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Branding Outside the Box is an online resourced aimed at helping everyone, regardless of industry, launch their personal brand. This podcast is an audio version of our weekly blog content.

Branding Outside the Box is an online resourced aimed at helping everyone, regardless of industry, launch their personal brand. This podcast is an audio version of our weekly blog content.
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Branding Outside the Box is an online resourced aimed at helping everyone, regardless of industry, launch their personal brand. This podcast is an audio version of our weekly blog content.








How I'm Changing My Email Marketing in 2019

Today’s episode of Branding Outside the Box is dedicated entirely to email marketing. Hopefully, your ears just perked up, but if your finger just moved to skip to the next episode, I encourage you to listen. Email marketing is the single most important tool, both for authors and entrepreneurs. It’s not something you should opt out of. Continuing our Marketing Month, today’s episode will shed light on why email marketing is so important, how to do it well, and how we’re shifting our tactics...


5-Minute Myth-Busting: Email Marketing

Today's myth: I'm not tech savvy enough for email marketing! Here to bust this week's myth is Branding Outside the Box host, Dana Kaye. Dana shares how you can keep email marketing simple, yet effective. To learn more about email marketing and the impact it can have on YOUR business, don't miss Friday's full episode. Hit subscribe to be notified when new episodes drop each week.


Using Voice Technology to Grow Your Brand

In November of 2018, I was speaking at a conference with friend and fellow book marketer, Joanna Penn. Joanna is always on the forefront of new tactics and trends, so I asked her, What are you most interested in right now? Her answer: Voice First. My response? What’s that? As soon as I got home, I dug deep into voice marketing and voice SEO, and realized why she was so intrigued. With more and more people bringing smart speakers into their home, not to mention becoming more reliant on...


5-Minute Myth-Busting: Voice Marketing

Today's myth: Voice marketing is only for big companies. As a small business or solo-entrepreneur, I don't need to worry about it. Here to bust that myth are Scott and Susan Westwater of Pragmatic Digital, a voice marketing agency. Check out their full interview next week and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode.


Season 4 Premiere!

Summer is officially over, but that means that it's time for a new season of the Branding Outside the Box podcast! In this episode, I share some of the lessons I learned over the summer, such as the importance of taking our own advice and not adding new things to our plates without taking something away. I also share some business updates, as well as what you can expect on Season 4 of the show. Today's episode is made possible by Podia. I use Podia to host my online courses and membership...


Season 3 Finale!

Can you believe it’s already June? Not only does that signal the start of summer, it also means that this is the last episode of Season 3. These past 40 episodes have just flown by, and I’m so grateful to all the entrepreneurs who took the time to share their journeys and wisdom with us. And of course, I’m grateful to listeners like you for joining me on this journey. Today, I’m sharing the reason I decided to record seasons of the podcast rather than doing an ongoing show, and how you may...


My 90 Day Year - 2019 Update

I used to feel overwhelmed and a bit lost when it came to setting goals. With all the ideas running through my head and big dreams for by business, it was hard to hone in on what was most important. Sometimes, I’d be too ambitious, trying to accomplish everything and as a result, accomplishing nothing. Other times, I set my sights too low, easily reaching revenue targets or launching new projects with little effort. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to my current stage of business...


Working as a Full Time Artist with Phil Circle

Can you make a living as an artist? I know that was my parents’ question when I said that I wanted to drop out of my business program at my Big 10 university and go to art school. But the writing bug, the muse, was calling me and I knew I had to make the change. I didn’t know if I was going to write the next great American novel or if I was sealing my fate as a bartender / barista that would sometimes hit up poetry open mics. In the end, it worked out. I used my skills as a writer to...


My System for Goal Setting

One of my favorite sayings is, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” And it’s true! No matter what your goals are, no matter how big or how small, if you don’t have a system and plan for reaching those goals, you won’t be able to get there. We know that accomplishing goals requires a plan, but what we often forget is that we also need a system or process for setting goals in the first place. How do you know which goals are worth chasing? Or which will make the best impact on your...


The Business of Writing and Publishing with Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman knows too much about publishing. That's not just what it says in her social media bios, it's true. Jane Friedman has built a business by learning all that she can about the business of writing and publishing...and then sharing her knowledge with others. Whether it's through her free newsletters, writing workshops, books, or podcast interviews like this one. If you're a writer who needs to start looking at publishing as a business, or an entrepreneur who's interested in...


