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Keyword: the Extras Episode 028 - Building a Business to Sell Series Part 4 - Finding the Right Partner to Help Your Amazon Business Sell

When you’re building a business with the endgame of selling it in mind, you need to partner with the right intermediary to help you achieve that goal. Joe Hogg, with Global Wired Advisors, talks with us about what you can look for in a partner and how early you should start working with them. Show links: Webinar: Aspects of Selling a Business. Value estimator: How much is your business worth?? Schedule a free consultation with Global Wired Advisors.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 027 - Building a Business to Sell Series Part 3 - Prepping your Business for Sale

Part three of our "Building a Business to Sell" series brings us to when you should really start preparing your business for the market, including when you need to start talking with an advisor to help you through the process. Chris Bodnar and Chris Shipferling with Global Wired Advisors join us to discuss what those steps look like and tell us what sellers need to be doing right now. Show links: Webinar: Aspects of Selling a Business. Value estimator: How much is your business...


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 097 - Amazon Prime Day Prep 2019

This year makes the fifth anniversary of Amazon’s Prime Day. It’s a chance to capture visibility and increase profits during a typically slow time for sellers. Peter Kearns with 180Commerce joins us to discuss how to capture traffic and improve conversions. "Ask Me Anything" webinar with Kate and Peter on Monday, June 24th, 2019, at 4:00 PM ET. >>> Register for the webinar.


Keyword: The Extras Podcast Episode 026 - Building a Business to Sell Series Part 2: Growing your Business

In the second series of our episodes focusing on building a business to sell, we’re focusing on growing your business off of the Amazon Marketplace. It’s a move that can greatly increase the valuation of your company, leading to a much larger payout if you decide to sell. Joining us will be Chris Shipferling with Global Wired Advisors and T.J. Jones from EmberTribe.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 096 - New Virtual Amazon Summit Announced

There’s a new virtual summit coming in June 2019 focused on giving sellers long-term growth strategies to be successful on and off of Amazon. The Relentless Woman Conference is being built by Cascadia and hosted by Keyword Podcast host, Kate Valentine. Sign up now for free at


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 025 Building a Business to Sell Part 1 - Product Sourcing

We’re starting a new series, building a business roadmap for you that will lead you to the path of selling your business at its highest possible valuation. Our first part will cover product sourcing with Kelly Fedio, a seller who is currently selling her brand. We’ll also be joined by the mergers and acquisition experts at Global Wired Advisors in each part of this series followed up with a webinar on June 11. Sign up for the webinar at


Keyword: the Seller Stories 003 - Three Key Components Every Listing Needs with Daniela Bolzmann

Daniela Bolzmann wanted to figure out how to launch products and be successful on Amazon. So after a failed Indiegogo and a successful Kickstarter, she gave it a shot. She’s discovered that there are three things that every listing needs to be a success, no matter what the product is. Episode sponsor: Payability.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Ep. 095 - Analyzing 2018 Q4 Sales with John Naughton, 180Commerce

The 2018 Holiday season is long gone, but sellers can’t forget about the last Q4. There are lots of data that sellers need to go through to start getting ready for Q4 2019. Former Amazonian John Naughton, with 180Commerce, breaks down what you should review from last year. Sponsors: Payability.


Keyword: the Seller Stories Episode 002 - Fighting False Infringement Claims

If you haven’t found yourself on the receiving end of a false infringement claim, consider yourself lucky. It’s a black hat technique sellers are using to attack competitors. In this episode, we talk with a seller who’s in the middle of fighting for his brand and products after a false infringement claim knocked down everything. The seller who made the claim, even admitted over the phone that the claim was fake.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 024 - Finding the Right Person and Company to Sell Your Business with Global Wired Advisors

When it comes to selling a business, the right broker can make a big difference, bringing a smoother selling process and higher valuation. Global Wired Advisors talks with us about the current business selling market and shares ways business owners can vet potential brokers.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Episode 094 - Amazon Announces Project Zero with Peter Kearns, 180Commerce

Brands can rejoice. They’re on the brink of receiving more power than ever to combat counterfeiters by being able to remove counterfeit ASINs from Amazon on their own. Amazon announced that they’ve been testing "Project Zero" with 15 brands and we catch up with 180Commerce’s Vice President of Client Solutions, Peter Kearns, to get his take on Project Zero.


Keyword: the Seller Stories Episode 001 - 5 Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make with Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard has grown and sold multiple Amazon businesses. In this first episode of Seller Stories, we talk about the five mistakes she sees sellers making that hurt their chance for sustainable success.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 023 - Building a Professional Marketing Strategy with Andrew Swearengen, Merkato

A professional marketing strategy is key to make your business grow and ultimately make you more money. Former Googler and Merkato Founder Andrew Swearengen joins us to discuss the process he follows with his own clients to develop a professional marketing strategy. Andrew is also working to build exclusive content breaking down the process coming to the Keyword Podcast website soon. If you’d like to take advantage of a promotion being offered by Merkato, head to


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 093 - Compromised Amazon Seller Accounts; How to Prevent and Restore Access with Chris McCabe,

Amazon Seller accounts being hacked and causing sellers to be locked out is a growing problem. The problems continue as sellers try to regain access to the account. We talk with Chris McCabe,, about how to get access back to the account and how to prevent potential future hacks. Sponsor Payability


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 022 - Marketing Amazon Businesses in 2019 with Andrew Swearengen, Merkato

Growing your Amazon business is based a lot on your marketing strategy. We’ve reached out to former Googler, Andrew Swearengen, with Merkato to discuss what’s changed in the Amazon marketing world and what sellers need to be focused on to improve marketing. You can find Andrew at


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 092 - Black Hat Issues in 2019 with Chris McCabe, eCommerceChris.com_mixdown

If you’re feeling like all of your competitors are using black hat tactics to take you down, you’re not alone. Countless sellers are feeling negative impacts as more sellers resort to dirty ways to compete. Sellers following the rules are sending complaints to Amazon but rarely hear anything or see any action taken. We’re talking with Chris McCabe, with, to determine what else sellers can do. Payability -


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 021 – Selling Your Amazon Business at the Best Value Q&A with Global Wired Advisors

How long does it take to sell your business? Can you sell just a few of your Amazon listings? What happens to the seller feedback if you sell? These are just a few of the many questions we answered during a recent webinar with Global Wired Advisors. Listen now to the full Q&A portion to hear what else we learned about selling your business.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 020 – Who Buys Amazon Businesses?

You’ve been building your business and now you’re ready to sell, but who are the potential buyers? Managing partners Jason Somerville and Chris Shipferling with Global Wired Advisors join us to discuss who is buying businesses and what kind of buyers might be interested in buying your business, plus, red flags to watch out for.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 019 - Five Misconceptions to Selling your Amazon Business with Global Wired Advisors

Myth #1: Your company has to be perfect before it can be sold. Then, we’re going to cover four more myths with Chris Bodnar and Chris Shipferling that business owners often deal with (sometimes struggle with) when it comes to selling their business. The managing partners at Global Wired Advisors will also be talking through ways to help potential sellers get over those misconceptions.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 018 - Important Components to Getting Your Amazon Business Ready to Sell with Global Wired Advisors

Managing partners Joe Hogg and Chris Shipferling talk with us about the key things to focus on to get your Amazon Business ready to sell. We’re discussing everything from what does or doesn’t need to be included on earning statements to creating future business plans for prospective buyers plus covering how to avoid land mines that can impact a sale.