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Episode # 48 - 15 by 28!

It’s great uncovering guests that have an awesome investment story to share. Peter Dodeja is a great example and he kindly came on to The Rentvesting Podcast to share his property investment journey. Pete started his business career in his early 20’s and commenced investing and developing property shortly thereafter. Pete now has a portfolio of 15 properties, he’s 28 and what’s even more impressive is that he’s accumulated these assets in the past 5 years! It’s an amazing effort. So tune...


Episode # 47 - Guide to SMSFs with Jason Cook

Jason Cook is a Specialist SMSF Adviser and company director of WB Financial ( His career has spanned banking, financial services and planning. Jason is a firm believer that there is a strong, long-term relationship between financial advice and the achievement of lifetime goals and objectives. Because of Jason's expertise in the SMSF space we thought he'd be the perfect guest to help explain the ins and outs and general guidance on what you need to know to set up and...


Episode # 46 - Cash Flow Vs Capital Growth: Which Is Best?

Joining The Rentvesting Podcast this week is Uwe Jacobs who is a property expert and financial educator. Uwe has been a full-time property investor since 2003 and his business Property Friends has assisted hundred of clients access property investments in excess of $130m in contract value. So it’s fair enough to say that Uwe knows enough to be considered dangerous when it comes to investing in real estate. Uwe discusses what’s required to grow a property portfolio. What will actually make...


Episode # 45 - Trading shares to fast-track property ownership goals with Dale Gillham

More people are turning towards trading stocks to fast-track their property ownership goals. Because of this I invited Dale Gillham, the co-founder of Wealth Within ( and 'one of the country's most respected analysts'. Dale’s a sought-after key note speaker and author of the bestselling book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%', (listen for the details at the end of the show on how to grab a copy). Dale has assisted thousands of traders and investors...


Episode # 44 - Why all the fuss?

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace now. Doomsayers are pumping up the rhetoric. Journalists are probably rejoicing as they finally get to change the theme of their headlines. Talking about change - the investment lending space continues to evolve and adapt to the new norm of APRA’s intervention. Oh, and by the way, APRA won’t be going away anytime soon. There have been the obvious shifts like increased interest rates, larger mandatory deposits and interest only caps. This is the...


Episode # 43 - Tips from a tight arse with Luke Marshall

Luke Marshall from KDM Financial joins the show this week. Luke is an experienced Financial Planner who can demonstrate a history of helping every day Australian's achieve their financial goals. ‘Goals’ being a key word as Luke is very much focused on mindset and planning. It has been something that’s carried him throughout his career starting as a paramedic prior to transitioning to finance. We discussed his past investing mistakes, successes, as well as sharing some simple but very...


Episode # 42 - Making sense of the investment lending changes

What caught our attention this week was the headline: Many Aussies Aren’t Brave Enough To Invest – it came from a new survey conducted by Galaxy Research which polled 1,005 people nationwide. It concluded that 64% of Australians are interested in property investment. Which is great to see but there is a lot of concern: 65% of respondents said they are anxious about whether property investing is actually feasible. 35% feel it’s too hard to come up with enough money for a deposit, 23% say...


Episode # 41 - An Aussie's guide to US real estate with Reed Goossens

Our guest today is Reed Goossens who provides us with the Aussie’s guide to US real estate. With a background in structural engineering Reed has managed to combine his technical background with his passion for real estate development and investing. Reed is the owner of RSN Property Group that specialise in re-development of apartment communities, through investor syndication in emerging US markets. Reed helps us explore the world of US real estate investing from the point of view of an...


Episode # 40 - Nine by 25 with Eddie Dilleen

Our guest this week is Eddie Dilleen has bucked the trend and accrued a portfolio of nine investment properties. And he is only 25! Eddie hasn’t achieved this success because of wealthy parents or a high-paying job. It’s been through property know-how and goal setting from an early age. Plus, a bit if hustle has been thrown in for good measure. It’s fair to say that Eddie has leapfrogged many others his age… and hats off to him for his hard work and sacrifice to get himself there. Eddie...


Episode # 39 - Times are changing with Claire Madden

Today we are talking about social change, how we are changing with the times and the impact this is having on the way we design, build, buy and sell property. Giving us some guidance on this matter is Claire Madden who is a social researcher, media commentator, TEDx speaker, and Founder and Director of the strategy and communications agency, Hello Clarity ( Claire is in demand for her skill in effectively identifying the changing social trends which she highlighted...


