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Lessons From a Challenging 2018

I've really had an unbelievable season of podcast episodes this year! I've done my best, given it a proper run, and I've loved it, but like all good things, it has come to an end. Today's episode is the very last episode of this season. I did some awesome solo episodes this year, where I talked about all sorts of things, like the worst advice I ever got, strategies for mental health, and getting through the rough stuff in life. I also had some amazingly unbelievable episodes where I...


On Being a Woman in Business

What's it like, being a female in business? And has it ever affected your business negatively? These are questions that people often ask me. They're really good questions and it's something that I actually care about a lot, yet I've found that I've been avoiding discussing this topic- and I don't really know why. Perhaps I've been hesitant to share my thoughts because I actually feel so strongly about all of this. Anyway, right now is as good a time as any to have this discussion, so let's...


Running a Gluten Free Bakery in Europe with Paula Onink

Do you have to follow a gluten-free diet? Today I'm going to be talking to Paula Onink, from the Netherlands. This is really exciting for me because I don't often get to interview people from Europe! Paula is one of my students as well as someone I consider a friend and she owns Gebaksjuwelier, a gluten-free bakery in Culemborg, Netherlands. On the show today, Paula talks to us about her experience so far, with her real-life bakery. (She also runs a webshop lately.) Paula sells bread,...


What Kids Think of Working Parents Edited

Have you ever wondered what you running your small business is like for your kids? Well, on the podcast today I'll be interviewing my daughter, Claire, to find out what she thinks about it. I did a Facebook live with her a few months ago, where she explained her feelings about being the child of a mother who owns a small business. It was massively popular and loads of people commented and asked if they could hear it again. So I thought that this would really be a great opportunity to...


Reclaim Your Life and Your Time

Are you always really busy? And do you find that you never seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done? This seems to happen to most of us, so today we're going to be talking about time management, or to make it sound a bit less boring- reclaiming your time. Listen in to find out more. I recently did a survey of people who run their businesses part-time, as a side-gig. And out of the hundreds and hundreds of answers that I got back, almost everyone mentioned time- or the...


Cake Flavors - How Many is Too Many?

Are you strictly a chocolate or vanilla person? Or are there other flavors that you really like? I recently received a question from one of my followers, and I loved it because it really made me laugh! But it also offers a great learning opportunity, so today we're talking flavors! Listen in to find out more about this very sweet question! The question was: "Why do people always go with either chocolate or vanilla? Is it even really necessary to offer anything else? On the other hand, how...


Ask Me Anything - Business Stuff!

Today we are going to continue with the Ask Me Anything questions. For those of you who missed the first episode of this, I recently put up a post in several of my Facebook groups saying that I'd tell you about anything you want to know. So in the first part, I dealt with the really fun questions that you asked me and today I will be answering some of the more serious, interesting and harder hitting questions that so many of you have asked about running a small business. Listen in today to...


Ask Me Anything - Part Fun!

Today’s show is part one of an experiment! Normally, on the podcast, I plan all the content and just outline my answers and record the show. But recently, in my Facebook group, I put out the invitation to ask me anything and I would answer the questions on the podcast! I thought you would give me some easy questions that I could answer easily. What I got was anything but easy questions! So today we are focusing on the fun or what I would consider the funny questions - and there are...


A Typical Small Cookie Company Story Revisited

Did you know that I published a book almost exactly two years ago? It was a compilation of all the best blog articles that I had written at the time. I wrote the book because people really loved my blog and kept writing to me asking if I'd written an article about this or that, and then I'd write back, saying that I had, and giving them the link. This kept on going back and forth for ages, and I constantly got feedback saying that it would really be nice if people could read the blog like...


Baking for Paleo and Keto Diets with Primal Noms

Do you have limiting ideas about our industry, thinking that it's all about having a physical bakery and baking wedding and birthday cakes that are loaded with sugar? Did you know that many of these ideas aren't actually real and exist only in your mind? Well, today I will be talking to a couple who own a cake business and they don't do any of those things and they're totally making it happen, so listen in to find out more! As many of you know, I've been focusing mainly on mental health...


