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The Abundant Accountant Podcast is where accounting and tax professionals come to learn the most efficient and powerful ways to grow their firm, sharpen their skills, and have consistent increasing revenue. We cover topics from networking, pricing, finding your ideal clients, increasing cash flow, setting boundaries with clients and much more so you can stop giving away your time and expertise away for free and start being paid your value and worth! You’ll learn tips and strategies as well as hear personal interviews from successful accounting and tax professionals. This podcast will show you exactly how to create the firm (and life) of your dreams full of abundance!


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The Abundant Accountant Podcast is where accounting and tax professionals come to learn the most efficient and powerful ways to grow their firm, sharpen their skills, and have consistent increasing revenue. We cover topics from networking, pricing, finding your ideal clients, increasing cash flow, setting boundaries with clients and much more so you can stop giving away your time and expertise away for free and start being paid your value and worth! You’ll learn tips and strategies as well as hear personal interviews from successful accounting and tax professionals. This podcast will show you exactly how to create the firm (and life) of your dreams full of abundance!




Episode 113: Start Planning For The Next Tax Season NOW With Thomas A. Gorczynski, EA, USTCP

Tax season is now behind us, but that doesn’t mean we move on and think about it later when it comes back. Don’t leave tax planning for the next season. Start doing it now! In this episode, we look ahead to plan for the next tax season, so we’re better equipped to facilitate the changes in our business. Joining Michelle Weinstein is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on federal tax law matters, Thomas A. Gorczynski, EA, USTCP. Among the titles under his belt, Tom is the editor-in-chief of EA Journal, co-author of the PassKey Learning Systems EA Review Series, and co-owner of Compass Tax Educators. He brings his expertise and insights to today’s show to prepare us for the next tax season with a list of the top ten areas to assess in your firm. What are the common mistakes people make? What is the future of the accounting profession? What client metrics should you consider? Tom answers these and more. So tune in to learn and hopefully skip past the tears and anxiety of the tax season when it arrives.


Episode 112: How To Gain RESPECT And Own Your Voice With Susan Tinel

If you want to be an abundant accountant, you need to gain the respect of your clients. If they try to make you do things you’re not supposed to be doing or impose on how you spend your time with them, then it may be time to let them go. But in order to gain that kind of confidence, you have to let go of the fear of losing clients. Susan Tinel is here with to remind you that you are good enough! Go ahead and set your boundaries. Let them filter the clients you want from the clients who will only disrespect you. Own your voice and you will see that the people you want to work with will get drawn to you. Tune in and get inspired by this powerful message!


Episode 111 | Scalable To Saleable System: The Roadmap To Scale, Sell, And Succeed In Your Firm With Sharrin Fuller

We all want to scale our business, but the question is how? Successful entrepreneurs have their secret sauce to success. In this episode, Sharrin Fuller, the founder of Glass Wallet Ventures, shares her secret sauce, the scalable to saleable system she develops to help grow and set our firm to success. From having $70 revenue a year, her firm scaled to $2.5M! Her secret? The three keys to success are communication, consistency, and follow-through. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, so let’s dive right into this roadmap to success!


Episode 109 | A Quest For Value: The Importance Of Asking More Questions With Geni Whitehouse

Asking more questions may seem obvious or even unnecessary, but it actually has the power to unlock your full potential as an accountant. In this episode, Geni Whitehouse, CPA and founder of The Impactful Advisor, discusses how asking more questions provides more value to both clients and accountants. She shares how being curious, caring, and concerned about our clients' lives and businesses can lead to significant changes in our practices. Geni also explains that asking important questions has the power to remove the psychological burden of accountants when dealing with their clients. Through this conversation, you can learn how to fire clients who don't align with your values, increase your value as accountants, and raise your prices. With Geni's guidance, you’ll discover that by asking more questions, you can unlock your true capacity and create the thriving accounting business environment you deserve. Join us for this powerful episode on the transformative power of asking more questions, and learn how to unlock your full potential as an accountant. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 110 | Case Study: The Best Time For Upselling Is NOW With Chris McCormack

Upselling is a great growth technique for medium-sized companies wanting to maximize their resources for expansion. But when exactly is the best time of the year to upsell, and what are the ways you can do it? Our guest, Chris McCormack, says it is NOW. Chris is a CPA, MBA, and CTC (Certified Tax Coach) who enjoys helping investors and business owners operate their businesses the way they need to. Whether you are a firm owner who can barely get his head above water or an employee wanting to quit a corporate job to start your own firm, you don’t want to miss this episode as we delve into how you can upsell, grow your bank account, and create the business of your dreams.