Episode # 38 - Building your empire with Chris Gray

Building an empire must start somewhere and learning from property investment experts is a great way to start. So, we have Chris Gray joining us this week who teaches people how to create wealth and improve their work/life balance through investment property. Chris is famed for seeking to change conventional thinking—and to teach people how to better leverage their income & equity to provide cash flow for their lifestyle. His strategies are easy-to-understand, but incredibly powerful and...


Episode # 37 - Homelessness in Australia: a discussion with Marion Mays

The word home conjures up so many emotions – stability, privacy, safety, along with the actual ability to control a living space. Homelessness is a lack of one or more of the elements that represent 'home'. Now our guest this week, Marion Mays holds a strong sentiment about giving back and looking out for the less fortunate in our communities. Marion has been a long-standing supporter of many charitable organisations that support women and children experiencing domestic violence. Marion is...


Episode # 36 - Are we really in the midst of a housing affordability crisis?

Simon Pressley is the Managing Director of Propertyology ( and one of Australia's most respected Buyers Advocates. Simon joins us this week on The Rentvesting Podcast and explains why Australia DOES NOT have an affordability crisis. As a nation of almost 25 million people, spread across 8 states and hundreds of local government jurisdictions only one city has an issue with housing affordability. Simon explains that in every other city in Australia, capitals...


Episode # 35 - Be market ready as often as you can

What makes a good property investor? Well, the biggest defining factor between average, good and great is - being market ready at all times! Opportunity presents itself in new and interesting ways and great property investors are always ready to capitalise on this. So what makes them ready? Two things: 1) Proper planning 2)Finance established under a good lending structure. At we specialise in working with investor’s to help them grow the largest asset base they can,...


Episode # 34 - Building a treasure chest with Leonie Fitzgerald

Helping people transform their financial well being starts by looking at the whole picture to discover what's important to them and their family. It’s a values focused journey and one that we try to give some justice to in this week’s episode of The Rentvesting Podcast. Leonie Fitzgerald from Wealthology ( joins me to discuss the fundamentals of budgeting and the power of understanding values. Ideally, to create a strategy around money to remove stress, uncertainty...


Episode # 33 - Five by 30 with Jarrad McEvoy

We're always looking for great guests to come on to the show and share their investment stories. More recently, we were able to get Jarrad McEvoy to throw his hat into the ring. Jarrad is a WA boy, he’s only 30 but, he’s so far managed to build a portfolio of five investment properties. Working in the oil & gas industry from a young age provided long working hours and longer stints away from home. But the pay for Jarrad was pretty good which he maximised further via investment. Jarrad came...


Episode # 32 - The budget has landed

Now that the budget has landed how could these measures impact property in the short to medium term… well, this is what we’ll discuss in this week’s episode of The Rentvesting Podcast. Knowing that you’re busy and these changes being important to navigate quickly, we’ll break it down by looking at it from a first home buyers, investor’s perspective and discuss these infrastructure spending announcements and what that could mean for growth. So, let’s get started…


Episode # 31 - How a small portfolio can outperform a large one with Wai Oo

This week we are going to be busting some myths on why a small portfolio can often outperform a massive one. The myth busting is done by my guest Wai Oo the founder of Invest Wise Property. Wai is a registered and experienced Property Investment Advisor who initially gained exposure locally through personal experience prior to gaining his professional qualifications. Wai is a classic example of the success that can be achieved through diligent and well managed property acquisition...


Episode # 30 - From zero to six properties in 2.5 years with Taku Ekanayake

Taku Ekanayake joins us this week on The Rentvesting Podcast. Taku is Sydney based, actively Rentvesting and is very successful at doing so. By the age of 28 Taku has acquired six properties in two & half years and continues to invest in affordable locations whilst, living in inner Sydney. He’s on the show to share how he’s done it.. so, tune in to hear Taku’s take on Rentvesting and his property accumulation strategy. #rethink #reinvent #rentvest


Episode # 29 - Creating instant equity with Lloyd Edge

Lloyd Edge from Aus Property Professionals joins the discussion this week to talk about duplex development and creating equity at the front end. Lloyd knows enough to be dangerous when it comes to creative strategies to build equity. Starting from quite humble beginnings Lloyd over the past 16 years has been able to build a property portfolio of $10 million that it cash flow positive. Duplexes is yet another Rentvesting strategy that you could deploy to create equity and provide strong...