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Amanda Moriuchi on How Do you Keep your Sales Teams Focused? Truth in Sales & Equal Pay

What happens when your sales teams get too emotionally attached to prospects? How do you help them stay focused and keep leads rolling-in? Amanda Moriuchi, Co-Founder of AppIt Ventures, joins us to chat about how her organization is applying a truth is sales strategy and what they are doing to address the equal pay issue.


Todd Caponi on the Necessity and Success of Transparency in Sales

There is power in transparency in every aspect of your business. Todd Caponi, the author of The Transparency Sales, has been in the sales trenches for many years. He says that transparency is critical in today’s ever-evolving sales landscape. The necessity of clear communication and evident added value continues to increase. Transparency is a valuable tool in equipping your reps, engaging your potential buyers, and creating an environment where value-adding methodology flourishes.


Darren Stordahl on 3 Ways to Get Your Team On Board With a New Sales Method

Is your selling method not working anymore? Have you and your sales team been doing the same thing without any new results? It’s probably time to pick a new method of approach. But picking a new sales method for your company is hard enough with the countless options available. Darren Stordahl, VP of Sales and Marketing at FMT Consultants, joined us to talk about when FMT was looking for new alternatives. He said the most important thing he and his team had to remember is that: people buy...


Simon Thompson on The Power of Content Creation and Using Podcasts to Build Authority

Podcasts. We’ve all listened to them. But how do you get your target audience to choose the right ones to listen to – yours? Over the past several years there’s been a tremendous popularity increase in podcasts, and with more and more to choose from, it's become very difficult to differentiate. Simon Thompson, Co-founder of Content Kite, joins us to talk about how you can rise above the noise with your podcast and, if used correctly, how you can elevate your brand’s image.


Chuck Frydenborg and Mariana Just on Account Based Sales & Marketing: Often Discussed, Rarely Understood

Often discussed but rarely understood, account based sales and marketing are the new buzzwords of industry. How has this new approach changed B2B sales? To find out, we invited Chuck Frydenborg and Mariana Just to come on the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast. Chuck serves as Vice President, Global Sales and Mariana as Director of Revenue Marketing & Operations at Acrolinx, an AI platform that uses linguistic analytics to improve corporate content. According to Mariana and Chuck,...


James Carbary on the Fastest Way to Establishing B2B Relationships using Content Based Networking

Everyone agrees that relationships are incredibly important in business. But nobody is talking about how to consistently create those relationships, strategically… Well, all except for one: James Carbary, the Founder and CEO of Sweet Fish Media, explained if ‘Content is King, then Content Based Networking is the Kingdom’. Content Based Networking is the term that he and his team created in order to describe the unique vertical they’re in. James defines it like this: “Using content...


Lior Ohayon on Cold Emailing: Focus on the Numbers to Hit Your Goals

In the world of Sales, it’s either ‘Feast’ or ‘Famine’. And even while you’re feasting, you still need to act like you’re going to be hit with famine at a moment. Lior Ohayon, the Founder and CEO of ScopeLeads, explained that successful sales in this way, involves getting your cold emailing strategy right from the get-go. You need to determine the numbers you need to hit and consistently meet them. So the question is, how is that actually accomplished? During this episode of the B2B...


Jay Gibb on How to Leverage Your Customer’s Network for Fast, Organic Growth

Stop wasting time & resources on Customer Acquisition - You may be missing a goldmine within your book of business. Your current clients might have hundreds, or thousands of untapped connections with your ideal clients. This episode I’m joined by Jay Gibb, the CEO & Founder of CloudSponge, who’s an expert at helping non-technical entrepreneurs (like myself) build their ventures. Early on, Jay noticed that people weren’t using referral systems to leverage their existing customer base for...


Kristin Zhivago on Why you Can’t Automate Your B2B Relationships

The world is changing. If you’re a B2B marketer, you know that one of biggest challenges facing marketing professionals today is meeting the buyer where they are. So how do you market the way that they want to be sold to? How do you align your marketing strategy to meet them where they are?