The Truth About Passive Income

In the online marketing space, there is a big emphasis on creating passive income. You see so many e-courses, blogs, and podcasts dedicated to passive income strategies. Messages like “Make money in your sleep!” or “Earn six figures while sitting on the beach!” constantly plague our social media feeds and our inboxes. But here’s the truth about passive income: it’s not really passive. Sure, I earn money from my books and e-courses while I’m sleeping or on vacation, but those sales the...


The Intersection of Self-Care and Creativity with Jennifer Louden

It seems like everyone is talking about it, and yet, many of us still feel guilty or indulgent when we do things for ourselves. Self-care isn’t just about pedicures or long leisurely walks, it’s about identifying what you TRULY need…and then getting it. As today’s guest, Jennifer Louden puts it, “Self-care is the radical act of saying, ‘I matter.’” When I first reached out to Jennifer about coming on the show, I was doing so because I wanted to learn more about her writing retreats...


10 Ways to Monetize Your Skills

Entrepreneurship isn’t a hobby, it’s a business. And businesses need to make money. I know that most of us get REALLY uncomfortable when it comes to talking about money, but it’s a crucial part of being a successful entrepreneur. You may have a clear vision on how your business will make money, and that’s great. But you may be missing new and different revenue streams. Or you may be in the beginning stages of business, and while you know what skills and value you bring to the table, you may...


Influencer Marketing in 2019 with Hailey Dezort

Influencer marketing. Chances are, you’ve heard that term before. But what exactly is influencer marketing and how will it make an impact on your business? Back in February, I hosted a retreat for the Kaye Publicity team, and our publicity and marketing assistant, Hailey Dezort, delivered a fantastic presentation about the future of influencer marketing and how we can work more effectively with influencers. And she should know, she’s a noted influencer herself with her bookstagram account,...


Boundaries: How to Create Them and Why

As a work-at-home entrepreneur, boundaries can be a bit tricky. The lines dividing work space and living space, work time and family time, are easily blurred. And because I always have my cell phone with me, there isn’t a time when I’m never truly disconnected. But boundaries are so crucial to having both a meaningful career and a fulfilling life, so in today’s episode, I’m sharing the different types of boundaries to create, as well as the why and the how. Branding Outside the Box is...


Write Copy that Sells with Lacy Boggs

Writing copy is a learned skill, one that many entrepreneurs struggle to develop. Even authors, who are talented at creating beautiful prose and vivid scenes, can’t seem to get their back cover copy or sales page quite right. I know from personal experience of going from creative writing to copywriting that it takes a lot of practice and a clear understanding of your audience. And after last week’s episode all about word choice and economy of words, you understand the importance of getting...


Watch Your Words: How Word Choice Can Impact Your Personal Brand

The French philosopher Voltaire once said, "The secret of being boring is to say everything." Turns out, he had a great handle on personal branding. Your word choice and the messages you convey about your personal brand may have a greater impact than you think. So for our last installment of the Making a Lasting Impression series, we’re going to explore the impact of words. If you have yet to craft your brand message or are lacking clarity on your personal brand, I encourage you to sign up...


The Upside of Being Unpopular

Popularity is a tricky thing. Most of us want to be liked and the idea taking an unpopular opinion or contradicting the status quo can be terrifying. But on the flip-side, if we think and act like everyone else, how can we stand out? This is part three in my four-part series about how to make a lasting impression, and today, I’m sharing the upside of being unpopular. If you're still struggling to identify your brand values and what you truly want to be known for, I encourage you to take my...


Your 10 Impressions: 10 Ways to Reach People, Multiple Times

In today’s world, most of us, are on information overload. We are inundated with thousands of articles, ads, and social media posts every day, and it can be hard to remember a name we heard or read just moments ago. If people see your name once, they’re not likely to remember it. Once they’ve heard your name three or four times, it may finally stick in their brain. But it isn’t until your name has reached them at least 10 times, that you’ll start to feel familiar and they’ll actually...


Why You Should Give a Damn About Your Bad Reputation

The mission of Branding Outside the Box has always been to help people become more memorable and make a more lasting impression. I believe everyone has the power to become known for the values they truly embody and make an impact on the world. Including you. That’s why I’m dedicating these next four episodes not only to making a lasting impression, but to ensuring it’s the impression you really want to make. First up, why you should give a damn about your bad reputation. And if you're...