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The Amazing Exits Podcast is hosted by Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller where they discuss how Amazon entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business and achieve their ideal exit. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business, then make sure to tune in.

The Amazing Exits Podcast is hosted by Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller where they discuss how Amazon entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business and achieve their ideal exit. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business, then make sure to tune in.


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The Amazing Exits Podcast is hosted by Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller where they discuss how Amazon entrepreneurs can successfully grow their business and achieve their ideal exit. If you’re an Amazon seller looking for a dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business, then make sure to tune in.




0041: Get Ready for Prosper Show 2021 with Conference Producer Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is a Conference Producer for Prosper Show at Emerald, a company that builds dynamic market platforms to integrate live events and media into transformative experiences. Emerald connects almost 2 million customers every year across 142 events and 16 media properties. Prosper Show is a conference for Amazon sellers who want to create profitable businesses, connect with solution and service providers, and network with top Amazon leaders and sellers. In this episode… Are you...


0040: Brand Building and Multiple Exits with Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Private Label Legion (PLL), a community that gathers like-minded entrepreneurs to offer ideas, share expertise, and establish a strong network. He is also the Chief Growth Officer at SellersFunding, a fintech company that provides an all-in-one solution to help e-commerce sellers grow their businesses using capital and scale globally using a digital wallet. In addition to this, Tim is the host of the AM/PM Podcast, a popular show about Amazon FBA,...


0039: Selling Your Amazon Business… Exit Insights with Yael Cabilly from Fortunet

Yael Cabilly is the Co-founder of Fortunet, a boutique investment banking firm that specializes in selling e-commerce businesses and Amazon accounts. Fortunet represents businesses for sale that range in equity value from $500 thousand to $60 million, and they work with buyers including e-commerce companies, private equity firms, venture capitalists, and private investors. Yael is also the Founder and Intellectual Property and E-Commerce Attorney at Cabilly & Co., the very first...


0038: Two Exits to Public Companies and Increasing Value through Auditing with Eytan Wiener

Eytan Wiener is the Chief Executive Officer at GETIDA, a software company whose cloud-based auditing technology provides cutting-edge reimbursement recovery solutions for Amazon sellers. GETIDA’s passion is to improve the operations of third party FBA sellers so that sellers focus primarily on inventory investment and company growth. Eytan’s specialties include Amazon management, e-commerce, online marketplace, and business development. As a true Jack-of-all-trades, Eytan holds many other...


0037: Selling an Online Pet Brand with Dimitri Vorona and Jeremy Bell of Elevate Brands

Dimitri Vorona is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in the world of e-commerce. He is currently the CEO of Prime Tech Partners, which works to ensure the success of start-ups through their life cycle of growth. Dimitri is also the Founder of Hoster, a company that provides web development and web hosting services to small and mid-size companies. Outside of his businesses, he also works as an advisor and speaker, sharing his experience with newer companies. In 2020, he sold his business,...


0036: Acquiring and Growing the Best Digital Brands with Amazon Veterans Stefan Haney & Kyle Walker from Foundry

Stefan Haney is the Strategic Advisor and Interim CEO at Foundry, a growing agency that acquires, builds, and grows online brands. He is also the Managing Principal at Vantage International and the Principal at OneAccord. Stefan worked at Amazon for more than 15 years as a Senior Manager and Director and was a major leader in building Seller Central and the Amazon Marketplace from $9 billion to more than $160 billion. Kyle Walker is a Founding Partner at Foundry, an experienced digital...


0035: Expert Brand Building Tips to Create a Highly Valuable Business with Paul Baron

Paul Baron is the Founder & CEO of Chat Marketing University, the top ChatBot marketing course for Amazon sellers that provides training, consulting, and done-for-you services to students everywhere. He is also the Chief ChatBot Architect at The Chat Agency, a concierge marketing agency that helps businesses create long-lasting, memorable brands by transforming communication with customers and clients. Paul is also the Co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing for Beau & Belle Littles, a...


0034: Everything You Need to Know About the Due Diligence Process When Selling Your Online Business with Chris Yates & Brian Diener from Centurica

Chris Yates is the Co-Owner of Centurica, an online acquisition and due diligence company that helps buyers, sellers, and owners of digital assets protect their interests and manage their portfolios. Chris is also a Managing Member of Vision Group Management, LLC, and the Co-Founder of Rhodium Weekend. Over the years, Chris has built hundreds of business websites, generated millions of dollars in sales, and advised on more than $50 million in acquisitions and exits. Brian Diener is the...


0033: Understanding How to Use SBA Financing to Sell Your Amazon Business with Stephen Speer from eCommerce Lending

Stephen Speer is the Founder and CEO of eCommerce Lending, the #1 source for eCommerce business acquisition financing. Currently, eCommerce Lending has closed over 325 successful deals and provided more than $300 million in funding to help clients grow and scale profitable businesses. In addition to this, Stephen is also the Founder and CEO of Platinum Bancorp, Inc., a commercial lending firm that provides financing to businesses that possess great potential but lack the financial means...


0032: Unique Growth Capital Funding Program for Amazon Sellers with Don Henig from AccrueMe

Don Henig is the Co-Founder of AccrueMe, a business providing unique and expansive growth capital to Amazon Sellers. In addition, Don is also the President of Propzy, an app that helps people buy, sell, and rent real estate using social media. Before AccrueMe and Propzy, Don held a variety of important roles like the CEO of Peconic Bay Entertainment, Managing Director at Mortgage Master, and Founder and Partner at Corner Store Entertainment. In this episode… Are you trying to get your...


