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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 079 - Finding and Using Social Media Influencers to Promote your Products with Emily Murray, Cascadia

A great way to increase the reach of your brand is to bring in Social Media Influencers and enlist them to promote your brand. Former Amazonian, Emily Murray with Cascadia, tells us how sellers can find the best influencers for their brands, how to reach out to them and best use them to increase your reach.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 078 - Sponsored Products Ads for Prime Day 2018 with Mike Ziegler, Marketplace Clicks

Prime Day 2018 is a week away. Last minute changes and listing optimizations are being finalized but you’ve got to make sure your Sponsored Products strategy is going to bring lots of traffic to your listing. Former Amazonian Mike Ziegler with Marketplace Clicks, shares a strategy to help get the most traffic to your listing and a couple mistakes you want to avoid.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 077 – Locked Out of Your Listing with Chris McCabe,

Listing hijackers are getting really sophisticated and they’re creating problems every day for sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. One of the worst problems is sellers getting locked out of their listings, even locked out of Brand Registered listings. Former Amazonian Chris McCabe with joins us to give us three steps sellers can take to regain control.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 076 - Prime Day 2018 Prep with Emily Murray, Cascadia

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is just around the corner. For a little bit more than 24 hours, Amazon hosts a massive sale with Black-Friday-type deals. The deals bring millions of shoppers to Amazon searching for those deals and looking at other listings too. The massive amount of people on the site means that every seller, every listing, every ad needs to be ready to capture the attention of new potential customers. Former Amazonian Emily Murray with Cascadia shares a couple things sellers need...


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 075 - Product Review Abuse Continues, Now Legitimate Reviews Being Deleted with Chris McCabe, eCommerceChris

There’s been a sharp rise in the amount of action Amazon’s investigative teams have been doing in recent weeks. Former Amazonian Chris McCabe tells us, there’s more review abuse that’s happening and being investigated. In some cases, positive reviews that are legitimate are being deleted. So with all the abuse and different interpretations of the review policy, we’re talking with Chris about what sellers need to know and how they should react.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Breaking News Episode – Supreme Court Rules on Sales Tax Issue with John Naughton, 180Commerce

The Supreme Court has issued their ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair overturning a 1992 ruling that said states can only require sales tax in states that the store has a physical presence. This new ruling says states can require online marketplaces like Amazon to collect and pay sales tax. This new ruling means that states can now more aggressively go after sellers and require they collect and pay sales tax for orders sent to their states. Former Amazonian John Naughton breaks down to...


Keyword- the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 074 - Amazon Sponsored Products Ad Retargeting in Beta with Mike Ziegler, Marketplace Clicks

Amazon has made it possible for some sellers to enter the beta test for Sponsored Products Ad Retargeting. This program extends Sponsored Product Ads off of Amazon on other websites in the World Wide Web. We talk with former Amazonian Mike Ziegler who has been testing the extended network for a couple months. He gives his insight on how it works and if it’s something sellers should be doing.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 073 - New Tricks from Counterfeiters with Chris McCabe, eCommerceChris

Counterfeiters continue to cause problems and wreak havoc on the Amazon marketplace, all with an intent to steal sales away from you. Former Amazonian, Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris, talks with us about some counterfeiter tactics to look out for.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 072 - Product Injury Complaints with Rachel Greer, Cascadia

Product injuries can happen. Sometimes electronics malfunction, other times it could be a pinched finger. It’s important to know how to investigate claims and what action needs to be taken. Rachel Greer with Cascadia, breaks down the process sellers need to follow if they do receive an injury complaint.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 071 - Launching Apparel Items on Amazon with Rachel Greer, Cascadia

Apparel items are some of the most competitive products on the Amazon Marketplace. The competition shouldn’t scare away apparel sellers. It’s still possible to launch and successfully compete in the category. Former Amazonian Rachel Greer with Cascadia gives us strategies she uses with her own clients to help them gain market share.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 070 - Growing Off Amazon, EcommerceChris