A Practical Mental Health Strategy

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Or are you possibly struggling with another kind of mental health problem? In the last year or so I've really shifted my focus from the practicalities of running a business to the emotional and mental side of running a cake enterprise. Confidence and mental health in our industry is something that I've been talking about a lot lately. Today, I will be talking about some of the more practical things that I think we can do in order to help ourselves...


The Wonderful World of Custom Sprinkles with Liz Butts of Sprinkle Pop

Who doesn’t LOVE sprinkles? Let’s face it, we all become kids again when sprinkles are involved. They are the fairy dust of the baking world, spreading their colorful and magical happiness on all manner of sweet treats, guaranteed to delight even the grumpiest of personalities. I’m insanely jealous of today’s guest because she gets to spend her entire working life surrounded by sprinkles. What could be better than that? Elizabeth (LIz) Butts owns Sprinkle Pop, a sprinkle mix company...


SISU is the New Favorite Word

Did you know that I'm actually a mega word-nerd? I absolutely love weird, obscure, strange, and funny words! I love to read, I love to write and honestly, words are really my thing! I recently came across some pretty cool words that I wanted to share with you and there's one in particular that we're going to be talking about all day, so listen in to find out more! I first heard about a man called John Koenig on a podcast on the Ted Radio Hour and he has started writing The Dictionary of...


A Pie Empire: Stores, Physical Products and Working Together as a Couple

Today I'm really very happy to be talking to Lauren and Cody Boldin, from Woodstock, Georgia! They own two businesses- one is called the Pie Bar and the other one is Pie Provisions. Pie Bar is located on the Main Street in Woodstock, and it's been open for the last two years. Each day they offer six different flavors- and you even have the option of asking for their sampler pie, which allows you to taste all the different options for the day! When you're really capable at doing something...


The Sweetest Gift with Patricia Scheetz

How do you really feel about money? Are you charging enough for what you do, or is there something that's holding you back? Lately, I've been talking a lot about money and women and about the concept that many of us don't want to charge properly for the work that we do. I think this is because we tend to feel that there is a negative emotional attachment to money and we don't want people thinking that we're greedy, so we feel really bad for charging. This is why I think that we really need...


Cakers Behaving Badly: Solving the Problems We Complain About Most

Are there things that your customers do that really bothers you? Today I am going to be discussing the kinds of matters that we, as cakers, tend to complain about in relation to our customers, that is not really okay to complain about. This is actually about the kind of things that we do as consumers - and this is why I honestly don't think that it gives us very much right to actually complain about them. So join me for today's episode and listen in as I talk about the kind of stuff that we...


Tips for Hiring the Right People

We all need people, right? Most of you listening to the podcast will get to the stage when it's time for you to hire people, or you may even have to let someone go. Having employees is really hard work and lately, I've been getting a lot of emails and questions from people wanting to know how to get rid of crappy employees, or the ones who aren't quite working out. It's not easy to find and hire people that will keep in line with your vision and it's also difficult to find people who are...


The Ups and Downs of Business with Laurel Harlan

Welcome to the show, everyone! I've been shifting the focus of the podcast a little bit lately- away from the practicalities of running a cake business (although that will always remain my main goal) and more into talking about the emotional and mental health side of running a small business. We all know that making cookies and cake pops is not really all that difficult to do, but the emotional fallout from a customer complaint or the exhaustion that comes from running a business can really...


The Worst Advice I Ever Received

Positive and inspirational stories are great, right? But we all somehow seem to really love a crappy, "OMG everything went wrong" kind of story more. I've noticed this because although everyone loved my show last season about the best business advice that I ever got, many of you have asked me to do a similar show, but this time about the worst business advice that I've ever been given. This is really hilarious! Anyway, you ask and I deliver, so listen in now, to get the worst business advice...


The Best Advice I've Ever Been Given

Everybody really loves to give advice, right? Especially when you become a parent... And I've spent lots of episodes of this podcast giving you great advice too- from many other people as well as myself. So today, I've decided to share with you some of the best advice that I've been given, with the hope that you will find it interesting and useful- and maybe even hilarious. Listen in, to find out more! After both giving and getting advice from people for years and years and years, I thought...