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Stop Aligning Your Team to Drive Yesterday’s Value

In this episode of The Business Thorcast, Thor discusses how you can align your desperate teams – or even two companies that compete with one another – around a common goal and execution process. The result? Elevated success that is more than any group could ever have individually.


Mt. Kilimanjaro: Taking Flawless Execution to the Summit

This episode of The Business Thorcast is unlike any before. Instead of diving into business initiatives and flying airplanes, Thor recounts his experience of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with an elite team of executives. Thor and VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, SVP of Customer Experience, Scott Bajtos, and Global Accounts Leader, David Kluzak apply Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology not only in the business world but in situations outside of the office. Thor describes how the team used...


How to Take Advantage of Your Diverse Team through Inclusion

These days you hear a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion. It seems like every company we work with has some sort of initiative around creating a more diverse environment and leveraging the diversity of their team members through a more inclusive culture. But how do you create that inclusive culture? In this episode of The Business Thorcast we bring back Tracy “JackieO” LaTourrette, one of the first female fighter pilots, to talk with us about what she learned about diversity and...


Building Inspired Alignment with Changing Sales Team Dynamics

Joel “Thor” Neeb sits down with Mark Paske of VMware for this week’s episode to discuss how Flawless Execution brought success to the tech company’s sales team and culture. In a marketplace where the expectations are changing every day, you have to keep your team one step ahead of the competition and rate of change. Understanding the importance of alignment and team communication became the backbone for VMware’s sales team that allowed them to thrive in a turbulent environment.


A Case for Culture

An often-overlooked component to any team’s success is their long-term vision, also referred to as the High-Definition Destination. Many leaders too are distracted by the problems they face in the present to focus on the future. In this episode, Joel "Thor" Neeb discusses the importance of creating a pull culture in order to engage your team towards success. Thor acknowledges the opposite theory of a push culture or compliance and admits its successful on occasion, however, he uses his...


How to Debrief Your Leader or Boss

You hear a lot about Job Security and how to ensure your employability in a volatile and uncertain job market. But how often do you hear about Job Insecurity? In this tell-all exposé, Executive Consultant, Otis “Hoop” Hooper, publicly Debriefs the big-boss here at Afterburner. Hoop still can’t believe Thor is moving forward with launching this episode of The Business Thorcast… Can you? Subscribe and listen now!


When Will YOU Need a Contingency Plan?

In pilot training, the first thing you had to do before you ever left land was practice in an emergency simulator. You would be put in the most catastrophic situations and have to figure out how to keep yourself safe. How were we always able to stay safe and calm in these situations? By using our checklist and contingency plans. Business can also use contingency plans to build confidence with their team. To keep the team focused on the goal instead of wondering if the worst will happen....


What the Digital Transformation Means for You - Interview with James D. Murphy

Everyone is talking about technology as a strategic resource. In this episode, Thor and Murph discuss the trends they see and what you need to know in order to lead through the disruption of the digital transformation.


Changing Organizational Culture with a Strategic Business Plan – Interview with Jamie Temple

Organizational change is a hard thing to change. It’s not enough to say you are going to change it, you need to have a strategic business plan behind the goal. In this episode, Jamie Temple, of VMWare, shares how her organization utilized strategic business planning to merge two cultures to create a successful team.


Aligning Your Team with a Common Purpose – Interview with Fred Kofman Part 2

In the second part of his interview, Fred Kofman, Vice President of Executive Development at LinkedIn, shares with The Business ThorCast host, Joel “Thor” Neeb, why he thinks the key to a successful team is the alignment of your team around a common purpose and a set of shared standards.


Motivating Your Team Through a Higher Purpose

Doing the best for the team doesn’t always mean doing the best for yourself. In part one of his interview, Fred Kofman, Executive Vice President of Executive Development at LinkedIn, discusses why it’s important to connect your team to a higher purpose in to achieve company goals.


Leading Your Team Through a Storm

You can’t tactically work your way out of a strategic problem. When your team is facing a big shift in strategy, you must gather your team to build a new strategic plan, align the team around that strategy and establish an execution rhythm for accomplishing the goal. Afterburner COO, Joe “Gusto” Connolly, shares his mistakes and lessons learned from leading teams through challenging situations.


Is Your Team Prepared for Anything?

When the worst-case scenario occurs or when the big call comes in, is your team ready? Former astronaut, Bill “Borneo” Gregory, tells the story of his space mission that could have never happened but how he was prepared when it did. He shares the simple, logical techniques business teams can use to ensure they are prepared for the predictable threats and once in a lifetime opportunities.


Creating Agile Teams

When disaster strikes, the United States government is ready to deploy assistance where needed. What can your team learn about agility from this highly bureaucratic organization? Thor sits down with Afterburner team member Otis “Hoop” Hooper to discuss his recent deployment to the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria and the techniques corporate teams can learn from his experience in order to stay agile.


Why Your Strategic Plan Will Fail

The odds are not in your favor when it comes to successfully accomplishing your strategic plan. Over the past 20 plus years, Founder and CEO of Afterburner, Jim "Murph" Murphy has seen plans fail time and time again for the same reasons. He sits down with Thor to discuss the top five reasons strategic plans fail and what you can do to make sure yours does not.


The Advantages of a Diverse Team

Diversity plays a significant role in the success of your team. Tracy “Jackie O” LaTourrette, shares her experiences of being one of the first female fighter pilots in the US military and discusses with Thor ways leaders can make diversity a priority, the advantages diversity can bring to a team and how new team members can bring a unique perspective and make a meaningful impact.


Successful Teams Make Value-Based Decisions

For a team to outperform others, decisions should be based on the team’s values and principles. Following the events of 9/11, Andrew “Skeet” Sandoe changed his entire life and made the decision to leave the financial industry and join the Marines based on his own personal ethos. And, that same ethos led him to leave military service and back to the world of finance. He and Thor discuss why value-based decision making is important to the success of an individual and a team.


Scaling Leadership to Align With Team Size – 10

Leading a team of five is different from leading a team of 5000, leaders must adapt and evolve to the size of their team. Chris “Elroy” Strickland, former Thunderbird pilot and senior military leader, shares how he transitioned from leading formations of aircraft to commanding more than 7000 people across the globe and what business leaders can do to scale their approach to leadership from one team to another.


Overcoming Team Adversity – Lessons Learned from a Navy SEAL - 09

It’s inevitable that your team will fail but it’s how they overcome those failures that matters. Former Navy SEAL, Chris Gomez shares his lessons learned from SEAL training on what it takes for a team to overcome adversity and how to learn from their failures to succeed.


Creating a Successful Team – 08

A successful team is built upon a culture that instills pride in each team member. Leaders must deliberately create the culture by developing the team imperative and principles. In this episode, Thor sits down with the founder and CEO of Afterburner, Jim “Murph” Murphy to discuss how a team can create a culture of success.