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A podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances of success

A podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances of success


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A podcast to help aspiring entrepreneurs increase their chances of success




Steve Ferman - eTegrity

With over 38 years in technology, as a creator, owner, and operator, Steve Ferman is an insightful visionary in new emerging technologies and future trends. Steve was among the first online data backup distributors in 2004 and started a successful Channel Reseller program. Steve is a self-motivated innovative thinker with a flair for rallying the troops and have always met and exceeded His goals. Steve has been involved in helping businesses migrate from brick and mortar offices to the...


Patrick Maser - Entrepreneur & Network Marketer

Patrick Maser is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh. He has been in ACN for the past 19 years and earned the position of Senior Vice President. He is the Co-founder of Wealth Institute Inc. He has been a key speaker at the ACN Convention every 90 days for the past 14years. Speaking in front of crowds of 10 to 20 thousand people. Featured in several issues of Success From Home magazine and twice a judge on Celebrity Apprentice. Patrick joins Mitch to discuss his 20 years of experience...


Nikki Gangemi - Mindful Matters

Nikki Gangemi is a certified law of attraction coach, author, speaker and founder of Mindful Matters LLC. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs confidently achieve their goals, so they can get to their next level of success with more ease. Through mindset performance, personal development and leveraging Universal Laws, Nikki guides clients to overcome thoughts and transcend obstacles that prevent them from moving forward, so they gain a sense of resilience in continuing on a newer, more...


Jack Killion Returns - Our 100th Episode!

Jack Killion has more than 50 years experience as a corporate executive, business owner and entrepreneur. And he was our first guest back in February of 2019. He's back for our 100th episode! to share more of his knowledge and catch us up on what he is working on now. His new organization, Street-Smart Entrepreneurs, is dedicated to helping first time and experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs successfully launch and profitably grow their businesses. They accomplish this by sharing...


Tyler Jensen - The 7 Day House Flip

Tyler Jensen is an avid Real Estate Investor, International House Flipper, Philanthropist, Coach, Husband, and Father to three amazing boys. He has been flipping houses for more than 10 years. He started flipping houses in college and has never looked back. Tyler joins Mitch on this episode to discuss his real estate business and how they managed to flip a house in just 7 days! You can also watch their discussion on video uploaded to our YouTube Channel.He loves real estate and gets...


Barbara Hemphill - Taming the Paper Tiger

Barbara Hemphill is the author of the bestselling Taming the Paper Tiger, and founder of Productive Environment Institute, with offices in Raleigh and Carolina Beach, NC, and a team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists who work virtually worldwide. Their passion is helping people accomplish their work and enjoy their lives and organizations to increase profit, productivity, and peace of mind. Barbara joins Mitch to discuss how she helps companies and business owners to...


Mark Elie - K & E Travel

Mark Elie started K&E Travel in February of 1990. Mark started the travel agency as an adjunct to a promotional company that sold over 20 Million Vacation Certificates in the first 20 years in business. Although that promotion company is a shell of it's former self, the Travel Agency has survived. Mark joins Mitch on this episode to tell his story and how he has developed a profitable business in an ever-changing industry. You can also watch a video of their discussion on our YouTube...


Timothy Dick - ProfitLayer

Tim Dick was born and raised in rural West Virginia and the son of a coal miner. He is a first generation entrepreneur . As one of the first executives at HostGator in its early days and having helped it grow to host millions of websites in a few short years, he went on to build other large businesses . Founder and CEO of VOIPO and ProfitLayer; 3 time Inc 5000 CEO; Former HostGator Exec; Forbes Contributor; Consultant . In the first of 3 PodMAX Global Event interviews, Tim joins Mitch to...


Devin Scott - Freedom Finders

Devin considers himself a normal guy working in Corporate America with goals to learn it, do it, and teach it . It equals strategies to live the life you desire living. His key focus is mentorship and Mobile Home Park Investing. In our 2nd interview of the PodMAX Global Event, Devin joins Mitch to discuss his background, experiences and knowledge he has to share with our listeners. You can watch a video of their discussion on our YouTube Channel (sorry for the...


Fred Moskowitz - Note Investing

Fred Moskowitz is a note investor, entrepreneur, and public speaker who has trained countless investors from all walks of life on how to create passive income streams of their own. In the alternative investment space, Fred manages a mortgage note investment fund and is considered an industry veteran within the note investing arena . Fred is an advocate for spreading awareness about self-directed investing and enjoys teaching investors how to accelerate their financial growth using...


