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Brendan Torazzi, director of, is building Australia's first online health and safety marketplace. In this weekly podcast he interviews the personalities that shape health and safety culture around the country.

Brendan Torazzi, director of, is building Australia's first online health and safety marketplace. In this weekly podcast he interviews the personalities that shape health and safety culture around the country.
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Brendan Torazzi, director of, is building Australia's first online health and safety marketplace. In this weekly podcast he interviews the personalities that shape health and safety culture around the country.






Ep 27 Vince Ball's Saturday morning idea turns into Australia's most successful & influential Asbestos Awareness Program

In this interview, we learn about how Vince Ball has helped shape the ACT to become one of the best trained health and safety jurisdictions in the country. Vince runs the Construction Industry Training Council (CITC) and, amongst many other initiatives, has been instrumental in guiding 10675NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness into an accredited course with ASQA as well as enshrined as a mandatory program for all construction workers in the ACT.


Ep 26 Dr Lisa O'Brien, CEO of The Smith Family, explains how education is changing the lives of Australia's disadvantaged children

It's astonishing when you hear that over 1.1million Australian kids are struggling and those families struggle with the basics of food and clothing. Dr Lisa O'Brien has been the CEO of The Smith Family since 2012 and in her role overseas contributing to the health and safety of over 100,000 Australian kids. Learn about the amazing work that the Smith Family does for our country.


Ep 25 Wayne Reilly shares his global experiences solving safety problems at Rio Tinto and across different industries

Wayne Reilly from Safety Insights has had a really interesting career. He worked 15 years in the Royal Australian Airforce where he honed skills as a maintenance engineer on F1-11's. Working in Aerospace, it was natural that he understood safety. From there he worked in construction and mining including heading up a role as head of Global Incidents and Investigations for Rio Tinto. He has practical solutions to solving complex safety solutions.


Ep 24 An accident as a young electrical apprentice changes career for the good!

Anton's rookie electrical switchboard accident in Gladstone Queensland shocks and changes his life forever. Join us learning about Anton's journey into mining and then onto Leadership and helping make sure this doesn't happen to others.


Ep 23 Dallas Adams tragically lost 2 family members to workplace fatalities & now is using this to spread his safety message

In this raw interview, Dallas explains how 2 personal tragedies have been used for a positive to explain to working communities Why Safety Matters. Find out more about Dallas here:


Ep 22 Liam O'Connor's story about fast start up Tasman Rope Access innovates on Scaffolding

Liam O'Connor is moving fast, very fast. Tasman Rope Access is shaking up the way companies access and manage their assets, particularly from the outside (think oil, gas, mining, civil construction industries and people abseiling down the side where scaffold once used to be). Overseeing about 400 technicians all around Australia using IRATA trained staff.


Ep 21 Guy Lenoir has a knack of sniffing out risky workplace situations!

Guy fell found his passion for Health and Safety as a young man working in the mining industry. A fatal accident, involving a work mate, was a turning point for Guy and set him on a trajectory of helping make workplaces safer. His business, Switched On Safety brand helps businesses with managing risk in workplaces in a variety of ways.


Ep 20 Daniel Scott from $3.8B property giant Cushman Wakefield talks emergency management

Daniel is a second generation health and safety guy! He ended up in emergency management by chance and is now working Cushman & Wakefield who are a a giant real estate services company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Find out what happens on a day to day basis


Ep 19 Nick Jans talks about 'Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army' and WHS/OHS lessons

Nick describes himself as a soldier, a scholar and a management consultant, since much of his professional practice has encompassed all three roles. Nick has a very simple model for describing what makes great leaders in practice


Ep 18 Rebekah Jensen from Queensland Government talks about the changes to HSR Training

Rebekah took time out of her busy schedule to explain the new changes to HSR Training in Queensland. Several years after investigating the 4 fatalities at Dreamworld, it was recommended that Health and Safety Representative Training become mandatory for any HSR within 3 months of election. There are now approx. 4000 HSR's in Queensland across about 480 organisations. Rebekah heads up Work and Electrical Safety Policy at the Office of Industrial Relations


Ep 17 Beaver Group's Jason Varone talks about Working at Heights innovation and growing a $300m company

Jason went into business with his father in law in a Heights Equipment organisation called the Beaver Group. The business was started in the 1970's and in the mid 00's they began an Australian rollup which eventually ended up in creating a business of $300m which they sold.


Ep 16 Cristian Sylvestre from Habit Safe talks about 3rd generation safety

Cristian started out life in Shell and now has his own business Habit Safe where he helps businesses work out the neuroscience behind creating safe workforces.


Ep 15 Marc Levin for furniture maker Jason L talks about the WHS challenges of a growing furniture business

Marc and his brother Jason started their office furniture business Jason L from scratch and now they are a real East Coast mid-market player. As the business involves a lot of manual handling and forklifts Marc talks about the challenges and solutions around managing work health and safety.


Ep 14. Jane Bianchini talks about Alcami Interactive (on demand Video tool) for WHS

With internet now fast in many places, could video be the next frontier for HR health and safety recruitment. for more informatio=n


Ep 13. Health & Safety Lawyer Graham Dent and his LinkedIn Power group

Graham has had a long history working with health and safety law both on the prosecutions side as well as more recently on the client side. Graham has also been responsible for creating Australia's biggest online Health and Safety Group on LinkedIn where there are over 18,000 members.


Ep 9: Successful NZ construction business owner talks about his companies journey

Starting out with just one small truck about 20 years ago - Steve Bowling has transformed his construction business into a mid-tier family business employing 150 staff.