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Bridging The Gap Between Africa and Africa-America Through Entertainment

Africa Business Radio — This week, The 200-year-old, Africa's first podcast movie, Tbo Touch launches new VOD platform and Chanita Foster joins us to discuss the opportunities for Africans and African Americans collaborating in the entertainment industry. Africa Business Radio


SA's Regulator Dashes DSTV's Monopoly Dreams

Africa Business Radio — This week in Power moves, ICASA shuts down DSTV's monopolizing ways and rejects their bid to over-regulate the market and commits to opening up the industry, even more, to allow more players into the broadcasting space in South Africa. Ebony Life TV goes global as it turns 5 years old with the launch of EbonyLife On and getting onto the Starsat satellite platform. Mudzithe also speaks to Godwin Tom from Godwin Tom Entertainment Consultants in Nigeria about the...


Entertainment Power Moves That Will Be Taking Us Into 2018

Africa Business Radio — It's the new year and to kick off the year, we look at the power moves that will be taking us into 2018 with Trevor Noah opening up the comedy industry, Lebo M taking advantage of the new Lion King buzz with a theatrical all South African cast world tour and we are joined by Chilu Lemba, the man who has built a successful career of his voice. Africa Business Radio


The Wedding Party 2 Premiered In 9 African Countries - What Does This Mean for African Cinema?

Africa Business Radio — The wedding party broke box office numbers that have opened up the doors to the local cinema in Africa. The success of the first movie has made it possible for the wedding party 2 to open in three regions and 9 countries on the continent, all at the same time! We speak to Damola Layonou, Operations manager at Film One Distribution on what this means for African cinema. Africa Business Radio


Record Labels Can Help Drive Better ROI For Artists And Brands - Yay or Nay?

Africa Business Radio — We started the show with our usual power moves and then get into the conversation with our guest, Lebogang Kgothadi brands and partnership's manager and Bayo Fatoba New Business and Live Manager and Universal Music Group, who join us to discuss the label relationship with artists, brands, and ROI from music collaborations and the developing the music business in Africa.


Every African Artist Should Have Their Music On Music Streaming Platforms

Africa Business Radio — This week, what we are looking forward to at Dsicop Johannesburg and why every African artist should have their music on streaming platforms. Africa Business Radio


The Multi-Billion Dollar Africa's Music Business

Africa Business Radio — A recent study of the entertainment sector by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) accountants showed rapid earnings growth in many African countries, fueled largely by live performances by local artists. In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, revenue from the music industry grew an estimated four-fold in the two years up to 2015, according to PwC. The growth streak is forecast to continue. Kenya is also forecast for a strong growth, at about 9.3 percent a year between...


The Business of Reality TV Shows in Africa

Africa Business Radio — In looking back through the history of reality TV it is interesting to see where the foundation for modern reality television began. One of history's most famous reality TV programs emerged in the late 40's, when Allen Funt brought Candid Camera into the lives of millions of people. Over the past couple of years, not only has Bonang had massive success as a businesswoman, but she has also managed to establish herself as a brand ambassador and one of the country's...


Sync Deal And Licensing - The Secret Billion Dollars Business

Africa Business Radio — A music synchronization license, also known as a sync license, is a music license granted by the owner or composer of a particular piece of work. The license allows the licensee, or purchaser, the right to use the music in a visual piece, such as a movie, video game, or commercial. Get in contact with us for more information at


What's Going On With Africa's Pay TV Giant, Multichoice? - Entertainment Busines

Africa Business Radio — Naspers is in talks to sell DSTV to MTN Group. Nigerian Court restrains Multichoice from increasing Pay TV, DSTV cost. DStv grows subscribers, but margins squeezed.


Entertainment Business in Africa - Power Moves This Week 23.6.17

Africa Business Radio — On Wednesday Egg Films’ director Terence Neale became the first South African director ever to win a Grand Prix at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the world’s most prestigious advertising awards. Kwese is also in the news this week with some power move.


It Takes Only 12Months For a Musician to Be Broke After Their Last Hit!

Africa Business Radio — On the average in Africa, an artist goes broke 12 months after his/her last hit; one of the reasons for this is because of the limited investment options suitable for the dynamics of their income. Today, we have a guest on the show, who would be breaking this down and also offer some advice.


Building A Streaming Service For Africa - Mdundo

Africa Business Radio — How Mdundo music built the first music streaming platform to reach a Million active users per month. Martin Nielsen Co founder and CEO of Mdundo joins us to breakdown how they got it right.


Demystifying The Concept of Copyright In music Industry - Graeme Gilfillan

Africa Business Radio — Graeme Gilfillan breaks down copyrights and the importance of owning your copyright. He also gives us his no holds barred take on the African music industry today and what at artist needs to be a success.


Attracting Investors For Your Movie Production

Africa Business Radio — How can the film industry in Africa make their project proposals more attractive to investor's.


The Team an Artist Needs to Build and Grow Their Brand

Africa Business Radio — As a musician, the team you build to help you with your career is very important just as the quality of music you make. Having the right management team is critical to the success of every artist.


Attracting Corporate Money

Africa Business Radio — Today we look at how the entertainment industry can attract corporate and private investment into the sector.


Redefining African Movie Business

Africa Business Radio — 2017 is the year that African cinema will be redefined as movies such as Happiness is a four letter word and The Wedding Party where big hits at the box office in 2016 showing that there is potential for a commercially driven film industry in Africa. We are joined by Sheetal Megan Durban born film maker to get her take on this opportunity. Maitre Gims is the music providing the soundtrack for the first episode of The Business Of Entertainment 2017.


Developing The Music Industry in Africa

Africa Business Radio — Music in Africa director Edington Hatitye joins us to discuss the role of the MIA platform in developing the music industry in Africa.


Important of Education For Media/Entertainment Professionals - AFDA

Africa Business Radio — The first Friday of December 2016 has us looking at the importance of an education to back your entertainment ambitions. We focus on film and we are joined by the President of the AFDA council Dr Christopher John and we discuss the academy award winning institution's contribution to the film industry in Africa and the world - beyond quality human capital.