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Nudging: How to influence the behavior of your customers | Dirkje van der Ven, Shift | S02E04

In marketing there are a lot of psychological tactics you can use to influence the behavior of your customers. Whether you’re trying to scare you’re visitor into booking a hotel room or the government trying to get your people to eat healthier, there are a lot of ways to influence people on an unconscious level. In this episode of The Better Different Podcast, we talk to Dirkje van der Ven about a lot of those marketing tactics to change the behavior of your customers. Podcast...


Customer Experience vs. Marketing Technology | Joris van der Waart, CM.COM | S02E03

Technology is getting more important everyday in the lives of customer and marketers. In this episode we talk to the CMO of mobile tech company CM.COM on how to leverage the latest trends in marketing technology to create a successful marketing strategy. Podcast summary: - Mobile customer journey - What is the most important ID-tag of the customer - RCS: The new industry standard of SMS and mobile communication - What the future of mobile technology and communication will look like - What...


(Un)Branding Lessons in the age of disruption | Alison Stratten, Unmarketing | S02E02

Looking for inspiration to create a more awesome brand? You should definitely listen to this interview with the lovely Alison Stratten. She is the co-author of marketing books like Unmarketing, Unselling and Unbranding with marketing speaker (and husband) Scott Stratten. They are both the hosts of the very popular Unmarketing podcast (go look them up after you listened to this episode). The cheat sheet for this episode: * Why do QR-codes kill kittens? * What are the four key factors for...


Heineken: Building a global brand on local insights | Anuraag Trikha, Heineken | S02E01

Every brand marketer and entrepreneur should love this interview with Anuraag Trikha, Global Brand Director at Heineken. He shares his learnings and insights after years of being responsible for Heineken's communication in over 192 countries. Episode cheat sheet: * What it is that makes Heineken unique * How Heineken builds a global brand for local markets * How important it is to be consistent * How global co-creation leads to valuable local insights * How you can’t kill mediocrity...


How Starbucks grows sustainable by storytelling from the inside out | Victoria Cornwall - Starbucks

Starbucks is one the biggest brands worldwide and keeps growing in a sustainable way. Victoria Cornwall is a big part of that as Partner Communications Manager for Starbucks EMEA. She talks about storytelling, branding from the inside out and growing big by staying small. A must-listen for all the companies that want to grow! The 3 gives you three optimization points for your website that you shouldn't miss.


Influence buying behaviour with sensory branding | Dr. Charles Spence - University of Oxford S01E01

Use multi-sensory marketing and branding to create an experience that influences buying behaviour. In this episode we talk to Dr. Charles Spence from the University of Oxford at the Transform Conference in Londen. Also in the 3, we list three reasons why brands should join Meerkat and/or Periscope today! Enjoy the podcast and let me know what you think on Twitter @Dennisvdlo