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Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities With Guest Micheal Farca

What’s Behind the Open Door “When one door closes, another door opens.” We’ve all heard this saying so many times that it’s practically a cliche. Still, the concept remains true in all aspects of life. Most of the time, when someone tells us to take advantage of an opportunity, they’re talking about a potential relationship, applying for university enrollment, and things like that. Many people don’t realize that the same principle applies to starting a business. Business owners are no...


Business Structures with Guest Michael Farca

Summary: When starting a business, it’s important to understand the legal framework you’re working within because not every industry has the same rules. Our guest and owner of three businesses, Michael Farca, has a couple tips for up-and-coming entrepreneurs about how different businesses are structured. What Are the Types of Business Structures? Before you can officially set up a business, you’re required to send some information about your new business with the IRS for tax purposes. One...


From Drift to Shift With Guest Jody B. Miller

Happiness is something we all strive for – at work and in our personal lives; however, a recent Gallup Poll said that about a third of us just aren’t happy and we spend about a third of our lives doing something that we hate. Our guest is a career life coach – Jody B. Miller – and she is known as the Work Happiness Expert she also has a new book – From Drift to Shift. Why are so many people unhappy and unfulfilled? The reasons are many, but most of the time it’s because people don’t take...


Tips on Keeping an Audience’s Attention When Speaking With Dr. Joyce Knudsen

We all have a fear of speaking in front of groups of people or making a presentation – Dr. Joyce Knudsen, Impression Management Counselor is back to give some tips on how to keep an audience’s attention when speaking – no matter what the topic is. Simple things to help hold someone’s attention The key thing is to talk about something the other person is interested in – especially those in the new generation; millennials and baby boomers have two different listening styles so it’s important...


Tips on Making an Amazing First Impression With Dr. Joyce Knudsen

We’re always trying to make good first impressions as we try to grow our businesses by gaining new clients and meeting new people all the time. Today’s guest is a regular on the show - Dr. Joyce Knudsen – an Impression Management Counselor; she helps people with creating lasting impressions not only in social media but also in one on one. Key things to making a great impression Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a you’re in the corporate world, these days it’s really hard to make a great...


Be the Architect of Your Life with Guest Karen Otis

We all have a passion for something and the question is how does that affect our lives. Today’s guest has a passion for architecture and her name is Karen Otis, and with this passion, she made an amazing discovery -- she created methods for designing and building the perfect life. So in a nutshell, what she does for homes and buildings is what she does for life. Karen will explain the full connection to us in the next ten minutes! When do we know when to rebuild our lives? Karen talks...


How to Establish and Improve a Good First Impression with Dr. Joyce Knudsen

Today’s show will look at how customers, clients see you – how your brand is perceived. The guest today is an expert on the subject and a regular on the show – Dr. Joyce Knudsen - she’s a great impression maker. She has worked with entrepreneurs and larger businesses on how to establish and improve on the things that create a good impression. Why is it important to create a good impression? It’s important because once you’ve made an impression it’s very difficult to change it; it sticks in...


How Customer Service Can Greatly Help Your Business with Dr. Joyce Knudsen

Acquiring a customer takes a lot of work but many entrepreneurs just focus on acquiring the customers but they overlook retaining these customers as they consider customer service a great cost – today’s guest is Dr. Joyce Knudsen and she will be talking about the impressions that customer service makes and how they can help to build our business. Customer Acquisition VS Customer Retention Although it costs as much seven times more, many entrepreneurs focus on new customer acquisition than...


Don’t Let Perfection Be the Enemy of Getting Started with Guest Robert McGuire

Today’s topic is “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of getting started” and today’s guest has an agency called The McGuire Content Marketing Agency; Robert McGuire is an expert in content marketing and he wrote a post which was all about today’s topic of discussion. Why do we feel the need to be perfect? We feel a need for perfection because we are worried, we fear that we will make a mistake or that we will fail and a lot of time we fear investing time and resources into something because...


The 24 Hour Rule and How Fast We Should Respond to Others With Dr. Joyce Knudsen

I’m sure you’re all like me -- going to websites, whether it be to compliment, get an issue solved, or even just for more product info -- and then they never get back to you. As entrepreneurs, we need to learn how and when to respond to things. Bringing on a regular to the show, Dr. Joyce, David calls her an image maker, but she’s more about impressions, and we’re going to ask her how fast we should respond to inquiries. How long should we wait before responding to people? As chance would...


How to Be a Rockstar at Your Next Trade Show

All of us have probably been to a trade show or two in our lifetime but a lot of us don’t think about what goes into making you a rock star of that tradeshow. Trade shows are one of the greatest ways to build your business, improve outreach, and acquire customers. Find the Best Show for You For example, if you’re a local business then you don’t need to waste money going to a national show -- find the one that’s going to reach your target audience. There are so many shows out there and you...


Proper Meeting Etiquette with Guest Dr. Joyce Knudsen

How you conduct yourself in meetings is a reflection of you. Some entrepreneurs have been in the business world for quite some time now but for many of you out there that haven’t really had a lot of meeting experience, we’re going to share with you a bit of tips you can use when either attending or holding meetings yourself. Today with us we have regular Dr. Joyce Knudsen. Forgotten Rules of Meetings There are a lot of forgotten rules when it comes to meetings. One of the biggest pet peeves...


Customer Acquisition Versus Customer Attention

In today’s podcast, David and Lisa talk about customer acquisition and then keeping that customer’s attention throughout the months or years. The cost of getting a customer What a lot of businesses don’t think about is that you have a cost of customer acquisition -- whether it be the cost of a going to a trade show or the cost of advertising. When you’re smaller this is inevitable, you’ve gotta do it, but once you’ve grown a bit bigger you can switch your marketing tactic to more of an...


The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing with Guest Robert McGuire

Stealing a quote from today’s guest -- “Just because it’s on the blog section of your website doesn’t make it content marketing” introduces us to this very useful topic, and while we all want to believe it does, there’s a lot more behind it. Our guest today is Robert McGuire -- Robert has his own agency called the McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Agency. He helps companies create effective, high quality and authoritative content marketing. Deposits in the Karma Bank One of David’s other...


The Ins and Outs of Direct to Consumer Marketing with Guest Ed Hauck

Direct to consumer expert Ed Hauck is back on today’s show; he will discuss how direct to consumer works and provide answers. How do entrepreneurs make it work? As someone who has been doing direct to consumer for over twenty years, Ed sees direct-to-consumer like a large Math problem because you can go directly to the consumer and get individual buyer behaviors and receive feedback on product – it allows you to test, test and re-test. So, by the time you go to roll something out and invest...