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4 Ways Leadership Impacts Culture w/ Ohad Hecht

You know when you’re trying to be a good role model to a kid in your life? Every time they’re around, you’re hyper-conscious about doing good. But we all slip up once in a while. Being a leader of an organization isn’t unlike being a good role model for a kid. Just replace the kid with a group of capable adults. In this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I speak to Ohad Hecht, CEO of Emarsys, about how leadership affects company culture. Plus, we talk about: -...


How Third-Party Data Creates More Meaningful CX w/ Aimee Irwin

Your customer is a kid at the top of a snowy hill, ready to take the plunge on her sled. It would be too bad if there were bumps along the way, keeping her from sledding smoothly (and quickly) to the bottom, right? That’s when third-party data comes in to smooth the bumps. In this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I speak with Aimee Irwin, VP of Strategy for Targeting at Experian. Experian provides businesses with essential data and analytics to meet the consumer’s...


Optimize Selling Time Through Organizational Alignment w/ Resa Gooding

The biggest challenge in any B2B company today? Getting organized. It seems as if nailing down solutions and documenting those processes remains out of reach for many organizations. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Resa Gooding — my latest guest on The B2B Revenue Executive Experience — helps businesses achieve. As a HubSpot trainer and digital sales strategist at Cacao Media, Resa has built up a plethora of experience and knowledge in the digital sales and marketing space. Today, we’re...


Effective Email Outreach Takes More than Automation w/ Gessie Schechinger

Imagine you’re preparing for a meeting with a new prospect. What steps are you taking beforehand? You’re probably doing some research on their organization and their particular position. Maybe you uncover a few recent milestones the business has reached or you find that the prospect recently received a promotion. All of this information will obviously be helpful in moving your professional relationship forward. Why do we often fail to conduct this research before reaching out via...


4 Ways to Systematize Business Development w/ Steve Gordon

Owning a service based business is hard. Because not only are you expected to be a master of your product, you’ve also got to be a professional at marketing and getting your service out there in front of people. And if you’re not careful, you can take the habits that you’ve had to establish in your beginning years as a scrappy start up and never grow past them. Always and forever stuck in survival mode. Killing yourself to make it work when what you really need is some good quality help...


4 Steps to Optimizing Sales Enablement w/ Stephen Brown

Oftentimes, we forget that for the sales enablement function to really work, there has to be a little give and take. Of course, sales enablement’s purpose is to, well, enable sales. However, sales reps need to know that they can go to sales enablement for valuable insights and clarification. In this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I talk with Stephen Brown, Director of Product Marketing at Highspot, a sales enablement solution provider. Stephen shares his knowledge in...


How Brand Discoverability Works w/ Garrett Mehrguth

Get your 500 keyword rankings for only $500! Here! We’ve all probably seen something like this at one point or another in our careers. And if you didn’t smell the B.S. from a mile away, you may have even fallen for it. If there weren’t good people being tricked into scams like that, those fraudsters wouldn’t have jobs. In this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, President and CEO of Directive, Garrett Mehrguth, shines truth on scammy SEO swindlers. Plus, he shares: What...


3 Myths About Effectively Hiring SDRs w/ Lisa Schnare

Hiring for SDRs that hold out for the long haul can be a daunting task. Maybe you’ve had bad luck in the past or have seen colleagues struggle to fill SDR roles. Even so, try not to feel discouraged if hiring SDRs is your responsibility. Successfully hiring motivated and dedicated SDRs can be done! In this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I catch up with Influitive’s Director of Sales Development and head of Halifax HQ (and former SDR), Lisa Schnare. We...


Why Loyalty Programs Are For All Businesses w/ Rob Gallo

Loyalty is a critical component of any business. We’ve all heard the Starbucks/Amazon stories. But loyalty programs in B2B are criminally underutilized. In this episode Rob Gallo, Founder and President of CompLinks, shares his experience running an online casino company—and what that taught him about how loyalty should be the backbone of any business. Special page for listeners:


How to Achieve Compliance with the CCPA w/ Don Litzenberg

The journey to compliance with recent privacy acts proves to be one of increasing complexity. Going into effect on January 1, 2020, is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that will likely have more repercussions on U.S. businesses than GDPR. To understand the CCPA more clearly, I spoke to Don Litzenberg, the VP of Sales at 2B Advice. Don and his team take a holistic approach to help companies maintain privacy compliance. He talks to us about: The nuances of the CCPA...


