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Mary Lombardo on When Things Go Wrong

The sale is going well – at least you think you know where it’s going. Then suddenly things start falling apart. “I need to take this to my boss.” It’s a phrase we dread hearing, yet are all too familiar with in the world of sales. So how can we combat chaos? To tackle this topic we sat down with Mary Lombardo, founder and CEO of Absolute Impact Corporation, a sales training company for industries that have outside sales teams.


Gerard Compte on Authenticity in Prospecting

Before you send that email – ask yourself, “Am I being authentic?” It’s easy to send the same generic email to everyone on your prospect list. But this probably isn’t the most effective approach because you’re not being authentic. We sat down with Gerard Compte, CEO of, to talk about how being authentic in prospecting can supercharge your results and help you build solid relationships.


Jacob Baadsgaard on Results-Based Relationships

Founders and CEOs often expect immediate results from new sales teams and employees. But that isn't always realistic, or sustainable. To find out why, we sat down with Jacob Baadsgaard, CEO of Disruptive Advertising, a team-enabled agency that uses analytics and data to help clients grow their businesses, leveraging platforms like Google and Facebook.


Mark Holmes on Customer Experience "Chick-Fil-A" Style

Any B2C company knows that customer experiences are a number one priority. What can B2B sales organizations learn from B2C customer experiences? More than you would think. We sat down with Mark Holmes, CEO of Sales Revenue Coach and author of five books, to learn why B2B companies should be paying more attention to the buyer’s journey and what they can learn from the B2C customer experience.


Brian Burns on 5 Q1 Mistakes to Avoid

In Q1 you’re setting the stage for your success in the coming year – at least, you should be. There are typical mistakes we see sales reps make again and again that get in the way of their ability to achieve an ultra high performer status. We sat down with Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, to talk about five mistakes that can be easily avoided in Q1.


Jenny Adams on Driving Revenue Through Collaboration

As executives grow their businesses, they often experience a lonely road of solitude and don’t think to reach out to others for support. We spoke with Jenny Adams, chairwoman of the 12 Mavens Denver chapter, about how executives can collaborate to drive revenue and propel everyone forward to mutual benefit.


Barbara Trautlein on Improving Change Intelligence

The world is continually going through a great deal of transformations. Whether these are digital transformations or sales transformations, they all mean the same thing: change has become the norm whether you like it or not. While some organizations change to deliver great results, many of them fail and in worst case scenarios harm organizations and individuals involved. We sat down with Barbara Trautlein , author of Change Intelligence, to discuss why organizations struggle with change...


Brian Burns on 5 Ways to Maximize Income

“How do you plan to maximize your income?” We get asked this question a lot by sales leaders and coaches. We sat down with Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, to discuss five ways to maximize your income and make sure you're on the right track.


Townsend Wardlaw on The Solution Sales Mindset

Is fear influencing your career? Are you focusing on your customers’ problems instead of providing solutions? We spoke with Townsend Wardlaw, LinkedIn influencer and solo consultant since 2009, about how realizing your fears and expanding your sales mindset can accelerate your effectiveness in sales.


Paul Bickford on Secret Sauce of Sales Enablement

The term “sales enablement,” is thrown around a lot and can mean different things to different sales professionals. We sat down with Paul Bickford, Denver Chapter President of the Sales Enablement Society, to discuss what sales enablement is, why it’s effective and how it can be leveraged as a resource.


Brian Burns on 5 Tips on Negotiating a Comp Plan

A few weeks ago we discussed five things that make a great comp plan. It’s still early in the year and comp plans are a hot topic. Many sales reps don’t believe they can negotiate their comp plans, but that’s not always true. We sat down with Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, to discuss five things to consider when negotiating your comp plan.


Dale Dupree on The Dreaded Phone

As social networking online continues to evolve, less and less salespeople are comfortable picking up the phone and calling decision makers. Some may even think that cold calling doesn’t work. We sat down with Dale Dupree, a.k.a. the Copier Warrior and general manager of Zeno Office Solutions, to learn how to become more effective when using this amazing tool, and tactics for supporting your efforts.


Brian Burns on 5 Things That Make a Great Comp Plan

It’s the beginning of the year and companies are beginning to roll out new comp plans. For salespeople, especially ultra high performers, comp plans are one of the primary motivators for structuring out the year and harnessing focus. We sat down with Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling to discuss five things to consider when evaluating your comp plan.


Sean Campbell on Virtual Selling

More and more organizations are implementing virtual selling as they reevaluate their travel budgets, cost of sales and changing desires of buyers. Sean Campbell, CEO of Cascade Insights, a B2B market research firm specifically focused on technology companies, sat down with us to discuss what virtual selling is and why it’s becoming increasingly common in sales.


Brian Burns on 5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Sales

Sales is a rollercoaster profession – everyone who’s be doing it for a long time knows there’s days where you feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere. No one is responding, you can’t keep the pipeline full and it feels like nothing’s getting done. Other days it feels like you’re ramming your head into a brick wall because there’s so much to do and you don’t know how to prioritize things. Motivation is key in the sales profession for ultra high performers. It’s something that...


Vince Kohler on the Power of Content Marketing

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “content is king,” but content alone is never enough. To be a successful content marketer, especially in the B2B world, you need to be plugged in to the sales side of things, and vice versa. Vince Kohler, VP of Marketing for SBI, sat down with us to discuss optimizing the approach to content marketing and ways to ensure it’s aiding the sales effort. SBI is a sales consulting organization and producer of top tier content, including a podcast. In fact, they...


Brian Burns on 5 Things That Separate A Players From B Players

With the onslaught of artificial intelligence and new technologies impacting the sales profession, the question is often asked: “Will people still be relevant?” It’s generally agreed that yes, salespeople will still be needed – at least those that are the A players. Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, sat down with Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner, Value Prime Solutions to discuss five things that make ultra high performers, or A players, so effective.


Mark Hunter on Barriers to Better Prospecting

We wanted to kick off 2018 by talking about something on the top of everybody’s mind as they plan out the new year – prospecting. Time and time again, prospecting is ranked as the highest priority among sales professionals. Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter,” and author of High-Profit Prospecting and High-Profit Selling, joined us to discuss how to overcome the challenges of prospecting and what techniques are most effective for success.


Brian Burns on 5 Things to Look for in a New Sales Position

It’s common for sales professionals to move around a lot. In fact, the average tenure of a sales executive is just 18 months. Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, sat down with Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner, Value Prime Solutions, to discuss what salespeople need to look for when taking the next step in their career.


Jon Kondo on Using Sales Analytics Across the Entire Organization

With a rise of big data, there are more and more opportunities for companies to leverage their analytics and drive different approaches to business return. We sat down with Jon Kondo, CEO of OpsPanda, to learn about how organizations are using sales analytics to plan their success.


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