John Fairclough on 5 Ways Sales Is Changing Forever

“Front and center is that we're people first,” John Fairclough said. Making sales to clients or to companies staffed with professional buyers isn’t easy because most sales teams aren’t people-focused. John Fairclough shares 5 techniques for recentering sales on what matters: building relationships with people.


Michael Greenberg on How to Leverage Authority Marketing

Authority marketing can separate you from competitors, drive revenue and turn you into a niche celebrity. But for many salespeople, it’s a struggle with where to start and how to get it done. We sat down with Michael Greenberg, chief strategist for Call For Content and author of the Authority Marketing Playbook, to talk about how to effectively establish yourself in your field as an authority.


Jonathan David Lewis on Factors That Hold Back Growth

If you’ve ever been faced with a period of stagnation, it can be taxing trying to figure out what went wrong and why others are able to scale quickly when you’re stalling out. We sat down with Jonathan David Lewis, author of Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments, and Strategy Director at McKee Wallwork + Co, to talk about what keeps companies from achieving B2B growth and to shed some light on why.


Brian Higgins on Sales Performance Frameworks

Ask ten different people what makes an ultra high performer so successful, and chances are you’ll get ten different answers. That’s why leveraging a sales performance framework is so important, because it allows you organize and replicate success not just at the individual level, but across the organization as a whole. We sat down with Brian Higgins, sales performance coach, consultant, and faculty member at the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder, to learn how sales performance...


Jim Dolce on Challenges in a Dynamic Industry

Dynamic industries – those that have gone through significant changes in recent years – have faced a unique set of challenges in sales and product development. FUJIFILM North America Corporation, is one of them. Their Imaging Division, which has historically been a B2B sales and marketing organization, has shifted to become a product development organization. We sat down with Jim Dolce, Vice President Technology and Strategic Business Development at FUJIFILM North America Corporation, to...


Mike Reagan on Increasing Self-Awareness

Inboxes fill up, task lists go unchecked – we all have times when we struggle with maintaining the balance between our personal and business lives. But if we want to be our best, we have to take the time to work on ourselves first, and understand who we are and what we bring to our relationships. Self-awareness plays a key role in optimizing the work-life balance. To help us understand how we can increase our self-awareness, we sat down with Mike Reagan, a 25-year sales and marketing...


Chloe Thomas on eCommerce and Online Trends

In a new era of B2B buyers shifting towards eCommerce and online buying trends, we ask the question, “How can sales professionals and retailers be competitive?” To answer this question and help us understand the B2B shift to eCommerce, we sat down with Chloe Thomas, founder of eCommerce MasterPlan.


Dorene Rettas on Data Protection in Sales & Marketing

Data breaches, like the recent Facebook debacle, have put companies of all sizes under increased scrutiny when it comes to data privacy. New data protection laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, are being established to combat data breaches and provide increased transparency when it comes to data usage. We sat down with Dorene Rettas, head of Cyber Security Hub for IQPC, a live events and digital media company, to discuss how an increased...


Michael Dart on Understanding Retail Dynamics

Turn on the news and you hear countless stories about store closings and forgotten malls – no doubt casualties in the evolution of retail. With ecommerce displacing brick and mortars, it’s easy to cry “death of retail,” but retail is very much alive and thriving. To better understand the new retail landscape, we sat down with Michael Dart, partner at A.T. Kearney and author of Retail’s Seismic Shift: How to Shift Faster, Respond Better, and Win Customer Loyalty.


Linda Page on The Power of Coaching

Good coaching empowers individuals, inspires teams and drives results. But it’s often undervalued because it's not always accessible and its importance may not be obvious. To help tackle to topic we sat down with Linda Page, AVP Global Field Enablement at Splunk, a company that makes machine data accessible to everyone. Driving productivity across all customer-facing roles, Linda’s role is to help the company scale to the next level.


Larry Levine on How To Remain Authentic

Authenticity is one of the biggest challenges for salespeople in a profession that’s so laden with rejection that many fear it. Yet, authenticity is what separates the sales reps from the sales professionals and it's what buyers want. We sat down with Larry Levin, co-founder of The Social Sales Academy and host of the Selling from the Heart podcast to talk about how authenticity plays a role in sales.