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The influence of social marketing on consumer behavior

Erin Caldwell joins this week’s podcast to talk about how marketers can drive social change for issues from recycling to carpooling to energy conservation. Erin and John discuss why changing attitudes doesn’t necessarily mean that behaviors are changing (2:40), how to make issues resonate with people (10:30) why altruism might not be the most reliable way to drive charitable contributions (15:47) and how marketers can capitalize on internal and external motivations. Follow Corporate Ink:...


Turning emails into sales with Rethink Robotics VP

Sue Sokoloski, vice president of marketing at Rethink Robotics joined The Bean Pod for a deep dive on email marketing strategy and best practices. Rethink Robotics, a Corporate Ink client, created the category of smart, collaborative robots. Sue shared insight into how content marketing helped Rethink define this new market (1:21) and why it’s so important to know your audience’s interests, concerns and triggers (3:54). Sue spent more than eight years at Constant Contact as director of...


PR for Robots? Why Robotics Companies Need to Take Advantage

The robotics industry is set to grow to more than $130 billion in just two years. Gil Haylon joined The Bean Pod to discuss the challenges and opportunities that can arise in this increasingly crowded space. Gil covers why robotics companies need to start with a solid message (2:14), the most effective PR strategies and materials (3:55), how to make the most of industry tradeshows like Automate and RoboBusiness (8:05) and when a robotics company should start to engage in PR (12:32). For...


Nate Niezgorski of Dell Technologies Explains the Cloud

This week, The Bean Pod is joined by Nate Niezgorksi of Dell Technologies. While you probably know what “the cloud” is, you might not know how it actually works. If you’re worried about your data getting wet when it rains, listen to this episode. Nate explains the ins and outs of cloud storage (2:50), why so many startups are based in the cloud (9:03) and when the cloud might not be right for your business (12:20). We also discuss the hybrid cloud (19:06), self-driving cars (23:40) and the...


Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Practices

The Bean Pod is joined this week by Luke Stephan, Partner at Keene Advisors, to talk with Corporate Ink about the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in today’s business landscape. 97% of businesses consider sustainability “highly important” and third of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. Luke joined John and Erin to discuss why CSR and sustainability efforts are increasing (3:19), how...


Mobile Ads & New England Patriots Win Big

In this special episode of The Bean Pod, we’re joined by Mike Parker, Greg Hakim and Gil Haylon to reflect on the Pats championship victory. The day after a stunning come-from-behind win from the home town team, we discuss the emotional rollercoaster of watching the game and the future of the Patriots’ dynasty. We then discuss our reactions to commercials (5:52), the future of advertising on TV during the big game (9:37) and the importance of engagement versus reach (12:45). Follow...


Mastering social media marketing: Expert tips from GCAi’s James Garvey

For the first episode of the new year, John Costello sat down with James Garvey, digital marketing analyst at GCAi. They covered the true definition of social media marketing (1:35), why big data has become the driving force behind each platform (4:40) and the turning point when social media became media, full stop (5:55). They also discussed some tips and best practices including how to overcome the death of organic reach (6:15) and how to ensure the success of social media campaigns by...


Emerging Payments & the Future of Fintech

Silicon Valley is teeming with fintech startups aiming to disrupt the payments and banking ecosystem. John Costello gives up hosting duties to share his thoughts on payment technology as the guest of this week’s Bean Pod. Erin Caldwell joins to discuss what that new chip in your credit card means (6:34), the applications of bitcoin and blockchain technology (14:08), how biometrics is starting to play a role in card security (20:10), why banks are outsourcing innovation (24:36) and of...


The Rise of Retail Tech

On this week’s Bean Pod, Stacey Turney and Abbie Holmes discuss the state of retail marketing and share the strategies they’ve seen retailers implement to address changing consumers preferences. From high tech backend solutions to a shift in customer communications, Corporate Ink discusses the changing landscape of retail. 4:24 - The state of the retail industry 6:32 - See Now Buy Now 8:45 - The role of marketing in retail 10:45 - Bean Stocks


The Greatest Hits: Is there a formula for earning media coverage?

In this week’s episode of The Bean Pod, Corporate Ink discusses what it takes to build a well-rounded media approach. Are you trying to get covered by the Wall Street Journal? In most cases, that should only be one part of a program that’s built to help achieve your goals as a business. There’s no way to wave a magic wand and appear on the biggest news networks but taking a few of the steps outlined in this episode will help build a foundation for sustained, targeted, positive media...


Pushing Boundaries in Business: Global Expansion

In case you missed it, we recently reported on the findingsof our globalexpansion survey that highlighted challenges and opportunities faced bycompanies expanding overseas. We dove a little deeper into the data on The BeanPod, and examined why some of the challenges uncovered may present themselves,as well as how companies can better prepare for the massive undertaking that isan international expansion. 2:00 – The struggles of expanding internationally 4:50 – Pursuing U.S. venture...


Corporate Ink at Content Marketing World

In the latest episode of The Bean Pod, Corporate Ink shares everything it learned in our new favorite city, Cleveland, at Content Marketing World 2016. Melissa shares why CMWorld ironically argued that marketers should produce less content and Erin explains why empathy is an overlooked aspect of content creation.


Labor Day Bonus: A Backstage Pass with Billy Rosenbeck

On this special Labor Day edition of The Bean Pod, we welcome Bill Rosenbeck, a music critic and fellow podcaster to talk about the local music scene in Massachusetts, explore some elements of music theory and the future of rock ‘n’ roll, and determine what it means about you as a person if George Harrison is your favorite Beatle. If you want to hear more from Bill, a library of his published articles can be found at, and you can subscribe to his podcast, “Let’s Drink 3...