John Vuong - Local SEO Search

John Vuong is a seasoned sales professional and Internet marketer with an exceptional track record helping companies grow their clientele and profits. Through 15 years of experience working with CEOs, business owners, and marketing leaders at some of Canada’s most successful corporations, John developed a deep understanding of local marketing dynamics and consumer behaviour. John’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience working with more than 5,000 local business owners inspired him to start...


Dustin Hillis - Redefining Possible

As Chief Executive Officer, Dustin Hillis is leading the vision and strategy to make Southwestern Family of Companies the largest and most impactful privately-owned company worldwide by 2048. In addition to being CEO of Southwestern Family of Companies, Hillis is a Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting, a sales and leadership coaching, keynote speaking and personal empowerment firm that helps clients around the world drive sales performance through the use of time-tested principles and...


Scott Kochman - Serial Entrepreneur

Scott Kochman is a childhood friend of Mitch's, having lived across the street since Mitch was 4 years old. Scott was the best man at his wedding and their business ideas and thoughts about things go way back. Scott has started and owned many businesses and is currently a real estate broker in New York City. Scott focuses on the luxury condo and investment marketplace in New York City and comes to the Level Group with over 20 years in sales and management experience. He is known for his...


Lisa Lieberman-Wang, Business & Life Strategist

Lisa Lieberman-Wang is a Business & Life Strategist helping entrepreneurs to create multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses. Supporting professionals & million-dollar organizations to up-level themselves and their business. Featured on TEDx and regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, & The CW! Recently ranked Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs. She is a #1 International bestselling author of Brand You Become the Expert & F.I.N.E. to FAB, co-creator of NAP, Licensed Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer, and...


Kerrian Fournier - Vybrante Ventures

Kerrian Bard Fournier is the CEO & Founder of Vybrante Ventures, a professional services company dedicated to unlocking the highest level of performance for innovative companies, teams and professionals by igniting their vibrancy and innovation. Kerrian has 25+ years of experience in the corporate world on Wall Street, Strategy/Risk Consulting and Technology firms. She is certified as an Executive Coach through iPEC, one of the preeminent coaching certification programs. She is passionate...


Thom King - Guy Gone Keto

Part CEO, part personal development wonk, and part biohacker info geek, Thom King is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur. While his favorite book list contains many success-oriented and personal-development classics, the classic definition of achieving success (e.g. make a lot of money) is not what inspires or motivates King. He follows more of a “you aren’t doing well unless you’re also doing some good” line of thinking. King’s company has been built around the simple principle of “do the...


Gillian Pritchett - Resilience & Marketing

Gillian Pritchett, MA, CPFA was born and raised in the UK, but she's lived and worked in various countries in Europe, spent chunks of time in Australia and 12 years in Canada. Her international corporate career spanned finance, business development and marketing. Combining all these experiences with her innate creativity, she helps business owners around the world with practical marketing solutions to build and maintain visibility and credibility. She also teaches marketing, business...


Joyce Rojas - Money Coaching

Many people live their lives being controlled by their money situation, they struggle to tap into their potential and the abundance they deserve. Over 19 years of financial advisory and banking experience at Fortune 500 companies, a Masters in Business Administration, and a results-based approach has given Joyce Rojas the ability to help thousands of people surpass their potential by a simple shift of their money mindset. On this episode, Joyce joins Mitch to tell her incredible story of...


Doron Lazarus - Executive Sleep Consultant

Doron Lazarus is the founder of Executive Sleep Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping busy professionals gain the sleep they need to thrive in the competitive world. Doron is a graduate of UCLA where he studied neuroscience and psychology. His passion for sleep was born out of his own struggle with insomnia. His first sleep client was himself, as he dug in deep to actually rewire the way his mind thought about sleep from the inside out. This technique soon was coined the "Total Sleep...


Lindsey Mach - Lindsey Noelle Publishing

Lindsey N. Mach is the owner of Lindsey Noelle Publishing Services, LLC. She is a freelance writer, editor, book marketer, and book coach who is also a certified teacher. Lindsey draws upon her ten years’ experience in the publishing industry, working in both trade and educational publishing, as well as her knowledge of self-publishing and traditional publishing to work alongside clients as they strive to accomplish their various writing goals. Lindsey is passionate about helping writers and...