5 Things Executives Need to Understand About Blockchain w/ Dennis Lewis

Many executives saw the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as just a craze. Whatever it was, it was going to pass. In reality, more and more CEOs have been looking into how they can use blockchain to raise capital. Yet, the cryptocurrency landscape is still considerably volatile. On the most recent episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I talk with the CEO of Greenlight Digital and author of Behold the Cryptopreneurs, Dennis Lewis. Dennis fills us in on: The...


The Theory of Mind is More Effective Than Empathy in Sales - Here’s Why w/ Nicolas Vandenberghe

Empathy in sales has become a popular topic in recent years. Yes, it’s good to understand the emotional state-of-mind your prospect is coming from. It’s also useful to realize how their situation and challenges are affecting their decision-making. However, empathy may not always be the most effective route to take. In the latest episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, I sat down with Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-founder and CEO of Chili Piper. He shares his thoughts...


How to Grow Your Organic Search Channel By 62% w/ Geoff Atkinson

As marketing and sales experts, we think a lot about what makes a perfect user experience. There’s an endless amount of opinions and statistics on what moves people through the buyer’s journey more smoothly. What about Google’s perfect experience? Perhaps we should care equally about how easy it is for Googlebot to crawl your website. That’s what Geoff Atkinson - the founder and CEO of Huckabuy - believes. In this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience, Geoff and I talk...


How to Drive Greater Employee Engagement w/ Don Sando

As millennials continue to make up the majority of the workforce and enter leadership positions, they’re still the group with the least members engaged in their work. B2B executives need to be able to drive employee engagement in order for their companies to survive. To fill us in on driving greater employee engagement is the president of the Strategic Results Group, Don Sando. He talks to us about: Helping executives build growth plansIncreasing employee ownership within an...


Why So Many Organizations Struggle to Enable Front Line Managers to Coach to Win w/ Pat Rodgers

Coaching is a critical component for the success of any sales organization. That’s why we often push front line managers to focus on coaching. But as sales organizations, we don't enable effective coaching nearly as much as we should. So, to help us discuss this issue, Patrick Rodgers, Co-Founder of Loupe, joined us on this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast. What we talked about: Why coaching mattersThe difference between coaching and managingWhat skillsets...


Driving a Sales Methodology: Lessons from Tealium w/ John Chinello & Laurie Schrager

On this episode, I do something a little different. Instead of conducting an interview in the studio, I share my breakout session at this year’s Sales 3.0 conference, where I sat down with John Chinello, Director of Global Sales Enablement, and Laurie Schrager, VP of Global Revenue Operations, at Tealium, to discuss their experiences in creating sales methodologies based on their recent work with Value Selling Associates. What we talked about: -Finding the right sales...


Video Email Creates Empathy-Towards You and Towards Everyone Else w/ Ethan Beute

Video means overcoming that vulnerability and accessing empathy for the person you’re speaking to — more so than your own fear of rejection. So, how do you overcome that fear and tap into the fun of video communication? On this episode, I interview Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist from BombBomb, about video email and vulnerability: What we talked about: How video creates empathyWhy people are afraid of videoPractice builds confidence, confidence builds successDos and don’ts of getting...


Your Demo Request Form Is Bouncing 85% of Your Prospects w/ Greg Dickinson

The bounce rate on requested demos on the website is 85%. The demo is the way to help that buyer understand what you do, presents the value, and acts as a trial for them on their own time. So don’t hold it hostage. On this episode, I interview Greg Dickinson, CEO of Omedym, about the dreaded software demo. What we talked about: 4 ways to remove friction from buyersTaking the time for meaningful discussionProducts are actually customer acquisition toolsWhy you should open up the demo and...


Using Inbound Marketing Principles to Benefit Existing Clients w/ Todd Hockenberry

B2B companies are missing out on a huge opportunity. They’re either not paying attention to it or don’t know how to apply it to their specific situation: Using inbound marketing principles to influence and grow their existing clients. Our guest today, Todd Hockenberry from Top Line Results, reminded us of a shocking truth: It costs you seven times more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Seven times! Chew on that for a moment. On today’s episode, we’re going to...


One Company’s Journey From Family-owned Business to Private Equity-owned Entity...And What They Learned Along the Way w/ Gary Walter

What does it take to go from a family-owned business to a private equity-owned entity? On this episode of the B2B Revenue Executive Experience podcast, we spoke to Gary Walter, President and CEO of Infutor Data Solutions, to find out. Here’s what we talked about: What Infutor brings to the marketWhy they transitioned from a family-owned business to a private equity-owned entityWhat they learned along the wayWhat they’re focused on for 2020 Resources we talked...