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Podcast 13: Unstoppable

Focus and determination on your vision will ensure you are successful.


Episode 12: Season of Drought to Season of Abundance

Shifting from a season of drought to a season of abundance [Show Notes] Season of drought represents significant lack, status quo, a period of dryness that will cause major problems if it persists too long. At some point in time we have all experienced the loss of a loved one, feelings of loneliness or stuck in a career you are trying to escape but today you have the opportunity to step out of seasons of drought and step into a season of abundance. [6 Principles plus Bonus:] Principle #1:...


Episode 11: Leading with Courage and Wisdom

How to lead with courage and wisdom during difficult times [Show Notes] David a young shepherd boy filled with wisdom, courage, humility, focus, resilience and a sense of dependence on God got promoted to leader of a powerful country despite a contract on his life to destroy him by his best friend and employer. The truth is not everyone will be happy and celebrate your successes. David had a first hand experience of this from his employer Saul. The closer you are to achieving your dreams the...


Episode 10: Women in Leadership – Shattering the Limits

Women in leadership: Shattering the Limits! [Show Notes] It was my pleasure speaking with Dr. Sharon Roberts, author and international speaker on the much talked about topic "Women in Leadership: Shattering the Limits". Ladies, no more excuses! Take ownership of where you are at, who you want to be and what you want to do. Dr. Roberts shared with us several coping strategies to manage gender bias, such as: Use problem-focused coping strategies of empowerment such as self-efficacy, skill...


Episode 9: Strategies to Boost Your Confidence

Insecurity and fear, are symptoms of having low self-confidence. What if I ask how confident are you? I am sure I would get different answers because each person is unique. [Show Notes] We all desire to be courageous and operate with high self-confidence, however sometimes we find ourselves in a space where low self-esteem, fear, insecurities and negative self-talk lurks. This space has one intention, to destabilize, neutralize and prevent you from pursuing your dreams. But you can take your...


Episode 8: Are Your Pursuing Your Dream or Killing Your Dream?

4 ways to destroy your dream instead of pursuing it. Learn about dream killers and dream makers on your dream marathon. [Show Notes] Your dream is made up of your purpose, calling and destiny. Purpose is a pulling force. Your calling is a pushing force and your destiny is a guiding force. To live your dream you will need to run several small marathons but how you respond to adversities during the marathons will determine if you are successful. A famous character Joseph had a dream that was...


Episode 7: The Power of Vulnerability – Your Strength in Control

“I am afraid of being vulnerable?” Each of us have a story that is messy; we have flaws, experienced failures, have stories of brokenness and we are afraid of sharing this with anyone. [Show Notes] We see these experiences as weaknesses. If we dare open up, we will suffer rejection and humiliation. We will be judged, talked about and ridiculed. On the contrary, we see great leaders taking bold steps, sharing their failures and mistakes on global stages. We watch from a distance, admiring the...


Episode 6: Rise of the Gig Economy

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 job and want more control of your day? Do you want more flexibility on the work scene or are you a traditional worker? [01:47] What do millions of freelancers, contractors, temps and on-demand workers have in common? [03:25] More people are choosing to earn their salary working gigs. What is this gig economy? [04:00] What does the gig economy include? [04:58] 3 core factors drive the gig economy, 1) flexibility, 2) Variety, and 3) Passion [ 06:42] Top reasons why...


Episode 5: Purpose Driven Leadership: The Heart of the Matter

Why do you exist? Are you in the place where you feel you are contributing and making a difference? What resonates with you? Show Notes: "The two most important days in your life are the day when you were born and the day you find out why? - Mark Twain [01:11] In between those two important days lies one word "Purpose" [01:50] Topic: Purpose Driven Leadership - The Heart of What Matters [02:07] Your purpose answers your why and is rooted in your faith and identity [02:40] Purpose enables you...


Episode 4: Old Habits Die Hard! Challenge Your Status Quo

Are you feeling stuck? Are you willing and ready to seek out new opportunities? In this episode of the Avril Riley podcast, I focused on four (4) principles to challenge the status quo, and share on the dangers of settling into routines and habits. [01:00] Growth and development stops when you are in status quo [01:44] Remember the boiling frog? [03:00] Our world is shrinking, integrating and being disrupted [03:35] How we live, play, work, build relationships and consume products is...


Episode 3: Building Relationships through Effective Conversations

Are you challenged with building lasting relationships with your family, spouse, friends or co-workers? In this episode, I dive into a fundamental challenge most people struggle with; the ability to listen. I share 10 simple steps to effective conversations to help you build lasting relationships. [02:06] Be here now and don't multitask [03:26] Listen with an open heart, open mind, open hands and open eyes [07:05] Get focus. Get clear. Avoid repeating yourself [08:24] Don't interrupt. Delay...


Episode 2: Live Your Dream: See It. Believe It. Say It. Work It.

Every successful person have big dreams [00:40] Taking the vision from concept to reality [00:57] Are you driven by the power of your dream? [01:56] See Your Dream [02:27] Your dream requires a clear picture [03:13] Purpose of a vision statement [03:44] Believe Your Dream [04:00] The Power of Purpose. Your Why? [05:44] Say Your Dream [05:13] My personal story of wrong confession [05:58] What you say, you will become [06:22] Dream killers and dream distractors [06:32] Work Your Dream [07:30]...


Episode 1: Five (5) Steps to Turn Failures into Success

Failures and setbacks provide the opportunity to do things differently and do something different. [02:00] My passion to help you transform your personal leadership [02:05] Corporate giants that experiences challenges but bounced back [02:56] How do you handle setbacks and failures? [03:20] Tip#1 Connect with your sense of purpose [04:05] Challenge yourself. There is no success without failure [04:09] Keep your eyes focused on your why? [04:14] Tip #2 Rise above self-pity [05:07] Failure is...