial, this series features in-depth conversations with Texas business leaders each week. We rotate through Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to deliver insight from across the state.






San Antonio: Counting Down to SA Startup Week with Geekdom CEO Charles Woodin

The Alamo City's growing tech scene is the focus in this download as SABJ Reporter Zoe Gottlieb welcomes Geekdom CEO Charles Woodin. Austin may get most of the publicity when it comes to Texas tech growth, and deservedly so, but San Antonio's tech community is growing, thanks to a grass roots effort to fund home grown startups. San Antonio Startup Week (SASW) October 16-21 is the focal point of the year.


Austin: Talking Tacos, Leadership and Growth with Torchy's Founder Mike Rypka

He started out with a food trailer, a red Vespa, and a dream of delivering delicious tacos across Austin. 17+ years later, that dream is a reality, and beyond. Founder Mike Rypka's unique menu of tacos is now available at over 100 locations in 11 states. In this download, ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson welcomes Rypka to share his recipe for success, including a return as CEO.


Houston: Superheroes, Villains, Aliens, Icons and the Man Who Invited Them to Visit

John Simons founded Comicpalooza in 2008 and built it from a few tables to a major event before selling to focus on his true passion of publishing. In this episode, HBJ Managing Editor Jonathan Adams explores the world of comics, events, and publishing with Simons, who has another big event and a new book ready to share.


Dallas: Community Banking Veteran Bill Lowe on the Health of the Sector and Opportunities

Concerns this spring of another banking meltdown quickly faded as Uncle Sam stepped in and the failures were contained. But how healthy is the sector in a higher interest rate environment, with increasing regulatory oversight? In this episode, DBJ Associate Editor Alexa Reed invites respected community banking leader Bill Lowe, Chairman, President & CEO of Harmony Bank to offer his candid opinion and outlook


San Antonio: Skanska's Ryan Aalsma on Construction and Workforce Development

More people in Texas means more homes, and more homes means more of everything else to support, feed, entertain and care for our growing population. In this download, SABJ Editor in Chief Ed Arnold invites Skanska's San Antonio leader Ryan Aalsma to offer an update on the area's construction outlook and cover the importance of workforce development.


Houston: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Patrick Duffy Leads Most Admired CEO Awards

In this episode, HBJ Managing Editor Jonathan Adams profiles two of our honorees for the 2023 Most Admired CEO Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Patrick Duffy, Colliers International Featured Most Admired CEO Award Honoree: Khori Dastoor, CEO, Houston Grand Opera


Hsu Office of Architecture: Austin's Influence on Architectural Trends Extends Beyond Texas

With more companies returning to office, at least in a hybrid work environment, foot traffic in the core of metropolitan cities is on the rise. Space planning has never been more critical, and that's where Austin's Hsu Office of Architecture comes in. ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson welcomes Principals Michael Hsu and Maija Kreishman for a conversation on Austin's architectural trends, and the influence of Austin style on other metros across Texas, and beyond.


Dallas: M Crowd Restaurant Group's Edgar Guevara on Leadership in a Challenging Time

The restaurant business was challenging enough prior to the pandemic. Now, the labor market is tighter, inflation is impacting food prices, and restaurant groups are carefully balancing consumer technology with good old fashioned customer service. In this download, DBJ Reporter Alexa Reed gets an update from Edgar Guevara, CEO of M Crowd Restaurant Group, one of the DBJ's 2023 Most Admired CEO's.


San Antonio: Representative Tony Gonzales Leads Bipartisan HIRE Act to Streamline Visas

Immigration is a hot button issue and a political standoff. So Republican Representative Tony Gonzales reached across the aisle and found consensus with Democratic colleagues on something we can all agree on: Businesses big and small face challenges with a temporary one-year visa. Gonzales and co-sponsors propose the H-2 Improvements to Relieve Employment or HIRE Act, extending that period to three years. In this episode, SABJ Editor in Chief Ed Arnold connects with Gonzales on Capitol Hill for the details.


Austin: SportClips CEO on Family Business Succession and Franchise Growth

Edward Logan took over as SportClips CEO just weeks before the pandemic shut down franchise operations in over 1800 locations at that time across the US & Canada. Since re-opening, the Georgetown-based, second generation family business has actually grown its franchise count while negotiation a successful leadership transition from father to son. In this episode, ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson chats with Logan, who shares how he and his team have emerged with a winning formula.


