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A podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances of success

A podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances of success


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A podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances of success




Anneke Forzani - Language Lizard

The business Anneke Forzani created builds on a life-long passion for languages and different cultures. Growing up as a first generation American with Belgian parents, she learned Dutch/Flemish at an early age and spent many summers with relatives in Europe. She began learning Belgium’s second language, French, while in high school. A purpose-driven entrepreneur, Anneke established Language Lizard in 2005 to support the academic and social development of language learners, and promote...


Vicki Fitch - Evict the Bully in Your Head

Vicki Fitch started her first business at 12, bought her first house at the age of 19 and started her first company at the age of 20. She is a “Serial Entrepreneur” that has built and sold 4 successful companies. In addition, she spent 20 years in the Direct Sales industry where she reached the elite status of Top 10 in Sales & Recruiting internationally for more than a decade, while raising a family including a child with special needs. Vicki joins Mitch to talk about her background in...


Lisa Roberts Hurd - FOOD BODY SOUL

Lisa Roberts Hurd is an Oxford-University (M.Phil/MA) educated Culinary Archaeologist and thought leader in culinary-driven wellness. She is a featured speaker, chef and facilitator with leading organizations, including YELP, HeyMama, lululemon, Soho House and Constellation Behavioral Health. Her work is featured in The Huffington Post, Brad Lamm’s JUST 10 LBs, which helped over a million viewers on The Dr. Oz Show lose over 500,000 pounds, and Erika Lenkert’s Healthy Eating During...


Don Long - Sell or Don't Eat

Don W. Long is a respected serial entrepreneur of two businesses that have generated more than $100 million in sales spanning over three decades. Don joins Mitch to share his knowledge and extensive experience and business, selling and now teaching others how to be effective sales people. You can also watch their discussion on video by visiting our YouTube Channel. As a fifth-generation business owner, Don took everything he learned from his family to survive a humbling period as a...


Ross Kimbarovsky - crowdspring

Ross Kimbarovsky founded and is the CEO at crowdspring, where more than 220,000 experienced freelancers help agencies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits with high-quality custom logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and company naming services. Crowdspring has worked with the world’s best brands, including Amazon, LG, Starbucks, Microsoft, Barilla, Philips, and also with many of the world’s best agencies – and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, startups,...


Arnie Amir - GrowthPoint Business Consulting

Arnon Amir is Founder and President of GrowthPoint Business Consulting. Arnie’s mission is to leverage his 30+ years of sales leadership and business development experience to assist business owners in overcoming their toughest challenges and enabling them to plan, execute and achieve the vision they have for the growth of their business. Arnon has led successful sales teams for small and large companies in markets such as Healthcare, Fire and Security, as well as other high-tech...


Jacki Smith - Coventry Creations

Jacki Smith is the founder of Coventry Creations; a locally based, internationally known maker of spiritual products, and co-owner of Candle Wick Shoppe in Ferndale, MI. In 1992 Jacki was the first on the national market with her Blessed Herbal Candles, launching the intentional candle industry. Over the past 30 plus years, she has created hundreds of magical candles, teaches spiritual development classes, podcasts, volunteers, and is a best-selling author of Coventry Magic, and co-author...


Jennifer Gillman - Law Firm Matchmaker

Jennifer Gillman calls herself a “Law Firm Matchmaker” and is President of Gillman Strategic Group, a legal recruiting company focused solely on law firm partner placement. Her goal is to help dissatisfied law firm partners and solo practitioners find the perfect fit at another firm, which can make a dramatic difference in their career and personal satisfaction. Her superpower is being able to tell in 15 minutes whether a law firm partner would be happier changing firms or if their current...


Erik Cabral - On Air Brands

Erik Cabral left corporate America after 20+ years. He jumped head first into real estate investing in order to achieve financial freedom. Educating himself, building networks, and analyzing hundreds of deals he purchased his first multi-family building in less than one year. He’s a partner in the Renault Winery & Resort, which is the 3rd oldest winery in the US, offers private capital to his network of investors for various projects and looks for opportunities to expand and grow his...


Pete O'Keeffe - Family Matters!

Pete O’Keeffe, along with his wife Janelle, helps business owners become successful leaders in their business and in their community. He teaches C.E.O.’s and Managers how to lead, so they have a more productive and engaged team; so that as a Leader, they have more FREEDOM, more CHOICES, more TIME and earn more MONEY. His mentoring skills are underpinned by his 22 years as a high-ranking Police & Army Officer, (and rugby referee) and 23 years running multiple businesses and training and...


