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I just launched my new podcast on iTunes & would love to have it on TuneIn. I’m getting a lot of traction already and have great momentum. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

I just launched my new podcast on iTunes & would love to have it on TuneIn. I’m getting a lot of traction already and have great momentum. Thank you kindly for your consideration.
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I just launched my new podcast on iTunes & would love to have it on TuneIn. I’m getting a lot of traction already and have great momentum. Thank you kindly for your consideration.








#045 The Elevator VS The Stairs

My life six years ago was so different. I was the person who needed to take every single action, learn every single thing, and do every single step. I believed that to reach my goal, I had to do everything. Have you ever wonder why your life isn't changing for the better even if you already did everything? In this episode, we're going to breakdown why so many people get stuck in the action or doing. So tune in with me as I share my breakthroughs. I can guarantee that you'll experience some...


#044 Connection to Self

It's important to pay attention to the thoughts going through your mind because they will influence and energize the rest of what you do. Your thinking brings transformation to your life. I've talked extensively on this topic because I believe with my whole heart that the subject is of vital importance and that our thoughts are, in fact, one of the most complex areas of life to gain mastery over. Connect with yourself today by tuning in with me. Listen until the end, and you’ll have a...


#043 Energy in Motion

Hey, there! How's your week going? In this episode, I talked about taking action that stirs something and moves something inside of us. It's necessary to start the struggle to know your situation, your change through it, and the purpose it holds for your growth leading onward. I believe that doing nothing accomplishes nothing. If you're looking to change, that's not the way to go. So, you're going to love this episode! Sit back, relax, and get ready to get in motion.


#042 Knowledge vs Knowing

Today's episode, I talked about the sixth sense, intuition, and knowing things that will help you succeed in life. Trust yourself on your own journey and take courage in this adventure we call, life. I will help you embody the things you learn in life and be your most powerful self. Tune in with me. It is definitely worth a listen!


#041 Where You're Meant To Be

BIG NEWS! Well... sorry, you're going to have to listen to the episode for that! In this episode, I talk all about that nagging feeling that you should be further along in life, what that is exactly & why that can be so damaging to your future. So tune in to this episode to listen in as I share a surprise and as I hand you the key to unlock your greatest potential. Think I'm kidding? Listen in for yourself and see!


#040 Courage Is Power

The #1 missing piece for struggling entrepreneurs is to show up boldly in life & business. If you're constantly "stuck" behind the scenes doing all the groundwork but never finding enough courage to take a leap of faith to put your message out there powerfully... then this behavior will likely become a deeply ingrained habit... unless you change it. Listen to this episode & make a commitment to yourself that you'll no longer sit back passively. It's time to step powerfully into BEing a...


#039: Planning For The Win

Goal setting & achieving can be a slippery slope for a lot of entrepreneurs. We set these lofty goals & then we allow these goals to disempower us when we feel we’re running behind. THAT MUST STOP. After years & years of trial & error while paying close attention to where things went wrong, in this episode I’ll share with you the missing pieces that allow you to become a goal conquering guru. Don’t allow your goals to disempower you any longer. Listen to this episode.


#038: The Art & Power of Visualization

If there is one thing that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing enough... it's the power of visualization. By spending time each day visualizing how you want your day to go & the energy you want to bring to your life... you're actually practicing or simulating your day ahead. And by doing so, you train your mind & body to get on board with you to work together to achieve the feel-good results you want to achieve. Learn all about my visualization process & MORE in this episode!


#037: No Attachment, No Suffering

Buddha say "Attachment is the source of all suffering." When we're so attached to our plans, when we're attached to people & things... the slightest little setback brings us pain. Imagine for a moment if you could let go of all of that. To stop trying to CONTROL everything & just start living. Don't you think more good would come into your life when you just allow it to flow naturally? In this episode I share with you how to FINALLY let go of the attachment and therefor let go of all...


