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Everything you need to know to thrive in the out of home advertising industry.

Everything you need to know to thrive in the out of home advertising industry.


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Everything you need to know to thrive in the out of home advertising industry.






John James on his proudest OOH sale and what your website needs to effectively market your signs

Today’s podcast guest is John James, the founder of SignBird. Today John talks about selling billboards for Lamar, his proudest out of home sale and what your website needs to effectively market your signs. On getting into out of home My first job out of college – I was working on political campaigns and I was doing different things…in some of our marketing for that particular campaign we looked at doing billboards and that was mainly because the competitor was using out of home. And that’s...


Jay Johnson on OOH’s Resilience, Sustainable Leverage and Cyber Risk

Today’s podcast guest is Jay Johnson, CFO of Lamar Advertising. Here's what Jay said about out of home's resilience, managing through covid, sustainable leverage, cyber risk and the acquisitions market. What was your biggest surprise about out of home coming into the industry? The resilience of the out of home industry and billboards in particular. You look at this past year it is simply shocking as you look at the rebound that has occurred in out of home…really a testament to the product...


Denise Levine: Things are Coming Back!

Today’s podcast guest is Denise Levine, Chief Revenue Officer of Branded Cities a 20 year old out of home company which specializes in iconic urban out of home locations. She talks about what it's like selling iconic urban out of home assets. Here are the highlights. Review Branded Cities history and current plant. Denise Levine, Chief Revenue Officer, Branded Cities We’re 20 years in the out of home industry. Founded in 1999 by Steve Ellman in one single market, in Phoenix Arizona. That’s...


Melody Roberts: Since the new year has started it’s been completely different.

Today's podcast guest Melody Roberts, Owner | Chief Creative Officer, of Out of Home Creative talks about how to give out of home clients a great creative experience. Here are the highlights. How did COVID impact your business? Melody Roberts Owner | Chief Creative Officer Out of Home Creative Probably like most, I had a downturn through June. And then, in July, I started seeing an uptick in requests and reaching out to clients and billboard companies to work with them on how we could use...


Auz Khan’s tips for generating more Out of Home sales leads

Today's podcast guest Auz Khan, CEO of Adwatch Media gives tips on how to use your website to generate more sales leads and what to put on an available billboard. Here are the highlights. Auz Khan, Founder and CEO, Adwatch Media What is Adwatch Media and how can it help out of home companies. Adwatch Media is a digital advertising and marketing company that white labels its services and sells them to local businesses via out of home companies. You have an out of home company and you can...


Stephen Freitas Says Make the Medium Easier to Transact

Today's podcast guest, Stephen Freitas (Executive Advisor to the OAAA and Partner in OOH Capital) says the out of home industry needs to make it easier to transact. He also tells a great story about Malcolm Gladwell. Is the out of home industry doing a good job marketing itself? Yes....If you take a step back and look at what the industry has been doing over the last decade and look at where the industry was before the great recession in 2009 and where the industry is today I think that...


Evan Richheimer and Luis Cerda: We always wanted to be entrepreneurs.

Today's podcast guests are Evan Richheimer and Luis Cerda, Co-Founders of New Tradition Media an out of home company which operates a large format out of home plant in 16 large US cities. They talk about getting started, the Regency signs purchase and how they secured One Times Square. Don't overlook the value of a cold call! Luis Cerda, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, New Tradition Media Luis Cerda on the company's history New Tradition is a New York based company. We actually just turned...


Colossal Media Wants to Grow

Today’s podcast guest is Kelly Peppers, the CEO of Colossal Media, the global leader in hand painted outdoor advertising. Kelly talks about the company's growing pains, a successful capital raise and priorities for next year. Kelly, how did Colossal get into out of home. Kelly Peppers, CEO, Colossal Media We’re a Brooklyn-based media company credited for reviving hand-painted outdoor advertising. In 2004, Adrian, Paul and Pat pooled together about $3,000 and started the business. They were...


Jon Odom on Billboard Structures

Today’s podcast guest is Jon Odom, Founder and President of Productivity Fabricators, a family owned and operated steel fabricating business in Richmond, Indiana. John talks talks about how to design and maintain your billboard structures. Give an overview of productivity fabricators. Productivity Fabricators came into being January 1, 1994. I had worked for the previous owner for 8 years as the general manager and he decided to retire and gave me the opportunity to buy the business…The...


SignValue’s 2021 Out of Home Forecast with Paul Wright and Carson Frost

Today's podcast guests are Paul Wright and Carson Frost from SignValue, the out of home appraiser and broker. Some highlights from the conversation. Are we seeing 8-14 times cashflow trading multiples in this recession? Yea. Those multiples have held fairly constant…We’re talking about stabilized cashflows, not current cashflows. Paul Wright, SignValue Five Trends to watch in 2021. We’ve thought about the adoption of programmatic by the big three and how they could apply that to some of...


