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Importance of a Style Guide

Keeping a consistent look for your brand is a very important piece in building brand loyalty and recognition. For those of us that work in marketing, this is an obvious statement that drives 100% of our style and branding decisions. If you run a company and don’t have a style guide for your business, your marketing probably needs a lot of help. Let’s tackle this head-on. Related Article on


Picking The Right Domain Name

Choosing the best domain name for your company should be a bit of a process. Many companies make domain name selection an after-thought and don’t realize how important it is until it’s far too late. In this episode, I aim to simplify the domain selection process so you can focus on getting the domains that are best for your business and allow you the most growth potential. Related Article on


Thoughts on Hiring, Contracting, and Outsourcing

In this episode, Dan discusses his thoughts and recent struggles with finding the right people to help him take Brand Shouter even further. He addresses his thoughts on Hiring, Contracting, and Outsourcing.


Creating A Website That Converts

Creating a website that converts isn’t rocket-science. All you need is to know what your company does and what your potential clients are looking for. Sure, you can always test new approaches but those are for refining purposes. In this episode, I distill 4 key categories to pay attention to when setting up your website for conversion. Related Article on


Becoming An Authority In Your Local Area

Becoming a local authority has many benefits to it. Of course it can bring money and success but it can also bring relationships, a solid base to build your business on, and good will. In the episode, I chat about a negative and positive experience I had with businesses and how that affects their authority here locally. Related Article on


Think Really Hard Before Leaving a Negative Review

It is SO easy for anyone that has a bad experience to pull up a review site on their phone and leave a scathing review of the business that harmed their fragile psyche. Businesses can be made and broken on the backs of online reviews. In this episode, I explore the idea of thinking twice before leaving a review that could do massive damage to a small business trying to succeed. Related Article on


Adding Technology To Your Business

Do you have a business that needs to adopt technology to move forward? Even some of the most technologically advanced businesses are constantly adopting new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. For a lot of businesses, however, technology can actually hinder growth. Don’t adopt technology for technology's sake. Don’t be scared to bring in the technology and help necessary to help your business succeed. In this podcast I chat about an email I receive from a fellow business owner and offer...


You Need G Suite For Business

Any well functioning business needs a business SaaS (Software as a Service) platform to run on. For any small business persons, there is really only one option that takes care of all of your needs. That option? Google’s G Suite. From an enterprise class email backbone to amazing online storage to a full suite of office applications, G Suite delivers the backbone that your business needs to run and thrive. Listen, I’m not a paid spokesperson. Brand Shouter does resell G Suite accounts but we...


How to Write Emails that Convert

Email marketing is still one of the single best ways to reach out to existing clients and communicate with new potential clients. Email marketing, when done correctly, is informative and builds trust in your brand. It also can be a huge lead generation tool as well as a prime conversion funnel. In the episode I’m going to cover the anatomy of emails that are built to convert. Related Article on


The Designer CPA - An Interview With Peter Lang

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Peter Lang - owner of The Designer CPA. Peter started rising quickly through the ranks at the CPA firm he started with until, one day, he was written up for being “Too Helpful”. This led him to realize that corporate life wasn’t for him. Instead, he chose the pursue the path of being a CPA that focuses on creatives and interior designers. It was a pleasure to chat with him and I sincerely hope the listener gains some key insights through this...


Coping With Uncertainty In Business

If there is one thing every business owner can hang their hat on, it’s the fact that we’ll spend more time in deep uncertainty than we will ever experience “job security”. As I start this podcast, I’m dealing with massive amounts of uncertainty - which really is nothing new. Join me as I explore the depths of uncertainty I experience and share some of my coping mechanisms. Ultimately, the uncertainty is a lot of what drives small business owners such as myself. It’s the risk-to-reward ratio...


The Best Tools For Small Business

Every business needs specific tools to keep running efficiently and effectively. There are MANY tools available that can help a small business person be organized and streamline business processes. I’ve tried many different tools and solutions and have finally found the ones I feel work best for a small business that is wanting to grow quickly without spending tons of revenue to streamline the process. In this episode, I share Brand Shouter’s favorite tools and the reasons why we use them....


How To Keep New Content Flowing

Chances are, if you have a business, are a marketing professional or work in content, one of the struggles that you will have on a daily basis is in content creation. Content is important in helping your business look alive and functional across the internet and to potential clients. Today's podcast addresses about ways to explode your content across the internet and in person. All while spending the least amount of time and doing the minimum amount of work necessary. Related Article:...


Happy New Year from Brand Shouter

Here's to an amazing 2019!


Setting Goals for Small Business

Small business owners are just as susceptible to failing to live up to their "New Years Resolutions" as the rest of us. The problem: We all set goals that aren't smart - or S.M.A.R.T. In this episode I quickly break down what a S.M.A.R.T. goal is and apply it - on the most basic level - to small businesses. Start off the new year with a goal that is achievable and will lead to your success. Related Article:


Merry Christmas From Brand Shouter

Wishing all of you a very, Merry Christmas!


2018 Review - The Results of Our Master Marketing Experiment

For this episode, we chat a bit about Brand Shouter and show how spending just one year of focus on your brand can make a massive difference. Get ready to learn from our mistakes and successes! Related Article:


Knowing When To Quit

Growing up, my family strongly frowned upon quitting just about anything. It was a concession that you were no good at what you were doing and that you were unwilling to push through a barrier to succeed. I would like to posit a different view: While there are times that quitting is indeed giving up on something that you could be much better at, there are many things in life and business that quitting can make you more successful. Related Article:...


SEO Basics for WordPress

In the episode, I cover 3 categories of basic Search Engine Optimization for a WordPress website. I aim to make this educational yet simple enough for anyone to use the tools built into WordPress and some extra plugins in order to achieve functional SEO for their website. Related Article:


Marketing Design Trends for 2019

For this episode, I share 5 design trends that will be important to pay attention to in 2019. Whether you have a marketing team or not, it’s important to stay on top of these trends and to keep your marketing relevant. Sponsor the Podcast on Patreon: Related Article: Subscribe: iTunes - Google...