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16: How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals on a Budget & Get Paid! w/ Tristan Chaudhry

Fry Egg was recently featured at the Crypto Conference, NASDAQ, World Blockchain Forum in Dubai and more. There is so much buzz about the company BABE could hardly get an interview with the CEO Tristan Chaudhry. Chaudhry is changing the game of health, wellness and Data science in one swoop! Fry Egg was initially started by CEO Tristan Chaudhry to battle, "the most common struggle everyone has." But what he has turned Fry Egg into could make it possible for you to be paid to go the gym, eat...


15: How to Make Money on The Digital YOU w/ Rodger Wells

Marc Pritchard dropped the bomb on Digital advertising in 2017 and people have slowing begun realizing the inefficiency and even fraud being committed by companies like Google and Facebook. Rodger Wells, the CEO of Dashbid reveals a world where digital advertising is is something YOU get paid for. Wells explains how the current model of ad sales completely ignore the most important part of the transaction, the viewer. Using a visionary approach and of course a crypto-based model Wells is on...


14: There is a Better Way of Doing That! w/ Alexis Bizalion, Co-Founder of TokenChanger

Sarah Herring and Matt Davio sit down with the co-founder of TokenChanger to talk about how this project could not only change the space of crypto, but change the space of business as a whole. Bizalion has been deeply engaged in the finance and business space for years and realized that vast margins were being lost in fees and charges that weren't necessary. Through much effort and work his team has created a platform where any idea to solve these kind of problems can be explored and fixed....


13: Changing Professional Sports from the Inside-Out w/ Marko Filej

Marko Filej is the CEO of SportyCo, a decentralized blockchain-based sports investment & funding ecosystem that has the ability to turn the professional sports world on its head. With huge name investors like Ronaldinho from the sports-world, and Charlie Shrem from the crypto-world, []( has an amazing amount of potential. Please enjoy listening to Marko talk about the start of the company and where they are now in their process ! Learn more about Marko on his LinkedIn...


12: The City and Wall Street Have Lost Respect of ICO's w/ Jonny Fry

And It's just not good enough anymore! **Jonny Fry of Team Blockchain** gives a telling interview where he sheds light on the future of business, the financial industry and crypto. With an impressive background in business Jonny Fry explains the need for blockchain and some of the new ways businesses will need to adapt to evolve. He explain correlation between VIX and BTC. Why Telegram may takeover Facebook. Why ICOs are critical. Tokenomics and more.


11: "Peer Mountain is the Tinder of Services" w/ Jed Grant

CEO of Peer Mountain, Jed Grant joins Sarah Herring and Matt Davio on another episode of the BABE: BitcoinAndBlockchainEvolution Podcast. As the CEO and Founder of Peer Mountain, Grant shares a ton of insights about a decentralized system of trust that can be used by consumers and companies alike. Grant shares his hopes that all of us will be safer and life will be easier in the coming decentralized world


10: Best Way To Find and Research ICOs w/ Rob Finch

Rob Finch the Founder and CEO of ICO Alert joins Sarah Herring and Matt Davio on the BABE podcast. Rob and his brother founded ICO Alert essentially on accident. After discovering the crypto-bug they were shocked to see ICOs selling out in :35 seconds and were wondering how they could keep track of Pre-ICOs, ICOs and know more about them. Through this process they eventually saw the need to make their tracking public and now we have the most comprehensive list of ICOs in the world. But the...


9: How African Villages become Strong Economies with RENEWABLE ENERGY

Greg Kerr, Co-Founder of RenuCoin [ ], joins us to talk energy, cryptocurrencies, and the newest Blockchain technology while explaining what the team at RenuCoin is doing. Greg is a former Foreign Policy Analyst for the Pentagon, an avid writer on Medium, and even has his own podcast. Tune in to listen to Greg and Matt talk how Villages in Africa can disrupt the economies of the world.


