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On the Avni Interviews Eric Bork and Mikey Taylor interview people doing the work they want in the lifestyle they love.

On the Avni Interviews Eric Bork and Mikey Taylor interview people doing the work they want in the lifestyle they love.
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On the Avni Interviews Eric Bork and Mikey Taylor interview people doing the work they want in the lifestyle they love.




Setting 2019 Goals | The AVNI Interviews 0030 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

In this episode we go over The AVNI Mindshare Collective, an online Collective dedicated to setting and hitting goals in 2019. **** MINDSHARE COLLECTIVE -


Create Your Dream Job w Kevion Stirdivant | AVNI 0029 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Kevion Stirdivant is the founder of Kase Real Estate Group who has appeared on the top 100 of the Wall Street Journals real estate agents for the past 2 years. Kase has taken a different approach, working with their agents to create amazing people through personal development. Kevion’s story is inspiring, overcoming addiction, and utilizing vision boards, personal development and discipline to design the job of his dreams, from skate to real estate as he says it.


Making it as an Actor with Taylor John Smith | AVNI 0028 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Taylor John Smith is an actor who starred in HBO’s new mini series Sharp Objects with Amy Adams, Hunter Killer with Gerard Butler, and just finished filming for the Outpost with Orlando Bloom. Taylor joins us to discuss making it as an actor.


Get What You Want Mental Process | AVNI 0027 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Mental processes are powerful. In this episode we go over the process of figuring out what your next step is and breaking down the steps to get there


Make Creative $$$| Barton Damer | AVNI 00026 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Barton Damer keeps coming up over and over probably because of how he scaled his business from a one man show to a 9 person agency. We had him on a while back and wanted to have him on again to discuss the specifics of what he charges and Value Based Pricing.


Overcoming Stacked Odds with Greg Mountain | AVNI 0025 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Greg Mountain went from prison to turning his life around, as a national cross fit competitor and gym owner.


Paul Rodriguez on Skill vs Talent | The AVNI Interviews 0024 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Paul Rodriguez gives his thoughts on Skill vs Talent in this conversation, turned debate with Mikey Taylor, Louisa Nicola and Eric Bork.


Millionaire Mindset / Mikey Taylor | The AVNI Interviews 0023 Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

In this episode of The AVNI Interviews, Mikey Taylor is interviewed by Eric Bork about Mikey's practical beliefs about money that led him to be a millionaire.


Design Your Dream Life | The AVNI Interviews 0022 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Design YOUR dream life. It’s what you want, not the jets and the rented luxury cars. In this episode we go over how to design the life you want, not the life that everyone is telling you that you should design.


High Net Worth Networking - Omar the Rock Star | The AVNI Interviews 0021 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Omar Elattar is the creator and host of “The Passionate Few,” a show featuring iconic guests like Grant Cardone and Ed Mylett. Omar breaks down high net worth networking.


Make Side Hustle Money | The AVNI Interviews 0020 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

This week we introduce our online academy: Tech Works Agency Academy, and we talk about working a side hustle that can lead to what you want to really do if you're not already doing it.


Bedros Keuilian | The AVNI Interviews 0019 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Bedros Keuilian is the founder of Fit Body Bootcamp, an international physical training franchise with over 700 locations. As an immigrant from Armenia, Bedros grew up extremely poor, before becoming a physical trainer. While training wealthy clients, he decided to open his own gym for physical trainers and his client became one of his early business partners. His one location grew to 5, and today 700+. Bedros is one of the most sought after people in the physical training space.


Neen Williams | The AVNI Interviews 0018 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

This weeks guest is professional skateboarder Neen Williams. While overcoming a major knee injury, Neen grew a love for cooking and wellness, which in turned developed into deals with brands like Whole Foods and Vega.


Find Your Thing | The AVNI Interviews 0017 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

This week's show on the AVNI interviews is about how to find your own thing. In this Episode we (Eric Bork & Mikey Taylor) go over 7 specific things people can do to figure out what they want to do in life. We hope you enjoy and find value in it.


Building an M.PIRE with Danny Morel | The AVNI Interviews 0016 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Danny Morel is a real estate icon, who owns many different companies such as Intero, M.Pire, Relentless and is the author of The Resilience Road Map. Danny started his first real estate business at the age of 18 with the goal to buy his mother and brother a home. He not only accomplished a goal, but built Intero into what it is today, training real estate agents into amazing “humans.” Tune in for amazing insights into business, mind set and life direction.


Teenage Entrepreneur Jesse Kay | The AVNI Interviews 0015 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Jesse Kay is a teenage entrepreneur who made 2k a month online at 9 years old and now runs a social media agency called Viral AF, where consults for people such as Paul Rodriguez and Madison Square Garden.


Chris Chann Talks Youtube & Industry | The AVNI Interviews 0014 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Chris Chann is a youtuber / content creator and skateboarder. Chris began his career posting trick challenges at the skate park near his parents home, and grew into creating entertaining content along with his skateboarding content. Chris has paved the path for his own career, selling merch, doing deals with Adidas and sits at just under a million subscribers on Youtube at the time of this interview.


How to quit your job with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork | The AVNI Interviews 0013

How to quit your job with AVNI co-founders Eric Bork & Mikey Taylor. Eric is a former pro-skateboarder who worked in corporate America before deciding to take the leap and go out on his own. Mikey is a former pro-skateboarder, co-founder of St. Archer Beer, which was acquired by Miller Coors in 2015, and the president of Commune Capital. In this episode, they discuss how use leverage to do what you want to do for your career.


The Diamond Boss Louisa Nicola | The AVNI Interview 0012 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Louisa Nicola is the founder of Neuro Athletics, which focusses on performance of the brain using brain scans and brain body training. A former world class tri-athlete, Luisa was struck by a truck on her way to Bejing and told she would never run again. Using what should could control, her mind/brain, she fully recovered as a triathlete and now helps other athletes overcome obstacles.


How Matt Coulter creates Global nonprofits | The AVNI Interview 0011 with Mikey Taylor & Eric Bork

Matt Coulter Co-Founded and operated a Global Cancer Nonprofit for 10 years before starting a platform to help multiple other people start nonprofits, the first being The BeYoutiful Foundation.