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I just launched my new podcast on iTunes & would love to have it on TuneIn. I’m getting a lot of traction already and have great momentum. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

I just launched my new podcast on iTunes & would love to have it on TuneIn. I’m getting a lot of traction already and have great momentum. Thank you kindly for your consideration.
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I just launched my new podcast on iTunes & would love to have it on TuneIn. I’m getting a lot of traction already and have great momentum. Thank you kindly for your consideration.








#029: Mindset For Momentum

First OFFICIAL episode of the new Mindset Monday series! In this episode I share with you a powerful technique that I use to keep my energy moving forward. So many people say they are STUCK in life or STUCK in their business. There is no such things as being STUCK. There is only stuck thinking. There is always a way around these "stuck" thoughts and in this episode I share with you how I keep my mind & energy moving forward. Enjoy this episode of Mindset Monday as we're now coming out with...


#028: Convenient Distractions

Right now we’re living in a world full of distractions. We’re constantly being torn & pulled away from what’s truly important to us. In this episode I challenge you to look at your distractions as a CHOICE. You can ultimately protect your focus... you just don’t choose to do so. It’s time to take responsibility for your time & energy once & for-all. Listen in & get the clarity you need to stop being so distracted & to start really living. Enjoy!!


#027: Dissolving The Problem

Most people believe that to solve their problems they need to wrestling with the problem. But that's the actually the worst thing you can do as that takes away your power which actually perpetuates the problem. If wrestling with it worked so well, we'd all be problem free by now as we LOVE wrestling with our problems. So next time you have a "problem" just let the problem be and go about your day. Coming from this place you're far more resourceful than you are when you're stuck in your...


#026: The Importance of Values

For most people, their values are unconscious. Meaning, they have no clue where they place their value & therefor have no criteria in making important decisions. By being consciously aware of your values you’ll KNOW when you’re living in alignment. In this episode I talk about the importance of values covering things like freedom & money as values... AND I give you a powerful exercise to get really clear while flushing out your core values. From here, your actions & even you the...


#025: The Secret of Energy

Most people don't have enough energy to make it through the day without burning out. They're tired, frustrated, it's hard to focus... and it's a never ending cycle of running behind. In this episode we'll crack the code on energy. Understanding how to generate more powerful energy in your life can help you to show up more courageously & ultimately create more impact & income in your life. So listen in and learn how to tap into a whole new energy you never knew you had. Have fun with it!!


#024: Leading From Purpose with Brodie Whitney

In this episode I interviewed my old life coach from Tony Robbins' coaching program, Brodie Whitney! Brodie & I talk all about how to use your intuition to tap into and lead with your purpose. We take a very big topic & Brodie helps break this down into easy to follow action steps. We also talk about the power of visualization & how a few smalls shifts that Brodie made allowed him to start manifesting things in his life almost instantly! This was such a pleasure to catch up with my old...


#023: Lessons From Laguna

In this episode I share with you my lessons & breakthroughs from this last week in Laguna Beach, California while at my good buddy, James Wedmore's Business By Design Live event. During the event I got the chance to speak on stage. It was something I've been wanting to do for years! During this opportunity I learned more about myself in this short amount of time than I ever could have imagined possible. It's in uncomfortable times we grow the most. I don't want to spoil anything, but let's...


#022: Live Event Breakthroughs

TRAVEL EDITION: I'm in Laguna Beach, California at James Wedmore's BBD Live event! This is my 4th BBD Live event & I've experienced some MASSIVE breakthroughs each time that I share with you in this episode. If you haven't been to any live events & surrounded yourself with likeminded people... this might be the missing piece of the puzzle as it definitely was for me. So listen in as I share my breakthroughs as you'll experience some major breakthroughs through these stories as well. I can...


#021: Planning For Success with Alon David

There's an art & a science to planning & goal setting. Most people will set big goals and then each day they'll focus on how far they still have to go, which is demoralizing! Instead, set your big vision and then fill in the blanks with something like the 90X Goal Planner to focus on the steps right ahead of you. Plus, it's important to embody your goal by dreaming about it daily, having it all around you in your home & at work so you internalize who you need to become to achieve those...


