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#21: Steven Spatz, BookBaby for full-service publishing

Steven Spatz, President of BookBaby is also a published writer, marketer, BookBaby Blog contributor and, even though he's long since moved to New Jersey, remains an avid Oregon Ducks fan. You'll learn about BookBaby's a la carte self-publishing services and their complete do-it-for-you packages. About their in-house printing on the latest equipment, how printing is done and why the self-publishing industry is plagued with variance in print quality. You'll find out how they solved that...


00: Rob Price, Gatekeeper Press for full-service publishing

Rob Price is a self-published author turned publisher who founded Gatekeeper Press to level the playing field of the book-publishing industry. The company provides full-service publishing and a la carte services for authors. Gatekeeper is run by Rob and his wife Takako along with a staff of editors, designers and data entry people. They offer a wide and varied distribution network to protect you against possible distribution outages. They also offer lowest-cost printing I’ve seen in an...


19: John Burke, Pub Site, an easy-to-use website builder just for authors and books

This episode with Pub Site is for you if you don’t have an author website yet or if you’re struggling with your website. Even if you have a great website you'll learn some things. Promise! Pub Site is a super easy-to-use website builder just for authors and it only cost $20 a month. Husband and wife author and publisher marketing team John and Fauzia Burke developed it after 20 years of creating author websites. Among the big names they’ve designed websites for are Alan Alda, Clive Cussler,...


#18: Robin Cutler, IngramSpark (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my talk with Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark, the professional publishing and distribution platform for independent authors. In this episode, we focus on distribution. IngramSpark has the widest distribution in the world, but we also talk about why you'd want to go direct with Amazon KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace) and how to make that happen without any problems. You'll also learn how long it takes the stores to populate your book information - not every store is...


#17: Robin Cutler, IngramSpark (Part 1)

Learn about IngramSpark, the professional publishing tool from Ingram and its evolution from Lightning Source. You'll find out about free resources on the site for cover design templates, standard trim sizes, and a publisher compensation calculator to find out what your costs and profits will be when you distribute with IS. My talk is with Robin Cutler, Director of IngramSpark at Ingram Content Group. She is the former Assistant Director of USC Press and founder and CEO of Summerhouse...


#16: JoEllen Taylor, FirstEditing, on the different kinds of editors and how to find them

JoEllen Taylor is Director of Marketing & Business Development for FirstEditing, a family of editors worldwide who help authors bring out the best in their writing. Their vetted professionals have a fantastic array of skills to offer in every genre, including developmental and structural editing, academic reviews and publications, ebook formatting, proofreading, and publishing insights and experience. What kind of editing does your book need? JoEllen takes us through all the different kinds...


#15 Kristina Stanley, Fictionary, a mystical magical story editing app

Kristina Stanley is the bestselling author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series, an editor, and the CEO of Fictionary. Fictionary is a company that helps writers tell better stories with a tool that analyzes your manuscript. In a way that will astound you, data and visual aids evaluate your book on a scene-by-scene basis, displaying your structure, arc, characters, plot, setting, and other elements of your story, so you know how to improve it. Fictionary's software appears magical and in...


#14: Laurie McLean, San Francisco Writers Conference

Laurie McLean wears many hats. She is the Director of the San Francisco Writers Conference, a literary agent, Founder of Fuse Literary, and a former Silicon Valley marketing and PR professional. I asked her to talk about the February 2019 conference and the return on investment for the money and the time for this or any conference. You’ll learn what makes the San Francisco conference different and how to get the most of it. How to organize your time between the sessions, exhibitors, and the...


#13: Angela Bole, IBPA talks hybrid publishing and professional standards

Angela Bole is CEO of the Independent Book Publishers Association, a non-profit membership organization for self-publishers and independent publishers that provides resources, education, advocacy, connections, and tools for success. In this episode, we discuss the role and responsibilities of the publisher, no matter whether it’s you as an author who is self-publishing, or if you’re publishing via a hybrid publisher or even a traditional press, and why publishing standards matter. You'll...


#12a: Draft2Digital Announces D2D Print

In this addendum to my interview with D2D Marketing Director Kevin Tumlinson (episode 12), he announces D2D Print.


#12: Kevin Tumlinson, Draft2Digital, an ebook aggregator with easy book creation tools

Kevin Tumlinson is Marketing Director at Draft2Digital and a prolific and bestselling author of thrillers. Draft2Digital was founded in 2012 to provide an easy way to format and distribute your ebook. One of D2D's recent partnerships is with Bibliotheca, which extends their reach to libraries, a market overlooked by many self-publishers. Find out why it’s a great way to increase discoverability, about the mechanics of how ebook licenses get delivered and purchased by libraries, how the cost...


