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The Amazing Exits Podcast is hosted by Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller where they discuss how Amazon entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business and achieve their ideal exit. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business, then make sure to tune in.

The Amazing Exits Podcast is hosted by Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller where they discuss how Amazon entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business and achieve their ideal exit. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business, then make sure to tune in.


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The Amazing Exits Podcast is hosted by Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller where they discuss how Amazon entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business and achieve their ideal exit. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business, then make sure to tune in.




0060: Amazing Exit With Christian Verhoeven

Christian Verhoeven is an entrepreneur and consultant and was the Founder of Big Fudge, a leading brand for premium vinyl record sleeves on Amazon. For five years, Christian was a sous-chef at Spago Beverly Hills before he decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. He combined his passion for vinyl records and brand ownership to create Big Fudge — and from there, he scaled his brand into a full-time job. In this episode… Are you a new entrepreneur struggling to develop your brand?...


0059: Post-Prosper Round-Up With Chris Shipferling

Chris Shipferling is a Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors, a leading Digital Investment Bank that specializes in the optimization of the business sale process. Before working at Global Wired Advisors, Chris was the Owner of Robert & Pearl, the Executive General Manager for North & South America at Jané Group, and the Senior Director of Sales at Evenflo. Through his work at Global Wired Advisors, Chris offers expert advice to Amazon and e-commerce entrepreneurs searching to maximize...


0058: Prosper Show Preview & Events

Paul Miller is a lifelong entrepreneur who founded and scaled a multimillion-dollar e-commerce brand. He is planning for his own successful exit and is excited to share his journey. He is passionate about empowering Amazon entrepreneurs with the best resources and support to create a sellable business and achieve their ideal exit. In this episode… Are you considering exiting your business but not sure where to turn? Where can you go to connect and learn from profitable Amazon sellers? If...


0057: The Truth About Valuations With Taliesen Hollywood

Taliesen Hollywood is the Director at Hahnbeck, a mergers and acquisitions company that specializes in the e-commerce space for lower middle-market and small businesses. Before his role with Hahnbeck, Taliesen was part of the founding team for Undisclosed Startups, the Director for Nomad International, Co-founder and CEO of, and Business Analyst of Mergers and Acquisitions and Licensing for Globe Life Sciences (formerly Propagate Pharma). In this episode… As a seller or buyer,...


0056: Creating Value With Proprietary Products With Zack Leonard

Zack Leonard is the COO, President, and Co-founder of Gembah, where they help Amazon and e-commerce sellers design, research, manufacture, and promote products. He has helped build Instacart in the Texas market from zero to seven figures and the national supply forecasting system, has led partnerships with WholeFoods and Costco, and was the Director of Strategy for Dropoff. He earned his bachelor of business administration from Texas McCombs School of Business. He lives with his wife,...


0055: Seven Figure Health and Wellness Exit With Richard Turnbull

Richard Turnbull is the CEO and Founder of The Restored, a sleep, nutrition, and movement brand for a healthy mindset. He is the Director at Clever Yellow, a supplier of innovative back braces. Richard scaled his health brands and successfully navigated the rough waters of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit for a seven-figure exit. In this episode… Are you ready to sell your business and start the next chapter? How do you align your international brand with aggregator demands for a greater...


0054: Amazon Aggregators Research Report With Global Wired Advisors

Joe Hogg is the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Global Wired Advisors. He is also the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Providium Group LLC, and the CEO and Founder of J. Ryland Capital Advisors. Prior to these roles, Joe was the Global Head of Funding for Wells Fargo’s trading and investment banking division, Wells Fargo Securities, and was the Managing Director of the Structured Finance division at Deutsche Bank. Robert Salmon is the Head of Research at Global Wired Advisors. Prior to...


0053: Exiting a Lifestyle Brand with John VanDerMeulen

John VanDerMeulen is the Founder of VDM Partners LLC, a consulting and wholesale online retail store helping Amazon FBA sellers maximize their growth. His proven techniques and system assures brands are monitored and aligned to increase conversion rates. Before founding VDM Partners LLC, John was the Owner and Sales Engineer at E&B Machine Co. and uses his managing experience to provide exceptional customer service and consultation to brands. In this episode… Are you an e-commerce seller...


0052: 12 Months to $1 Million with Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan Daniel Moran is the Founder of, a place for entrepreneurs to access tools and training to build a scalable business. After becoming successful at email marketing and info products, Ryan built his portfolio of brands, documented his journey on the One Percent podcast, and has helped new and experienced entrepreneurs launch scalable and sustainable online businesses. He has helped over 300 entrepreneurs build seven-figure companies, and is the Author of 12 Months to $1...


0051: Managing Your Exit Process with Josh Dittrich

Josh Dittrich is an author, entrepreneur, investor, and Amazon FBA Investor. He is the Founder and VP of BizDev at Branded Seller, an organization that builds low-cost, high-quality content for your Amazon exit. Josh is the Co-founder of BizDev for PlanTell and Cashability and the Co-founder of Bright Ventures. He was the Company Owner for Stakkers and Sniper’s Edge Hockey and previously worked for US Water Filters and Best Buy before making his eight-figure Amazon exit. In this...