#036: Sleep Is Power with Tamiko Kelly

If you're constantly feeling like you're behind the 8 ball, tired & struggling to stay focused... the #1 place I look first is at my sleep. If your sleep is off, you're off. Tamiko Kelly & I talk about how to get the best sleep & we talk specifically to entrepreneur moms out there with babies or young kids. But this goes for all of you out there. You'll be able to pick up some great gems in this episode to make sure you're recharging your battery more effective with great sleep.


#035: What's Your Competitive Advantage

In today’s overcrowded online market space, you need a way to stand out. Most experts will tell you to look for your unique selling proposition (whatever the hell that means! Lol) but I’m here to shine a light on how you can REALLY begin to stand out online. And it’s not what you think. Give this episode a listen and by the end you’ll have a better idea how to tap into your TRUE competitive advantage to make a name for yourself where you stand out & align with your unique...


#034: The Curse of Goals

Most entrepreneurs allow their goals to disempower them. They’re all excited & amped up when they first set their goal... and then when time starts moving on... they feel more & more pressure from that goal. This is the exact reason why most entrepreneurs quit setting goals and why most people never achieve their goals. And in this episode I’ll share with you the critical shift that takes you from being disempowered by your goals... to being totally empowered & inspired by your goals where...


#033: Attention Is Reality

Do you ever feel like you're STUCK in life? You're never actually stuck, but rather your thinking gets stuck. And when you're stuck focusing on a "problem" or something that's bothering you... your focus becomes your current reality. In this episode I break this down so you can KNOW how to keep your attention on the things that really matter & where you'll continue moving forward powerfully. Or... if you want, don't listen to this episode & you can just keep getting stuck. The choice is...


#032: Optimizing Health For Success with AJ Mihrzad

In this episode, the Online SuperCoach, Mr. AJ Mihrzad shares with us how he brings more energy & passion to each day. AJ shares with us some secret tips to get better sleep, to use food for fuel, and how to sustain energy through the day even if you didn't get the best night of sleep. As entrepreneurs we could all use better energy, so listen in & you'll be set up for success with optimizing your health & energy.


#031: How To Stop Losing Your Power

As caring people, we're NOTORIOUS for giving away our power. There are 2 distinct ways where we lose most of our power & in this episode we'll not only cover those two ways, but I'll share with you my strategy for breaking through this limitation.


#030: Intuition For the Win

I went off the deep end in this episode to share with you how I manage to tap into my intuition & my higher essence to move forward with clarity & confidence. In the last 3 months I’ve created more content than I created in the last 3 years... and it’s because I let go of needing to have it all figured out. I let go of the need to look good & just started tapping into my intuition for answers in order to help people. Like I said, we go deep in this episode but it’s a conversation that...


#029: Mindset For Momentum

First OFFICIAL episode of the new Mindset Monday series! In this episode I share with you a powerful technique that I use to keep my energy moving forward. So many people say they are STUCK in life or STUCK in their business. There is no such things as being STUCK. There is only stuck thinking. There is always a way around these "stuck" thoughts and in this episode I share with you how I keep my mind & energy moving forward. Enjoy this episode of Mindset Monday as we're now coming out with...


#028: Convenient Distractions

Right now we’re living in a world full of distractions. We’re constantly being torn & pulled away from what’s truly important to us. In this episode I challenge you to look at your distractions as a CHOICE. You can ultimately protect your focus... you just don’t choose to do so. It’s time to take responsibility for your time & energy once & for-all. Listen in & get the clarity you need to stop being so distracted & to start really living. Enjoy!!


#027: Dissolving The Problem

Most people believe that to solve their problems they need to wrestling with the problem. But that's the actually the worst thing you can do as that takes away your power which actually perpetuates the problem. If wrestling with it worked so well, we'd all be problem free by now as we LOVE wrestling with our problems. So next time you have a "problem" just let the problem be and go about your day. Coming from this place you're far more resourceful than you are when you're stuck in your...


#026: The Importance of Values

For most people, their values are unconscious. Meaning, they have no clue where they place their value & therefor have no criteria in making important decisions. By being consciously aware of your values you’ll KNOW when you’re living in alignment. In this episode I talk about the importance of values covering things like freedom & money as values... AND I give you a powerful exercise to get really clear while flushing out your core values. From here, your actions & even you the...