#11: Christine Munroe, Kobo Writing Life, a digital self-publishing platform

Christine "Chrissy" Munroe is Director of Kobo Writing Life, a digital self-publishing platform from Rakuten Kobo who partnered with Walmart to provide Walmart eBooks and a co-branded app. Before joining Rakuten Kobo, Munroe was a foreign book scout and literary agent in New York. So why should an author go direct with Kobo (and the other retailers) rather than use an aggregator to distribute ebooks? The answers are personal, says Munroe, and you'll find out that with Kobo you don't just...


#10: Kinga Jentetics, PublishDrive, an ebook distribution service with reach into emerging markets

PublishDrive is an ebook aggregator that serves self-publishers and small presses. The company is based in New York City and Budapest, Hungary. Kinga Jentetics is co-founder and CEO of the company, which competes favorably with other aggregators in distribution, royalties, reporting, analytics, and an easy-to-use author-publisher interface. PublishDrive made a recent deal with Chinese e-commerce giant Dangdang to sell English-language ebooks, which gives your ebook access to a readership...


#9: Bryan Cohen, Best Page Forward, a copywriting service for bestselling book descriptions

Best Page Forward is a book description copywriting service for authors founded by Bryan Cohen in June 2015. Since then they've provided over 1200 book descriptions for authors like you. Book descriptions are one of those things most authors find difficult to do... or difficult to do well. It's not our fault! We're good at writing, and copywriting is a completely different skillset. It's sales and marketing! Authors who hire it out or know how to write strong sales copy get more book...


#8: Elizabeth Mays, Pressbooks. An interior book design, formatting, and publishing tool

Pressbooks is a formatting and design tool for your books with a set of themes you can choose from to create a book interior very quickly and easily. It’s based on Wordpress that creates all the formats you’d need - PDF for print, EPUB, MOBI, and other more geeky formats - from a single source so you’re ready to publish using Amazon, IngramSpark, Smashwords, or any other publishing or distribution tool. Liz and I talk about Word styles, themes, imports, customization, publishing to your...


#7: Greg Ioannou, PubLaunch, A book crowdfunding platform with a marketplace

Greg Ioannou was using the book crowdfunding platform PubSlush to help fund books at Iguana Books, his hybrid publishing company, until it closed in 2015. He reimagined the platform as PubLaunch with both crowdfunding and a marketplace to not only serve Iguana Books but the larger author-publisher community. Listen and learn about hybrid publishing, how to recruit a quality publishing team, and what it takes to crowdfund a book. Other PubLaunch features, including the supplier marketplace,...


#6: Mark Coker, Smashwords for ebook distribution, marketing, and preorders

Smashwords began in 2008 as the first ebook distribution company for self-publishers and remains the world’s leading ebook platform. I’ve known Mark now for a decade and have watched his journey as Smashwords has evolved not only to help authors get your books distributed to the online retailers but to market your ebooks with features like the series manager, assetless preorders, author interviews, coupon codes, special deals, and audiobooks. You’ll learn about all these features in our...


#5: AC de Fombelle, StreetLib: Create, edit, publish, sell, curate, and print

In this episode, I talk with AC de Fombelle about the StreetLib ebook and print book creation and distribution platform. StreetLib can help you create plain ebooks in EPUB format and fixed-layout EPUBs from a PDF doc. You can sell your book in the StreetLib store, on your own StreetLib author page (with your logo), and create a curated bookstore from the other books on StreetLib. They provide an HTML widget so you can sell direct to customers from your StreetLib store (where you get higher...


#4: Colin Higbie, Scribl for ebook creation, distribution, and marketing service

Scribl is an ebook creation, publishing, and aggregation service with some very innovative marketing features. One of those is called CrowdPricing ($CP), which helps authors attract more readers by allowing reviews to determine the price of the book. Another is called Story Elements, which lets you categorize your book in a more granular way so readers can find stories with the elements they like to read about. You'll learn how to upload your book to the platform, how it works, how the $CP...


#3: Paul Kilpatrick, BetaBooks for Beta Publishing and Growing an Audience of Super-Fans

BetaBooks solves the problem of managing comments from critique partners and early readers by centralizing them in a browser-based platform they invented for their own use. In this episode, co-founder Paul Kilpatrick and I talk about the different ways to use BetaBooks and how beta readers are essential to your book and author marketing. You'll learn how gathering a loyal fan base at the very beginning of your writing career can make the journey to publication a less lonely one and also much...