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Build Wealth Through Real Estate Based Strategies

Build Wealth Through Real Estate Based Strategies
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Build Wealth Through Real Estate Based Strategies




Joint Venture Your Way to Financial Freedom with Mat Piche

In E016, Mat Piche shares his unique story about being “The Fruitful Investor”. What does that mean exactly? Well to start, he’s a joint-venture loving investor in over $8 million of real estate assets and over 20 different properties. Mat’s a self-proclaimed ‘hippie’, plant-based eater and world traveling realtor that’s focused on ‘home’, which is […]


Picking the Right Markets to Buy Real Estate in with Gary Spencer-Smith

In E015 Gary Spencer-Smith shares his story and philosophy surrounding how to pick an ideal market to buy in, how to assess the viability to a long term hold, joint ventures and much much more! Key Contacts:Gary Spencer-Smith: on youtube at or on his website at Andrew Hines on instagram: or on […]


How to Flip Houses in High Volume with Jon Schoeller

In E014 Jon Schoeller reveals how he’s been able to flip approximate 65 houses over the last two years. Jon is a self-professed implementor of ‘systems’ that have allowed he and his business partners to grow their house flipping business and profit aggressively. Jon is self-taught, never went to post secondary school and has truly […]


How to Brand Your Real Estate Investing for Massive Growth with Jeff Wybo

In E013 Jeff Wybo discusses his personal strategy to branding a business that is specifically relevant to real estate investing. In addition to being a real estate investor, Jeff is a realtor that is well recognized as an authority on real estate investing. While he doesn’t claim to be the best, Jeff claims to have […]


Flipping 30 Properties per Year With Ease with Shawn Allen

In E012, Shawn Allen, an extremely high-volume real estate flipper discusses his approach to life, career and flipping houses. One thing that is abundantly clear is that Shawn is driven. Our conversation starts with learning about how Shawn got started with his first deal, flipping a house, and progressed into a discussion about the nuts […]


Retiring at 24 Years Old With Millions by Building a Real Estate Portfolio with Mike Rosehart

In E011 Mike Rosehart lays out his strategy for retiring early. Very early!! Mike tells the story of how he bought his first property at 19 years old and had 17 properties by the time he reached the ripe young age of 23. He then preceded to ‘retire’ at 24 by ‘cashing out’ on those […]


Multifamily Investing and Management for Financial Freedom in 2.5 Years with Kellan Paniccia

In E010 Kellan discussed how he went from zero to approximately $10,000/month in positive cash flow by investing in multifamily properties following the “one percent rule”. Kellan wasted no time getting started and managed to acquire 32 units in just 2.5 years and he managed to achieve financial independence in roughly one year. Yes, that’s […]


Netting $10,000 Per Month Subletting Units onto AirBnB with Sami Khan

In E009 I interviewed Sami Khan. He is a really interesting real estate investor who somehow stumbled onto the concept of “Airbnb arbitrage”. Airbnb arbitrage is when you rent a property from a landlord and then re rent the unit out onto AirBnB. Since many landlords don’t have the time or desire to rent properties […]


Making Millions in Development & Multi Family Investing Using Creative Financing with Carmen Campagnaro

In E008 Carmen did a fantastic job spilling the beans on how to make big money in real estate development and multi family investing. Being an ambitious, and experienced real estate investor, Carmen Campagnaro pairs her knowledge of creative financing, institutional lending and her experience with high-value real estate along with her strong contacts in […]


Zero-Down Real Estate Investing Using Joint Ventures with Jacob Perez

In E007, tune in to hear Jacob’s stories of how he’s been able to amass a real estate portfolio of 17 units and counting by using other peoples money and just doing the leg work. Jacob is the working partner of his joint venture partnership and has created incredible returns in the process. Jacob can […]


Starting From ZERO in Real Estate Investing with Guest Host Aaron Suitor

In E006, Aaron Suitor, a corporate pilot intent on becoming a real estate investor, interviews me and asks me the questions he has from the perspective of the ‘outside looking in’. Aaron asked some key questions covering the following: how do you find the right house or property to buy? what makes a good rental […]


Duplex Conversions for 41% Return on Investment with Spencer Gatten

In E005 Spencer and I discuss the nuts and bolts of duplex and multi-family conversions. Whether you’re thinking about renovating your first house, converting a house into a duplex or adding a granny suite, this episode has something for you! Some technical elements that we discuss are: Renovations Permits, bylaws and zoning Finding deals to […]


Creating Financial Freedom from Scratch by Building a Rental Portfolio

In E004 I share a guest appearance I made on the real estate investing show, 30 Minutes to Wealth, to discuss steps to getting buying your first property, creating cash flow both now and in the long run and building an abundant retirement. We also dig into the fundamental problems with retirement planning and life […]


Getting Paid NOT to Sell by using BRRRR to Perfection with Steven Manicom

In E003 Steven Manicom joined me and we had one heck of a discussion about a triplex that Steve bought. He bought, renovated, rented and then pulled out all of his money and then some with his renovation! After doing so, he rented it and achieved positive cash flow of over $1400 per month. Steve […]


Travelling the World Using Private Mortgage Investing with Jake Campagnaro

In E002 I’m joined by a young and inspiring investor, Jake Campagnaro. Jake makes BIG returns and in this sessions he tells the story of how he did his first private mortgage investment at the age of 19. Jake turned a $50,000 investment into approximate $500/month and travelled the world. You won’t want to miss […]


Understanding the BRRRR Method of Real Estate Investing

In this episode I talk a bit about what inspired me to start this podcast and what we’re going to be covering. Here are some of the specific points touched on: Why Buy and Hold Real Estate for the Long Run? The basics of BRRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) Leverage and Return Sellers Remorse […]