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The podcast that will make you rich. Join me on my path to $1 billion.

The podcast that will make you rich. Join me on my path to $1 billion.
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The podcast that will make you rich. Join me on my path to $1 billion.






Episode 6 - Make a fortune off the recession! - 940%+ Return

The recession is coming soon and there is nothing we can do about it. We can be frightened and worried, or we can be excited. Financially intelligent individuals cannot wait. They all use the concept that I outline in this episode, recessions are your only chance to buy for pennies on the dollar, whether it's real estate, businesses, or stocks. Don't miss your chance!


Episode 5 - Franchising - An Empire of Passive Income

In this episode, I try to provide as much value as I can about franchising, my 4th step in building wealth from nothing. Whether it a Taco Bell, an AT&T store or a 24 Hour Fitness, franchising is a fantastic way of building a lucrative stream of passive income, and it is accessible to anyone! As always, reach out on my Facebook page if you have any questions!


Episode 4 - Real Estate Investing - 440%+ return!

This is an awesome episode, I go over the basics of real estate investing and how you can make 440%+ return in passive income with about an hour of work a month. REI is a very powerful investment vehicle that everyone should learn about, even if they don't plan to be a real estate investor. Skip to 3:45 if you want to hear a quick example!


Episode 3 - ATM's - $5,000+/month in passive income!

This is a really fun episode and is step 2 in the path to financial freedom. I go over the basics of getting into the ATM industry and how it can help you build significant passive income! My ATM plan can be found on my Facebook page, link in the description. Skip to 10:00 is you want to hear the numbers first! (Numbers are always my favorite part)


Episode 2 - 3,453% Return in 3 Years!

So I've decided to upload my next 5 episodes in order of how you can build wealth starting from nothing, with even as little as $10. In this episode, I did my best to give you the first step in the path to financial freedom. Skip to 6:05 to go straight to my plan for 840%-3,453% return in 3 years! A PDF of the plan can be found on my Facebook page in the description!


Episode 1 - Introduction

This episode is an introduction to what I am all about and what this podcast will be all about. I'll go over assets vs. liabilities, 4 distinct paths you can take in life, and more in this episode. Subscribe for weekly content aimed towards helping you achieve financial freedom.