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22. 35 minutes to yourself - the struggle of the 'sandwich generation'

The 'sandwich generation' is the term used for people who are simultaneously caring for their children and their aging parents. Research from Aviva has found there are around four million people in the UK in this situation and almost half of them say they have less than 35 minutes a day to themselves. In this podcast you can hear the experiences of two people who are part of the 'sandwich generation' and how it has impacted their lives. You can read more about Aviva's research here -...


21. The 21st Century Insurance Claim

Making an insurance claim is never normally good news. But insurers are trying to lessen the pain by making the process as easy as possible. In this podcast find out about the innovation work going on at Aviva which is allowing customers to make a claim the way that suits them best. To read more about claims visit


20. Aviva launches AvivaPlus

In this podcast you can hear more about AvivaPlus from Aviva's UK Insurance CEO Andy Briggs, MD of UK and International Digital Blair Turnbull and AvivaPlus proposition lead Jo Lloyd. AvivaPlus is an industry-first subscription-style insurance product, designed to address consumer concerns with the industry and give UK customers more control. AvivaPlus offers simple, flexible insurance cover, monthly payments with no APR, no charges to cancel or change and a renewal price guarantee for home...


19. Why older workers matter

By 2022 there will be 800,000 more people in the UK aged 50-64 - that is just one reason why keeping older people in work is so important. Andy Briggs is the Aviva UK CEO but also the Government's Champion for Older Workers. In this podcast he speaks to Jane Gratton from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) about why businesses of all sizes need to embrace older workers. You can listen to the full BCC Podcast at


18. Dementia: The 21st century's biggest killer

Dementia is the 21st century's biggest killer and 1 in 3 babies born now will go on to develop dementia. It is a growing issue in the UK so in this podcast you can hear how it affects people, how it affects their families and what companies like Aviva are doing to help. If you have been affected by dementia and need some support or information, these are places that can help: National Dementia Helpline - 0300 222 11 22...


17. How has technology changed rugby - The coaches view

Technology is revolutionising sport and rugby is no exception. Drones, video replays and real-time player stats are just a few of the ways tech has changed the way the game is played. To find out more about the impact technology is having on rugby, the Aviva Podcast caught up with four of the top coaches in the Aviva Premiership: Rob Baxter - Director of Rugby at Exeter Chiefs David Young - Director of Rugby at Wasps Matt O'Connor - Head Coach at Leicester Tigers Mark McCall - Director of...


16. Doing Nothing Pays

In April 2018, minimum contributions into workplace pensions will rise for the first time. Millions of employees and hundreds of thousands of employers will be affected. In this podcast, Alistair McQueen, Head of Savings and Retirement from Aviva, talks us through why it's happening. For more information on auto-enrolment and workplace pensions visit


15. Aviva's 2017 full year results

"Aviva is now a simpler, stronger group and we are growing. Our strategy is paying dividends." That was the verdict of Aviva Group CEO Mark Wilson as the company announced its 2017 financial results. In this podcast you can hear more from Mark and also from the CEO of Aviva's UK Insurance business, Andy Briggs. If you'd like to read more on Aviva's 2017 results visit


14. Roost - Making dumb things smart

Roost are a US company that create smart affordable home products. For instance, they have taken a simple 9v battery and made it Wi-Fi enabled so if your alarm goes off when you're out of the house you'll get an alert on your phone. They are also the first US company to get an investment from Aviva Ventures. In this podcast you'll hear from Roel Peeters, Founder and CEO of Roost and Ben Luckett, MD of Aviva Ventures.


13. How has technology changed rugby? (Players)

Technology is changing the world around us and sport is no exception. In this podcast you will hear from four current Aviva Rugby Premiership stars, talking about how technology has changed the sport they love. (We have another podcast on the way where we hear the coaches view!!!) You will hear from: Toby Flood - Newcastle Falcons Ben Youngs - Leicester Tigers Ross Moriarty - Gloucester...


12. Retirement, kids parties & Casualty

There are now almost 10 million people aged over 50 in work in the UK, and that represents almost a third of the workforce. There are also more than a million over 65s still working. That’s up by a third in the past six years. In this podcast we look at why this is happening and whether people want to work, or feel forced to work. We also visit a 4 year old's birthday party and hear from a TV star, of sorts. You can read Aviva's Real Retirement Report here:...


11. The Aviva & Wealthify story

Aviva has an ambition to become a disrupter. To do that it needs to work with some of the smartest and most forward thinking people around. That’s why the company has announced an investment in Wealthify, subject to regulatory approval. Since they launched they’ve been making investment affordable and accessible to the UK mass market. People are able to invest with as little as £1 on a platform which is remarkably easy to use, with no complicated jargon and no expensive fees. It is...


10. How much have you got in your pension?

How much have you got in your pension? How many pensions have you got? Don't know? Well you're not alone. But help is coming in the form of the pension dashboard. By 2019 we should be able to log into a platform and see all, or most, of our pension savings in one place. In this podcast, you can hear from Yvonne Braun, Director of Policy for Long-Term Savings & Protection at the Association of British Insurers, and John Lawson, Head of Financial Research at Aviva. They discuss where we are...


9. What do investing & dating have in common?

Investing in a business can be a bit like dating. Is it long term, is it serious, do you get excited when they call you??? To find out we've been talking to Ben Luckett, MD Aviva Ventures and Colin Richardson, co-founder and Head of Marketing at Cocoon. Aviva has invested in Cocoon which has developed a smart home security device. Ben and Colin discuss the relationship between the two companies and what start ups and large corporates can learn from each other....


8. How Israel's start ups are using innovation to fight cyber risk

Alex Allen and Anna Stables report from Aviva's Cyber TeXchange event in the London Digital Garage. Ayelet Mavor, Acting Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub, speaks about the hub's agenda and the innovation being delivered by Israeli start ups, and Assaf Pilo brings it to life by showing us biometric behaviour start up Secured Touch. Find out more at and


7. What is Founders Factory?

Founders Factory is a brand new way of helping startups to scale and big companies to innovate. Established by well-known British entrepreneurs Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox, Founders Factory has a six month accelerator programme and an incubation programme where they build start-ups from scratch. Aviva is their FinTech partner and have already supported five tech startups and incubated one new business. In this podcast, Ben Moss visits Founders Factory to speak to Anna Stables, Digital...


6. Aviva Ventures: How to spend £100m on tech start-ups

In this edition of the Aviva podcast we speak to Ben Luckett, MD of Aviva Ventures. Ben oversees investment in tech start-ups and has £100m to spend. In the podcast you can find out what types of start-ups are of interest to Aviva Ventures and why working with small businesses can bring big advantages.


5. From Call of Duty to pensions and insurance

Many people's dream would be to get paid to work on video games. Charles Reeves did just that, working on Call of Duty, one of the most successful video game series ever made. But he wanted a new challenge, so at Aviva, he's working on how get more people interested in pensions and insurance. Find out how on this edition of the Aviva Podcast


4. Andy Briggs on Aviva's 2017 half-year results

Aviva has released its 2017 half-year results with operating profit up 11%. In this podcast Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva's UK Insurance business, talks through some of the financials and what they mean to customers. For more information on Aviva's results please visit


3. Rocket scientists & video games

In this edition of the Aviva Podcast, Andrew Brem, Aviva's Chief Digital Officer, explains why they have set up Digital Garages around the world and how they're reinventing insurance.