8: How Crypto Affects Your Taxes w/ Theresa Fox

Theresa Fox of TFoxAndAssociates joins BABE: the BitcoinAndBlockchainEvolution to talk about how cryptocurrency affects your taxes. Fox explains how you can prepare, what you need to claim and why you don't want to make any mistakes! As a specialist in gaming and gambling for year, Theresa Fox started to see the need for her to develop her understanding of how the IRS perceives crypto in order to meet the demands of her clientele. As a result she has a deep knowledge, as well as the software...


7: Tone Vays: Why most Altcoins are SCAMS

Tone Vays is an experienced trader with a huge following in Crypto. On this week's BABE: BitcoinAndBlockchainEvolution Tone Vays shares his insights on how he picks his trades in Bitcoin and personally, what the segwit actually meant, why you must utilize cold storage and more. With a deep understanding of Blockchain, Tone Vays shares his insights daily and you can find more on his work on his website, YouTube, Twitter and more.


6: How Tokens Will Change Public & Private Equity FOREVER with CEO of KoreConX, Oscar Jofre

CEO of KoreConX, Oscar Jofre joins Matt Davio as they talk about Tokens, ITO's, and using technology that will put most middle men out of business. Along with being a CEO Oscar is a world renowned frontrunner in the Blockchain world, InsureTech, and just an overall leader in today's society. Oscar is doing amazing things read more about him and what he's doing at the links below!! LinkedIn: Twitter: @oscarjofre Angel List:


5: Avoiding Student Loans with Paytronage w/ Zach Pelka

BABE Podcast talks to Paytronage co-founder Zach Pelka about his innovative project that circumvents the pitfalls of student loans. The Paytronage platforms offers ISAs (Income Share Agreements) in an entirely new way to create a totally new perspective on college funding. Sarah Herring "AuntyChardonnay" and Matt Davio "MissTrade" grill the CEO on the particulars of this potentially revolutionary concept. You can find more on Paytronage below: Paytronage Site:


4: Jeremy Epstein Explains Why Blockchain is the New Internet

Jeremy Epstein of Never Stop Marketing comes on the BABE podcast to share his insight as a leader in both blockchain and marketing. Epstein has been described as a "shot of Espresso" and it is easy to see why. With tons of projects in the works he has a deep understanding of blockchain and its potential implications on everything from social media to government. He opens up about what is learning from his kids, how you can learn at the CryptoExplorer conference and more. Find out what ICOs...


3: @CryptoRobby Reveals His Favorite ICOs to Invest in Right Now

[]( Robby Schwertner aka CryptoRobby is an influencer in the crypto space and joins Sarah Herring aka AuntyChardonnay and Matt Davio aka Miss Trade on this episode of the BABE: BitcoinAndBlockchainEvolution show. CryptoRobby shares his insights on the best ICOs and some of the best ideas he sees emerging at the moment. Robby is only interested in blockchain technologies which have some larger reaching implication and provide and #ReturnOnSociety You can find...


2: Interview with Maia Naor COO of INX Exchange

Hosts Sarah "Aunty Chardonnay" Herring and Matt "Miss Trade" Davio have Maia Naor on the BABE Podcast to talk about the INX. Exchange. Naor talks about filing with the SEC and starting the first regulated exchange. Bitcoin and Blockchain Evolution hosts see clearly the potential that INX Exchange could have on the market. BABE is in no way affiliated with INX but you can check them out at []([]( For More on Maia...


1: "If You Don't Pay for Attention, You're Dead" - Thomas Power Interview

Thomas Power is deeply connected in the worlds of business, social media, cryptocurrency, blockchain techonology and more. He joins Sarah Herring and Matt Davio on the BABE podcast to share his insights on how tokens will revolutionize the world. He quotes a friend by saying that, "the entire world can be tokenized." From Telegram founder Pavel Durov to the Founder of Napster Sean Parker to the legend himself Bill Gates, Power has connections and wisdom that are incredibly informative and...