Ep 108 | Embracing Relaxed Success With Marc Schnoll, The Travelling CPA

What is it like to run your tax firm remotely? Is it even possible? In this episode, Michelle Weinstein welcomes back Marc Schnoll, the Travelling CPA, who shares his insights on what it’s like to achieve relaxed success. Marc’s firm grew in several ways: his people grew, the revenue doubled, and their systems are better when engaging with clients. Remotely selling their services welcomes the possibility of embracing relaxed success. Marc realizes that the more people he brings into his firm can be challenging, but it’s the only way to grow. Tune in to hear more of Marc Schnoll in this episode now! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 107 | When To Offload Clients And When To Keep Them With Denise Mandeau

Some clients can be pains in the neck, so how do you know if it’s time to offload some clients? In this episode, financial planner and business owner Denise Mandeau joins Michelle Weinstein as they share criteria for offloading clients in their accounting firms. Tune in to find out which kinds of clients you can let go by vetting their character, communication style, and compliance with what you require of them. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 106 | Why Technology Can Help Increase Your Conversions And Revenue With Blake Oliver

As a CPA, you're responsible for helping make smart decisions, whether it be for your clients or your firm. And that means you need to help them understand the importance of technology in their business operations. In this episode, Blake Oliver, CPA talks about how technology is crucial for creating conversions, avoiding potential pitfalls, and increasing revenue! Blake is an accountant, podcaster, and entrepreneur who specializes in financial technology. He shares how you can better understand where your firm is now and where you want to be, and how to utilize technology to get there. Don’t miss out, especially in this technology age. Tune in now! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Ep 105 | Case Study | Triple Your Fees Without Losing A Client With Danielle Douglas

So many professionals are afraid to increase their fees for fear that it might drive people away. What happens is they end up charging less for what they are actually worth. How do you overcome this predicament? Well, today’s guest made it happen. In fact, she was not only able to double her fees but triple them without even losing a single client! Join Danielle Douglas, the Founder of Infinite Accounting Services Inc., as she sits down with Michelle Weinstein to discuss how she managed to do it. Danielle invested $7,500, and none of it worked. But she was able to overcome that. Learn how she turns things around by tuning into this episode! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 104 – Profit First: How To Use Income Targeting To Build The Firm You Love With Billie Anne

Michelle Weinstein welcomes the Lead Technical Guide for the Profit First Professionals organization in the Abundant Accountant Podcast to show you how to build your firm. Grab your pen and paper because our guest brings noteworthy ideas you might need to start your firm. Billie Anne, a Profit First Professional, shares insights on using income targeting to build the firm you love. Income targeting has a huge impact on growing the revenue to build the firm. Most people think that money is not everything, which is not entirely true because it is a tool to have a freeing lifestyle. Don’t miss this episode with Billie Anne today!


Episode 103 – Take Control Of Your Firm: The Elements To Consider When You Inherit Or Buy A Firm Full Of Low Paying Clients With Denise Mandeau

Have you inherited or bought a firm? Are you afraid to raise your rates? Well, that dilemma is addressed in this episode to help you take control of your firm. Today, Denise Mandeau, a Business Growth Strategist, discusses the elements that you need to consider when you buy or inherit a firm full of low paying clients. Don’t be afraid of making any changes in your firm because change can be the biggest leap you need to take to grow your business. It is time to remodel your firm with Denise. Don’t miss this episode today!


Episode 102 | Selling Advisory Services As A Transformational Offer To Your Existing Clients With Dominique Molina

Are you thinking of transitioning from compliance-focused to selling advisory services but afraid of pricing for your worth? In this episode, Michelle Weinstein sits down with Dominique Molina to discuss how you can overcome that. She is the Co-Founder of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners (AICTP) and has successfully licensed over 1,000 tax professionals as Certified Tax Planners across the country. With Dominique's insights, she shares tips on selling advisory services to your existing clients, so you finally get the freedom you set out to do in your business. She also highlights that this is not a transaction but a transformational offer for your clients. Tune in to this episode and learn how you can charge premium fees for your service!