Houston: The Inspiring Sisters Who Built Their Marketing Agency From Scratch

Brenda and Patricia Boral built a successful business in Bolivia, but battled that country's turmoil and dreamed of duplicating their success in America. That dream became a reality, and they bootstrapped their marketing agency on a credit card, hard work, and working with the right clients. In this episode, HBJ Managing Editor Jonathan Adams profiles Brenda and Patricia Boral, partners in Boral Agency.


Dallas: Topgolf CEO Artie Starrs Tees Up the Next Generation of Entertainment Across America

You know business is good when folks across America are literally begging you to bring your game to town! Dallas-based Topgolf is delivering their unique mix of golf, entertainment and hospitality to an expanding fan base across the nation. But challenges loom: Copycats, competitors and a potential economic slowdown all present challenges. In this download, DBJ Associate Editor Alexa Reed schedules a tee time with Topgolf CEO Artie Starrs to learn how he and his "playmakers" are making it happen.


San Antonio: Native Son Will Hurd Announces His Run for the White House

Following the release of his book "American Reboot" in March of 2022, many political pundits anticipated a presidential run by San Antonio native Will Hurd. Last week, he made it official. In this download, SABJ Editor in Chief Ed Arnold revisits his conversation with Hurd upon the release of his book, where Hurd lays the foundation for what would become a run for the White House. Editor's Note: Portions of this podcast were originally released on March 29, 2022.


Houston: Uncertain Times Fuel Speculation in Commercial Real Estate and Development

Rising interest rates, an uncertain office market and an estimated $1.5 trillion in commercial real estate debt coming due by the end of 2025 are all contributing factors in a slowdown. In this episode, HBJ Managing Editor Jonathan Adams calls on Skanska's EVP Matt Damborsky to deliver an update. Damborsky offers direction on how he and other industry veterans are navigating this test, and finding opportunities.


Austin: Curative Founder & CEO Fred Turner's Quest to Disrupt Healthcare Delivery

With a focus on preventative care, and described by its CEO as the "Netflix of healthcare", Curative is poised to disrupt the delivery model for care. In this download, Founder and CEO Fred Turner joins ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson for an insightful conversation that impacts business owners in Austin, and across the nation.


Dallas: Kinley Construction's Next Gen Leaders Transition Legacy Company Into Growth Mode

Arlington-based Kinley Construction has been in business for 40 years, and its parent company Kinley Corp dates back 110 years. It would be easy for the sprawling family business to maintain status quo. But instead, CEO Jimmy Kinley is going full speed ahead with aggressive plans to expand the business. In this episode, DBJ Reporter Alexa Reed explores the growth strategy with Kinley, one of our 40 Under 40 Honorees.


San Antonio: Community House Sparks Growth and Innovation at VelocityTX Campus

Texas Research & Technology Foundation CEO Randy Harig joins SABJ Editor in Chief Ed Arnold to share how TRTF is funding growth of its VelocityTX campus with acquisitions through subsidiary TRTF Community House. The arrangement also benefits closely-held businesses looking to transition ownership.


Houston: Curate Capital's Carrie Colbert and Her Unique Influencer Investing Model

Curate Capital has created a community of CEOs who actively engage together, bringing ideas and support to the table from women who understand the ins and outs of scaling a business. In this episode, HBJ's Jonathan Adams welcomes Founder and Managing Partner Carrie Colbert to share why she started the investment fund, and what separates it from others.


Austin: Exploring the City's Future Skyline and Sustainability with Kirksey's David Dalton

After a decade of exponential growth, it's time to take a breather and reflect on the past, present and future of the Austin skyline with Kirksey Architecture's EVP and Director of Central Texas David Dalton. In this download, ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson profiles Dalton, who offers his outlook and shares why sustainable architecture and development is so critical to our future energy needs.


Houston: Agility Bank's Lauren Sparks on Navigating and Growing In Challenging Times

She founded Agility Bank during the pandemic, then came a looming recession and banking crisis at regional institutions. So why is CEO Lauren Sparks so optimistic? In this episode, HBJ Managing Editor Jonathan Adams invites Sparks to share what sets Agility Bank apart, and why now is a time of opportunity for most institutions.