#020: Digital CEO Breakthrough with James Wedmore

In this episode I interview my mentor, coach & friend James Wedmore who shares his insights with us about how to become a better entrepreneur & a better Digital CEO. James has experienced massive growth over the last few years inside his business with the launch of his flagship program, Business By Design & also his Next Level group coaching program. If you're a coach, content creator, influencer, consultant... or if you're considering creating an information based digital business then...


#019: Reprogram Your Life with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Have you ever wanted to start over, to start fresh as someone new? Welcome to the land of transformation & welcome to this episode where Dr. Shannon Irvine walks us through exactly how to reprogram ourselves & our lives. By using the steps that Shannon shares with us today you can begin to get out of your own way & step into a more powerful way of being. So buckle up, take notes & get ready to reprogram your life with Dr. Shannon Irvine!


#018: Becoming A Coach with Marc MaWhinney

If you're interested in becoming a coach, opening a group coaching program... OR if you're creating an online course & would like to add a coaching element to it, then this episode is for you. Marc also breaks down & shares with us his unique content marketing strategy where he uses consistency as his competitive advantage. So buckle up & have some laughs with us as we talk about the coaching industry, how to get started coaching & also Marc's phenomenal content creation strategy.


017 How To Free Yourself From STUCK Energy

When you’re avoiding things... your energy is stalled. It’s not free flowing. It’s not as radiant as it could be. Whether it be a hard conversation that needs to be had with someone, an action we know we need to take or something we need to do in our business. You cannot be at your best when part of your mental energy is stuck waiting for you to gain the courage to take the action you know deep down you need to take. Successful people rip the Band-aid off & step into the uncomfortability....


016 Creating Freedom Through Structure with Mike Michalowicz

Most entrepreneurs find themselves trapped inside their business. They set out on this journey seeking more freedom, but quickly realize that this whole entrepreneur thing closely resembles a glorified J.O.B. When you’re able to begin the process of systematizing your business and to start empowering others to take some of these tasks off your plate, the game changes. Even though most of us strongly dislike the words "structure" and "systems"... the truth is, the way to achieve the time &...


015 The Habit of Habits

95% of your life is ALL habits. The things you’ve trained yourself to do time & time again through repetition. Repetition is the mother of all learning. It’s the mother of all skills. It’s how you strengthen your brain to perform. Most people are living life on auto pilot. They’ve been programmed from their parents, their teachers, their peers, the news and so on. They go about their lives running the same old outdated programs that have been running forever. They don’t...


014 Fearless Live Video with Tiffany Lee Bymaster

Tiffany Lee Bymaster, aka Coach Glitter is an extraordinary human being who helps entrepreneurs to grow their confidence in doing Fearless Live Videos. In this episode we talk all about how to navigate through the discomfort of doing live videos & how to actually flip fear on its head. Live video is a phenomenal way to leverage yourself, get known, to become relevant in your space & to grow your business. We not only talk about how to break through the fears of going live, but also...


013 Dissolving Fear & Anxiety with Julia Kristina

Our brains are wired to protect us... which is a good thing... but it also gets in our way at times and holds us back from taking the actions as an entrepreneur that we want & NEED to take to move our lives & businesses forward. The good news is, we can rewire & relearn how to think & how to BE. To get used to the uncomfortability & to dissolve the negative fearful thoughts that pop up when we reach outside of that comfort zones. Sometimes by simply shining a light and understand why...


012 Speed of Implementation with Zach Spuckler

In this episode I get the chance to interview Zach Spuckler! We dive deep talking about the fears & frustrations he faced as an early entrepreneur & how he was able to navigate through those same fears and frustrations that most entrepreneurs face at one time or another. We also discuss various topics like how being authentic online can help you stand out & connect deeper with your audience, and how speed of implementation absolutely changed the game for his business. Zach is an amazing...


011 From Disempowered To Empowered

In this episode we’ll focus on how you can get the most out of your day by coming from a powerful place. You’ll see EXACTLY how to step into this powerful state each & every day. In everything you do, if you come from a disempowered & fearful place that’s exactly what you’ll put out into the world. When you come from a powerful place, you’ll be well equipped to confidently tackle anything that comes your way.


010 The Fallacy of Motivation

Most people have the wrong idea about motivation. They think they need to "find it" or for it to "strike" before they can take action. With this thinking, you're going to be waiting around a long time. In this episode we'll break down the fallacy of motivation & we'll fix this way of thinking once & for all.