Dr. Bill Dorfman - Celebrity Dentist

Celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman has been practicing for over 30 years in the Beverly Hills area and has had a career unparalleled to any other dentist in history! He has transformed the smiles of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Usher, Anthony Hopkins, Fergi, Hugh Jackman, Michael Strahan, Jessica Simpson, Mark Wahlberg and Eva Longoria, among many others. Dr. Bill was the only dentist featured on ABC's hit show Extreme Makeover, and is currently a recurring guest co-host on...


Jeroen Corthout - Salesflare

Jeroen (yer-own) Corthout is co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM built for SMBs selling B2B, mostly popular with agencies and fast growing startup companies. Jeroen started off in a marketing job at Baxter to get experience before starting his own company, but quickly felt that corporate life was not for him. It just wasn't exciting enough and he felt cornered in one small part of a big machine. Just more than a half a year in, while looking to start a digital agency for...


Lisa Mininni - Excellerate Associates

Lisa Mininni is President of Excellerate Associates, a business mentoring and organizational/leadership development company that works with CEOs in companies generating $500k to over $200M. Lisa is also the Founder of the Business Innovation Lab, an 8,100 sf coworking and conference center in Livonia, Michigan. For almost 20 years, Lisa and her Lab Leader Licensees have educated business leaders on their human wiring. Wiring dictates the type of environment in which you are best equipped...


Tripp Lanier - This Book Will Make You Dangerous

Tripp Lanier is the author of This Book Will Make You Dangerous, a professional coach, and host of The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp which — for over a decade — has been downloaded millions of times. Tripp has been a professional coach since 2005. He has spent thousands of hours coaching people all around the world to get out of the rat race, become an authority in their field, and make a great living doing the work they were put on this earth to do. Over the...


Hans Hanson - College Logic

Hans Hanson created CollegeLogic to be a valuable resource for helping families quickly get started in the college process with a personalized game-plan and detailed play-book. CollegeLogic is a close, personal resource for helping families solve the complex and expensive college equation. If you can dream, then they can help make your dream become reality. Their secret is to put the family in control, take back the power-position from the colleges. They are highly structured in our...


Greg Rex - STOKED

Greg Rex, author of Stoked: A Spiritual Journey From Employee to Entrepreneur. Greg is a frequent speaker at medical, health, business, and personal development conferences throughout North America, and has been interviewed by ABC, CBS, and Fox about his work on health coaching, corporate wellness, and work-life balance. Click on the graphic below for a free copy of Greg's book. Greg is also the eldest of 5, born and raised in San Diego. He practices yoga, loves snowboarding, surfing,...


Janet Falk - Public Relations & Communications

Janet Falk is a Communications professional with more than 30 years of experience in-house and at public relations agencies. She advises attorneys at small law firms and with a solo practice on Media Relations and Marketing Communications to: attract new clients, remain top of mind with prior clients, keep in touch with referral sources, help recruit associates, generate a news story about litigation that puts pressure on opposing counsel and achieve business goals. Janet leads workshops on...


JD Gershbein - Owlish Communications

Since 2006, JD Gershbein has been at the forefront of advancing the ideals of the digital world, inspiring opportunity-oriented individuals and companies to harness the power of the online media to elevate their profiles, engage their communities, and win new business. One of the world’s first independent LinkedIn consultants, JD is widely regarded as a thought leader in the areas of personal branding, social networking, video storytelling, and social entrepreneurship. As a business...


Steven Wilcox - PARKIT

Steven Wilcox is a graduate of Chapman University in Orange County, California. After school, he began working with global action sports brands such as Oakley, Quiksilver, DC Shoes and Roxy, where he developed a fundamental understanding of brand building and the strategies required to authentically reach a brand's audience. Today, Steven is the Founder and CEO of PARKIT, an outdoor brand that wants you to get outside and Enjoy The Exploration. PARKIT’s first product, an outdoor chair they...


Neeta Shah - Startup CFO Solutions

Neeta Shah is passionate about all things start up and as a result, partners with CEOs and founders to optimize cash flow, accelerate growth and be ready for exit. She strongly believes in promoting women in tech and business, and as such works extensively with women-founded businesses and non profits. She created the Prowess Program, which gives fund raising support to female founders. Her company is Startup CFO Solutions. Neeta has 20 years of global experience in finance, FP&A and...