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MAFS Chat: The Moment Billy Broke

John Aiken kicks off the commitment ceremony by slamming Heidi, surprising nobody because he can’t hide his disgust any longer. And Jessika continues to cause trouble by staying in the experiment so she can have an affair on national television. Meanwhile, the grooms have gone to live with their wives for a week, and Nick gets shouted out of Cyrell’s house. And after a trip to Susie’s farm, we “officially” see Billy break. Jessie and Clare Stephens are living off snacks, avoiding chores...


MAFS Chat: Jessika what the HELL

We’re halfway through the season and Jess has been called out for her failed attempt at cheating. Susie is obsessed with Billy telling inconsequential white lies, and Dan isn't feeling his marriage with Tamara. Probably because he's too busy pushing Jessika. Meanwhile Cyrell is keeping her “no fighting” promise and a series of home visits reminds us Mark still only has one cup. It’s another week of strangers trying to pretend their relationships are going to last and the Twins are...


MAFS Chat : We Need To Talk About Cyrell

Jessie and Clare kick things off with the biggest reality tv cheating scandal of all time...Jess after a few wines. And it appears the producers are so bored they’ve introduced two new couples. One of them already hates each other and the nearly came as undone as Jess’ dress. Plus, Martha and Cyrell had a physical altercation and the loser was a fruit bowl. It’s another crazy week and the twins are recapping all the chaos... READ MORE Check out the Twins Recaps... Ep 1:...


MAFS Chat: The Sex Act We Can't Stop Talking About

As Ex-Virgin Matt and Ex-Lesbian Lauren left the show, another drama unfolded: the finger-sucking scandal of 2019. Both Elizabeth and Sam tell very different stories of how it went down, but yes, it was uncomfortable, and no, no one liked it. Meanwhile, just when you thought the 'affair' between Sam and Ines couldn't get more is getting more ridiculous, a girls night reveals Ines' true feelings (and they sure ain't pretty). Also, HOW DOES INES NOT HAVE CHICKEN POX YET? Clare and Jessie...


MAFS Chat: Nah Seriously, Where Is Elizabeth?

Sam has the chicken pox and Ines wants to touch them because…who knows. Virgin Matt tries to do a little Q&A with Loz and it’s, well, boring. Particularly compared to Loz’s news that she used to date women and wants to “unleash the beast.” Mark is auditioning to be the next Commando Steve and Ning is confused because she thought they were one a reality TV show, not training for the SAS. And does anyone know where Elizabeth is? Clare and Jessie Stephens are here to investigate. READ...


MAFS Chat: Ines Broke John Aiken

The week is almost over, which means one thing. Clare and Jessie Stephens are here to recap the week that was Married At First Sight for your entertainment. And boy, has there been some entertainment this week. Let's start with Virgin Matt, shall we? He's hydrated and he's finally gotten with Lauren. But isn't losing your virginity on national TV a little...awkward? Not as awkward as having the world know you are constipated it seems. Ines gets called The Hulk but takes it as a...


Travels With My Father

There aren't many shows that can elicit a genuine 'laugh out loud'. But we're willing to guarantee this is one of them. In this comedic travel-documentary style Netflix series, British comedian Jack Whitehall drags his somewhat old-fashioned father, 78yo producer and talent agent Michael Whitehall, around Asia (Season One) and Eastern Europe (Season Two). So is Travels With My Father the funniest series on Netflix, or a poor man's version of An Idiot Abroad? What's the running production...


MAFS Chat: Ning's Nasty Surprise

Mark got his willy out and it's far too soon for Ning...and for all of us really. Melissa is making the most her Fijian honeymoon with Dino by yelling at him for talking about the Hindu God, Shiva before 8am. And thank goodness this guy knows how to meditate because...ALL THE YELLING! Jessika is more interested in seeing how many more followers she's attracted since going on a reality dating show and Mick is starting to think she might not be here for love....DUH. The Married At First...



Everyone's been obsessing lately over Netflix's series YOU, especially Penn Badgley's character Joe. The show is set in New York and follows a bookstore manager who falls in love with a writer and goes to extreme lengths, including murder, to make sure he gets the girl. Join Clare Stephens and Nicolle Stuart on this weeks episode of The Recap as they chat about what they think makes the show so good, and what parts of the show are so problematic. You can stream YOU on Netflix...


Bird Box

It's fair to say Bird Box is one of the most talked about movies in 2019 and was the reasoning behind the worldwide Bird Box challenge. Set five years after an unseen force drives people to commit suicide, Bird Box follows the story of a mother, played by Sandra Bullock, and her desperate attempt to guide her children to safety... Blindfolded Clare Stephens and Adam Bub are here to unpack everything, Is this just a different version of 'A Quiet Place'? What does the film actually mean and...