0031: Getting the Growth Capital You Need to Successfully Scale and Exit with Ari Horowitz from Yardline Capital

Ari Horowitz is the Chief Executive Officer of Yardline Capital, an e-commerce capital solutions company that offers operational expertise and advisory services to help sellers boost efficiency and accelerate growth. He is also an Advisor at Thrasio, one of the world’s largest acquirers of Amazon third-party FBA brands. Ari’s other positions include President of Hudson Palm LLC, Co-Founder and Chairman of String Me, Board of Trustees Member at Miami International University of Art & Design,...


0030: Scaling Your Amazon Business with People, Processes, and Technology with Yoni Kozminski from Escala and MultiplyMii

Yoni Kozminski is the Founder and CEO of Escala, an affordable, boutique process improvement and digital transformation consulting firm for Amazon and e-commerce businesses. Yoni is also the Founder and CEO of MultiplyMii, an Escala company that helps businesses all over the world reduce operating costs and increase profitability and output potential. In addition to this, Yoni is the Host of Successful Sales, a podcast where entrepreneurs share their inspirational stories, hard-won wisdom,...


0029: The Importance of Amazon Account Health Management When Preparing for An Exit with Joe Zalta from Riverbend Consulting

Joe Zalta is the Co-Founder and President of Business Development at Riverbend Consulting, a market leader in Amazon compliance and risk management. Riverbend Consulting helps Amazon sellers navigate the turbulent world of Amazon reinstatements in order to make way for new sales opportunities, profitable account management, and groundbreaking deals. Joe is also a Partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at E & J Sales and Marketing LLC, a leading Amazon marketing agency that partners with...


0028: Optimizing Your Profitability With Best in Class Quality Control with Sajag Agarwal from Movley

Sajag Agarwal is the Founder and CEO of Movley, a technology company that helps brands manufacturing in China create high-quality products and optimize their supply chains by providing hands-on quality control inspections. Before founding Movley, Sajag was the Founder and CEO of Syde, a company that produced high-performance electronics focused on charging in phones, cars, and aerospace. Sajag grew Syde to $2 million in annual revenue within three years of its conception, established Syde...


0027: When Should You Consider Selling Your Amazon Business with Brad Wayland from Quiet Light Brokerage

Brad Wayland is an entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience in marketing and operating online businesses. Starting in 2003, Brad helped create an online custom t-shirt company that later developed into a multi-million dollar enterprise. In the last 10 years, Brad has constructed, purchased, or sold more than 30 web properties. In 2017, Brad became an advisor at Quiet Light Brokerage, a company that helps entrepreneurs effectively and profitably sell their online businesses. In this...


0026: Learn How Amazon Entrepreneur Michele Venton Started, Scaled and Exited a 7 Figure Brand...And How She Plans to Do It All Over Again

Michele Venton is an experienced entrepreneur who specializes in growing, scaling, and exiting Amazon FBA businesses. She created a top Amazon company, GirlZone, in under two years, which she successfully exited in 2019 for seven figures. Michele is also a speaker at international e-commerce and Amazon events. Currently, Michele is building her second successful brand and establishing herself as a motivational speaker for working moms who are trying to juggle professional success and...


0025: Navigating the Amazon Jungle with Top 200 Amazon Seller Jason Boyce

Jason Boyce is an entrepreneur, author, Amazon aficionado, and the Founder and CEO of the product marketing agency Avenue7Media. He is an e-commerce expert with almost two decades of experience under his belt, and he uses the power of Amazon, social media, and digital advertising to launch products, boost sales, and build brands through Avenue7Media. In addition to this, Jason also serves as a CEO Advisory Board Member for Inc. CEO Project, as well as an Advisory Council Member for Prosper...


0024: Direct Response TV Pioneer Shares Expert Strategies and Tips for Building Iconic and Highly-Valuable Brands

Rick Cesari is a direct response marketing trailblazer, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and esteemed consultant. He was the very first person to build a national brand using direct response TV marketing and has since grown a plethora of brands—like Juiceman® Juice Extractor, Sonicare®, Clarisonic, and OxiClean—into household names. Currently, Rick is the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Branding, an omni-channel branding and marketing company that uses engaging videos to help...


0023: Streamlining Your Supply Chain to Maximize Profitability with Afolabi Oyerokun from Honu Worldwide

Afolabi Oyerokun is the CEO of Trillion Source and the Co-Owner of Honu Worldwide. Afolabi has been constructing logistic strategies, relationships, and tactics to increase profits and productivity for his clients for over 20 years. As a successful entrepreneur, Afolabi enjoys helping other entrepreneurs transform their vision into high-quality products. His love for discovering amazing products at low prices has led Afolabi to help multiple 7-figure Amazon entrepreneurs significantly...


0022: Selling Your Business to an Amazon Business Acquirer with Jake Barnett from Boosted Commerce

Jake Barnett is an experienced sales and marketing leader in the e-commerce and technology industries. He is the Head of Business Development at Boosted Commerce, an acquisition company of third party FBA sellers on Amazon. Jake’s expansive experience includes his work at Peachtree Funding, where he closed deals that were valued in excess of $100 million. Jake also worked at Blink Logic, a venture-capital funded startup, where he closed deals representing millions of users and was promoted...