0050: Acquiring and Scaling Brands with Mark Goldfinger of unybrands

Mark Goldfinger is the Senior Director of Growth at unybrands, a leading next-generation e-commerce platform. He held a variety of senior roles while working with WeWork for the past six years. He focused on growth and international expansion, opening new markets, growing and hiring a sales team, and building out processes in existing markets. Mark has experience working directly with executives to drive impactful results and achieve long-term growth. In this episode… Knowing how to build...


0049: From Brand Builder to Broker with Ben Leonard

Ben Leonard is the Co-founder of Ecom Brokers and an e-commerce consultant. He founded his first e-commerce brand, Beast Gear, with a laptop and some spare time, and it submerged him into the entrepreneurial world. Ben began his work with Ecom Brokers to help other entrepreneurs navigate the waters to reach their financial exit goals. He graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BS in Zoology and earned his MS degree in Ecology and Environmental Sustainability. His scientific...


0048: Buy Then Build with Walker Deibel

Walker Deibel is a best-selling author, advisor, and Founder of Buy Then Build. He is a serial acquisition entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience whose company launched the Acquisition Lab that helps first-time buyers navigate through the process. Walker has acquired over seven companies, co-founded several companies, and is an M&A advisor at Quiet Light Brokerage. Walker earned his MBA from Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. He is a Certified M&A Advisor,...


0047: From FBA Sellers to Acquirers with Sam Horbye of Olsam Group

Sam Horbye is the Co-founder of Olsam, Europe’s next-generation consumer goods company. He began as a Team Lead Manager for Amazon, building their business marketplace before branching off to create his own brand, Beechmore Books, and is now acquiring and scaling Amazon FBA brands. Sam graduated from Durham University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Internal Relations. In this episode… What are the steps to build your brand across a global marketplace — and when do you know to...


0046: Catching Up with Amazon Expert and Thought Leader Bradley Sutton from Helium 10

Bradley Sutton is the Director of Training and Chief Brand Evangelist at Helium 10, an Amazon inventory and financial marketing platform. He has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, started a multimillion-dollar aftermarket car parts business when he was 19, and has launched over 400 products. Bradley is an Amazon educator and host of the Serious Sellers Podcast, where he interviews Amazon FBA experts. He is a former sumo wrestler, zumba instructor, and social media mogul with over 30...


0045: Consumer Research to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings with Justin Chen from PickFu

Justin Chen is the Co-founder of PickFu, a self-service consumer research tool designed to provide feedback. At PickFu, they cater to an array of brands but focus specifically on e-commerce. He built the company around different customer segments that offer brands the tools to optimize their product development. Before PickFu, Justin was a software engineer and has over 15 years in the business. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. Justin is colorblind, and that was one...


0044: Acquiring Health & Wellness Brands with Yadin Shemmer of Intrinsic

Yadin Shemmer is the Founder and CEO of Intrinsic. Intrinsic is an acquirer and accelerator of Amazon-focused health and wellness e-commerce brands. Yadin is a serial health care entrepreneur with several successful business exits. Before his time at Intrinsic, he was the CEO of Mango Health, a medication management platform, President of Consumer of Business at Everyday Health Group, and Founder and CEO of Better2Know, a direct-to-consumer diagnostics business. In this episode… Founding a...


0043: The ExitPreneur's Playbook with Joe Valley

Joe Valley is a best-selling author, EXITpreneur, podcaster, advisor, and Partner at Quiet Light Brokerage. He is a ​Certified Mergers & Acquisitions professional and has personally closed over 100 million in transactions and nearly a half-billion in online exits through Quiet Light Advisors. Over the last nine years, Joe has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs whose goal is to achieve their own eventual exit. His best-selling book, The EXITpreneur’s Playbook, focuses on the online world of...


0042: Helping E-Commerce Business Owners Maximize Their Exits with Josh Robbins and Colin Kent from Premara Group

Josh Robbins specializes in business development and growth, and he is the Managing Partner at Premara Group. He has an established record of managing company finances and operations and orchestrating sales and marketing processes. Josh is also a Cornell University graduate and has worked for companies including Amazon and RAGS, where he focused on customer experience. Accomplished strategy and sales leader Colin Kent, Founder and CEO of Premara Group, has a track record of success in...


0041: Get Ready for Prosper Show 2021 with Conference Producer Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is a Conference Producer for Prosper Show at Emerald, a company that builds dynamic market platforms to integrate live events and media into transformative experiences. Emerald connects almost 2 million customers every year across 142 events and 16 media properties. Prosper Show is a conference for Amazon sellers who want to create profitable businesses, connect with solution and service providers, and network with top Amazon leaders and sellers. In this episode… Are you...