Collin Huber: We are seeing a good amount of activity with Independent Out of Home companies.

Independent Out of Home companies have remained active through covid says today's podcast guest Collin Huber, Daktronics Out of Home Advertising Market Manager. Here are the highlights. There's been an increase in replacement activity One of the trends – we’re just getting into the first wave of replacing some of the original digital displays that were installed in 2007-2009. As we go for that replacement process the products we manufacture today in South Dakota perform way better and last...


Anna Bager: The strength of our industry is still there. The power of our medium is still there and we’ve grown stronger.

Today’s podcast guest Anna Bager reflects on an eventful first year as President and CEO of the OAAA. Anna says the the US out of home industry is coping well with covid and she identifies out of home trends to follow. Here are highlights. How is the US out of home industry coping with covid? I think the industry is coping with covid very very well…Of course there are parts of out of home that are hurting and have been hurting and it’s important from the OAAA perspective to give those areas...


Bill May On Defending the Out of Home Industry

Today's podcast guest is Bill May, the retired executive director of the Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association. Bill tells how Missouri out of home advertising companies rallied to defeat a Scenic America anti-billboard initiative in 2000. He also gives tips for effective political action. What happened in 2000? Bill May, retired Director, Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association The anti-billboard groups, Scenic Missouri and Scenic America, had been trying to ban billboards legislatively...


TierOne’s Jesse London on Raising Capital

This week's podcast guest is Jesse London, CEO of TierOne Media, a startup which recently purchased 5 out of home companies in the Southeast United States. Jesse talks about why he became an entrepreneur and what it was like raising a high seven figures amount of debt and equity. What made you want to become an out of home entrepreneur? I always wanted to be in business for myself…I love outdoor. With all the experience I had at Clear Channel, OUTFRONT and before that at CBS Outdoor I worked...


Chris Cowlbeck says Independents coming through pandemic in good shape.

Today’s podcast guest is Chris Cowlbeck General Manager at Look Billboards an Oklahoma based out of home company and the IBOUSA a networking group which addresses the needs of independent billboard operators. Chris says independent operators have come through covid in good shape. Chris Cowlbeck General Manager Look Billboards and Independent Billboard Operators USA The IBO just held its fall conference. The number one takeaway was thank you, thank you, thank you. People are so tired of being...


Grey Vick On Small Market Digital Billboards

Today’s podcast guest is Grey Vick the founder Grey Outdoor, an independent out of home company with 260 billboard structures in North and South Carolina. Here are his thoughts about digital billboards and small markets. On Digital signs. Grey Vick, Owner, Grey Outdoor We’ve got a few digitals and we’re going to be doing more…We’ve got around 10 or so digitals…it’s different because you’re updating them constantly and the best results for these advertisers are to update it constantly. I like...


Russell Abdullah on What Samsung is Doing to Advance Programmatic OOH

Today’s podcast guest is Russell Abdullah, Head of Strategy and Planning -Display Division at Samsung Electronics America says that Samsung got interested in digital out of home when it saw how out of home advertising boosted store visits. Here are the highlights from Russell's interview. Review Samsung’s history with out of home. Russell Abdullah, Head of Strategy and Planning, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America Samsung is the #6 most recognized brand in the world…The way...


Rob Jackson: Outdoor is as powerful as ever. When you do it well people talk.

Today’s podcast guest is Rob Jackson the founder and Creative Director of Extra Credit Projects talks about humor, out of home design mistakes and why his firm never tires of doing good. Your firm is marked by an impish sense of humor. We try to get attention…not always humor. You might call it wit…many times its humor. Because we all, especially now, long for that…If you can genuinely strike that in somebody you just might have a chance in them remembering it, talking about it…Humor breaks...


Jonathan Gudai Affirms Programmatic OOH will Double in 2-4 Years

Adomni founder and CEO Jonathan Gudai affirmed his prediction that programmatic out of home will double in 2-4 years on today's Billboard Insider Podcast. Here's a selection of his comments. What happened to programmatic out of home during COVID? How did Adomni respond? Jonathan Gudai, CEO, Adomni In March when the governors started telling people you must stay at home and everyone was hoping it was going to just be for a short while just to flatten the curve a lot of the advertisers...


TG Shaw: The biggest mistake you can make when selling out of home is not knowing your inventory.

Today’s podcast guest TG Shaw, President of Reeves Shaw Media, talks about selling out of home and mistakes people make selling out of home. How did you get into the out of home business? TG Shaw, President, Reeves Shaw Media I grew up in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and when I graduated high school I went to Valdosta State University in South Georgia. And down at Valdosta I majored in marketing and during my senior year we were tasked with putting together a marketing plan for a local...