You want your business to always be growing. Growing in sales, products and marketplaces. You also need to make sure it’s growing off-Amazon too. Former Amazonian, Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris, talks with us about the importance of growing on social media and ways to do it.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 007 Amazon’s Policies on Contacting Customers with SellerSmile

If someone purchases your product, you want to thank them for the purchase and you want to hear the feedback. However, if it was purchased from Amazon, then technically they’re not your direct customer, they’re Amazon's. That’s why you have to make sure every single policy is followed to make sure Amazon and the customers are happy. SellerSmile joins us one last time to talk us through how to interrupt Amazon’s policies and interact with customers.


Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 069 - Creating Eyecatching Product Photography with Rachel Greer and David Johnson, Cascadia

Pictures are worth a thousand words but a bad picture can cost you thousands. Good product photos will capture shoppers’ attention, help them fully understand the product and decrease returns. In this episode, we’re talking with Rachel Greer and David Johnson from Cascadia about ways to create eye-catching photos that showcase your products and help increase clicks and conversion.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 006 - Why Sellers Should Consider Outsourcing Customer Service with SellerSmile

The whole goal and focus for the month of April has been on customer service. We’re hoping that at the end of the month sellers can create a solid customer service strategy to improve your Amazon business. The founders of SellerSmile are joining us again to discuss reasons why sellers should consider outsourcing customer service. We’ll cover when sellers should look at outsourcing and how long that transition can take. Plus, we’re breaking down some of the costs associated with hiring...


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 068 - Amazon Marketplace State Sales Tax with Chris McCabe, eCommerceChris

We’re going to be talking about some updates to State Sales Tax collections and looking ahead to some future possibilities that could possibly resolve the situation. We’re also talking about what you need to be doing if you get an audit from a state with Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris. There’s also a new group, the Online Merchant Guild, that is working to help sellers navigate sales tax issues.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 005 - Comprehensive List of Software Tools and Products Sellers Can Use to Improve Customer Service on Amazon with Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar, SellerSmile

We’re going through a comprehensive list of tools and software products that sellers can use to improve their customer service and overall Amazon business. SellerSmile founders have compiled this list from some of their favorite tools that they use to help their customers. There are no affiliate partnerships with SellerSmile and these companies nor with Keyword and these companies. A full list can be found at Sponsor:


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 067 - Dealing with Product Complaints with Emily Murray, Cascadia

Product complaints are going to happen. There’s no way around it, not everyone will like your product. Customers might say they don’t like the color, they don’t understand how to use it or it doesn’t fit right. Whatever the complaint may be, you need to have a strategy to handle it. We’re going to cover several strategies for different situations plus a couple ways to prevent complaints before they happen with Emily Murray from Cascadia.


Keyword: the Extras Podcast - Episode 004 Six Ways to Win Amazon Customer Service with SellerSmile

Customer service is one of the first things customers will notice about your company. Amazon expects sellers to create a strong customer service strategy to match Amazon’s own goal of being customer focused. The founders of SellerSmile, Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar, will be joining us in this episode to discuss why a strong customer service is crucial plus we’ll be going over ways to improve and win at Amazon customer service. Sponsored by:


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 066 – Avoiding Conflicts with Amazon with Chris McCabe, eCommerceChris

Issues can be prevented when it comes to problems with Amazon. If a problem does arise, sellers can avoid further conflicts by knowing the best ways to communicate with Amazon. We’re going to dive into some techniques to avoid problems and handle them easily to avoid escalations with Chris McCabe from eCommerceChris.


Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 065: Manufacturer on Amazon Agreement with Peter Kearns, 180Commerce

Brands selling on Amazon agree to Amazon’s terms of services which include a manufacturer agreement. It’s not a big deal, except if the brand starts whole selling products to other companies, think places like Target or Walmart, then it becomes a big deal. It can also greatly threaten the seller’s account. Peter Kearns with 180Commerce helps us figure out how sellers can deal with being in this position.