The Bold Type

Scarlet Magazine isn't real. But according to former Cosmopolitan Editor Mia Freedman, it's as close to real as a television drama can get. If you're not too sure what we're talking about, you obviously haven't watched The Bold Type. But we're here to tell you that you need to. The Bold Type on Stan was inspired by the life of a former Cosmopolitan Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles, and it follows three 20-something women, Sutton, Jane and Kat, who work at Scarlet magazine, a glossy title that’s...



It's your gripping British cop drama with an unpredictable twist or two (as well as a few predictable ones). Stan's Bodyguard tells the fictional story of Police Sergeant David Budd (Richard Madden), an heroic British war veteran living in London with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Budd's new job sees him working in a specialist branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service, protecting British Home Secretary Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes). If you're murder/mystery/drama tragic,...



Dolly Parton, beauty pageants and a message we'd love to see on the big screen more often. That's Dumplin', the film produced by Jennifer Aniston's company Echo Films following charismatic teenager Willowdean Dickson (Danielle Macdonald) on a song-filled journey of self-acceptance. Driven by the passion of her late Aunt Lucy, Willowdean struggles with identity, her overbearing Pageant-Queen-Mother (Jennifer Aniston), and body image issues far too common amongst teen girls. And with a splash...


Narcos S1 and S2

From his early days dabbling in small-scale drug smuggling operations to the height of his blood-soaked cocaine empire, Narcos Seasons 1 and 2 looks at the life of one of the world's most infamous men, Pablo Escobar. We discuss the confronting violence of the series, his relationship with Valeria Velez and wife Tata, Wagner Moura's slimming down to play the role of Pablo, and what the show gets wrong according to Escobar's son who is still alive. This is the ultimate recap of Narcos Seasons...


Bach Chat: WE MADE IT!

We made it everyone! It's finale week!! After a season of Magic Mike wannabes, avocado funerals & the word FIT being so overused we never want to hear it again, it all came down to Todd and Taite. Bill was sent home (finally) after lying about his ex/current girlfriend Amy and Todd told Ali she wanted her to be the mother of her children. Which pretty much guaranteed he was dead man walking. The family met the final two and Taite told Ali he wasn't sure about all this marriage and babies...


Bach Chat: It's Not Worth Crying Over Spilled Sauerkraut

It's hometown week for Ali and some of the men clearly missed the memo because they forgot to bring their families. Charlie and Bill decided to have a wet T-shirt competition before Charlie completely loses it and the sweatiest Daniel of all was sent home. Jessie and Clare Stephens are chomping at the bit to unpack it all on this week's episode of Bach Chat. Bach Chat is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here... Love the show? Subscribe here. ......


Bach Chat: Jog On Paddy

Paddy has left the Bachelorette mansion and hopefully that's the last time any of us ever have to hear the word "FIT." Osher's weird games have made a return and it looks like there's a new front-runner...Todd. We had a group date filled with horrible dancing (and Ivan wasn't even there), a visit to a fake apocalyptic wasteland and Ali beat up Charlie. There's a lot going on and Clare and Jessie Stephens are here to take you through it all. Bach Chat is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more...


Bach Chat: Magic Mike Has Left The Building

This week on The Bachelorette, Ali farewelled two perfectly good avocados along with Ivan, Jules and Danny. I think it's safe to say the next reality TV show we won't be seeing Ivan on is Masterchef. We were treated to bike building, a scavenger hunt and Ali's mates showed up to judge her taste in men. Bill survived the dreaded double date and Patty's stopped saying "FIT" least for now. So let's wade through the avocado mush and mourn the loss of a perfectly good food processor...


Movie: A Star Is Born

SPOILERS AHEAD: Did that ending need a trigger warning in 2018? Is this Titanic for a new generation? And can Bradley Cooper please marry us now? Yes, we are going deep on all things A Star Is Born. AND, AGAIN, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So don't listen unless you have watched. Also, just a warning, this episode deals with adult content. If you are feeling impacted, contact 1800 Respect or Lifeline on 13 11 14. You can go see A Star Is Born now at any good cinema.


Bach Chat: 14 Shirtless Men And 3 Alpacas

To keep up to date with Ali and all the best Bachelorette 2018 news, cast and roses, check out our Bachelorette Hub. It's a blast! It's been a week filled with more of Ivan's dancing, Ali's pashing and of course Osher's weird games. There was a non consensual kiss and an auction of emotions all of which left Nathan getting booted and us having to say goodbye to Wes' beautiful face... Clare and Jessie Stephens are here to guide you through to all...