Episode 101 | Why Sales Training For Accountants And Tax Firm Owners Fails And How To Avoid It With Rob Jolles

So you've done a bunch of sales training in the past, and they've failed. But why? In this episode, Michelle Weinstein, along with our special guest Rob Jolles, sought-after speaker and best-selling author, will look at why sales training fails for accountants and tax firm owners and how to avoid it altogether. Take part in our conversation and learn how to make smarter, more fail-proof sales training! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 99 | Building A Corporate Culture To Keep Retention High With Ron Saharyan

A great corporate culture always starts with the owner. The owner is the person that gets to decide what kind of culture they want for their business. And if you want to keep retention high, you want a good culture. Join Michelle Weinstein as she talks to the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Profit First Professionals, Ron Saharyan. Ron has over 15 years of experience in managing organizational growth and built multiple companies in the staffing industry. Learn how he establishes culture in his business so he can keep employees happy and productive. Give your employees gifts, bonuses, time, and purpose so that they know they are doing something great. Start increasing your retention rates today! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 98 | Confidence And Competence: Two Key Elements To Success For Accounting And Tax Owners With Roger Knecht

Working too hard on your accounting and tax business? You may want to tune in to this episode. Today’s guest, Roger Knecht, host of Building the Premier Accounting Firm Podcast, discusses the strategies for having confidence in competence for accounting and tax firm owners. He shares how embracing technology allows you to work more efficiently increase your profitability. Roger also shares his insights on overcoming intimidation towards technology by being aware of the three players who are part of the challenge. Are you tired of grinding for eight hours a day? Step up now, and start moving forward by tuning in to this episode on The Abundant Accountant Podcast with Michelle Weinstein and Roger Knecht! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 97 | A Conversation On Pricing: How To Charge For Your Worth With Nate Haggerty

Price is what you pay, and value is what you get. That is what pricing is all about. You have to make sure that you are giving the best value for your price. Your pricing is directly proportional to what you've invested in your education, time, and mistakes. If you believe you are an expert in your field, don't be afraid to raise your prices. It's all about getting through your beliefs that your customers will leave you if you raise prices. Get over that so you can learn how to price for what you're truly worth. Michelle Weinstein takes the hot seat opposite the CEO of TaxProMarketer and AdvisorProMarketer, Nate Hagerty, to talk all about pricing. Learn how you can raise prices without making your customers feel ripped off. Discover what a lot of people do wrong in pricing, like watching their competition. Find out more about perceived value and how that plays into your pricing strategy. Be the expert and start understanding how your pricing works today! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 96 | How To Stop Justifying And Explaining Accounting Fees With Rob Jolles

Are you confident enough with your numbers? Listen to your host Michelle Weinstein as she shares valuable insights about pricing strategies and why you should stop justifying and explaining your accounting fees with Rob Jolles. Rob is a speaker, author, consultant, and coach who stresses the importance of knowing your worth and value. In this episode, he shares actionable implementation strategies you can execute in your business regarding discounting fees and answering clients’ questions. In the financial industry, it is common to feel the need to justify and explain your fees, but you shouldn’t give clients a discount just because they ask to. Elevate your decision-making process and understand that your daily financial roller coaster ride should not be as exhausting as it ought to be. Have complete control. Tune in as he shares the incremental changes he made to his speaking engagements and how he adds value to his clients. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 95 | Relaxed Success: Getting Stress Out Of The Way With Denise Mandeau

When stress gets in your way, it can affect everything around you and cause a dramatic decline in productivity. But how can you turn this around to let yourself be stressed out in a relaxed state? In this episode, Denise Mandeau, a business growth strategist, says that because we commoditize our value, we are trading dollars for hours, which does not help increase revenue, nor does it helps in putting you in a relaxed state. Building a new discipline and doing simple tweaks in your environment, whether at the office or home working, through changing what you see, smell and hear are some of the keys that can help you achieve this state. Tune in to this episode now and learn more about how you can achieve relaxed success with Denise! Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 94 | How To Buy Tax Practices For Pennies On The Dollar With Dominique Molina

Want to know how you can buy tax practices for pennies on the dollar? This is the episode for you! Today’s guest is Dominique Molina, the co-founder and President of the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches. In this episode, she joins host Michelle Weinstein to share tips and tricks on buying tax practices at better rates and reducing your clients while increasing revenue. It’s all about having that abundance mindset. Don’t miss out on practical knowledge that will help you earn more and work less by tuning in to this episode. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!


Episode 93| Rein It In: How To Sit In Silence & Discomfort When Meeting Prospects With Paul Ross

How often do you get nervous during meetings and sales pitches and end up talking too fast and too much? Before you know it, your prospect is already walking away, leaving you wondering what went wrong. Learn how to calm your nerves from the Master Hypnotist and Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Paul Ross, as he shares tips on how you can sit in silence and discomfort and allow your prospect to tell you what they need and leverage that information to close the deal. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!