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The team at Epic Nine and guests dive into marketing and tech updates that affect SMBs. Each episode also features an interview with an expert in a field that all small business operators will find valuable.

The team at Epic Nine and guests dive into marketing and tech updates that affect SMBs. Each episode also features an interview with an expert in a field that all small business operators will find valuable.


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The team at Epic Nine and guests dive into marketing and tech updates that affect SMBs. Each episode also features an interview with an expert in a field that all small business operators will find valuable.






Episode #021 This Brand is Your Brand

Episode #021 This Brand is Your Brand


#020 Start Me Up

Google is Stirring Things Up, Facebook is Leaking, and a Crash Course in Start Ups


#019 - What's Likes Have to Do with It?

#019 - What's Likes Have to Do with It?


#018 Time after Time

Ads on Tik Tok are up for bid. Instagram is finally allowing scheduling. The Big Podcast is 1 year old! Donna Cutting, Founder of Red Carpet Learning Systems and author of the best selling 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet, joins us to share the wisdom she has gained from being in business for 20 years.


#017 It's My Podcast, I Can Try if I Want To

Episode 17 is our podcast on podcasts. Cliche right? Well hang on... there might be some good info that you can use for your own brand. Joshua Crisp, founder of Solinity and host of the Bridging the Gap podcast joins us to share his experience of how podcasting has impacted the brand of Solinity.

#016 Forever Young... Somewhere on a Russian Server

The highs and lows of the Face App Challenge. Also, actionable tips for Twitter and LinkedIn... Jump into the conversation! Register for our social media power session at and our marketing plan DIY workshop at


#015 Whole Lotta Engagement: The Importance of Keeping Your Team Engaged

The level of engagement in your business can make or break it. Are you leading your culture or are you letting your culture lead you? It's time to tackle some big issues for small businesses. Episode #015 features Kurt Greene of and a chair of Vistage, the world's leading peer to peer advisory group for business executives.


#014 Hey Small Business Won't You Back That Ad Up

In Episode #14 Jeremy and Andrew dive deep (kinda) into Google Ads. This one is not for the faint of heart! However, if you've ever wondered how to setup or manage a Google Ads account then this one is for you!


I Want to Break Free

This week we are joined by marketing extraordinaire, Mark Schaefer! Mark has recently published his 7th book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins. You can find out more about Mark's consulting business and other publications at


#012 Put Me in Business Coach, I'm Ready to Slay

Strategic and motivational coach Keith Galloway gives us some wisdom on leading and thriving in the world of small business ownership. Keith specializes in helping companies from 10-50 people get out of ruts and motivate all involved to win.


#011 Wait a Minute Mr. Postman, Don’t Unsubscribe Me

In this episode we tackle some good tactics for content in your email, segmenting your lists, and growing your lists.


#010 Hey Google... Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

In episode 10 Jeremy, Anne, and Andrew explore the wild world of voice search and Google's new(ish), eery experiment: Duplex. Also, we hear from Yoseph Elkaim, co-founder of Omnilab Advisory Partners as he shares which metrics businesses should measuring for success and what startups should be thinking about when approaching potential investors.


#009 You Were Always on My Mind

In Episode #009 we tackle the psychology of branding and hear some valuable insights from Regina Jennings, Sr VP of Pinnacle Bank. You can get a copy of the E-Myth on Amazon.


#008 Time is on My Side… Yes It Is

Christmas is tomorrow and 2019 is right around the corner! Join Jeremy, Anne, and Andrew as they explore what the future holds for marketing, tech, and the life goals of your favorite podcast trio. We are also excited to have Samantha Lane of Origami Day with us to talk about finding work-life balance in the new year. To check out the Origami Day system visit:


#007 Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Market Away!

Episode #7 is all about hitting your target audience. Learn some foundational concepts for advertising as well as some important updates coming to the WhatsApp platform. Dan Spear, VP of PCS technology consultants also joins us to give us the low down on cyber security.


Taking Care of Business… Every Day

Episode #6 is all about B2B marketing. Jeremy, Anne, and Andrew talk about some of the must do's and don'ts of B2B marketing as well as delve into the down and dirty need to know information that all business owners should be thinking about in regard to their finances and bookkeeping. Sit at the feet of our special guest is R.E. Foust, business finance guru, from Pugh CPAs in Knoxville, and learn about the biggest mistake he has seen business owners make time and time again.


Christmas (marketing) Don’t Be Late…

In episode 5 of the Big Podcast for Small Business we learn about Facebook's new not-so-live video format, Microsoft's October surprise, and we jump head first into holiday marketing! It's not too late to plan out your November and December and make the most of the holiday opportunity. Tune in for some great ideas that you can start implementing today! PLUS! Our special guest, Chris Hurley, president of Russell and Abbott Heating and Air ( shares the story of...


Domo Arigato Mr Chatbot

Take a journey through the world of chatbots with Jeremy, Allen, and Andrew in Episode 4 of The Big Podcast for Small Business as they discuss what they are and how small businesses can utilize them to increase sales. Pete Mara, business extraordinaire from Culture Weavers and At The Gap, is our special guest. Tune in to learn about how businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the MVP model.


I Like It, I Love It! I Want Some More of It: Providing Great Customer Experiences and Getting Great Reviews

Episode 3 is here with the lowdown on how to get great reviews and how to WOW! your customers with a customer experience extraordinaire Donna Cutting of This one is a little long, but it's worth it! We also tackle new updates with Instagram TV, Instagram Shopping, and some iMessage developments that might be opening up opportunities for SMB marketing. You can get Donna's book, 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers at Amazon:...